tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 21: Martin

Laresa's World Ch. 21: Martin


England 1812

Martin toyed with the ring on his finger. Laresa had told him the rules. He knew he couldn't make Shastae fall in love with him, but he knew he didn't stand a chance of making her his if Andrew was always in the way. He licked his lips before taking a deep breath to call forth his secret weapon.

A small mist of smoke filled the air around him and he watched, once more amazed, as Laresa came forth and presented herself to her Master. "Good evening Master. How may I serve you?"

Martin smiled at the woman who was garbed in a gossamer gown of shimmering green and blue. He enjoyed looking at her and at times wanted to lay with her, but he loved Shastae and it was Shastae he needed to possess. "It is time Laresa," he said quietly and then nodded to the couple dancing.

Laresa looked at Shastae and Andrew, their bodies were pressed together as the music of the small orchestra played a sweet melody. She had dreaded this night. Martin was not a bad Master. He was just young and immature. He'd found her after he'd been tossed from his horse during a routine jump. He'd slammed into the ground, and her ring had dug into his hip as he'd try to rise from his new home on the wet ground. The ring slid easily on his finger and when he turned it and Laresa appeared, she quickly explained who and what she was and all it entailed.

As soon as Martin realized the true depth of her abilities, his mind began to weave ways he could make his desires become reality. Laresa had felt the true adoration for the woman Shastae and by the depth of Martin's feelings she was sure the young woman in question felt the same way. She'd been wrong.

"Master it is my job to do as you wish, but since you have allowed me to speak freely with you, I must ask you . . . are you sure you wish to do this?" Her violet eyes looked pleadingly at her Master.

"I just need Andrew out of the picture Laresa. I can't compete with him. Look, he's everything I am not. Even with your changes she hasn't noticed me." Martin stared at the beautiful creature in his brother's arms. Her long blonde curls were piled on top of her head, several curls had escaped caressing the back of her neck and tickle her shoulders. He longed to run his fingers through her hair and bring them to his lips. "Do it Laresa. I just need him gone. Not forever, mind you, but right now she only has eyes for him. Keep him safe, but it is time. Bring in the messenger and let my dreams come true."

Laresa sighed. She could sense the outcome of her Master's wishes, but as much as he allowed her to speak her mind, it was rare she was able to change his and never had she been able to convince him that Shastae was in love with no one but Andrew. "It is done," she told him and together they turned to watch one of the King's Captains walk into the ball room.

***** ***** *****

Shastae watched Andrew take the sealed parchment and open it. She leaned against him reading the script that had been written by some man's hand she did not know. The words brought a sting to her heart and she felt herself sway against her beloved. "No," she whispered and then tore the letter from Andrew's hand. "Andrew, what does this mean?" she asked, but knew the answer was not one she wanted to hear.

Andrew gently took her elbow and steered her from the room. Prying eyes followed them as well as Andrew's parents and Shastae's. Martin squared his shoulders and nodded to Laresa. "Thank you," he told her and then watched as she frowned before turning into the smokey mist and disappearing from his eager gaze.

Martin stepped into the ball room, his grin wide as he made the rounds shaking hands and bowing over ladies' hands. "Where is the happy couple?" he asked as he shook Andrew's best friend's hand.

Jeremy eyed Martin cautiously. "A letter came addressed to your brother, from one of the King's guards. Andy and Shastae are in the study with your parents and hers."

"I see," Martin said, pulling a cheroot from his pocket. "These things happen. Do you think it is the colonies they will be sending him too?"

Jeremy's brow shot up and he pulled the younger man over to the far corner of the room. He heard the players begin to strum their instruments again and knew that Andrew's Grandmother had given the signal for the dancing to continue. "You don't seem surprised by all this. Why? What game are you playing?" Jeremy hissed.

Martin laughed, pulling his arm free of the older man's grip. "Are you suggesting I have the King's ear?" he asked. "I wish. If that were the case, I would be the wealthiest man in all of Europe."

Jeremy studied him, but said nothing else. He had watched Martin over the last few weeks and he had seen the change in him, even if Andrew did not. Martin had become more cocky and he even looked different. His body seemed more filled out as if the wiry frame he had always possessed had suddenly sprouted toned muscle and physical endurance. He seemed to know exactly when Shastae needed assistance with something, whether it be a thrown shoe or help locating a lost piece of jewelry. Martin seemed to be everywhere and yet there was no real reason for Jeremy to be suspicious.

