tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and Christina Ch. 01

Lara and Christina Ch. 01


Lara knew there was never a good time to be summoned to Matron's office but, with the threat of job cuts in the current economic climate, she knew she was right to be worried. She had worked hard ever since she had been employed in the nursing home and had become one of the senior members of staff. She was desperate to hold on to her job and knew she would do anything to keep it.

As she tentatively knocked on Matron's office doors, she felt a momentary shiver run over her body as she heard the older woman's voice order her to wait. Matron sounded a bit breathless but that wasn't something Lara had time to worry about; she was much more concerned that her boss sounded angry. She tried to imagine what she could have done to get into trouble but knew that she had done her best for her patients and her colleagues. There were a couple of them that she was particularly close to and, even though she struggled to admit it, there were a few of the girls that she looked forward to meeting in the changing room when they were all putting on their uniforms. Lara had never thought about other girls before she started in this job but, now, seeing these pretty girls in their underwear every day left her hot and bothered and she knew there were times when her pussy began to moisten and she could often feel the tell-tale damp patches in the crotch of her knickers.

She was startled when the door was opened, not by Matron, but by the home's owner, Mr James Sanderson, a middle aged man of about fifty whom Lara had only ever spoken to once. He was often dropping into the home unannounced but the staff didn't speak to him. He was always taken straight through to Matron's office and not seen again for hours. The rest of the staff presumed he was discussing business related details with Matron but Lara knew otherwise. She had inadvertently walked in on them one day when she had to retrieve the drug cupboard key from the office and she didn't know anyone else was in there. What she saw when she opened the door had been imprinted on her mind ever since. Matron was kneeling under her desk, between the open legs of Mr Sanderson, clearly sucking his fat cock. What was even more shocking was that Matron was naked from the waist down and her big, fat arse showed the marks of a very recent spanking, the big red hand prints clearly visible. Lara had stood in the doorway, stunned by what she saw, then reacted in terror when Mr Sanderson looked up from his blowjob and roared at her to get out. Now this same man was sneering at her before he opened the door wide to allow Lara to enter. He closed the door behind her and the poor woman didn't notice that he silently turned the key and locked it. Lara stood trembling in front of Matron's large desk, her head bowed, certain that the home owner's presence meant that she was about to lose her job.

Surprisingly, Matron smiled at the terrified woman standing in front of her. Lara knew that smile, however, and knew that the older woman was drinking in every inch of her trembling body with her eyes. She looked her up and down, taking her time as her eyes moved over Lara's chest and down below. The poor woman could feel herself burning with embarrassment as her boss seemed to be stripping her with her eyes, leaving her naked and nervous.

"I'm afraid we are going to have to let some of the staff go, Lara, and we wanted to let you know first as you are such a valuable member of the team. We would like to keep you here but we may have to ask you to take on some extra duties. How would you feel about that?"

Lara was delighted; she wasn't going to lose her job after all. She might have to work harder and longer but she would manage that somehow. The important thing was that Matron seemed to be happy with her and she, herself, was delighted. She relaxed for the first time since she had received her summons to the office and smiled her beautiful smile back at Matron.

"Thank you, Matron. You won't be sorry. I'll do anything you ask, anything at all. You only have to ask."

"I'm delighted to hear this, Lara. I knew I could rely on you. Now the first of your new duties is to give Mr Sanderson a blowjob. If you satisfy him and make him cum then we will let you know what else we will expect from you."

Lara's delight evaporated and she stood there staring at her boss. How could she even ask such a thing? She knew Lara was a respectable wife and mother and didn't do these kinds of things. Even when Lara had caught some of the other staff kissing and cuddling in the changing room, she had been excited but she knew she would never be brave enough to do anything like that. She could feel the tears starting to build in her eyes. Was she going to fail at the very first step?

"Please, Matron, please don't ask me to do this. You know I am a good woman. I don't do things like this. Please don't ask me to do this."

