tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara's End Of School Examination

Lara's End Of School Examination


Lara had never been more embarrassed in her eighteen years. Her entire class of girls had been told that they were to have their end of term medical examination this afternoon and none of them were looking forward to it. They all knew that the perverted doctor liked nothing better than to pull on his rubber gloves and stick his fingers into every hole the girls had. They knew that he enjoyed doing this more than he should because they could always see the bulge in the front of his trousers when he was finished with them. Some of the girls had even said they had seen dark, wet spots on his trousers as they got down off the examination table but Lara didn't want to think about that.

Today was going to be even worse, however. When the girls had presented themselves at the doctor's waiting room in a quiet part of their all-girls Catholic school, they had been informed by his fierce looking nurse that they would all be seen together since the doctor was running late. She instructed the girls to undress and follow her into his office once they were naked.

All of the girls looked at each other, wondering what they should do. They were all good Catholic girls and, even though they had seen each other naked in the showers after games, they didn't allow their eyes to linger on their classmates' bodies. Now they were being asked, no told, to strip naked and face the old doctor and his nurse all together. When no-one moved the nurse came back into they waiting room enraged that they were all still fully clothed.

"If you don't take your clothes off this instant then I will do it for you and, I promise you, you won't like it."

The nurse went back into the doctor's office as the schoolgirls, resigned to their fate, started to undress. They were all wearing identical uniforms but Lara knew she had a secret that was about to be revealed to them all. One by one they unbuttoned their white school blouses, revealing their different sized breasts in their regulation white bras. Some of the girls barely had any need for a bra as their breasts were so small. Others, like Lara, had been wearing a bra for more than a few years as she had developed breasts very young and now needed the support to carry her bountiful tits. As each girl undid the clasp on their bra, Lara could see the various different sizes of breasts in the room. She, like a few of the others, was trying not to look but was very aware that every girl was now topless and, for some reason she couldn't control, her nipples were getting as big as she had ever known them.

Almost as one each of the girls reached round and undid the button on the waistband of their pleated skirts. Now Lara's secret was revealed; as each girl displayed the same big, navy knickers there were some gasps around the room as some noticed Lara's tiny white thong. Her face turned bright red as she realised that every girl in the room was looking at her or, to be precise, they were looking at the tiny piece of cotton between her legs. The only thing that saved her from further embarrassment was a call from the nurse to enter the doctor's office and each girl quickly pulled down their knickers and prepared for their annual humiliation.

Lara quickly stuffed her small underwear into her blazer pocket and followed the other girls in to see the doctor. She didn't want to think about why there was a small wet patch on the crotch of her knickers; today was going to be bad enough without thinking she might have wet herself a little. As she kept her head down she couldn't help but look at her best friend, Maria, in front of her whose bottom cheeks seemed to be very pert and round. Lara could feel herself becoming a bit moist between her legs but it didn't feel like she was peeing; it felt quite different, quite strange.

The doctor looked up from his notes, his stern face belying the fact that he was delighted to have ten eighteen year old girls standing naked in his office, naked apart from their knee-high white socks and their regulation black shoes. He loved his job at this Catholic school and looked forward every year to this end of term examination of the older girls. Every year he made up the story of being in a hurry; every year he forced them all to watch as he degraded each of them in turn and every year they all left school to go on to university and never said a word to anyone about what happened in the doctor's office. So he always kept the best to last and had already decided that Lara was to be the one who would be his plaything this year.

"Nurse Black has already informed you that I am in a hurry so we will begin immediately. Please do exactly what she tells you without question and we will get through this much quicker. Now the first thing you have to do is to shave. I can see that you all have quite hairy pussies so nurse will show you how to remove all that hair safely in order that I can examine you properly."

