tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara at the Airport

Lara at the Airport


Chapter 1

Lara was very happy. She was going on holiday for the first time on her own, without her parents, and she felt a sense of liberation and of being very mature. It didn't matter that she was only going to the UK to visit her uncle, nor that her parents had dropped her off at the airport. The important thing was that she was now allowed to be the young woman she knew she was. She had had her eighteenth birthday last week and now she was an adult. She checked in her suitcase and received her boarding pass in return. All she had to do now was go through customs and then wait for her flight to be called.

As she joined the queue at the security barrier some of her new found confidence deserted her a little as she saw the guards with their guns and their stern faces. S she neared the front of the queue, however, as she saw one female guard who was about fifty, was not carrying a gun and seemed to have a kind face. Lara manoeuvred her self into this woman's line and waited her turn. Of course, when she went through the scanner, it immediately alarmed and Lara was called aside.

"Please raise your arms, miss," said the helpful woman guard and Lara did as she was told, looking around her to see that it was quite a common occurrence. As other passengers were also being frisked, Lara relaxed again but it still felt strange to have this stranger's hands moving along her arms. When the guard knelt down in front of Lara and began to run both hands up and down each leg, the young girl grew quite embarrassed, especially when the older woman seemed to take longer than was necessary when she got to the top of Lara's jeans. At that the guard stood up and used a hand-held scanner to move over Lara's young body. Once again the alarm sounded and the guard asked her to step into the small cubicle to the side.

Lara couldn't have known the guard had noticed her in the queue and had deliberately set off the alarm as the young girl walked through. Nor did she notice the smirks from the other guards who knew that their colleague, as the only female on duty, was about to have some fun with the young beauty. As she was led into the cubicle, the guard followed her and there was scarcely enough room for the two of them to face each other without touching.

"I am going to have to ask you to take off your T-shirt, miss."

Lara blushed. She knew the woman was only doing her job but the idea of another woman looking at her large breasts, even with her bra on, was shameful to her. The guard noticed Lara's hesitation and red face, smiling inwardly to herself.

"If it will make it any easier for you, I will take off my blouse too, then we will both have only our bras on, ok?" The guard immediately pulled her military style blouse out of her trousers and started to unbutton it from the neck down. When she reached the last button she pulled it off her shoulders and hung it on the hook on the wall behind her. Lara could hardly take her eyes off the woman's large breasts, even bigger than her own. They seemed to be straining against the woman's grey bra and looked as if the could escape at any minute.

"Your turn now, miss. There's nothing to be scared of or embarrassed about; we are both women here."

So Lara reluctantly pulled her white cotton T-shirt over head and hung it on a hook also. Now the two women's breasts were practically pointing at each other and the guard had to lean back to run the scanner once more over Lara's top half. Almost inevitably it alarmed again and the guard put it down.

"I'm sorry, miss, but you will have to take off your bra."

Lara bit her lower lip to try to stop herself from crying and the older woman once more took pity on her, reaching behind herself to release the clasp on her uniform-issue bra. Lara watched as she turned once again to hang it up, her breasts accidentally brushing the girl's. Lara knew what she had to do and removed her own pretty whit lace bra and revealed her breasts to the first person to have ever seen them since they had started to develop at a much earlier age than her classmates. Lara was proud that her own breasts did not sag like the older woman's and that her nipples were still pointing up but, apart from that, her face was becoming more and more red by the minute. When the guard took both of the young girl's breasts in her hands and caressed them, Lara nearly ran out of the cubicle in disbelief and fright but she knew that there were hundreds of holiday makers outside the cubicle's thin curtain and she could never possibly go out there topless.

"You have lovely breasts, miss," said the guard, "But I still have to examine them thoroughly to make sure you are not trying to hide anything under them." With that the guard lifted the young girl's heavy breasts in turn to examine them. Lara felt her run a finger under each, just at the point where she had felt herself beginning to seat ever since the first alarm had gone off. When the guard thought Lara wasn't looking she secretly sucked her finger and licked the young girl's sweat for the first time. It wasn't going to be the last.