"Jeremy, I believe Lady Blackstone is looking for you," Martin said with a soft chuckle, knowing that Jeremy despised the young woman who was constantly looking for a way to land herself a nobleman.

"I'm watching you," he muttered to Martin and then turned to greet the woman whose bodice looked to be two sizes too small. Martin snickered as he crushed the cheroot and headed to his father's study.

He tapped gently on the door and walked in. "I just heard. Is it true? Will Andy be catching a ship to that Godforsaken country?" He closed the door behind him and walked over to his mother's side. He placed his hand on her shoulder the other he kept in his pocket, his finger twirling the ring, but knowing his little weapon would stay hidden in its amber jewel.

He looked at his brother and felt the pang of jealousy as Shastae's hands clenched Andrew's. "Yes, it is true," their mother said, reaching up and grasping her youngest son's fingers. "Andrew is headed to the colonies. He leaves tonight."

"Tonight? So soon?" Martin asked, and then walked over to his brother. He extended his hand and watched as Shastae reluctantly gave up her hold on her fiancé. Martin shook his brother's hand and then looked down at Shastae. "I know this will be hard on you," he looked back to his brother, "I will keep your betrothed in good spirits while you are gone. She will not become a wall flower for others to mock."

Shastae turned her head away. She felt Andrew stiffen as he too took in the way his brother stared down at her. She felt dirty in the dress that her mother had chosen for her to wear. It was not revealing at all, yet with Martin beside her she felt naked. A shudder ran through her and she pressed her face into her fiance's chest.

"When do you leave?" Martin asked, a slight growl rumbling from his chest.

Andrew kissed Shastae's brow and then rose to stand in front of his brother. "The letter says that the Captain will escort me to the ship. Strange for them to do that . . . I have never showed anything but a willingness to serve the crown, but it looks as if I would run and desert my post. I thank you," he said, once more extending his hand to his younger brother, "for your offer to watch over Shastae, but you are young and you must seek out your own life. Jeremy will escort her to the places she desires to go. There is no need to trouble yourself with her."

"No trouble at all, brother," Martin said, but stepped away from the couple, sensing his brother's anger. "I have time."

"This is outrageous," Andrew and Martin's father muttered, slamming his fist onto his desk. The letter flew across the floor. Martin picked it up and read it. His brows lifting as he felt the magic of Laresa on the parchment. She'd done an excellent job.

Martin watched with envious eyes as Andrew turned and helped Shastae to stand. "I'll be back as soon as I can. You'll wait for me . . . won't you?" His fingers moved to caress her cheek.

"Of course, my love," she told him and then threw convention to the wind and pressed her lips to his.

Martin's jaw seemed to lock as he watched the woman he desired melt in his brother's embrace. When they parted, it took all Martin had in him not to wish his brother dead. He wanted this mess over and wanted it over quickly. He refused though to call for his genie, biding his time until Andrew took his leave and the door of the Chambers home closed on his brother's back.

"Come Shastae, let me escort you back to the party. The night is still young and you should enjoy what time you have left of the evening." Martin offered her his hand.

"Thank you Martin, but perhaps I will retire for the night." She stood and turned to her mother. "Would you find Jessie and send her to my rooms? It is okay that we remain here at Chambers Hall right?"

"Of course," her parents as well as her In-laws, agreed. "You had planned on spending the summer here while we prepared for the wedding. The wedding date is the only thing pushed back. We insist you remain with us," Martin's mother said. "Martin escort Shastae to her rooms and I will find Jessie. The rest of you please continue enjoying yourself, as Martin said, the night is young and there are many ladies that need you gentlemen to peel them from the walls."

Martin took Shastae's hand, frowning at the way she kept herself as far away as decorum would allow without looking rude. He wanted her glued to him, just like she was whenever she walked with Andrew. "Soon," he whispered and then waved away her question as to what he'd said. "Sorry," he told her as the made their way up the stairs that curved to the second floor. "I am sorry that this has happened and I am sure the next two years will fly by."

