tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 18: Hanan

Laresa's World Ch. 18: Hanan

byBlack Tulip©

A word of thanks to Darkniciad for taking the time and trouble to correct my English.


The air was hot and filled with the familiar smell of baked dust and spices. Laresa knew instantly that she was back in the desert. A quick glance around confirmed she was.

"I'm at your command, Mistress."

"Wait until you're called, girl. Are you a new slave?"

"No, Mistress. I'm a genie. Your genie."

The dark-haired woman laughed; a low throaty sound that matched her royal bearings.

"My genie, no less. Excellent, girl. But you still have to wait until you're called. Now go."

The woman waved a slender hand and Laresa caught the glint of silver bracelets. She opened her mouth, but the woman frowned and pointed to the far side of the area. With a small smile Laresa decided to play along for now.

As she sank down among a few plump cushions, Laresa took in her surroundings. The smell of the place had already given it away, but the dark walls of the tent confirmed she was in the Sahara desert. More precisely, she was sure she was in the Ahaggar Mountains. The cushions, the beautifully crafted lamps and the shape of the tent all pointed towards a Tuareg shelter. For a brief moment she recalled the memories of how she had become a genie. The sacrifice of her body had taken place in these mountains. Although it had happened thousands of years ago, the place still felt oddly familiar. The genie shook her head to get rid of those painful last images. She focused on her new mistress instead.

From her place on the floor, her back against the dark cloth of the tent, the genie studied the woman who was her Mistress. The brilliant blue of her robe set off her dark hair and golden skin. Despite the loose fit Laresa could see the curves of a mature figure. Right now the woman was inspecting Laresa's ring, turning it around between her slender fingers.

"Where did this come from?" Muttering to herself she rubbed the large amber stone. "It was much brighter when I found it."

Suddenly, she turned around to face Laresa.

"What's your name, girl?"

"Laresa, Mistress. I'm at your command."

The startling light eyes narrowed. "What was that, about you being a genie?" The low voice was soft but the air of authority was clear.

Laresa smiled and launched her standard explanation. "I'm the genie of the ring, Mistress. My name is Laresa and I am at your command for as long as you possess my home, unless you break the rules."

"I see ..." With a thoughtful expression the woman slipped the ring on her finger. "And what are those rules?"

"I can heal a person but I cannot bring people back from the dead, I cannot make another person fall in love with you, I'm not permitted to dramatically alter history, and if you lie to me you lose me instantly."

An attractive smile transformed the rather stern face. The lush lips curved and a dimple appeared in one cheek. "That sounds like a proper genie, all right. My name is Hanan, Laresa."

Hanan took a few steps and sank down in front of Laresa, folding her legs beneath her in a practiced movement. "I guess I found you because I have need of you. I never saw the ring before and I should know the contents of my jewelry box." She smiled a bit sadly. "There hasn't been an addition for years. Not since my husband passed away."

"Mistress, will you permit me to read your thoughts?" Laresa hastened to clarify when she saw the cold frown return. "You wouldn't need to explain everything; I could read your meaning."

"And what if you decided to take over my thoughts? You could rule my mind." The light eyes fixed Laresa with a stare that would intimidate most people.

"I can't do that, Mistress. I can only obey you."

"Very well. You have my permission." The cold stare softened but remained trained on the slender, silver-haired genie. "Go on, read my mind, then."

Laresa felt the sadness and understood it had been dimmed by time. She pushed it gently aside and found that Hanan's mind was filled with intricate schemes. She was fascinated. This was no simple Tuareg wife. Hanan had been first wife to the Amenokal, the tribal leader. The genie felt sorry for this proud woman. After the death of her husband, she had been forced back into the traditional role of mother.

"You are concerned for your son?" When Hanan nodded, the genie continued. "I sense your anger at your husband's brother. He is Yusuf?"

"Yesss." Hanan hissed in anger. "He's a traitor. He should have yielded the power to rule years ago, when my son turned 16. He's refused to step down as Amenokal, and most of the herdsmen are scared of him -- and his bunch of brutes."

"Are you sure all the other warriors are on his side?"

Laresa smiled when she saw the color rise in the proud face in front of her. The bond between her and Hanan enabled her to see the image that quickly flashed by in answer to her question.