The nurse then reappeared with a silver metal trolley carrying ten bowls of warm water. Taking the first girl in the line, Christina, by the hand she helped her on to the examination couch and fastened her sock covered ankles to the leather stirrups. Christina was the same height as Lara but carried a few extra pounds, mostly in her breasts and bottom. She had long brown hair which hung over her shoulders but it wasn't long enough to cover her naked breasts. Christina buried her face in her hands as the nurse lathered up some soap and then applied it all over the young girl's pubic rug as far as her bottom hole. Christina could only tremble in shame as the nurse then took her razor from the trolley and proceeded to carefully perform the schoolgirl's first pussy shave. As all the other girls looked on, Christina's humiliation was complete when the nurse spread her bottom cheeks and shaved the small hairs away from there too.

Lara couldn't believe that the nurse was going to do that to her too but, once she had rinsed the soap from between Christina's legs and patted her dry, the older woman presented each of the other girls with a metal bowl and a razor, instructing them to shave their own pussies but to be very careful. The girls looked at each other in disbelief and at the razors in their hands as if they weren't sure how they had even got there. One by one they crouched over their bowl which the nurse had placed on the floor in front of them. Very tentatively they began to soap their private places and began to shave.

As they did so they were vaguely aware that the doctor had now stood up, had come round his desk and was now standing in front of them. Those who did look up could see the tell-tale bulge in the front of his trousers and Lara wondered why the nuns who ran the school took on such a pervert as their doctor. Little could she know that it was exactly because he was so perverted that the nuns had employed him. Eventually, once he could see that all the girls were busy preparing their cunts for him, he walked over to where poor Christina still waited with her legs still tied in the air.

Lara took slightly longer with her shaving than the other girls. She had noticed that the hair between their legs wasn't as dark or as thick as the black curly hairs covering her pussy. She also noticed that two of the girls had shaved each other's bottom hole, presumably to make it a bit easier for them both but Lara couldn't imagine letting any of the girls get that close to her, even Maria. She knew the doctor would be touching her bottom this afternoon but that was a necessity; there was no way she would let her best friend, or anyone else for that matter, touch her there.

As the girls all stood up having finished their shaving, the nurse removed the bowls of soapy water. She then walked along the line of young schoolgirls, barely touching them as she ran her finger along each of their deliciously smooth pussies. If that wasn't humiliating enough, when she came to Lara and noticed the moistness of the girl's slit, she smiled knowingly. Ordering the girls to turn around and bend over, she then walked back up the line, this time examining their arseholes for any tiny hairs they may have missed. Once she was satisfied with their efforts she told them to stand up straight again and turn to face the doctor. Each of them did so with a very red face, not from the effort of bending over but from the shame of showing off their dirtiest holes to the nurse in a room full of their classmates – who were all doing exactly the same thing.

Only Christina had been spared from this humiliation but, as she was still lying on the examination couch with her legs in the air, she didn't think she had been spared very much. As her classmates stood in a line against the wall, the doctor sat down on a stool between the young girl's outstretched legs and waited for Nurse Black to wheel another steel trolley to him. Christina tried hard not look at or even think about what was on the trolley. Once again she hid behind her hands but still knew exactly what was about to happen when she felt the doctor squirt some lubricant over her newly shaved slit. Daring to look out from behind her hands she gasped when she saw the size of the metal speculum he had in his hands. He had never used one so big and she wondered how on earth it would fit into tight pussy. All the girls were virgins and Christina shuddered in fear at the thought of something so big and so hard being pushed into her innocent cunt.

The doctor was well aware that he had kept this large speculum for today; this was his "leaving St Mary's" speculum and before the afternoon was finished each of these shy girls would have been stretched like never before. He knew also that Christina was not ready for this yet, no matter how much lubricant he poured over her slit so he pulled on his surgical latex gloves and ran one finger up and down her. Almost unwittingly Christina could feel herself starting to open up to the gently pressing finger of their perverted doctor and eventually he slipped in. The schoolgirl nearly cried when he removed his finger because it had almost started to feel quite nice but that feeling quickly vanished when she felt the cold metal of his speculum slide into her tight pussy. Knowing that she would have to relax even more to allow him to continue, the doctor nodded to his nurse who moved to the head of the couch and drew Christina's arms up over her head.