Matron listened to the poor woman's pleas feeling nothing but power. There was no pity, no mercy but, in fact, she did feel something else -- she felt excited. Lara had been a favourite of hers ever since she had employed her and now she was about to become her plaything.

"Very well, Lara. If you are not prepared to do some simple things to save your job then I will find someone else who will. I am sure there are more than a few sluts working here who would love to give our generous benefactor a few moments of pleasure. I had hoped that we could work on this together but I can see that I was wrong. You may see yourself out."

The older woman returned to reading something on her desk while Lara stood there, rooted to the spot. How could she do this? How could she betray everything she knew to be right and suck another man's cock? But she knew how much she needed this job; she knew she couldn't afford to lose it and she knew, although she didn't know why, that her pussy was dripping.

Matron forced herself to concentrate on the papers in front of her. She wasn't reading anything; in fact, the words were swimming in front of her, so glazed were her eyes with the lust that Lara always seemed to arouse in her. After what seemed like an eternity to both women, she looked up.

"Are you still here, Lara? I thought I told you to leave. Close the door behind you."

Lara stood with her head bowed and forced the words out of her hesitant mouth.

"I'll do it."

"Do what, Lara?"

"I'll give Mr Sanderson a blowjob."

Matron smiled. It had been a lot easier than she had imagined. She couldn't wait to see this younger beauty with her lips stretched around the owner's fat cock. She knew it was fat because her own lips had been stretched around it on more than one occasion and she felt a twinge of jealousy that his attention would now be centred on someone else but she knew this was only the first step and that they were both going to have a lot of fun with this beautiful woman.

Trying to appear calm about the whole situation, she indicated with her hands that Lara should turn around and get on with her new duties. Lara, in turn, turned nervously to face the man who seemed to hold so much power over her and her colleagues. He was much older than Lara and much older than her husband but she told herself that he would understand why she was going to do this. Not that she had any intention of ever telling him what her "new duties" had forced her to do. Just as she was about to kneel down in front of him, however, her whole body shaking and her pussy tingling like never before, he stopped her.

"Not so fast. If you are going to keep your job then you must realise that you will have to do exactly what Matron and I tell you to do, without hesitation. If you don't, then you will have to be punished. Do you understand?"

Lara didn't understand any of this. She had been prepared to work as hard as Matron demanded but she had thought that meant office work or extra hours with the residents. She had even forced herself into believing that it was necessary to give this powerful man a blowjob to save her career. But what could he possibly mean by "punished"?

She meekly nodded her head and turned again to Matron. Once more the older woman was smiling and Lara knew this wasn't a smile that she was pleased to see. Her boss got up from her desk and walked round to stand beside her new toy. She took the frightened woman by the hand and led her closer to the front of the large wooden desk that dominated her office. Placing Lara's hands on the edge of the desk, she stood behind her and reached round to undo the drawstring on the waistband of the trembling woman's uniform trousers. Lara instinctively brought her hands off the desk and tried to stop her but Matron simply slapped her hands away. Opening the drawstring, she slid the trousers over her reluctant employee's hips and slowly down her gorgeous bottom cheeks.

Lara trembled in shame and lust, her head bowed, as the black stockings and the white thong that she would never normally wear to work were exposed. She was going out to dinner straight after work and she wanted to give her husband a nice surprise when he ran his hands up her skirt as he always did. She trembled too at the fact that her tiny thong had buried itself between her cheeks; she could feel it pressing against her dirtiest hole and she knew it must look like her bottom was naked to the evil man and woman behind her.

Kneeling down behind her, her nose inches from Lara's beautiful cheeks, Matron was amazed and delighted to smell the unmistakeable aroma of the younger woman's arousal and was barely able to stop herself from attacking her dripping pussy immediately. She knew, however, that Mr Sanderson was in charge of this situation and she proceeded to undress her member of staff. Slipping off Lara's flat shoes, she pulled her trousers down and tugged them over her feet, lifting one at a time. Lara couldn't hold back a sob as she felt her boss reach up once more and pull her thong from between her cheeks, peeling it from her soaking pussy lips and down over her stocking-clad legs.