"This Khalid I see in your thoughts, he can be trusted?"

"I'm not sure." Hanan bowed her head and fingered the bunch of silver bracelets that adorned her wrist. "He was my husband's first advisor... he..." She heaved a sigh. "I just don't know. Besides... we are talking about proud warriors, they would never listen to me."

"I can see you've given this a lot of thought. Your mind is filled with ideas and I think we can do something with them."

Laresa realized she was getting close to acting of her own accord, but she was feeling an odd sympathy for Hanan. Perhaps because she hadn't started wishing anything, maybe because she stirred old feelings of loyalty to family and clan, whatever the reason, the genie felt compelled to help Hanan as much as possible.

"Can others see you as well as I can?" Hanan inspected the scantily clad genie.

"Only if you wish it to be so, Mistress." Laresa smiled when she caught the spark of uncertainty from the older woman.

"I see, perhaps it's best to remain unseen then. Now, about ideas. Will you help me to get my son to take his proper place among his people? Yusuf sent him away when he was nearing his 16th birthday and Hakim has been reluctant to spill blood." Hanan sighed. "He feels his own position is not worth the lives of others, so ever since he came back he's been keeping himself aloof."

"You named him well; Hakim sounds wise beyond his years." Laresa tapped a fingernail against her teeth while thinking. "The best course would be to get your son in a position to prove his worth over his uncle. The less blood shed the better."

Laresa sifted through the images in Hanan's mind and had to suppress a giggle when she found a naughty corner dealing with Khalid. The main source of income for the tribe gave her the best idea however.

"Yusuf has been organizing the caravans?"

Hanan made a derisive sound. "It's supposed to be the chief concern of the Amenokal. Keeping the caravans moving, providing guidance for traders and watching out for the safety of all, that's what the tribe has the Amenokal for. Rumor has it though, that Yusuf has been busier in Tamanghasset visiting the belly dancers than going to the coffeehouses to meet with traders."

"There have been raids before, right? So ... how about your son preventing a massive raid on the next caravan? I could make sure all warriors would know about a dispute between him and his uncle concerning the safety of the train." When Hanan nodded with interest, the genie warned her. "I would have to make it look genuine, which means there will be blood spilled. I can only promise you to look out for Hakim. I cannot prevent his death if it is his time."

Hanan had a fierce look of determination on her face. "I understand. Better to die as a man than to live as a coward. Insha'Allah."

"Now, you have to find out when the next council will take place. Maybe you could ask Khalid?" Laresa giggled when Hanan blushed at the mention of that name. "That way you can find out how far you can trust him as well. I can tell he's important to you."

Hanan shrugged. "Who'd want a widow in her middle years? I'm too old to bear sons."

"If you'll allow me to stay with you when you seek him out, I could see for myself. Sometimes the view from farther away is clearer than from close by. Besides, once your son has taken over, you should get the chance to some happiness again. You're not that old yet."

The genie felt genuine sympathy for the woman. She wondered, not for the first time, if she was getting more of her humanity back over centuries. She understood ever more about the emotions and motives of humans. Like this Hanan. She could relate to her worries as a mother, just as she could understand her secret wish to be loved and cherished once more.

When Hanan spoke with the warrior, Laresa observed him unseen. The traditional blue veil, the tagelmust that gives Tuaregs their nickname of blue men of the desert, covered his face. His sharp eyes were visible though, and he stood proud. His broad shoulders and powerful legs proclaimed him a strong man. The genie smiled as she caught his glance after Hanan turned away. Perhaps he was in his middle years like Hanan, but his interest was certainly not that of an old man. There was fire in his eyes, and Laresa thought she could almost feel the heat of his passion.

"He said there is to be a council meeting in two days." Hanan sounded out of breath and her face was flushed.

"Good. That gives me time enough. I'll make it so that your son finds evidence. You have to make sure he presents it at the meeting." Laresa checked herself. "Do I have your permission to go, Mistress?"

Hanan looked uncertain when she gave the genie leave with a gesture of her hand. "Oh, Laresa? What did you think? About Khalid, I mean."

Laresa turned to look back with an impish spark in her smoky violet eyes. "It's not important what I think. What is in his mind should be enough to keep you warm at night though." With that she disappeared, leaving a light tinkle of laughter behind.

