Laresa's World Ch. 25: Ben & Horace


Ben and Franklin however did notice. They both wondered if perhaps the old genie was worried that they were going to try and extract Laresa or himself by prying the ring and medallion apart. "No Horace, we believe we have discovered a way to free the Djinn and leave their homes intact. Granted we've never done this, but we feel with your help we can," Ben said. He nodded to Franklin, who produced the two artifacts that Ben had brought with him the day before. Franklin handed them to Horace.

He took them and immediately dropped them onto the floor. His eyes were wide as he stared back at his Master. "Those are from Laresa's people; are they not?"

"Yes," Ben answered, "How did you know?"

"The amber teardrop, it has a part of her in it. The jewel was formed, chiseled and washed in the blood of an ancestor of hers. It reeks of Laresa and her people. The other," he pointed to the silver pearl shot through with diamond dust, "it belongs to a young boy. I met him once too, as has Laresa. He was sacrificed the night of his eighteenth birthday. There was a great storm that rose from the oceans and covered the lands. The boy was a gift to the gods, an offering of thanks that their leader had been spared. He went unwillingly and was not given anything to dull his senses. He suffered greatly and even as a Djinn he had nightmares of the flames as they consumed him. Laresa did her best to console him. I did my best when I met him to toughen his interior, but it was too late, Laresa had mothered him as only a woman could do."

Horace rolled his eyes. "I do not know where that boy is, but freeing him would probably be the best thing for him."

Ben smiled. "And you? What if we freed you. . .and Laresa too?"

"Free me?" Horace laughed, though it came out more like an unsteady groan. "I do not want freedom, Master. I like where I am. I like knowing I have the power within me to make or break a person. The rush is exhilarating. It makes me as close to a god as I will ever be. Laresa, she will jump at your freedom. She's is a woman. Sad really that such power is wasted on one with such beauty, but lack of heart."

"She has heart. It has shown throughout time. You Horace, I believe your heart is corrupted. But for now we are here to discuss Laresa. Though in time we will learn your story," Ben replied.

"Why have you not called her forth yet?" Horace asked. "Perhaps you lie to yourself and you do hunger for the power of two great beings. Call her Master. Feel the strength of two of us flowing through you. It is an euphoric feeling."

Ben toyed with the ring. He admitted his fear to himself that he was worried he wouldn't be able to resist the power of two genies running through him, yet he knew Franklin was there to help keep him grounded. He pushed the ring onto his finger and slowly twisted it counter-clockwise, whispering softly the name of its prisoner.

Laresa felt the air around her as soon as she began to drift up from her ring. Immediately she tensed, sensing Horace and two mortals. Another power play, she thought, then as she completed her transformation, she noticed her Master and the fact he wore the medallion as well. She cocked her head to one side as she eyed both her Master, Horace, and a man who had no powers. "Master, I am Laresa. Your will is mine. I live to serve you. Your wish is. . ."

"My command," Horace finished, "You've not changed. You'd think you'd come up with something more eloquent then that after all these years."

Laresa frowned, her brow furrowing and her lips flattening. She glanced away and studied her Master, quickly diving into his thoughts before he commanded her not to. What she saw shocked her and made her face grow pale. She eyed the trinkets on the floor, the amber gem and the pearl. Her lips trembled and her fingers shook as her body began to falter.

It took a few seconds for any of the men, including the one floating on a cushion, to react, but once they did, it happened quickly. Franklin immediately commanded Ben to order Laresa from his mind. Horace reached out to hold onto what looked to be a fainting genie. Ben grabbed the artifacts, gave the command and cursed himself for his ignorance. He wasn't a new recruit. He knew he should have called Laresa and in the same whisper order her to not read his thoughts. Now all he had planned was exposed and probably not in a way that made a lot of sense. It made little sense to Ben. His mind was like a puzzle and poor Laresa was at the center of it and she didn't even have a clue as to what all the pieces were.