"I'll take those, Matron," said Mr Sanderson from behind them. He had patiently waited as the older woman had stripped Lara from the waist down, enjoying the show, and took the obviously sodden garment from her outstretched hand. He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply, his cock springing to attention as he smelled for the first time the musky aroma of her cunt.

Lara's tear were flowing now as Matron took her by the hips and pulled her back a few steps. Forcing the younger woman to adopt the position she knew he preferred her to be in when he had spanked her in the past. Her own arse cheeks had only just recovered from her last spanking and her pussy was as wet as Lara's at the thought that this time she would be the one doing the spanking.

Mr Sanderson came round from behind them and sat down at Matron's desk, still holding Lara's tiny thong to his face. She dared to glance at him and could see the tent in the front of his trousers and shuddered at the thought of still having to suck that cock after her punishment. She hated what she was being made to do but she couldn't deny that at that very moment she could feel her juices running down her thighs. She wondered how she would ever be able to ask him for the return of her knickers.

Her thoughts were brought back to reality with a bump when she suddenly felt Matron's calloused hands caressing her bum. Lara knew men lusted after her bum and knew her husband loved it but it was very strange to feel a woman caressing her there. The caressing wasn't to last long, though, and she cried out when Matron's hand came down hard and savage on her cheeks for the first time. She had been spanked before, playfully, by her husband but nothing had prepared her for this.

Blow upon blow rained down, one cheek after the other, until a very red tinge spread across her rear end and she wept even more. After each blow she dared to think that this one would be the last but Matron was obviously enjoying herself as much as Lara was hurting. Finally, just when she didn't think she could take any more, Matron stopped. The older woman would have loved to continue but Mr Sanderson was becoming impatient and that was never a good thing.

Matron took the younger woman by the hand and led her round the desk until they were both standing to the side of Mr Sanderson. He pushed back the high backed leather chair that he was sitting in, Matron's chair, and the older woman grabbed Lara by the shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. She couldn't believe she was doing this and, even though her bottom was red and aching, even though her pussy was throbbing and dripping, she reached over and unzipped Mr Sanderson's trousers. Reaching in, she pulled out his huge cock; at least Lara thought it was huge -- she didn't have much to compare it with; the only other cock she had ever seen so close was her husband's. As Matron took hold of her neck and pushed her head forward, Lara opened her sweet mouth and sank her lips down the hard cock that she now held in her hand. Matron couldn't believe how much of it seemed to be going in to the younger woman's open mouth and, once again, felt the rise of her jealousy at not being the one whose lips were wrapped around Mr Sanderson's rigid cock.

Lara had opened her mouth as wide as she could but still didn't seem able to swallow as much of him as Mr Sanderson wanted. She knew what she had to do and tried to make him cum with her hands moving up and down quickly without talking him any deeper but he could see exactly what she was doing and slapped her hands away. With a nod to Matron, the older woman knelt down behind her employee and reached between the younger woman's legs.

Matron knew their new plaything was dripping; how could she not be? Her own pussy was just as wet as Lara's and she longed to pay it some attention but she knew what was expected of her at this point and concentrated on Mr Sanderson's instructions. When she brought her right hand down to touch Lara's slit she knew that she was already wet but couldn't believe how much her juices were flowing. When her left hand reached round and began to play with her aching clit, Lara moaned around the owner's cock so deeply that they both thought the girl was going to cum there and then.

As Lara was distracted by her own impending orgasm, Mr Sanderson took the chance to plunge his hard cock all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to pull back but he grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to fuck her mouth with ever increasing force. She had never had anyone's cock so deep in her mouth before and she struggled to breathe. Matron continued to use her fingers between Lara's legs as she tried to prise this evil man's hands from her hair. He was too strong for her, however, and too intent in his thrusting to even notice her vain attempts to make him stop.