* * *

Hovering near the mountain pass, Laresa felt apprehensive. So far, everything had gone according to plan. Hakim had spoken at the council, but his uncle had waved his concerns aside. His words implied that his nephew was a scared boy, unfit to rule -- unlike himself of course. With some urging from his mother, Hakim had gathered a handful of trusted young men. They followed the train of camels, remaining out of sight, but staying close enough to give assistance.

The creaking of leather, the typical sounds of a disgruntled camel, and the jingling of harnesses announced the caravan. Just as Laresa spotted the first animals coming around a bend, she felt an odd tingling.

Who? Her eyes wide in surprise, she scanned the surrounding countryside. There was no mistaking the feeling; there was another genie nearby -- and she was fairly certain that she had met this one before. She never saw him then, but she had felt this particular presence in Indonesia, when that monster, Daniel, had been her master.

Damn, she couldn't handle a distraction right now. She had promised Hanan to look after Hakim. Frowning in concentration, the genie followed the trail of energy she could feel until she found the source. High up in the pass ... Laresa gasped when she found him, the genie that lived in an elaborate bracelet.

"You? It was you with Daniel too? Who is your Master?"

"Hello to you too, Laresa. Too bad my last Master ordered me to kill yours at the time. But perhaps we can have some fun this round?" The dark skinned genie grinned and winked at her, licking his lips suggestively.

"Oh, cut it out, Mirza. I don't have the time for jokes. Who's your Master?"

"Haven't you guessed? Yusuf of course. I felt your presence a few days ago and he asked me to counter your interference."

"He did? Now, what do we do? I can't remember ever having been in such a situation before. Have you?"

"Can't say that I remember." Mirza rubbed his chin. "There's no point in us fighting. Besides, we're not compelled to fight our own. I know that for a fact. So ... we could see which of us is the smartest."

"Mirza, something odd is happening here. Perhaps it is just me, but it seems as if we can make decisions on our own. Can we figure out a way to obey without harming the other?"

The dark genie stood up and stretched his tall frame, looking down at his petite silver-haired counterpart. "If I could really make my own decisions, I would put you on your back and forget about my Master." He bent down and cupped her breast. "I haven't seen a decent female in years. And you, my dear Laresa, are a more than decent female."

Laresa swatted his hand away, but his chuckle made her blush. "Stop that. What, exactly is your task? I'm committed to putting Hakim in his proper place." She sighed. "That means putting your Master down a peg, or two."

Mirza turned serious again. "I know. But Yusuf was not very eloquent. In his anger, he merely told me to go keep an eye on you, and warn him if the caravan is indeed attacked."

Laresa grinned. "If you have to keep an eye on me, you can't leave here, right? So, after warning him of the attack you should come right back here. I won't tell you of my plans. That way you can't tell him." and I make sure that you, my clever fellow genie, are too busy to interfere.

She leaned back on her elbows, stretching her legs in front of her. "In the meantime, do keep your eyes on me. I like that." With a subtle movement of her shoulders she made her breasts jiggle.

"Excellent plan." Mirza waved his hand and her clothing disappeared. "If I have to watch you, I'd better make sure to see all."

Laresa giggled and moved her legs, parting them slightly. She had come to like showing off her body. After centuries of being gazed at, she had learned to channel the desire towards her own arousal. Mirza's dark gaze made her nipples harden and she could feel a tingle starting between her thighs.

"Ah, yes, spread your legs for me. I'd love to see your valley, filled with dew."

Laresa obeyed him, the moisture welling up as she felt his stare burning into her core. Mirza bent his head and kissed the hollow of her throat, before licking a path down to her breasts. One hand rolled a nipple while the other slipped between her legs.

As she felt his teeth nip her she moved her hips, giving his hand more room to explore her moist folds. Her hands felt the muscles in his back, trailing down his spine and kneading his butt until he slipped a finger inside her. Laresa moaned and spread her legs even more.

"Oh yes, that feels so good."

Mirza added a second finger, stretching her walls and rubbing the sensitive spot just inside. He kissed his way down her belly to lick the pearl at the top of her slit. The desire spiraled through her body, taking her higher and higher when a distant shout jerked her back down.

"Nooo, not now." Mirza growled in frustration.

