tagIncest/TabooLara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 02

Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 02


Sara didn't know what to think. She knew she couldn't ask any of her friends about their medical examinations because she had been the first to turn eighteen and so the first to go to see the doctor. She couldn't ask any of the nuns who ran the school because she would be too embarrassed to talk to these holy women about the things that had happened in the doctor's office and the feelings that had overcome her. The only other woman she knew well enough was her own mother and now, as she sat on the train going home for the weekend, she wasn't sure she would be able to use the words she would have to in front of her mother.

Her mother, Mary, was just as worried. She knew that her daughter would have attended the doctor's office by the time she returned home. She was worried in case Sara would want to talk to her about it. How could she explain to her innocent daughter that it was during her end of school medical examination that she had been raped and had become pregnant with Sara? Throughout her daughter's eighteen years she had protected her from the knowledge of who her real father was and had refused to ever see another man since. There had been many who had tried to build a relationship with her but as soon as they got to close she had refused to go any further. So it was that, as her beautiful daughter approached womanhood, her mother was almost as ignorant about men as the girl was.

Sara couldn't help but go over and over again in her mind what had happened in the doctor's office the day before. She could feel her face getting red again as she thought about the feelings the doctor had aroused in her, how she had touched her and how she had taught Sara to touch herself. She knew he couldn't but she imagined the man sitting opposite her could read her thoughts and knew exactly what was making the young girl blush.

The man kept smiling at her. He had smiled when she had struggled to put her bag in the overhead luggage rack and she had wished she had been wearing a longer skirt. She could feel the bottom of her black school skirt rise up the back of her thighs as she stretched to put her bag on the rack. He was still smiling when she finally sat down and had to take off her school blazer as she was so hot and flustered. She was sure he would be able to see her nipples sticking out through her thin pink bra and her tight school blouse. Looking down, she could see them herself and wondered if that was why he was smiling. This thought simply made her blush an even deeper shade of red and the strange man seemed to revel in her discomfort.

The man continued to stare at the young girl throughout the journey and Sara was very glad when she finally reached her home town and got up as the train pulled in to the station. As she reached up for her bag the stranger suddenly jumped up and grabbed it before she could stop him. He was much taller than Sara and she raised her eyes to meet his, reaching out for her bag. The man still smiled as if he knew the reasons for her embarrassment; but at least Sara knew that he couldn't possibly know that what was causing her the most distress was the fact that her knickers had moved up between her legs as she had fidgeted throughout the journey. The tiny pink thong that she had decided to wear today, contrary to the school's uniform code, was now firmly wedged between her bottom cheeks and rubbing against her moist pussy.

She seemed to be constantly wet now; it was as if the doctor had opened a flood gate and every minute she could feel the urge to reach down and touch herself. She hadn't done so because it still felt like she was doing something bad, sinful even, but the more she resisted her urges, the stronger they seemed to be growing. The stranger's smile seemed to say that he knew exactly what those urges were.

Sara's mother waited on the platform, barely able to contain her apprehension as well as her anticipation. She had worked hard ever since she had given birth to Sara and had dedicated her life and her savings to giving her daughter the best possible start in life. That was partly why she had sent her beloved daughter to boarding school – so that she could begin to build a life for herself away from this small town. The other part was that she knew the nuns would look after her daughter and when the right time arrived they would make sure that Sara was examined by a doctor who would never think of taking advantage of her.

When Sara saw her mother waiting for her, she ran towards her like a child and hugged her as if she hadn't seen her in years. Her mother relaxed at that moment as it was obvious whatever had happened during her examination had not been the ordeal that she had suffered. Mary returned her daughter's warm embrace then pulled back just a little to look at the young girl.

"You look well, Sara. Is everything ok?"

"Oh, yes, mother. I've got so much to tell you but let's get home first and I'll tell you all about it."

Mary shuddered slightly at her daughter's insistence that they go home before they talked but as Sara sat beside her mother in the car, the schoolgirl began her usual description of life at school, who said what, who did that, etc. The older woman smiled to herself as it seemed all her daughter really wanted to talk about was the goings on from her latest week away at school.