"Your breasts seem fine, miss, so I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to take off your jeans."

Lara really did start to cry now but she tried to tell herself that other women would be going through this ordeal in airports all over the world and at least her guard was being nice and gentle with her. She turned her back on the older woman and slipped down her jeans. When she bent over slightly to pull them off her feet her bottom accidentally brushed against the guard and Lara stood up quickly with a start. When she turned around after placing her jeans on the hook, she couldn't believe that the guard had also removed her uniform trousers and now both of them stood in just their knickers – Lara's tiny, white ones and the guard's big, grey ones.

"I thought it might help if we were both dressed the same, said the guard but it didn't help at all when Lara heard the horrible sound of the scanner's alarm once again and knew what was coming next.

"I'll have to ask you to take down your knickers, miss."

Lara couldn't conceal her sob as she bent over and lowered her lacy thong down to her knees as instructed by the guard. This must be the worst start to a holiday ever she thought. But it was about to get a whole lot worse. The young girl trembled as she noticed the guard crouching down behind her in the tiny space and felt the older woman pulling her bottom cheeks apart. Lara knew that the guard was looking directly at her bottom hole and sniffing. Lara's sobs could not be controlled however when the guard started to run a finger along her private place between her legs. Her tears flowed in shame but the more the guard gently rubbed her the more she felt that finger get moist. Lara was a good girl and had never allowed anyone to touch her there but it was actually quite nice. New, strange feelings were starting to course through her private parts when the guard suddenly stopped and withdrew her finger.

Lara moaned in disappointment but cried out once more in pain when the guard suddenly stuck that same finger up Lara's bottom. Straight in with one thrust, Lara no longer considered the guard to be gentle or kindly. She had to put her hands on the cubicle wall to stop herself from falling forward, such was the force the guard was using to examine the young girl's bottom.

All of a sudden the guard withdrew her finger and stood up. Lara peeked out from behind her long dark hair which had fallen forward, only to see the guard once again sucking her finger. "That couldn't be the one she had up my bottom, could it?" thought the innocent girl but was glad her ordeal seemed about to end.

The guard dressed and instructed Lara to do the same. However, when it came to her knickers the guard took them from her and told her they would require further examination. Knickers or not, Lara was just pleased to escape from the confines of that tiny cubicle and hoped she would never see that woman again. She finished dressing and ran out straight into the departure lounge.

The guard came out a few seconds later and spoke into her radio. "Did you guys get that with the CCTV?" when she received a very enthusiastic confirmation she played with the young girl's tiny thong in her pocket and looked forward to reviewing her performance later.

Chapter 2

Lara had been uncomfortable throughout the flight. No matter which way she sat, she could feel her tight jeans pressing against her private place. Without the protection of her knickers, her jeans seemed to be rubbing her in ways she had never noticed before and the moist feeling she had first noticed with the guard had got steadily worse. It now felt as if she had wet herself but thankfully there were no stains showing on her jeans. It didn't help that she thought everyone else on the plane was staring at her as if they somehow knew what had happened with the guard in the small cubicle. She had convinced herself that was just her imagination but it didn't stop her squirming in her seat when the man sitting next to her on the plane had spent the whole flight leering at her large breasts. Squirming, she realised, didn't help the rubbing in her crotch.

As she collected her case from the conveyer belt in the luggage department, she realised that she would have to go through customs again and shuddered when she remembered what had happened before she left Spain. Surely it couldn't be as bad again? She took a deep breath, trying to tell herself she was an adult and marched through Customs, through the "Nothing to Declare" exit.

"Excuse me, miss, could you bring your case over here please?"

Lara nearly cried when she heard the words but knew instantly that the woman was talking to her. When Lara looked at her she saw that she was much less frightening looking than the guards in Spain and was actually quite pretty. She could only have been a year or so older than Lara, about nineteen or twenty, and didn't look threatening at all. Lara decided that nothing bad was going to happen this time and, with a force smile, lifted her case on to the counter. How could she have possibly know that the guard in Spain had called her colleague in the UK with the young girl's description and that it had been decided that Lara was to be the Customs Officers plaything for today?