He kept thrusting in and out of her battered lips until she felt his cock swell in her mouth and the first shots of his cum hit the back of her throat. Still he kept thrusting as her mouth filled with cum and she tried desperately to avoid swallowing it. It started to pour out of our mouth down the sides of his cock but still he kept cumming. Pulling out of her, he held her head in front of him with one hand while he wanked the last spurt over her face, finally wiping his dripping cock across her cheeks.

"Swallow it," he commanded and, even before Matron abandoned her work at Lara's pussy to hold up her chin and pinch her nose, the poor woman knew she had no choice but to swallow. She did so and, as the tears streamed from her eyes, she tasted the spunk of only the second man ever to have cum in her mouth.

"Well done, Lara. What a wonderful cocksucker you turned out to be. Your new duties are almost over for today. My niece is joining the staff today and I have decided that you are the one who should take care of her and show her how to be as good as you. You may leave now. Please close the door behind you; Matron and I will review your performance."

Lara sobbed as she slipped on her trousers and shoes. She still didn't have her knickers but there was no way she wanted to stay any longer in this room. She only hoped that her juices wouldn't stain her uniform trousers because Lara knew she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life and, without any knickers on, there was nothing to catch her pouring juices. Matron smiled at her as she unlocked the door and watched as the poor woman began crying again as she ran to the staff toilet to try to compose herself before she had to face her colleagues. She dreaded bumping into anyone before she had the chance to clean her face and wipe the cum smears from her cheeks.

She made it into the changing room just in time and locked herself in one of the toilet cubicles. How could she ever have got herself into such a situation? More importantly, how was she ever going to get herself out of it? Perhaps if she was especially nice to Mr Sanderson's niece then he would excuse her from her "new duties". As her sobs finally eased, but not her bottom, she pulled herself together and unlocked the cubicle door. There standing waiting for her was a young girl of about eighteen.

"Hi, I'm Christina. Are you Lara? My uncle said you were going to teach me what to do."

Part 2

Lara stared at the young girl in shock and bewilderment. She hadn't even begun to think about Mr Sanderson's niece. She was still coming to terms with the fact that she had been spanked and that she had just swallowed a load of cum from the home's owner. Now she was faced with the sudden arrival of this stunningly beautiful young girl.

Suddenly Lara felt the anger rise from deep within her. She wasn't the kind of woman who got angry easily but she had been used and abused in Matron's office and now she was expected to teach this innocent girl all she knew about how to look after the residents. Even worse, she knew that the rest of the staff would resent the fact that some of them were about to lose their jobs while this girl was about to be given a new one. She feared that her friends would turn against her too, seeing her as someone who was taking the side of management just to secure her own job. If they only knew what she had had to endure at the hands of Matron and Mr Sanderson, they wouldn't be so quick to judge but Lara knew no-one must ever find out about what had happened to her today.

Almost unconsciously, she scowled at Christina at told her that she would be expected to pull her weight and would not be treated any differently just because she was the owner's niece.

"The first thing you will have to do is to change into the same uniform as the rest of us. You can't possibly work dresses like that."

Christina bowed her head, embarrassed at her school uniform. When her mother had informed her this morning that she was going to gain some work experience at her uncle's nursing home, she knew she didn't have time to change. She had gone to her first lesson at school then informed her teacher that she would be absent for the rest of the week. Not wanting to be late she had chose to walk from school but now she was hot and bothered and this woman was not being as nice as her uncle had promised. If anything, although she was a beautiful woman, she was quite stern and Christina felt very intimidated. She marched along behind the other woman, trying to keep up with her brisk pace, and followed her into what turned out to be the staff changing room.

Lara took another look at the young girl, sizing her up, deciding what size of uniform she would need. Selecting a pair of trousers and a top from the uniform store, she handed them to Christina.

"You can change here," she growled at the frightened young girl.

Christina took the proffered clothes but simply stared, bewildered, at the older woman. Did she really expect her to get changed here? In front of her? Christina had never felt comfortable about changing in front of the other girls at school and used to wear her gym kit under her uniform whenever was necessary.

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