tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and Christina Ch. 04

Lara and Christina Ch. 04


Lara was finally driving home. She had spent the afternoon being used and abused by Christina, her parents and her uncle, Mr Sanderson, the owner of the nursing home where Lara was desperately trying to hold on to her job. She could feel the cum from both men leaking out of her pussy; she could feel it drying on her tits and face; and she could still taste the pussy juices of her young colleague and her mother in her mouth. She should have been relieved to finally be driving home; the only problem was, Mr Sanderson was sitting in the passenger seat beside her.

Once Christina and her parents were finally finished with her, she had been allowed to put her clothes back on again; that is, she was allowed to put on her uniform tunic and uniform trousers. Mr Sanderson had stolen her knickers earlier in the day in Matron's office and her bra had somehow disappeared during her ordeal in her younger colleague's home. She hadn't wanted to make a big thing out of it and was only too glad to get dressed and to make her way to the door. That was when Mr Sanderson had told her he was coming too.

She didn't know why he was coming to the home she shared with her husband or what he was going to do there but she didn't think it was going to be for anything good. Even as they sat in the car and she drove through town, he was molesting her. He had ordered her to undo the buttons on her tunic so that he could get a better look at her breasts. Unfortunately, as she drove through town, so could else anyone passing the car in the opposite direction. When she stopped at traffic lights she could feel her face burning at the stares of the men and women walking past but knew better than to try to cover up. It was now clear to any passers by that she was not wearing a bra; it was clear that she was excited about this; and it was clear that her nipples were rock hard and visible even from outside the car.

But looking at her marvellous cum soaked breasts wasn't enough for her new master. Whenever the car was moving, he would turn towards her, reach into her tunic and fondle each breast in turn. As her nipples were already erect, Mr Sanderson couldn't resist them and he began to run his fingers around them, pinching them, stretching them.

Lara was close to tears as this treatment continued but she knew she had to keep her eyes on the road even though every inch of her body was betraying her all over again by becoming excited. She could feel her pussy becoming wet once more and she knew it wasn't just because of the cum the two men had deposited there earlier. She could feel the familiar tingle deep within and wondered how her body could betray her yet again, even after everything she had been through today.

As she began to squirm in her seat, Mr Sanderson seemed to realise just what was happening and brought his hand down to between her thighs. Because she was driving he knew he couldn't do too much but each time she moved her feet to brake or accelerate, he used the opportunity to force his big hand harder against her pussy and knew his victim was becoming turned on all over again. The more she wriggled, the harder he pressed and, very soon, her breasts had both worked their way free from her top. Even in her distress, Lara could see that she was practically topless and she sped through the streets, trying to get home as soon as possible before he did anything more to embarrass her.

Seeing the speed the car was now travelling at, James Sanderson smiled to himself as he knew it wasn't going to get any better for this whore once he got her home. Pulling up outside her house, Lara switched off the ignition, pulled her tunic together, not wanting to risk his displeasure by refastening the buttons, and practically ran into her home, fearful that any of her neighbours would see her in such a state.

Her master slowly got out of the car and walked to the door where his employee stood nervously waiting. She had unlocked the door and was holding it open for him, hiding behind it, away from prying eyes. As her new tormentor entered her home for the first time ever, he ordered her to get changed into the sexiest clothes she had, including stockings, while he made himself comfortable. As Lara ran to the bedroom she shared with her husband, he wandered through the house, taking a look in the kitchen, before finally settling in a big armchair in the living room.

Panicking in her bedroom, Lara pulled out what she thought were her most revealing clothes, clothes that she rarely wore outside, clothes that she kept for when she was playing with her husband in this very bedroom, and hoped that he would be satisfied with them. She pulled them on, not taking any time to clean off the dried cum from her face, her breasts or her thighs, as she did not want to anger him by making him wait.

Rushing into the living room, she saw him sitting there in her husband's chair, looking around as if he owned the place. Not really sure what to do next, her thick dark hair dishevelled, her make up ruined, she stood in front of him as if presenting herself for inspection.

