Laresa's World Ch. 15: Aaron


I know nothing. I have slept for time uncountable. Have you known many Masters? Are they all cruel and demanding, like this one — like all Masters I have known?

Laresa smiled, one thing not yet forbidden to her, and mentally replied, I have been blessed to know kind Masters, even those who befriended and loved me in my time. Those who have worn my ring are as uncountable as your years of slumber.

I am afraid. Nathifa's mental voice trembled. I fear he will use my body for his pleasure.

Laresa's heart went out to the inexperienced genie. It was likely that, like Laresa, Nathifa was untouched by man when she had been sacrificed to become one of the Djinn. Laresa's own memories of her first Master were far from pleasant, and many years passed before she discovered what an orgasm was, the close quarters of her youth having left little possibility to explore her body in that way.

Laresa gently laid a hand on Nathifa's shoulder as she sent her thoughts again. I wish I could tell you that such will not happen, but I fear it likely. You must simply endure those who take you without regard for your feelings or needs. They can take your body, but only you can give a man your heart. Without that, it is empty lust, and he will tire of it. Just remember that not all Masters are so thoughtless. You are beautiful, and some men are as prone to love as lust.

When Laresa's thoughts about her beauty sounded within Nathifa's head, they carried with them something deeper, the stirrings of attraction. Memories washed over Nathifa, and she flinched away, closing her mind tight.

Nathifa? Laresa received no answer. She tried again, but again the taller Djinn did not respond. I'm sorry if I upset you. If you wish to speak with me again, you can do so any time you desire.

Confused and a bit hurt, Laresa stepped back, wondering why the other genie had reacted in such an odd way to her attempt at friendly comfort. She had been quite out of sorts the first time a Master took her, but she had quickly realized it was but another service that she must perform, and thus recovered from the shocked feeling of violation even before her Master again used her body only a few hours later. Obviously, Nathifa was not having such an easy time recovering.

Aaron sent his email, having already composed one on behalf of his deceased mentor. That should prevent them from growing suspicious for a time, and it will be more than long enough.

Closing the laptop and standing, he turned to the two women who now served him, and smiled. He knew exactly how to escape the clutches of the Society, regardless of their ability to track his movements. The loss of modern conveniences would be irrelevant with the power of two Djinn to replace them, and the possibilities were endless.

"For now, Laresa, you will return to your ring. Nathifa will serve my needs."

With his command, Laresa's physical form dissolved, and a moment later, she reclined upon the cushions within her ring. Staring at the wall, as if she could see through it, she wondered how Nathifa was faring alone, and whether the younger Djinn's dire thoughts were even now coming to pass.


When the pull to emerge from her ring came again, not long afterward, Laresa was startled to find that she stood in the middle of a large group of people, all lying prostrate, facing in her direction. Actually, they were bowing to Aaron, who stood next to Nathifa wearing his annoying, smug smile.

Aaron projected his thoughts to Laresa, As you have more experience, I expect you to warn me of any pitfalls ahead. You will glean through the minds of these people, and ensure that they have no reason to doubt my godhood, or harbor any ill thoughts about me.

Yes, Master, Laresa snapped back to him. Her first pass through the minds of the people revealed that she was within a prosperous city of the Inca, during the peak of their power, before invaders from across the sea destroyed their culture. For the moment, there was nothing to report to Aaron, as a magnificent display of magic earlier fully convinced the entire populace that they indeed worshipped a god walking amongst them.

Speaking in the native language of the people, Aaron cried out in a magically enhanced voice, "Rise my people! I am pleased with your obedience!"

As the people rose, a man in ceremonial dress moved through the crowd, pulling along a beautiful young woman who had a look of resigned fear upon her face. He approached, stopping just at the edge of the circle of people surrounding Aaron, and forced the woman to her knees.

"Stormbringer, as High Priest of the people, I offer unto you this blood sacrifice, untouched by man!" He held out a ceremonial blade in his palms, awaiting Aaron's pleasure.

Aaron's smile grew even wider, and then he spoke, "Such a waste of a beautiful young flower. I shall take this one to serve my needs, I believe. Her blood sacrifice will come, but not by your blade."