Ben watched as Laresa leaned against Horace. He saw the bond between the two and felt his own desire and jealousy rise. He fought it down and waited for the silver-haired beauty to steady herself. It happened instantly when Horace whispered something into her ear, something that Ben was denied the privilege of hearing. Again his hackles rose, but he told himself he had no right to Laresa, whether he was her Master or not. Whatever the other genie had muttered though had Laresa pushing him away and her back ramrod straight.

"Master, how may I serve you. I have heard your command and will not enter your thoughts, or the thoughts of those who are your friends, as is your wish."

Ben's soul seemed to melt as Laresa's soft melodious voice poured out of her and washed over him. He sat awestruck and then jumped to his feet, remembering his manners. "Laresa, please produce something for you to sit upon, something you find comforting and welcoming," Ben told her, glancing nervously at Franklin, who had remained silent since Laresa's regained composure.

Laresa thought a moment and soon she had a thick bean bag type cushion for her to rest upon, though Ben could tell she wasn't truly comfortable. How could she be, after what she'd seen in his mind. He stared at her violet eyes and wanted to remove all concern that was reflected in them. It was at this moment that he realized that though Laresa was a powerful god-like figure she was still very much an innocent in other ways. Trust was one of those things. He felt duty bound to show her that what she saw in his head was not something to fear, but something to help her become the woman she'd been denied.

"Laresa, my name is Ben and this is my friend Franklin. Horace. . .he needs no introduction, now does he?" Ben asked with a soft smirk.

Laresa rose one brow and cast a sideways glance to the other Djinn. "No Master. Horace and I know each other well."

"Intimately even," the other genie added. His eyes leered hungrily over Laresa's scantily clad form.

The beautiful woman rolled her eyes, but said nothing more turning her attentions toward Franklin. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I could tell from my Master's thoughts, before I was denied access to them, that you are a true friend to him."

Franklin beamed and blushed as Laresa studied him. Ben saw this and smiled, wondering what Abby would think if she saw her husband's flushed cheeks, brought on by a simple hello from a woman. Then again, Ben told himself, Laresa was not your ordinary woman. When she returned her steady, yet cautious eyes back to Ben, he shuffled nervously in his seat.

"Laresa I want you to try and put away those thoughts you picked up from me when you appeared. I know it will be difficult, but they don't make a lot of sense to me, so they are going to really boggle up your mind too," Ben explained.

Laresa frowned, but nodded her head. "I am concerned and frightened Master. I will do as best I can. That isn't a wish I can answer. My memories cannot be erased. But I will try to remain calm as you explain to me your wishes and your needs."

Ben smiled. "First I have no wishes or needs at this time. None that I would force upon you to answer. Second, you are safe here. Franklin and I, even his wife want to be your friend. We want to treat you as an individual, not as a piece of property to be passed about from one person to the next, fulfilling destinies that are not your own."

"But Master, that is my destiny," Laresa said, her words thick with conviction.

"Not if they have anything to say about it," Horace muttered. "They seek to free you, Laresa. To take your powers away and turn you into a mortal woman. A weak female who will cater to the whims of other mortals." Horace shuddered at the mere thought of being normal.

Ben and Franklin frowned, but neither ordered the genie to be quiet. They wanted Horace to be treated equally too. Ben felt he would interject if the need arose, for now he sat back and let his two Djinns interact. It wasn't until Franklin nudged him that he realized the two were just staring at each other. He frowned, wishing he could be inside their heads, but knowing that was an abuse of his power.

"Mortal woman are not weak. If you'd stop trying to screw everyone you encounter, you'd learn that many have great minds as well as bodies!" Laresa hissed, though no words fell from her lips.

"No woman possess a body like yours my beauty. You are still as delicious as you were the last time I saw you, even more so. You have a glow about you, my sweet flower, one that makes me yearn to see if your taste is different too." Horace grinned wickedly as he sent an image of his face buried in the folds of her sex.