Sara was relieved to find that she could still behave with her mother exactly as she always had. She knew that once they got home she would have to unburden herself to her only living relative but that could wait. For the moment it was nice just to be with her mother and for them both to talk as if she was still the innocent daughter her mother believed her to be.

Very soon they arrived at the only home Sara had ever known and, realising the moment of truth was rapidly approaching, her gossip slowed down until the last few moments of the drive were spent in silence. Thinking her daughter had exhausted herself with her incessant talking, Mary smiled to her and told her to go in to the house while she got her bag from the back of the car.

Sara was glad to have a few moments to herself just to look around her bedroom and to realise nothing had changed; somehow she thought that because she was no longer the innocent girl she had been when she was last home then everything else would have changed too. She didn't know if the fact that her bedroom still looked the same as it had when she was sixteen was a comfort or a disappointment. Hearing her mother calling her from the kitchen, Sara took a deep breath and prepared herself to share her new found knowledge with her mother.

As they sat together in the kitchen Mary could see that her daughter was anxious about something but waited patiently until Sara was ready to talk. She busied herself with preparing their lunch while the schoolgirl sat at the large dinning table and pretended to be engrossed in her glass of juice.

"Mother, I've got something to tell you," Sara eventually blurted out. Here it comes, thought her mother; please don't let it be too awful. When her mother sat down opposite her at the table and handed her some salad, the girl could barely look at her mother's face.

"Whatever it is, Sara, you can tell me. There is no need to be afraid or embarrassed."

Sara lifted her eyes to see her kindly mother reach across the table and take her hand encouragingly.

"The thing is, mother, I've been seeing a boy who lives near the school. He's very nice and I'm sure you would like him."

Mary relaxed and smiled at her daughter. She knew this day would come and that one day her precious Sara would have a boyfriend. She was glad her girl could be so open with her and tell her about her first boyfriend and was just delighted that this was what Sara wanted to talk about; obviously, then, nothing had gone wrong during her medical examination.

"I knew you would be happy for me, mother, but I was still nervous about telling you, especially when the doctor had been so surprised when I told her.

Mary froze at the mention of the doctor and wondered why her precious daughter had discussed this with the doctor. Surely the boy hadn't got Sara pregnant? No, she couldn't believe that; her daughter was a good girl. Sara could see that her mother was worried and tried to quickly reassure her.

"Please don't worry, mother; we haven't done anything wrong but the doctor surprised me when she began to ask questions about him and whether I allowed him to touch me."

If Sara was trying to reassure her mother then the mention of her boyfriend touching her was not going to help. Mary tried to smile at her daughter again but she was struggling to imagine her beloved Sara ever letting a boy touch her anywhere.

"I tried to explain to the doctor that he had only touched my breasts, mother, and only with my clothes on but she still seemed so shocked." Sara had started out wanting to reassure her mother but the more she spoke the deeper the hole she seemed to be digging for herself. It was really embarrassing talking to her mother about these things but she needed to talk to her about what had happened with the doctor and it had been the mention of her boyfriend touching her breasts that had started everything off.

"Please, mother, try to understand. I'm still a good girl. I haven't let him touch me without my clothes on and all we have really done so far is kiss each other – although he keeps trying to do so much more.

"The thing is, mother, when I told the doctor about this she then went on to show me how to examine my breasts. She didn't even want me to go behind the screen, mother; she told me to remain sitting on the chair in front of her desk and open my blouse. Well, it was really embarrassing but I knew she was a professional and was only doing her job so I did as she asked. I could feel my cheeks blushing as I opened the buttons on my school blouse. It was even more embarrassing when I looked at the doctor and saw she was staring at my breasts.