Opening the case the young officer smiled encouragingly at Lara and lifted the top.

"Did you pack your case yourself, miss?"

Lara nodded. It had been a great thrill and gave her a real sense of pride that her mother had allowed her bring with her whatever she had wanted. Being treated like an adult had been great fun – until this morning. Pushing the incident with the guard to the back of her mind, Lara watched as the blonde officer started to lift some of her clothes out of the case. First some T-shirts, then some dresses and finally another pair of jeans. Lara was starting to worry again when she saw the officer pick up some of her underwear. When the other woman held up Lara's tiny pink thong, showing it to her colleagues and the other passengers walking by, Lara's face blushed red.

"You're not going to hide much in there are you?" asked the officer with a grin before putting down Lara's tiny knickers. Then her face instantly clouded as she found something tucked inside one of Lara's shoes.

"What on earth is this?" she asked fiercely, as she held up a plastic bag of what looked like white powder.

Lara stared in disbelief at the bag; she had never seen it before and had no idea what it was. Before she knew what was happening she had been grabbed by two other female officers and marched through to their office. Not even waiting to ask her, they two older women stripped her of her clothes. One pulled her T-shirt roughly over head and whipped off her bra as Lara was still in shock at what was happening to her. The other, at the same time, had quickly opened the young girl's jeans and pulled them down and off. Lara was left standing in the middle of the empty room, tears streaming down her face while she heard the officers depart, taking her clothes with her.

"What a slut. She didn't even have any knickers on," said one.

"Yes, but did you see those tits. I think we're going to have some fun with this one."

At first all Lara could do was cry but as she stood there alone, in the unfurnished room, in a foreign country, she eventually was able to tell herself that this was all just a mistake and that she would get her clothes back soon. At that she seemed to suddenly realise that she was totally naked and crouched down trying to hide her breasts and her private place from anyone coming into the room. Little did she know that the secret cameras in the room were recording every moment and the Customs Officers in the screening room had already drawn lots to decide who was to interrogate the young Spanish beauty with the big tits and the sexy arse.

Lara looked up when she heard the door open and saw the young officer who had inspected her case return carrying a chair and a bag. She smiled encouragingly at the young girl and placed the chair in front of her. Sitting down, she bent forward to address Lara.

"I'm afraid I have bad news, Lara. That powder I found in your possession has turned out to be heroin and you will have to go to jail for a long time."

Lara burst into tears. How could this have happened? She didn't know anything about drugs. She didn't know how the bag had found its way into her suitcase. She didn't know that her mother had placed a small bag of washing powder in her case as she didn't want her beloved daughter to have to use the British soap powders that she had heard were very harsh.

Lara pleaded with the young officer in her faltering English. "Please, miss, I do not know anything about this. Please do not send me to jail. Please! I will do anything."

The officer smiled gently at her young captive. "There may be a way out of this, Lara, but you will have to agree to be punished here and now in this room."

Lara nodded enthusiastically. She didn't know what her punishment would be but she knew it would have to be better than going to a British prison where she had heard that some of the women prisoners did terrible things to other prisoners. The officer stood up and helped Lara to her feet.

"Place your hands on this chair, Lara, and bend over. Before we start your punishment I will have to make sure you are not carrying any more drugs. Lara did as she was told, her face turning red as she saw the officer's gaze travel over her large breasts and down to her curly hair between her legs. Behind Lara's back the officer secretly licked her lips in anticipation of tasting this beautiful girl. As Lara bent over the chair, pushing her arse out and letting her gorgeous tits hand down, the officer knelt down behind her and, for a moment, savoured the sight of the young girl's pussy lips peeking out from between her legs and her tight, sexy arse.

"I am going to inspect your pussy first, Lara, but so that I don't hurt you I will need to make sure you are wet enough first."

