tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and Christina Ch. 03

Lara and Christina Ch. 03


Lara had brought Christina home. When Matron, conscious that the girl was Mr Sanderson's niece, saw the state she was in after her "examination" by the doctor she had instructed Lara to drive her home immediately. During the drive Lara had been tempted to find a quiet country lane and to find new ways of pleasuring the young girl's body but Christina was almost dazed by the whole experience of losing her virginity to the doctor and her older colleague wasn't sure if the girl had yet realised what had happened to her.

On arriving at the girl's home, her parents' home, Lara had knocked on the door but received no reply. Fishing in Christina's bag for her keys, Lara had opened the door then allowed the girl to show her where her bedroom was. As the younger girl practically collapsed on to her bed, Lara thought about leaving her like that but then decided she wanted to see her young victim naked again.

Sliding off her shoes first, Lara then reached up and opened the drawstring on the waistband of the younger girl's uniform trousers. As she began to slide the trousers down Christina's toned legs, the girl automatically raised her hips as if she was used to being undressed here on her own bed. Lara smiled as her colleague's pussy came into view and remembered that the doctor had stolen his patient's knickers earlier. She would have liked to have had them as a souvenir for herself but the doctor had made sure that it was he who would be sniffing them later.

As she opened the girl's top and exposed her small white bra covering her small pert breasts, Christina opened her eyes and smiled. Lara lowered her head to the young girl's and leaned in to kiss her. The younger girl responded, offering her mouth and instinctively opening her mouth as she felt the older woman's tongue flicker along her lips. Their tongues probed each others mouth and Christina seemed to surrender herself to the moment. Lara brought her hand up and caressed the young girl's breasts, one after the other, before breaking off their hungry kiss and moving her mouth to Christina's hard nipples instead. Christina felt a surge of pleasure rush through her body as Lara ran her tongue around them, even though they were still encased in her bra, then flicked them with the very edge of her wet tongue. .

"Let's get the rest of these things off you," suggested Lara as she reluctantly removed her wet mouth from the girl's breasts. Sitting Christina up for a moment, she drew her tunic down off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Reaching around the defenceless girl, she undid her bra strap and, sliding the straps down her arms, she was rewarded with the beautiful sight of the eighteen year old's tits.

"Lie back down, Christina," she instructed, before kicking off her own shoes and lying down on top of her young lover's naked body. The two women wrapped their arms around each other and Lara could feel the heat of the young girl burning through her own uniform. Christina's heart was pounding and Lara could feel its beat against her own. The girl was excited and Lara had already noticed the tell tale spots of moisture on her lover's pussy lips.

Lying on top of the younger woman, Lara kissed her again, a long smouldering kiss, her tongue darting in and out of Christina's open lips as her hand moved once more to her enticing young breasts. She cupped each breast in turn then brushed the palm of her hand over the girl's rock hard nipples, making them seem to grow even more and making Christina moan in pleasure. She nearly cried when her older colleague broke off their kiss but relaxed when she saw that Lara wasn't finished. The older woman moved down the trembling body of her latest toy, kissing every inch of the way, moving relentlessly towards Christina's waiting pussy. The girl opened her legs, allowing her older lover access to her most intimate spot, and waited with an aching in her clit that she knew was not going to be denied.

Lara smiled to herself once more as she saw the dripping wet lips of this young girl waiting for her. She had no intention, however, of making the girl wait any longer and ran her velvety soft tongue slowly up the length of the girl's slit. Her mouth was instantly slick with Christina's copious juices and she knew it wouldn't take much to see her lover cum again. She thought the girl had the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen and dipped her tongue again in those sweet juices. Licking from bottom to top, up and down, up and down, taking her time, savouring the moment and savouring the taste, she finally brought her fingers into play.

As the older woman opened Christina's lips wider, the girl moaned and arched her back when she felt Lara's tongue move up to her throbbing clit. She wanted to feed her pussy to her colleague and grabbed Lara by the back of her head, trying to push her harder against her extremely sensitive pussy.