"I was glad that I still had my bra on but then she told me she was going to teach me how to examine my breasts, just like you told me she would. I know I was expecting it but it still sent a shiver through me when she ran her hands down from my shoulders and pushed my pink bra off, exposing my breasts to the air. I don't know why, mother, but I started to get a tingly feeling, and not just in my breasts.

"I can't believe I'm talking to you like this," said the very red faced girl, "But I suppose we are both adults. My nipples were bigger than I'd ever seen them and then the doctor started to tug at them. I know she was just doing her job but I didn't know that what she was doing would feel so nice and I think I might have let out a little moan. I'm so sorry, mother, but I couldn't help it.

Then she took my hands and placed them on my breasts. I promise you, mother, I've never touched my breasts before, except when I was washing in the shower. I didn't even realise when she had taken her hands away but I could feel something really strange between my legs. I didn't know what was happening but I was examining my breasts just like the doctor had shown me, the feelings in my private place were getting stronger and I couldn't seem to stop moaning now. Just then the doctor told me to stop and it felt like she had woken me up. My hands dropped from my breasts, mother, and I'm not sure how to say this to you, but my knickers felt a bit wet."

Mary had released her daughter's hand and was now sitting on both of her own, trying to understand the feelings that were coursing through her own body, feelings she had not allowed herself to feel since she had given birth to Sara. She could feel her own nipples pressing against her bra; her breasts were "tingly" too and she was sure her own panties now had a small damp patch on their crotch. She looked across the table and saw her embarrassed daughter trying to find the words to explain exactly what she was feeling, squirming in her seat, her face burning red.

"I was very embarrassed, mother, when I realised I had somehow lost control of what I was doing and I thought the doctor would be very angry with me. I tried to cover up at that point but she told me to remove all my clothes and insisted that I do it in front of her again. I know there was no-one else in the room but it was still very embarrassing. I'm sure my face was burning red again as I slowly took off my bra but I knew I had to go ahead with this and so quickly took off my skirt and stood there in just my knickers. For once I was glad I was wearing those horrible big knickers that totally cover my bottom and my private place.

"This time I thought I would be able to go behind the screen and lie on the doctor's examination couch but she told me just to lie on her desk. It was really hard, mother, but that wasn't the worst part. Once I was lying on my back, she stood between my legs and pushed my knees apart. It was so humiliating to know another woman was looking at my knickers, even if she was a doctor, and I knew she would be able to see the wet spot.

"I knew she was going to ask me to take them off but I didn't believe she would do it herself. I closed my eyes tight as she slid them down my legs and over my shoes. I think I was ready to cry at this point, mother, because I knew she could see the hair on my private place but then I heard her moan and I opened my eyes thinking there was something wrong. I don't know what she had been doing but I saw her quickly lower my knickers from her face. She must have been having a very close look.

"I tried to look away but she brought my knickers up to my face and asked me to look at the damp spot in the middle of them. I was so relieved when she explained I hadn't wet myself and that this was a normal reaction to examining my breasts, although she said I had been "playing with my tits" and that my private place was really called my "pussy". Does your pussy get wet when you play with your tits, mother?"

Mary couldn't believe the words coming from her innocent daughter's mouth but neither could she deny that her "pussy" was wetter than it had ever been and her knickers were soaking. How could her body be betraying her like this after all these years? How could the words of her beloved daughter be arousing her so easily?

"It was a relief to know that I hadn't wet myself but I knew the worst was still to come and, when the doctor said she wanted to examine my "pussy", I nearly cried again. When she started to talk to me about how to make sure my pussy was wet before I examined myself, I thought I would die of embarrassment. She told me to pull my legs up, mother, but then she did something that I don't know how to tell you."

Mary knew that she had to get over her own embarrassment and support her daughter through this whole episode. She reached over and took her daughter's hand again and smiled at her in support. Sara was so grateful for her mother's encouragement that she took a deep breath and continued with her shocking tale.

"She started to lick me, mother," the young girl blurted out. "She ran her tongue up and down my private place. I couldn't believe what was happening to me but I tried to tell myself that the doctor was just trying to be helpful and trying to make sure I was wet enough to allow her examine me without hurting me but, mother, it was so embarrassing. Don't you get embarrassed when the doctor does that to you?"