Shastae smiled, but the lift of her lips never met her eyes. "Thank you Martin," she said when he stopped in front of the rooms she'd been given for her time at Chambers Manor.

"It was a pleasure," Martin said, taking her hand and lifting it to his lips. He pressed a kiss to the top, keeping his eyes on the swell of her bosom. "Goodnight sweet Shastae."

He watched her turn and open the door. When it closed behind her, leaving him in the hall, he headed to his room, his cock throbbing with desire. Once inside his own quarters, he opened his slacks and quickly brought himself to climax. He fell to his knees as the passion that filled his balls erupted onto his silk shirt and black jacket. "Oh God, Shastae," he moaned as he felt his eyes roll back in their sockets.

After he calmed himself, he stripped and dressed himself in a silk robe. He twisted his ring and watched as his genie appeared. "Increase the winds and make sure my brother's ship becomes lost in a storm. I do not wish him harmed . . . remember that."

Laresa frowned, but did as she'd been commanded. "It is done," she answered and then waited to see what else Martin desired of her.

"Wonderful; now, I need her parents gone. Their youngest child is only twelve and is often coming down with various colds and fevers. Send a message to them saying that young Beth has taken ill. When they arrive back at home, make sure her sickness keeps her at Death's door. I don't want her dead, but I don't want them thinking they can just leave her side at a whim. No messages to Shastae are to ever come to this house. You will keep an eye out for those. I wish her to have no contact with her family while she is here at Chambers Manor. Do you understand?"

Laresa took a deep breath, but nodded her head. "Yes, Master I understand and it will be as you ask." Her voice wavered, but she already felt her magic weave its way through time and space.

The wind picked up and she knew when Andrew Chambers set sail with his fellow officers, they would never reach the colonies. Another thread of magic forced young Beth to suddenly clutch her abdomen and scream in pain. A servant rushed to her side and she knew a missive for her parents would reach Chambers Manor before dawn. The other wish would be granted anytime Shastae's friends or family tried to communicate with her through the post. Their letters and invitations would simply dissolve into the magic that was the wish.

"You don't like me much, do you Laresa?" Martin asked as he stoked the fireplace with an iron poker. "You can speak the truth, then again you can't help but too."

Laresa angled her head to one side and thought about Martin's question. "Master. It is not that I do not like you. I do not like what you are wishing. You refuse to see that Shastae is in love with another, yet since I cannot make her love you, you are trying to force her into a position where she is no longer with the man she desires."

"I told you why. Andrew has always been better than me. Riding. Racing. Cards. Dancing . . . there is nothing I am better at then Andrew."

"Except conniving," she whispered.

Martin chuckled. "Ahh, yes. That I am good at. Tell me Laresa, is she sleeping?"

Laresa thought of Shastae and then answered her Master. "Yes, she is sleeping."

"Take me there. I want to watch her."

It was done in less than a blink of an eye. Martin stood over Shastae's bed watching her chest rise and fall. "Can you manipulate her mind?" he asked.

"Master?" Laresa questioned, unsure what he meant.

"Put me in her dreams," he told her. "Can you do this? Make her see things that aren't there while she sleeps? And make me feel them at the same time?"

"Yes, Master. It is a delicate wish, for it can destroy the mind if the person is weak and frail. Shastae however is not either and you are no longer the man you were when we met."

"Weak and frail," he muttered, "No, I am not. Am I? But she can't see that. Keep her asleep, while I lie here with her and then place me in her dreams. I will take Andrew's place. If I cannot have her heart, I will have her mind."

Laresa sighed heavily as she watched her Master disrobe and climb under the covers with Shastae. The wish began to take a life all its own as her Master's subconscious merged with Shastae's. She watched as her Master closed his eyes and allowed her to keep a connection among the three of them. She saw the dream Shastae was lost in and she felt guilty for invading the romantic interlude her mind had conjured up.

In Shastae's mind Andrew had been sliding her gown from her trim form, kissing her skin and nipping at her flesh. Eventually his face morphed into Martin's and Laresa felt Shastae's distress as Martin cupped her breasts and began to suckle on the round globes. Shastae's hands moved to push him off her, but she failed, and he tore at her dress. Laresa continued to watch the dream, feeding her Master's image into that of Shastae's sleeping form. She felt the fear ripping through her and felt her Martin's hand grab Shastae's ass.