"Take off your blouse."

That was all he said, almost as if he hadn't even looked at the black see through blouse that Lara had carefully, and quickly, chosen. It was one of her favourites and a favourite of her husband's too because, when she wore it for him, she never wore a bra and her gorgeous breasts and nipples were easy to see. She wore a bra today, however, and she was glad she did.

She started to fumble with the buttons, just as she had struggled to fasten them in the bedroom moments ago, but he wasn't a man who liked to be kept waiting. He stood up, slapped her hands away, ripped the blouse apart sending buttons all over the room, and sat back down again.

"Take your tits out."

Again his instruction was to the point and made in a very firm voice but Lara couldn't help but blush at the crude language he used to describe her breasts. She smoothed her small black lacy bra down off them and revealed her large nipples to him once again. He was becoming used to seeing them erect but they still excited him just as much as the first time he had seen them.

"Bend over." His simple curt orders were obviously intended to humiliate her and they were having the desired effect as Lara's cheeks burned red each time he opened his mouth. It wasn't that he hadn't already seen every inch of her body but being exposed like this, being displayed like this, in her own home, among her own things was even more embarrassing. But she knew better than to disobey; she knew better than to even hesitate to comply with his wishes.

She did as she was told, bending over at the waist and steadying herself by grabbing hold of her legs behind her knees. For a brief moment, she wondered why men always found her bottom so attractive but she was brought back to the present immediately when she felt him start to lift up her short black skirt over her toned thighs, admiring her new stockings that he had ordered her to wear. He didn't stop until her skirt was bunched around her waist and he had the perfect view of her tiny black thong, the back strap trapped deep within the already red, already punished cheeks of her sexy bottom.

"I want you to understand, Lara, exactly how precarious your position is. You say you want to keep your job, yet you seduce my niece. When I am kind enough to offer you a second chance you take her home and make her cum in her own bed. Now, even after being fucked by every member of my family this afternoon, you are bent over in your own home, your tits out, presenting your almost naked arse to your employer. What can I possibly make of this except to presume you are a slut who needs to be punished. Is this right? Are you a slut, Lara?"

"No, sir, no. I'm a good, respectable wife and mother. I've never done these kinds of things before."

"I don't think you understood me, properly, Lara. Are you a slut?"

With that, he landed a hard blow on her right cheek and Lara knew she had no choice but to tell him what he wanted to hear. She knew her poor bottom couldn't take another beating; she wasn't sure how she was going to hide the marks already there from her husband.

"Yes, sir. I'm a slut."

"I thought so. And do you deserve to be punished?"

She almost hesitated and denied this but, looking back, she saw him move to raise his hand and quickly answered, "Yes, sir, I deserve to be punished."

"I see, so you're a slut who deserves to be punished. Let me hear you say it."

"I'm a slut who deserves to be punished," the poor woman sobbed.

"I'm a slut who deserves to be punished," she heard her own voice say back to her. Too worried about doing anything to make him punish her any more, she hadn't noticed Mr Sanderson taking out his phone and switching it to "recording" mode.

"So now you have admitted what you are and what you deserve, now that we have it in your own words as a matter of record, I think we should proceed, don't you, slut?"

Not knowing how much more punishment she could actually take, he started slowly and gently. Lara thought it better not to protest, even though those first few slaps had her cheeks burning again, but he took her compliance as all he needed to continue. After each strike he seemed to get harder and faster. Totally unaware of the tears falling from Lara's eyes, he became more and more turned on as her cheeks got redder and redder.

As her punishment continued, she began to moan in pain, she could no longer control herself; but he took those moans as evidence of her increasing pleasure and struck harder and faster. The more carried away he became, the harsher became her beating, the more he noticed her legs beginning to tremble and her juices beginning to flow down towards her stocking tops.

He would never have dared to treat his own wife like this but, believing the poor woman bent over in front of him to be enjoying it, he raised his hand again and brought it down, hard, on her dripping pussy, a blow which brought out a terrible shriek from Lara but still he didn't stop. Nor did she ask him to.