Laresa blushed and bit her lower lip as her skin grew warm. "Enough Horace. What freedom does our Master speak of and why does it disturb you so. I feel no hatred rolling from him, or his friends, not even in the woman that sits quietly in her kitchen kneading dough."

"Our Master believes he knows of a way to free you and other Djinn. He believes that he's found some items of value that will release you from your home. I think it is a waste though, let us retire to my medallion where our bodies can explore each other. Our Master has given us free will. Let us renew our friendship before it is ripped away from us." He sent another image, this one of his lips capturing one of her upraised nipples. His tongue lapped at the hard pearl; his teeth tugged at the tender morsel and his continued pictures brought a sigh from both his lips as well as Laresa's.

Ben glared hotly at the couple as Laresa's features softened and her lips parted. He watched her breath catch and her nipples rise to attention. His own body responded to the scene before him and then he growled low when he saw Horace's loose slacks tent in a most noticeable manner.

Franklin chuckled. "Perhaps Ben we should leave these two alone?"

Ben shot a glance toward Franklin, rose from his position and stormed out of the room. Franklin followed. Ben headed outside, hoping to clear his head. He still wore the ring and the medallion and could order the couple to stop their reunion, but he knew it would be stepping out of his position as a Society member and instead he would be acting like a Master. He pushed his hands through his hair and waited for Franklin to chastise him.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Franklin asked, though he didn't need an answer. "She's inside you now, isn't she. Are you regretting it? Will you have the ability to release her when the time is right? Or do you need to turn over her ring and his medallion?"

Ben sighed. "No, Franklin. I'll be okay. But it is hard. The connection to them both is strong. It is like wearing the ring ties her to me and makes me desire her in a way I have never desired a woman before. It isn't just her beauty. It is more. I know Laresa. I have spent years studying her and now she is here and I. . .all I want to do is touch her, taste her, feel her in my arms. I have the power to do that, yet I know it is wrong to force her to act the way I desire. I will be okay. I just needed some space. Even Horace is a part of me, so I know he too wishes to experience her again. I admit I am a little jealous; no, a lot jealous, of the fact that he will be lying between her legs and I won't."

Franklin chuckled and slapped Ben on the shoulder. "Realizing she is more than just a bauble to grant wishes is the first step to giving her the freedom she's hungered for. It is good to leave them alone, perhaps Horace can explain things better to her. They do have a connection. It is obvious that both deny it is anything but lust."

"I just want to be inside their minds, but then again I don't," Ben admitted. He turned to the house and stared at the study window. "I won't wish it, but I am curious as to what is happening."


"Horace, stop this," Laresa gasped as her sex tightened. She felt the evidence of his seduction slip free and she bit down on her lip to stop the moan of pleasure.

"Stop what?" Horace whispered, as he slipped from his cushion, flicked his wrist and made one of his own to join with hers. "You are different Laresa, more powerful and more beautiful. I just want a sample of what I may never have again. If you gain this freedom they speak of then I will lose you and you me. Let me sup from you one last time."

He moved his fingers into her hair and brought his face down to hers. Their lips touched. His tongue snaked out to dual with hers and he swept the wet muscle along the sides of her cheeks. "Mmm. . .yes, Laresa you taste different. You feel different, stronger, yet you aren't truly aware of all that you can do are you?" He trailed his lips down her jaw, nipping gently on her skin. "These mortals have a bed upstairs, several in fact. Let us retire there, my sweet and I will take my time tasting the new flavors that pour from you."

Laresa hissed as she pressed herself into him. She hated the fact she had a weak spot for Horace. She loved and hated him all at the same time. She felt her body swaying as he carried them through space to reach a large bedroom, adorned with panels of silk and lace. "What room is this?" she whispered as her fingers curled around the small vest Horace wore.

"It is a guest room, not to worry it is not our Master's room. I would not do that to you or myself or him. He seems like a nice chap, though a bit naive. He is enamored with you. But how could he not be, you are a tempting morsel in a sea of boring waters. The added touches are from me, a gift to you"

She slipped from his arms and gave herself a mental shake. "Horace, please tell me what freedom they speak of."