Laresa winced as she heard the High Priest's thoughts, and Aaron's command forced her to relay them to her Master. The Priest grows doubtful. All of their sacred writings say that the gods demand blood, and your attempt to equate the woman's deflowering with such has not convinced him. The people, however, feel hopeful. They fear the Priest, because he demands many more sacrifices to the gods than ever known in the past.

Aaron grunted quietly in acknowledgement and scanned the crowd.

Once again, thoughts from someone forced Laresa to speak mentally to Aaron, That man is the woman's father, and he is angry. Her stomach churned, knowing what was to come, and knowing that it was her words that would cause it.

Pointing at the man Laresa had indicated, Aaron thundered, "This man doubts me, and his thoughts betray him! He shall be the sacrifice this day, as an example that simple outward worship is not sufficient!"

The man's face blanched as the High Priest smiled and quickly crossed the courtyard toward him. Aaron gestured to the woman who had been offered as the original sacrifice, and she approached humbly, kneeling at his feet.

Once again, the High Priest awaited Aaron's pleasure, and this time he was given leave. The three women around Aaron averted their eyes as the deed was done. A sickening crunch and a gurgle announced the man's death. Laresa felt a stir of disgust from Nathifa, and looked up to see the other Djinn use her power to make the still twitching corpse vanish from the stones.

Aaron called out to the assembled people, "Know I am pleased with this sacrifice, and this gift! Prepare tribute and a great celebration to honor my coming, for I shall choose the remainder of my brides this evening!"

The people quickly moved to obey Aaron's commands, and he looked down at the native woman kneeling at his feet, "Are you pleased to give yourself to your god, my flower?"

"Yes, My Lord," the woman replied, and Laresa felt genuine adoration coming from the woman. Despite the death of her father, or perhaps because of it, she truly believed that a god walked amongst them, and had chosen her as his first bride.

"Then we shall retire to my temple, and there you will show me your devotion. Rise."

They reached the apex of the pyramid temple, the invisible genies following Aaron and his bride, who were flanked by the Chieftain of the city and the High Priest. The two most powerful men in the city bowed, gesturing for Aaron to enter his sacred temple.

"You may go. Prepare the celebration of my coming, and prepare the finest flowers of the city for the choosing."

"Yes, My Lord," both men answered in unison, moving quickly back down the steps to obey his commands.

As Aaron stepped inside, he made a clucking sound with his tongue and said, "This will never do."

Nathifa started when Aaron's voice emerged in her head, Create a heated bathing pool in the center of the temple floor. He followed this command with detailed instructions about the dimensions of the pool and other comforts he wished to have. Nathifa brought her power to bear and granted each of his wishes in turn.

The young woman at Aaron's side gasped when the steaming pool appeared, and she could not help but let her eyes dart toward each new object as it materialized within the room.

Laresa, having no access to Aaron's mind, could only watch as furniture and other comforts sprang into being. Although she was glad to be ignored by her new, arrogant Master, those thoughts were tempered by pity for the less experienced Djinn. Though Nathifa's thoughts no longer leapt out at her, the red-haired genie's body language betrayed her discomfort.

Grunting in approval when Nathifa created the final piece of furniture, Aaron walked over and placed his laptop on the desk before turning to his chosen bride. "Reveal yourself unto your god."

Awed by the display of power, the young woman had slipped into a state of religious ecstasy. She immediately obeyed, baring her body to Aaron, adoration and arousal obvious in both her manner and expression.

Aaron reclined upon a cushioned dais as the woman disrobed, his eyes drinking in every inch of her sun-browned skin as she revealed it to him. Lithe of form, with high-riding breasts perfectly suited to her figure, she was undoubtedly a stunning example of womanhood.

Laresa felt a stirring of desire within her as the woman undressed. She was distracted from her admiration by the sight of Nathifa averting her eyes. Looking closer at the other Djinn, Laresa could see that Nathifa was trembling slightly. It was obvious to Laresa that her fellow slave was in a great deal of discomfort — discomfort Laresa was feeling as well. After so many years, serving so many Masters, Laresa had overcome those emotions long ago. Now, they were returning. Memories of her dreams invaded reality, causing her heart to ache for freedom, and for humanity.

"Now, you shall meet my slaves, my bride. Laresa, Nathifa, I command you to be visible within these walls."