Lara didn't understand what she meant and gasped in shock as she suddenly felt the officer's wet tongue sliding along her private place. No-one else had ever seen between her legs; to think that this woman was not only touching her there but licking her with her tongue was almost too much to bear and Lara cried in shame. After a few minutes, however, Lara did feel herself getting wet in her "pussy" and she didn't think it was just from the officer's tongue; it actually felt quite nice. When the other woman reached between her legs started to rub the little button at the top of her pussy, while still running her soft tongue up and down her slit, Lara struggled to stay standing upright, so lovely were the feeling running through her body.

Just as suddenly as it had started, the licking stopped and Lara groaned in disappointment. She had liked that, even in such an embarrassing position, even with another woman. She looked round to see the officer wiping her hand over her face then licking her fingers and palm. "Was I that wet?" asked Lara to herself. "I wonder what I taste like."

The young girl didn't have time to think about this as once more the officer stood behind her and, this time, pulled her bottom cheeks wide.

"I have to inspect your arse too, Lara, so please stay in your position while I get you wet again."

Lara couldn't believe the officer was going to get her "arse" wet in the same way but, at that very moment, the officer bent her head to Lara's arse, inhaled deeply to smell the young girl and stuck out her tongue. Lara wasn't sure if she was more embarrassed by the officer sniffing at her dirty hole or by her tongue licking her there but, once again, she very quickly learned that it could feel quite nice. As the guard moved her tongue round and round the young girl's arsehole, Lara could feel the new sensations running from her pussy again and began to instinctively push back against the officer's face. When the officer raised her hand again, inserted a finger into Lara's cunt and pushed her tongue up the girl's arse, Lara became lost in pleasure.

"That...that's lovely," was all she could manage. The feelings seemed to wash over her whole body but she knew they were coming from her pussy and her bottom. Her whole body trembling, she had difficulty holding on the chair but somehow she managed it; when the officer pulled her finger out of Lara's cunt, however, and her tongue from the girl's hole, Lara simply collapsed on to the floor.

Chapter 3

The officer gave Lara a few minutes to recover while she got something out of her bag. Lara lay where she was, less concerned about her nakedness now that she had had the first orgasm of her young life. She saw the officer bring out what looked like an elongated table tennis bat and wondered what on earth that could be for. The officer smiled down at Lara then instructed her to resume her position of bending over the chair.

Once again, Lara's felt the vulnerability of this embarrassing position but did as she was told. She thought that maybe things weren't going to be as bad as she felt the pretty female officer caressing her upturned bottom, one cheek after the other. When the caressing stopped, however, she looked round in horror when she saw the other woman take a wide swing with the paddle before it landed with extreme violence on Lara's smooth arse. The young girl screamed in agony as blow after blow rained down on her poor cheeks, as the officer administered what she called Lara's rightful punishment for daring to bring drugs into the UK.

Lara could barely hear what the officer was saying over the slapping of the paddle on her tender bottom but knew that she had to keep her position or she would have to go to jail. She began to wonder if going to jail might be preferable to this beating but then the officer seemed to tire of her work and dropped the paddle to the floor. Lara's tears were streaming down her face but the other woman didn't even seem to notice. Instructing Lara to stand up the officer faced the young girl with a smile on her face.

"You are step away from being released, Lara, and I think you will – eventually – enjoy it, even if it is a bit painful at first."

With that, she undid her tie, pulled it from under her collar and dropped it to the floor. Beginning at the top, she then started to open the buttons of her uniform blouse, one by one, to reveal a sexy black bra underneath. Lara was still in a state of shock from the beating her bottom had taken and looked in total amazement as the officer continued her striptease in front of the young girl's disbelieving eyes.

Off came the woman's bra to reveal her small, perky tits which Lara realised she thought the looked wonderful even if they were a lot smaller than her own. She didn't have time to stare for too long, however, as the officer then kicked off her shoes, undid her trousers and pulled them down her smooth legs, her knickers coming down at the same time.

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