Believing that remaining in her submissive position was his license to continue, he now alternated his spanking between her pussy and her arse, each one now eliciting screams from his employee. The more he spanked her pussy, however, the wetter she became and he told himself that she was enjoying it as much as he was. Lara was, in fact, hating every minute of it, especially when he smacked her pussy, but she was determined to see this through. She couldn't understand why her body reacted in this way; she couldn't understand why she felt so close to cumming again; but she knew she had to let him have his fun. She knew she had to keep her job; she knew she had to get him out of her home and, more than anything, she knew she had to get back that recording.

"Is this what you want, Lara? You want to be punished like a whore?"

Knowing that she had no choice but to go along with him, she nodded. "Yes, sir, this is what I want. Punish my bottom sir, please." Every inch of her bottom was begging for the spanking to stop but she knew this was the only way she could get him to stop.

"Then cum for me, Lara. Cum for me while I punish your arse and I will stop."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could she cum like this? How could she touch herself as he punished her so mercilessly? Forcing herself to bring her right hand to her pussy, she couldn't believe how wet she really was, how soaked her tiny thong really was and how sensitive her pussy lips really were. After sliding her finger up and down her wet crotch a few times, she slipped it inside her thong and was amazed how easily it slipped inside past her puffy lips. When her palm brushed against her engorged clit, her pussy erupted and her orgasm began to wash over her. She fell forward on to the floor, unaware that the spanking had stopped, unaware that James Sanderson was recording her again. This time, however, he was recording her with his camera as she lay on her living room floor, her tits out, her nipples hard and her right hand buried deep in her pussy as she brought herself to an incredible orgasm.

After a few moments, Lara finally began to come down from the explosion that had ripped through her pussy. Her face was as red as her bottom and he wasn't sure who was more turned on, himself or the slut lying on the floor at his feet in her own living room. Keeping her eyes down, Lara dared to speak.

"You didn't have to spank me again, sir. I've done everything you've asked of me, haven't I?"

"Yes, you have, Lara. But I wanted you to remember this day. I wanted you to remember that you are not just a slut; you are my slut now and I will use your body any way I wish. Your tits, your cunt, your arse are all mine to do whatever I want to them. If at any time you want to change this arrangement, then just tell me and you may leave your job. Oh, and as an added extra, I will play back the recording you just made to your husband, telling him you are a slut. The rest of the recordings I make of you in the weeks to come will probably be just for my own pleasure but, you never, know, maybe I'll share those with your husband too."

She looked up at him, pleading with her eyes, but she knew he was right; he had her exactly where he wanted her and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Now get up."

Lara rolled over on to her knees, then struggled to her feet. She was aware of how she must look, her breasts exposed and her short skirt bunched up around her waist. At least when she stood up straight, her skirt fell back down again, covering her punished bottom and her tiny thong. Standing in front of him, her hands clasped in front of her like a true submissive, she awaited her next instruction.

"Sit down."

In one way, she was glad to do as she was told as her legs still felt very weak after her latest orgasm, but she knew that sitting down, even in the soft armchair, would mean pressure on her poor bottom so she did so, very slowly, very tentatively and waited once again.

James Sanderson could never have imagined in his wildest dreams how well today had turned out but he had every intention of pushing his beautiful employee as far as he could. Pulling down the zip on his trousers, he pulled out his cock, erect once more. He couldn't remember the last time he had cum so much in one day but the sight of Lara sitting there in her husband's armchair with her tits showing just for him had got him hard once again. That and the spanking he had just delivered to his abused victim.

"Suck it, you whore."

She hated the way he was speaking to her, as if she was a piece of meat but, she realised, that's all she was to him -- a cum bucket for him to use and abuse whenever he wanted. And right now, that's exactly what he wanted. Impatient as she sat staring at his cock, he stepped forward and rubbed his hard dick along her closed lips. Lara raised her eyes, silently begging him not to make her do this in her own home, but knowing that such a plea was useless. He pushed forward as she reluctantly opened her mouth, feeling how hard he was as he stretched her soft lips around his cock. Telling herself once again that the quickest way to get rid of him was to do as he demanded, she began to suck him off.