Mary's face was as red as her daughter's now and she knew her knickers would have to go straight in to the laundry basket when she finished this conversation. She had never even imagined another woman doing this to her but hearing the story from her daughter made her wonder what she had been missing all these years. Not knowing how to answer Sara's question, she simply nodded and urged the schoolgirl to continue.

"I know the doctor had told me it was normal for my knickers to get a bit wet but, when she continued to run her wet tongue up and down my pussy, my whole body started to tremble. I knew I was starting to moan again and I couldn't do anything to stop it. All I could think of was is this how bad girls act? Was I acting like a slut? I'm not, mother; I promise you I'm not. I could feel my face burning red but I felt as if my whole body was on fire.

"When these sensations took over I had to drop my legs and somehow I instinctively knew to wrap them around the doctor's head as if I wanted to pull her deeper into me. I didn't, mother, I promise you. I'm still your good girl but I could feel her tongue pushing into my pussy and I knew I had never felt anything like it before. I could feel something wet running from my pussy down on to the desk; it was so embarrassing to know I was know making a mess on the doctor's workplace but she didn't seem to mind. It certainly didn't stop her licking me or pushing her tongue into me.

"When she started to lick lower, though, I just lost control, mother. Then she moved back up and started to lick that funny button at the top of my pussy and my legs just squeezed the doctor's head even tighter. Those feelings must have lasted for a few minutes because eventually I calmed down and opened my eyes. I know my body had taken over, mother, but it was so humiliating to see my thighs wrapped around the doctor's head. Does this happen to you too, mother?"

Mary couldn't take any more of this. Smiling sweetly at her young daughter, she excused herself and rushed out of the room back to her bedroom. Locking the door behind her, she pulled up her long skirt and pulled down her soaking knickers. She knew they were going to be wet but she looked at her big black panties in disbelief. The whole crotch was dripping with her pussy juices and Mary automatically brought them to her mouth, just as the doctor had done with her daughter's.

Tasting herself for the first time ever, she lay down on her single bed and bunched her skirt up around her waist. Leaving her knickers on her tongue she opened her legs and reached down to touch her pussy. She was shocked to feel how wet she was, even though she had seen the evidence on her knickers. Mary very tentatively ran her finger the length of her sensitive slit, her whole body reacting as she touched herself for the first time in her life. She had always been a good Catholic mother and had never believed she could be tempted by the "sins of the flesh" that the priest spoke about in his sermons. She could hear him, and her conscience, telling her that these feelings were wrong but the innocent woman didn't know how to control them or how to stop them.

As her finger slipped through her sensitive lips, she heard herself moaning in the same way her daughter had just described. She looked down in disbelief at her finger sliding in and out of her own body. Her head fell back on to her pillow as she instinctively squeezed her thighs together.

Mary knew she needed more and replaced her one finger with two, forcing her way into her own tight pussy. Moaning uncontrollably, she suddenly hit an extremely sensitive spot deep within her and those very same sensations that her young daughter had described washed over her. She twisted around the bed as the very first orgasm in her life took over her body. She no longer had control as her fingers plunged in and out of her cunt while her juices poured out and soaked her bed. She didn't know what she was doing but she knew she had never felt anything so good.

As she finally recovered and her body became her own again, Mary looked down to see her fingers still deeply embedded in her pussy. Slowly pulling them out, she was filled with shame at what she had done and suddenly realised she would have to confess this whole incident to the priest tomorrow.

Getting up from her firm bed, she went to her underwear drawer and pulled out another clean pair of the same large knickers she always wore. She knew that they weren't fashionable or considered sexy but she knew she felt safe in them when her whole bottom and "pussy" were covered. She had already found some skimpier items in Sara's laundry which she must have bought herself. Mary didn't understand how such a tiny garment could cover what needed to be covered or even how they could be comfortable.

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