When the genies obeyed Aaron's command, he asked the nude woman, "What is your name, my flower?"

"Cusi, My Lord."

"My slaves will bathe you, Cusi. Go to the bathing pool." Waving his hand as he shifted into a more comfortable position, Aaron commanded, "Laresa, Nathifa, you will undress and bathe her well."

Laresa obeyed, noticing that Nathifa did so with great self-consciousness. The red-haired genie did her best to hide her body from every eye in the room, an impossible task.

Glancing at Laresa's mound, Aaron let out an aroused chuckle. Laresa's white-blonde curls were carefully manicured, framing her sex, while both Cusi and Nathifa had natural carpets of dark hair between their legs. "I find that very becoming, Laresa. Nathifa, you will prune yours and Cusi's, as well as that of any other woman I take as my bride in the same manner."

When Nathifa obeyed, Aaron asked his bride, "Does this please you?"

"If it pleases you, My Lord, it is pleasing to me," Cusi answered, running her fingers over her nether lips in curiosity.

"Good answer," he muttered quietly in response. "Now, bathe her."

Watching the two nude genies bathe his bride, Aaron quietly sang in his own language, so Cusi would not understand, "It's great to be a god — tread where mortals have not trod — be deified, when really, you're a sham."

Laresa gritted her teeth, understanding the words and bristling at the flippant attitude of her Master. Cusi stared at him, still deep within her devotion and reveling in Aaron's obvious amusement and arousal from the scene before him. Nathifa's trembling had grown even more pronounced, and Laresa tried again to contact the other genie. What is wrong?

Once again, Laresa received no response, and noticed that Nathifa kept her eyes on Aaron, or rather on his feet. Sighing inwardly, Laresa decided that obviously Nathifa wanted no help from her, and concentrated on her task.

When they finished, Aaron gestured for all the women to approach. "You will await my pleasure," he commanded the two genies, gesturing to the spots near the cushioned dais where he wanted them to stand.

When they took their places, Aaron ran his fingers over Cusi's bare skin, causing her to shudder and gasp. The woman's nipples stood out in turgid points, and already the scent of her arousal was washing over him. "Undress your god, and kneel before me."

Cusi obeyed without hesitation, running her fingers over his skin in a combination of arousal and devotion as she removed his clothing. When he stood nude before her, she knelt and looked up into his eyes.

"Show me your devotion with your mouth, my bride."

It took only moments for Aaron to realize that the woman had no idea what she was supposed to be doing, although she certainly experimented as best she knew. Casting out his thoughts to Laresa, he commanded, I'm sure you have a great deal of experience with sex, considering how many have owned you.

He punctuated the statement with a mental chuckle as Laresa frowned, and then continued, You will provide to her all your knowledge of how to pleasure a man, and make sure that she doesn't gag or get too sore to continue, for as long as I desire.

As soon as Laresa acknowledged granting his wish in curt tones, Aaron felt the evidence of it. Cusi's mouth engulfed him, and he put his hands on the back of her head as it bobbed over his thick shaft. Groaning in pleasure, he turned to Laresa for a moment and thought to her, It seems you certainly do know what you're doing. I may just have to try it first hand. How would you like that?

I would be just as pleased as I am now with your appreciation of what I have given to her, Laresa responded sarcastically.

Aaron let out a mirthless laugh and then sent his thoughts back to the Djinn, I would wish for you to speak to me respectfully, but honestly I like listening to you impotently fume.

With that, he returned to watching the expert mouth caressing his cock, enjoying Cusi looking up into his eyes devotedly as she sucked him quickly toward climax. Her lips slid over him only a few more times, his cock slipping into her throat with each stroke of her mouth, before Aaron felt the inevitable itch.

Fisting his hands in her dark hair and pulling her tight against him, Aaron growled, "Now you shall have your reward." He blasted out a groaning scream as thick spurts of cream erupted into her throat.

A muffled sound of surprised delight emerged from Cusi as he pulsed in her mouth. She marveled at the taste of him, and of the heat spreading through her as she swallowed his offering gleefully. When he at last ceased to dribble, she let him slip from her mouth with a final kiss on the tip of his softening organ.

Aaron collapsed back on the cushioned dais with a sigh of satisfaction, muttering, "Your god is pleased, Cusi."