"Nurse Black will perform your breast examination, Christina, while I take a look inside and it would help us all if you would try to relax."

"Relax," thought the girl, "how can I relax while he pushes that thing into me and she plays with my breasts?" For that's exactly what it felt like Nurse Black was doing. She was now standing to the side of the prostrate schoolgirl so that her classmates could see exactly what was expected of them and what they could expect in return. The older woman cupped first one breast and then the other. Gently caressing them, she squeezed them more than Christina thought was medically necessary but when the nurse started to roll her fingers around the girl's protruding nipples her head involuntarily threw back and she let out a deep moan.

The doctor took that as his cue to push the speculum deeper and Christina was torn between the feeling of the rigid instrument invading her and the gentleness of the fingers playing with her nipples. As Nurse Black leaned over the young schoolgirl and replaced her fingers with her wet tongue, Christina was overcome with a feeling she had never felt before while the doctor decided at that moment to force open his speculum and prise apart the girl's virginal pussy.

Each of the girls looked on in wonder and in fear as they knew they would also be "examined" in this way but Lara seemed to react even more deeply than the rest as her pussy began to leak and this time she knew she wasn't wetting herself. She looked around, her face blushing red, to see if anyone else had noticed but all their eyes were fixed on the treatment of Christina as she lay fully stretched under the doctor's ministrations.

As Christina was eventually helped up by Nurse Black, each girl took their turn on the cold leather couch. The doctor treated each girl individually and with each examination found a new way to humiliate them all. Next up was Alice. Alice was much smaller than Christina, petite even. Her short blonde hair seemed to suit her small frame with her small, pert breasts, narrow waist and perky bottom. She climbed on to the examination couch trying to preserve her dignity but finding it impossible when she was naked and surrounded by her equally naked classmates. For her "extra" Alice was asked to kneel on her hands and knees.

Once again the doctor asked Nurse Black to prepare the schoolgirl for her examination but all the girls were shocked, especially Alice, when the older woman prised apart her bottom cheeks and began to run her wet tongue around the girl's dirtiest hole. Alice tasted soapy more than anything else to the nurse but as she took hold of the young girl by the hips and pressed her mouth to Alice's arsehole, the younger girl sobbed as she felt Nurse Black's tongue enter her.

When Nurse Black withdrew her tongue Alice, like Christina before her, felt its absence and wondered if anything would ever feel so strange and so shameful at the same time. Looking round she saw the doctor approach with the same huge speculum that he had used on Christina's pussy and wondered when he would prepare her own virginal slit. When she felt him place it at the same hole Nurse Black's tongue had just abandoned, Alice tried to jump off the couch but the nurse was ready for her. Holding the schoolgirl around the waist, the older woman watched as the doctor pushed his cold metal instrument into Alice's tight hole, its entry eased by the earlier tongue work of the nurse. Alice screamed at the intrusion into her bottom hole but when the doctor started to open his speculum she collapsed onto the couch and surrendered herself to all he had planned for her.

The doctor took great delight in stretching the girl's tight arsehole and examining the inside of her rectum while all the other girls looked on. They couldn't believe that such a large tool could possibly go up their bottom like it had with Alice but they knew their turn would come soon. Lara could feel new sensations between her legs and stood there watching her classmate's examination while secretly squeezing her thighs together to stop what was happening in her own private place.

When Alice was assisted off the couch next on to it was Victoria. Victoria was the tallest girl in the class with long blonde hair, breasts that were exactly the right size for her frame and legs that seemed to go up to her neck. Her parents were the richest in the town and everyone wanted to be her friend even though they secretly thought of her as a stuck-up bitch.

Once she had endured her pussy and anal examination she was helped back down off the couch by Nurse Black, close to tears but delighted that the doctor hadn't chosen to go any further with her. Just as she was about to take her place in the line of girls, she was halted by a noise behind her. She turned around to see the nurse approach her with an old fashioned metal bedpan. The older woman handed it to Victoria who took it but simply held it in her hand, not sure what was expected of her.