Lara continued to run her tongue around the girl's clit as she plunged her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. Soon she found and began to brush her fingers across Christina's G spot and the young girl nearly came on the spot. She closed her legs tightly around her lover's head and pushed up as far as she could to meet the only things that mattered to her now -- Lara's tongue and fingers.

Lara longed to play with her own pussy but the girl was so close. Once she had made her cum then she could get undressed too and she was sure she could find ways for the young girl to please her. Christina was practically screaming now and that was probably why they hadn't heard the front door of the house open. As she ground her pussy against the older woman's tongue and cried out in ecstasy, the bedroom door burst open and there stood Mr Sanderson beside Christina's parents, William and Mary, and every one of them looked even angrier than the other.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded the nursing home owner. "You have betrayed me for the last time, you whore. Get out of here."

Lara sprang from the bed, her face covered in the girl's juices. Christina could only lie there on the bed, her legs wide open, showing off her dripping pussy to her mother, father and uncle, whimpering at the removal of the older woman's skilful tongue, not really aware of what was happening.

Lara tried to grab her shoes and burst through the door but that was when Mary, Christina's mother, grabbed her by her long hair and screamed in her face.

"You're not going anywhere, bitch. You're going to pay for what you've done to my daughter."

Mary dragged Lara from her daughter's bedroom all the way along the hall, back to the living room. Christina's father and uncle hesitated for a moment as they looked down on the prone body of the young girl. She was still recovering from the massive orgasm she had just enjoyed on Lara's tongue and hadn't realised that it was her own father and uncle who were staring at her naked form. Her legs were still wide open and both men could see how much she had cum from the juices glistening on her pussy lips and running down her thighs onto her bed. Eventually her father managed to shake himself back to reality and covered his daughter, leaving her with a chaste kiss on her forehead; the thoughts running through his mind and that of his brother in law were, however, anything but chaste.

They hurried along the hall to the living room and found Lara and Mary staring at each other. Mr Sanderson immediately took charge of the situation and said to his sister, "This is the whore I had asked to look after Christina while she learned the ropes at work."

"Well, she obviously misunderstood because when you said, "Look after my niece," she heard, "Take my niece home and fuck her." Well, whore, is that what you heard?"

"No, no, it wasn't like that," stammered Lara. "I am very fond of Christina. I was just helping her into bed."

"Helping her into bed?" shrieked Mary. "Is that why my daughter is lying naked in her own bed and you had your fingers and tongue in her pussy? Well? Is it?"

Lara didn't have any excuse and hung her head in shame. She was sure she was going to lose her job now although she wasn't sure if she was more afraid of Mr Sanderson or his small, blond sister. Once again the nursing home owner tried to take charge and explained to Mary that he had already had cause to punish the poor woman trembling before them but his sister just laughed in contempt.

"Well you obviously didn't punish her severely enough. But this is my home; it is my daughter she has abused and it is me she will answer to now. Well, slut, are you ready to take your punishment or shall I tell my brother to sack you here and now?"

Lara's hopes flared for a moment. Perhaps she could still keep her job, even now. She simply nodded and saw the merest hint of a wicked smile on Mary's stern face.

"Very well. First of all, since you have stripped my daughter in her bedroom, I think it is only fair that you should be naked too. Take off your clothes."

Lara couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could this woman expect her to strip in front of her, not to mention the two men also staring at her? When she turned to Mr Sanderson to plead for forgiveness and mercy, he simply folded his arms across his chest and ordered her to get on with it.

Blushing bright red, Lara held back a sob and, visibly shaking, unbuttoned her uniform top and removed it, displaying her large breasts in her small white bra. Slipping the top down off her shoulders, she dropped it to the carpet and reached behind her back to undo her bra clasp. Standing there, trying hard not to think about the men, she took another look at Mary before pulling the straps down, and slowly letting it drop down too. Her gorgeous breasts hung loose, as Lara stood before them with her head down, topless. All eyes facing her were riveted on her breasts and her equally gorgeous nipples which now stood out, big and engorged. Mary's stare, however, was merciless.