In the real world Laresa's eyes watched her Master open Shastae's legs and run his fingers against her sex. That was why he wanted her to remain asleep, she mentally thought as she watched him ease his fingers in and out of her. His mouth nuzzled her neck, sucking on her skin and bruising the tender flesh. Soon the dream was becoming reality as Martin slid his cock into Shastae's virginal channel. Both women screamed, the one in the dream and the one in the bed. "Keep her asleep," Martin demanded and rolled Shastae onto her back. Laresa kept the magic going and watched Martin possess Shastae both in spirit and in actual time. When he shot his seed into her, he gasped, "make it take root."

Laresa's eyes grew wide, but already the come he'd unloaded into Shastae was beating a path into her womb and searching for an egg to fertilize. She shook her head in shame, not only for the guilt that raked her, but for the woman that would wake up not understanding what had happened to her.

"God, she is beautiful," Martin whispered as he pulled himself from Shastae's sex. "Clean her up and then have her dream something horrid, so I am needed to calm her screams."

Laresa watched him leave and felt the weight of his wish on her shoulders. She did as he demanded and continued to do so for several weeks. Each night Martin claimed Shastae as his and each morning the woman awoke feeling as if she'd lain with Martin and the dreams became more real to her each time she looked at him, but Laresa could read her heart. Shastae feared Martin now more than she had before. In the beginning she tolerated him, now she simply fought her constitution from expelling her daily meals.

By the time the fifth month of Martin's desires to have Shastae cut off from the world, she began to fear that her dreams were not dreams at all, but that she was possessed by something more sinister. She wrote a letter to Jeremy, begging him to come to Chambers Manor. Laresa felt the missive Jeremy wrote back slowly dissolving. She had not stopped Shastae's letters, just the ones that came to her were the ones her Master had ordered halted.

Two weeks passed and Jeremy was presented to Shastae who looked to be a shell of the woman she'd been five months ago. Martin had left to take care of legal issues concerning his brother's estate in the north. So it was to Shastae's relief that her brother-in-law-to-be, was not around when she collapsed into Jeremy's arms.

"Shastae, what is happening here?" he demanded, as he held her. His hands smoothed down her golden locks and he felt her shuddering violently in his arms. He picked her up and carried her to the small sofa in her sitting room. He motioned to the maid to bring her Lady some water and when the maid left he stared hard into Shastae's eyes. "What has he done to you?"

"I don't know. He's in my head all the time. I. . .I think," her hands covered her face and she cried hard, letting the tears fall where they may. "I think he's . . . He's used me. Oh God Jeremy. I wake up feeling as if he's been in my room . . . in my bed . . . and . . . I think, no I know he's somehow . . . Jeremy I'm pregnant"

Jeremy was stunned, his eyes grew wide and he felt a sickening wave of nausea growing in his stomach. "Shastae, has he given you anything to drink or eat, tainted your food in some way?"

"I don't think so. I watch him all the time and he is always formal and polite, but his smell is in my room. His seed on my bed, yet there is no proof on my person that he has used me . . . except for this," she leaned back and ran her hand over the small mound that was growing. "What am I to do? Andrew will hate me . . . I have done nothing wrong. I swear it."

"Shhh . . . I believe you. He's been different since the day he fell from the horse, remember. Think back. He changed then. He became more obsessive with your time. Even his appearance changed."

Shastae thought a moment, her eyes suddenly growing wide. "You're right. He almost looks like Andrew's twin. I never saw it before, but how? How could he do this?"

Jeremy frowned, but knew there had to be a logical explanation. "I don't know Shastae, but I will find out. Right now, do what you can to hide your condition. Also your parents are concerned that you have not visited your sister. They worry that her time to leave this world is coming. But now I know why you are not answering their missives."

"What? I have gotten no letters I have heard from no one. Jeremy, he is keeping me a prisoner. How can he do this?" Shastae twisted the handkerchief in her hand.

"I don't know, but we have to get you out of here. Shastae I must know . . . have you heard of Andrew's ship?"

"No," she answered, her face growing pale as she read Jeremy's face.

"His ship is missing. There was a storm and . . . " Jeremy watched her eyes roll back and he caught her as she began to fall.

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