"We need a urine sample form you, miss, so if you could provide one now I'd be very grateful," said Nurse Black with a smug grin.

Victoria simply stood there, dumb with shock. She was joking, right? There were no screens in this room. Did this mad woman really think that she was going to squat over this thing and pee in front of everyone? No way was that ever going to happen.

The girls had been encouraged to drink copiously at lunch and they were all ushered back to their classroom before being allowed to go to the toilet. Now they knew why. There were more than a few of them that needed to pee about now but the thought of having to do so in front of each other seemed to miraculously take their need away. Even so, they all stood and watched poor Victoria, secretly pleased that it was her and no-one else who had been asked to perform this task.

"I can't do that," she wailed. "I simply can't."

"If you don't pass this medical, Victoria, then you won't be going to university. It's as simple as that," reminded their evil doctor. "Go and stand in the corner with your bedpan until you are able to provide what we need."

Nurse Black escorted the mortified schoolgirl to the corner as the doctor had instructed. Turning the girl round to face the class, she placed her hands on her shoulders until Victoria was squatting over the receptacle, trying to keep her legs together to prevent any further shame. The last thing she wanted was for her classmates to watch her piss flowing from her bald pussy and, when the nurse turned on the tap to encourage her flow, she knew that wasn't too far away. Lara thought that this was disgusting, even if it was Victoria who had been asked to do it. Lara didn't like the rich girl but, for some reason, even this humiliation was having an effect on Lara's pussy.

While they all waited, another girl was chosen. This time Alison was next on the couch. She was the smallest girl in the class but also the plumpest. Once the doctor and nurse had finished with her on the couch she was helped back to her feet but, after Victoria's humiliation, she didn't allow herself to think that she might be finished. She was right.

"Since we are still waiting for Victoria to finish, or even to start, we will move on to the next part of the examination. Alison, I need to check your fitness levels so please start running on the spot."

Alison looked at her friends in dismay and they all knew what she was thinking. Not only was she the heaviest in the class she was also the one who never did any exercise and never wanted to. Walking from her mother's car to the school gates was all the exercise she ever took part in and she pleaded to the doctor to be excused.

"You know, just as I told Victoria before you, that it is imperative you perform well today, Alison, so start running."

The poor girl was red in the face before she even started but as she began to lift her legs as slowly as she could her breathing became laboured very quickly and her face turned a deeper shade of crimson. As the doctor and nurse encouraged her to lift her legs higher, to run faster, she could feel her large breasts bouncing in front of her and her fat bottom wobbling behind. As she tried to run faster and faster, spurred on by the doctor's demands, the other girls started to giggle and then laugh out loud as their chubby friend got more and more red while her tits bounced uncontrollably. Through the laughter the girls suddenly heard the tell-tale sounds of Victoria pissing into the bowl as her laughter at Alison had broken down her resistance and now she was filling the bedpan very quickly.

Nurse Black walked over to where the girl squatted in the corner and removed the bedpan. As Victoria looked around for something to dry herself with, the nurse told her to turn around and bend over. Blushing in renewed embarrassment, Victoria did so and felt the nurse pat her dry as if she was a baby who had wet herself. Standing up she tried to hold her head high as she walked back to her classmates but they were all helping the exhausted Alison to sit down while their giggling was now directed at the previously haughty Victoria.

And so it continued for the rest of the afternoon until only Lara was left. The prettiest girl in the room had endured all the humiliation of the girls before her as each of them was degraded further by their depraved doctor; as he continued his examinations he heaped more and more extreme intrusions on them as each girl took their turn on his couch. Lara dreaded to think what more could be done to her as each girl had been increasingly humiliated by what they were asked to undergo. All she knew, as she lay down on the leather couch was that her nipples were throbbing and her pussy was leaking as if she really had wet herself. She couldn't believe that her body had been turned on by what she had witnessed happening to her friends. She was a good girl as all the girls were; she had never known horrors like the ones she had seen here today.

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