"Continue," was all she said. Lara nearly sobbed again as she began to untie the drawstring on her trousers. She suddenly remembered that she still hadn't replaced the knickers that Mr Sanderson had stolen from her this morning and she stopped.

"Either you do it yourself or I'll tell my brother and husband to do it for you," Mary threatened.

Lara looked at her like a naughty schoolgirl and continued. She pulled down her trousers and heard gasps from Christina's mother and father as they were presented with her naked pussy. Mr Sanderson smiled as her remembered the woman's wet knickers were still in his trouser pocket but he said nothing as the words "whore" and "slut" were thrown at his employee as she bent over to pull her trousers over her feet, allowing her breasts to hang down and shake. She now stood there, naked and embarrassed but Mary wasn't finished with her yet.

"Bend forward and lie across my coffee table. That's it; now spread your legs, whore. Wider. Wider! If I have to tell you again, you'll be sorry," Mary threatened.

Lara was leaning forward, her legs spread as wide as she could, her round bottom up in the air and her shaven pussy lips clearly visible. Mary walked round the table with her captive trembling before her. She seemed to be examining every naked inch of the poor woman's sexy body and knew that she would never admit to anyone that she could feel a tingle between her own legs. Before she would allow that particular thought to go any further, she delivered her next command.

Ordering Lara to take a firm grip of the edge of the low table she was bent over, Mary finally took her position behind her prisoner, unable to stop herself from admiring the woman's incredible bottom and delicious looking pussy. The poor woman's legs were spread wide enough apart that her cheeks were also well spread, exposing her puckered little arse hole to Christina's parents and uncle. Mary wondered what that pussy and arse hole would taste like but before they got to that there was the matter of the other woman's punishment. On the way out of Christina's bedroom she had grabbed her daughter's large wooden hairbrush and now, without any further warning, she brought the brush down hard on Lara's right cheek.


The terrified woman screamed so loudly that Mary knew the neighbours would wonder what was going on; she ordered her shocked husband to silence their victim and he didn't need to be told twice. Pulling down his zip, he pulled out his erect cock and stuffed it into Lara's open mouth. Silenced now, she could only scream silently around the cock that had begun to piston in and out of her mouth while Mary began to methodically beat both of her cheeks with the hair brush.


All that could be heard from Lara now was a muffled moan but, as she continued to rain down blows on the other woman's upturned bottom, Mary noticed a change in the sounds her victim was making. William noticed it too as the woman was now purring around his cock and it was driving him close and closer to filling her mouth with his spunk.

Mary stopped for a moment to catch her breath and to admire her handiwork. She put down the hairbrush and smoothed her hand over the woman's red cheeks. She knew as soon as Lara had bent over the table that she had been spanked before and, given that there was already a pink tinge to her prisoner's bottom, it hadn't been too long ago. But that tinge had now turned to a fiery, angry red and the marks of the hair brush were clear for anyone to see on her arse and upper thighs. Mary didn't know if the woman was too frightened to move or if it she was unable to move because her husband now held the woman by the hair as he plunged deeper and deeper down her throat, but she was determined that this was a punishment she would never forget

Turning to her brother, she told him to stand beside their prey and to pull her arse cheeks apart. James Sanderson was older than his sister but he knew better than to argue with her when she was in this kind of mood. Plus, he was quite interested to see what his younger sister had in store for Lara now. He soon found out, as did the poor woman whose cheeks he was pulling wide, as Mary took up the hair brush once more, held it by its widest end and brought the wooden handle down hard on Lara's dirtiest hole.

Lara's whole body tensed up as she screamed around William's cock and nearly dislodged him altogether. Mary hesitated just for a moment to see her captive's reaction then, without warning, she brought the hair brush down hard again on her tender hole.


Another high pitched screech escaped from Lara's mouth and she tried to pull herself away from the two men struggling to hold her in place.


One more blow quickly followed before Mary stopped. If Lara dared to think that was the end, she was sadly mistaken. The other woman had simply decided on a new target. Reaching down between the slut's legs to spread her pussy lips, she realised how wet the whore was. If she was truly honest, Mary knew her own knickers were wet too but she wasn't the one being punished. She tried to tell herself that it was the sight of her husband fucking another woman's mouth that was turning her on but, in her heart of hearts she knew it was the sight of the sexy woman before her that had got her juices running much more than they had in a long time.