She loved sucking her husband's cock, almost as much as she loved it when he ate her pussy but this was different; this was brutal, this was forced. She tried to limit his thrusts by taking his cock in her hand but he could see what she was trying to do. He slapped her hand away and thrust in even deeper.

"I didn't say play with it, slut; I said suck it."

Grabbing her thick black hair, he began to push himself deeper and deeper into her unwilling mouth. Very soon, despite the best efforts of her busy tongue, he could feel himself bumping against the back of her mouth. Now was the time to really show her who was in control. Lara was trying to pull back but he had a firm grip of her head and her struggles seemed to spur him on to plunge even deeper into her warm mouth.

He could feel her starting to gag; he could feel her starting to panic and, just for a moment he pulled back slightly. Lara looked up in gratitude, his cock still surrounded by her lips and that's when she knew she had made another mistake. He was holding his phone in his other hand and she blinked as it flashed and she knew he had even more incriminating evidence to use against her. She was sure it would be unmistakeable who was sucking the cock in the photo. Her worry was how much of the chair could be seen to make it obvious that she was sucking another man's cock in her own living room.

The fear that thought instilled in her was replaced by another fear as he put his phone back in his pocket and began to thrust into her stretched mouth once more. As he pushed into her throat, she struggled to breathe and tried to push him away. He was much too strong for her, however, and he simply wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her on to his insistent cock. He was alternating now between plunging down her throat and just filling her mouth, almost as if he was teasing her, so that she was never sure if she would be allowed to breathe or not. Then he decided to push her further again.

"Start playing with your cunt."

She knew exactly what he wanted but she couldn't believe even he would make her do this again. Yet, when she brought her right hand down to her tiny knickers she couldn't believe how wet they were; when she slipped her fingers in behind them, she couldn't believe how juicy she was; when she started to rub her dripping slit she couldn't believe how much she wanted to be touched; but she knew just how much she hated doing it herself in front of this evil man. As she brought her left hand down and started to flick her clit, her breathing got faster and faster, and not just because of the cock plunging in and out of her throat. Trying to speed things up again, the harder he thrust, the faster she rubbed her pussy. The deeper he plunged, the tighter she squeezed her clit. She thought it couldn't get any better; she thought it couldn't get any worse. But it did.

"You're loving it, you whore, aren't you? Look at yourself with your tits hanging out, your fingers stuffed up your cunt and your lips wrapped around my cock. Only a slut would act like this. Only a whore would do this in her own living room."

Lara wasn't sure if it was the hateful verbal assault or the fingers in her pussy or the ones torturing her clit or even the cock in her mouth but they all conspired to push her over the edge. She began to cum and somewhere in her mind she knew that she had lost count of the number of times she had been forced to cum today. As he mouth clamped tightly down on his cock, he too could hold back no longer.

With his cock as deep as it would go down her throat, his balls battering her chin, he shot one spurt down into her belly before he pushed her off him and began to cover her with his spunk. Her hair, her nose, her mouth, her chin were all hit as he tugged on his cock, determined to mark this slut as his own.

As she had fallen back into the armchair when he pushed her off, he grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her forward, smearing the last few drips of his cum across her lips. Once again, Lara had experienced something she had learned to love when her husband did it; now she had learned to hate having her face painted with cum and she wondered what else he could do to humiliate her. He answered that by taking out his phone and taking a shot of her cum-covered face.

As he tucked his softening cock back into his trousers, Lara dared to think her nightmare might be over. Little did she know that it was only going to get even worse. She began to wipe the cum from her face but once again he slapped her hands away. She stood up and began to pull her thong and skirt back into place but once again he slapped her hands away. She stood in front of him, here head bowed, her eyes downcast and hoped he would not slap her poor bum again. She really didn't think she could take any more punishment.

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