"Shush, go warn your Master, and come back here. You still have to watch me, remember." Laresa kissed him on the lips and turned to look down the mountain pass.

She concentrated on the sight below her, but she could feel the presence of Mirza leaving her anyway. A small shiver ran down her spine, which she suppressed quickly. Time for play should be later, she hoped.

At the entrance to the pass, a pile of boulders that had come crashing down the mountainside halted the caravan. The few guards that Yusuf had sent along were not very effective in calming down the merchants and their animals, so all of their attention was focused on that task, instead of their surroundings.

Laresa had made sure the boulders crashed in front of the caravan and not behind them as had been the original intention. It would have sealed them off from Hakim, or any other help, giving the raiders ample time to kill and loot the entire train. As it was, the scum from the Libyan desert had to scramble over the rock pile, yelling and screaming to intimidate their victims.

The genie watched the chaos grow until her sharp ears detected the sound of hoof beats. Hakim and his band of young warriors came thundering up the mountain on their Arabian horses. For a brief moment she was confused by the number of his band, but she sensed her link with Hanan. It seemed her Mistress had taken advantage of the fact that Tuareg men all wear a veil to cover most of their face. The only thing visible would be her light eyes, but Laresa was sure Hanan would keep in the back and avoid looking people in the face. She'd probably act as a nervous youth. Still vaguely perplexed by the number of people who were following in Hakim's wake, the genie refrained from acting.

Hakim shouted orders and his band spread out between the raiders and the merchants, acting as shield in front of the caravan. He left his uncle's guards to calm down the camels, cleverly excluding them from his strategy.

Watching the fight from a distance, Laresa felt Mirza's presence at her back once more, but she kept focused on Hakim. So far he was doing well enough. Se could see he was a proficient fighter with the traditional sword. She guessed he had been trained by his father as a youth, grooming him for his future task as the next Amenokal. Whatever the case, there was no need to fear for his life. He'd do all right.

Laresa relaxed and leaned back into Mirza's body. She could feel his erection pressing against her butt and she wiggled her hips, inviting him to carry on with his earlier caresses. He obliged. His hands came around to cup her breasts, his fingers rolling her hardening nipples until she moaned and bucked her hips.

"I can't wait any longer, I'm sorry, Laresa. I have to have you. Now."

Mirza impaled her on his hard shaft as he spoke the last word. Forcing a grunt from her body at the impact.

"Yesss." The genie hissed with pleasure. Mirza was big and he stretched her to the limit.

Laresa put her hands on a boulder in front of her, to support her as she bent over and pushed back to get more of Mirza inside of her. His hands slipped from her breasts; one holding her hip, the other coming down between her legs to stroke her pearl.

She watched the fighting below ebb away as her desire built up, the sensations in her body spiraling higher and higher, until she exploded with a scream that pierced the clear mountain air. Mirza added his shout as he pumped his seed inside her, the low tone of his voice causing the rocks to tremble.

Their combined voices seemed to still the humans. For a moment it looked as if they were frozen in time, motionless yet clearly in the midst of action. However, all faces looked up, towards the source of the inhuman sound that caused the mountain to shiver.

Panting from their orgasm the two genies watched in fascination as small pebbles rattled down the mountain, followed by patches of gravel that slid down, larger boulders that started to tremble and the humans who finally came to their senses enough to leave the area of a truly earthshaking climax.

Leaving the dead enemies behind, Hakim rounded up his band and escorted the unscathed caravan back down to safety. Laresa watched him and through her link with Hanan, she could sense the woman's pride in her son. No doubt this adventure would secure him his rightful place.

After the near disaster with this caravan and Hakim's capable handling of the crisis, most tribesmen would be willing to follow him instead of the lazy, incompetent Yusuf. Even more so, now that Laresa spotted Khalid among the warriors as well. With the voice of such a seasoned and highly respected fighter on his side, Hakim would certainly do all right.

Reluctant to leave her lover Laresa still hovered near the top of the pass when she was called back into the ring. The last thing she saw was Mirza's surprised look as he disappeared too.


Due to the deadline of this chain, I was forced to end the story at this point. If you feel cheated because you want to know more about Hanan, you're quite right. I intend to write Hanan's story in the very near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this chapter enough to vote, and perhaps leave a comment as well.

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