"So you're enjoying this are you, you whore? Not only do you get your kicks from seducing young girls but you get turned on by being beaten by another woman. Well you're about to find out what being beaten really means."


Mary swung her hand, and the hair brush, up with evil intent and an excruciatingly painful blow landed on Lara's exposed, dripping pussy lips. She screamed like she had never screamed before and her knees buckled under the force of the blow. But there was no escape. Blow after blow landed on her unprotected pussy and only the fact that she was being held up by James Sanderson's big hands held her in place. Just when she wasn't sure if she was going to faint or to cum, the blows stopped. Mary had finally exhausted herself but her brother was just about to begin.

Watching his own sister punish his employee so mercilessly had been such a turn on and his cock was straining within the confines of his trousers, desperate for release. He let go of the poor woman's arse cheeks and, incredibly quickly, pulled down his zip, pulled out his cock and slammed it deep into her amazingly wet pussy. Pounding his cock deep into her, matching the thrusts of his brother in law as the other man buried his own cock deeper down Lara's throat with each thrust, the nursing home owner could feel his balls start to tingle in record time. Lara bounced between them like a rag doll while Mary yelled abuse at her from the side of the action.

"Is that what you want, whore? Are two men enough for you? Will you leave my daughter alone now, you slut?"

Lara couldn't help herself. The last thing she wanted to do was to cum in front of these three wicked people but she knew that was exactly what was going to happen. Her entire body went rigid as her pussy and mouth clamped down on the cocks fucking her and James Sanderson could hold back no longer as he flooded her cunt with his white spunk. This caused Lara to spasm again and she moaned as she felt her employer's cum shoot deep within her. She could hardly breathe and still the men kept fucking her as the waves of lust rolled over her.

Lara fell to the thick carpet as Mr Sanderson pulled out of her ravaged pussy and William released his grip on her hair; but her reprieve was to be a temporary one. Looking up she saw that Christina's father had still not cum and he was rapidly stroking his cock, aiming it at her face. Without warning, he gave it one final tug yanked his cock out and exploded all over her. His cum landed in her eyes, up her nose, in her hair and in her open mouth which was gasping for breath. It seemed to go on forever and when it finally stopped, he wiped his dripping cock over the few remaining spots that were not covered by his cum and sat back down, a very smug grin on his face.

Once more, Lara dared to think her punishment was over. As she struggled to get up off the floor, the sound of Mary's voice soon dissuaded her of that notion.

"Where do you think you're going, slut? There's no way you're leaving here when you've all had your fun and I'm the only one you haven't made cum."

Lara looked at the other woman in astonishment because, not only was Mary standing over her, she was stark naked and her pussy was only inches from her prisoner's face.

As Mary approached the naked woman lying on her living room floor, Lara couldn't tear her eyes from her tormentor's pussy and the drips of moisture on its lips. She could smell too an aroma that reminded her of another woman's pussy, that of Mary's daughter, Christina, lying in her bed not too far from where they were right now. As Mary approached and towered over her, Lara felt the other woman's hand on the top of her head, pulling her closer to that dripping pussy. She tried to resist but she knew she had no choice; she was going to have to make this woman cum, just as she had made her daughter cum not so long ago. Without further ado, Mary pressed her pussy onto Lara's face and held it there with her hands while she ordered the poor woman to lick her slit.

"Lick my pussy, slut. Lick it and make me cum, if you know what's good for you."

Lara forced herself to do as she was told. As her tongue reached out and tasted the other woman, she was surprised that she couldn't stop thinking about Christina rather than the woman now forcing her to do what she had gladly done at work. As she lapped at the woman's sensitive lips and occasionally flicked her throbbing clit, Lara was surprised to feel Mary's body trembling and taste her juices flowing within a very short period of time. She couldn't have known how aroused the other woman had been by spanking her bottom and how soaking Mary's knickers had been when she had peeled them from her cunt.

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