"I would please you more, My Lord."

"Indeed you will." A glance at Laresa sparked an amusing thought. "Laresa, you will pleasure my bride while I recover. Ensure that I am able to see every flicker of your tongue."

"Yes, Master," Laresa replied evenly, now that she knew the thinly veiled-venom in her words only amused him. The thought of tasting the beautiful, dark-skinned woman was hardly unpleasant, and she could not have resisted the command even if it were otherwise. She guided Cusi to lie down and immediately slipped out her tongue to tantalize the young woman's labia. Cusi looked a little apprehensive at first, but the look of arousal on Aaron's face and Laresa's talented tongue quickly overcame that.

Nathifa kept her eyes firmly focused on a decorative carving across the room, doing her best to ignore the sounds of what was going on below her. She fought hard to drown herself in the details of the carving, to keep away the memories stirred up by the two women on the dais.

Cusi's scream of ecstasy upon exploding into orgasm shattered Nathifa's concentration some time later. The sounds of the woman panting loudly echoed in Nathifa's head, forcing her to close her eyes and fight them down.

A body pressed up against her, and Nathifa let out a gasp of surprise as Aaron's erection poked into her. You had a rather bad experience with a woman doing such to you, did you not?

Yes, Master, Nathifa responded, her lip quivering, and her skin crawling from the touch of his naked flesh against her.

You could replace Laresa the next time, if you do not obey me perfectly and without fail.

I will obey, I will serve you well, Master, Nathifa quickly responded, the thought too much to bear.

I trust you will. Now, my bride awaits my holy seed.


The celebration lasted well into the night that evening, a great revelry to welcome the god walking amongst them. Twenty women, the most beautiful in the entire city, were Aaron's choice to be his harem of brides. Cusi remained his favorite, as the most deeply devoted to him and eager to please him sexually, but another named Runtu also gained his favor for organizing the harem.

Aaron dozed on his dais, surrounded by six of his nude brides. He had picked a new one each day, based upon how well she danced for him in the morning. Although the final of the twenty danced poorly, Aaron was quite pleased with her other abilities. She lay closest to him now, sleeping with their mingled juices still dribbling from her red-tinged labia.

In the relative silence, Laresa had little to do but think. She had convinced Aaron to allow his two genie servants to speak with the other women when she informed him that they became uneasy around the two silent Djinn. Laresa had hoped that perhaps it might draw out Nathifa, but that hope proved fruitless. Nathifa rested in her bracelet now, Laresa being the stronger of the two and able to remain outside her home for longer. Aaron demanded that one of them be on hand at all times, even when he was sleeping.

Disgusted with her Master and the degrading things he made his brides do, as well as the mindless devotion with which the women performed those tasks, Laresa was miserable. The people were steadily falling into his dominion, as anyone who harbored thoughts against him was the next one given to the bloodthirsty High Priest. Aaron paraded through the city, basking in the adoration of his subjects, ordering his genie servants to perform magic to awe the people. Even though some of the magic was benevolent, such as healing the sick, Laresa knew the kindness was hollow, because it was for the sole purpose of enhancing Aaron's reputation.

As if her dreams and uncertainty about her lot in life were not enough, someone so heartless and unsavory enslaving her was adding fuel to the fire of distress in Laresa's soul. She felt even more like a thing than even the women of the harem Aaron used at will. He barely acknowledged Laresa, preferring to have the tractable Nathifa perform any magic he desired.

Laresa frequently stood for hours on end, alone with her own thoughts, the harem taking their cue from their god and rarely speaking to the silvery-haired genie. Memories of Masters who had given her free will, friendship, and affection flitted through her mind next to Masters like Aaron who used her. Every day, Laresa grew more bitter about her servitude as a Djinn, something she thought that she had conquered long ago.

Laresa stood with her violet eyes closed, trying to fight down the troublesome emotions and regain a point of balance, one she had managed to maintain for so long, regardless of the nature of those who wore her ring.

Runtu approached from where she had just ordered the remaining brides to put away their tools and take their rest. It amused Aaron to have the women make fine clothing for him in the local style, and thus those women who were not sharing his bed did this, amongst other traditional chores. Runtu cocked an eyebrow at Laresa and observed, "You seem troubled."

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