He came up behind her, cupping her breasts and teasing the hard points. "They desire to remove you from the life of a Djinn." His lips trailed down her shoulders and then back up to her ear, where he nipped and sucked on the soft lobe. "They desire to make you like them. Weak and frail. Think of it Laresa. Think of all you will give up."

One of his hands moved from her left breast to slide against her stomach and cup her sex. "They want to take all the power away. You will open yourself up to disease, famine, plagues. You will die Laresa. Eventually, your body will grow old. You'll wrinkle. Your muscles will deteriorate. Your mind will falter. Your skin become aged with spots. You will die, probably alone, for many of the elderly do. But if you deny them that. . .if you chose to remain a Djinn, like I will chose, then you will remain beautiful forever and wanted, desired, admired. By not just me, my sweet morsel, but by all that encounter you."

His hands never stopped their seduction. His fingers had stealthy released the tiny strings that kept her blouse closed and he had made quick work of freeing the band of her skirt. Horace played with her skin, gently easing themselves back toward the thick, plush bed that he'd had designed with her in mind. "In time you'll not be able to have this feeling of euphoria inside you. You will come to resent sex. Your body will go dry and you will not find the passion that you now feel. Let me show you what you'll give up if you allow them to continue this talk of freedom."

Horace turned her and pulled her to him. He kissed her slowly, tempting her tongue to dance with his. His hands moved her thin, gossamer clothing away and he grinned at her nakedness. "To deny the world this in exchange for age would be a crime Laresa." He gently eased her to the bed and watched as she sat down.

"Horace. . .I've longed for freedom for so long. You paint an ugly picture," Laresa whispered as she reached out to tug on his flimsy slacks.

"I paint reality," he said, removing his shirt and pants with a flick of a wrist. His cock jutted forward and he felt his body responding to Laresa's violet stare. He wanted to pound into her, but knew he had to take his time, convince her that she couldn't give up her life as a Djinn. If she did he would lose her and that thought was one he didn't wish to examine.

He moved toward her, one knee wedging itself between her legs, forcing her to scoot up to the center of the bed, or be crushed by him. As she moved he lowered his body over hers. His mouth once again began to renew the relationship with her body.

Laresa moaned, her back arching and her breasts meeting his hungry lips. Her fingers slid into his hair as she pulled him to her and whimpered for him to stop, though she encouraged him with the soft simple rolling of her hips. "But to be mortal, I could be in charge of my own destiny. I could have friends that could just like me for who I was, not what I could give to them."

She muttered a soft curse as Horace's fingers slipped into her slicking pussy. Her hips lifted slightly as his other hand moved to tease the tight entrance of her ass. Her breath came faster as he played her. "I could be my own Master, Horace. I could walk the streets and noone could command me to take them somewhere, or to steal something from someone. I wouldn't be forced to end a life, or destroy a country."

Her words were soft and muttered, broken and distorted at times, while her mind fought to remain in control of her senses. She felt his lips leave her breasts to travel down her stomach and rest at the top of her mound. His hands moved to the petals of her sex and she gasped as his hot breath blanketed her moist pussy.

"Horace. . .please listen," she begged, though her voice and her body betrayed her.

"I am," he answered, "I've heard it all before Laresa." His tongue swept inside her sex and he flicked the tip across the upper edge, hooked the flesh and tugged it gently.

"Oohh..." she whispered, her fingers found a home in his hair and she pulled him deeper into her. "Friends. . .family. . . freedom," she muttered as she felt the first wave of a small climax begin to make itself known.

"It is all overrated, my sweet. Power. Lust. Beauty. You have it all," Horace whispered as his mouth covered her sex and he poured his own energy into her moist cavern.

Laresa stopped talking as her lover took her to the edge of a great divide, held her there and then sent her plummeting toward the rocky shore below. She cried out his name, thrashed under his assault and continued to come as he feasted from her depths. Her fingers curled into his hair. Her nails marked his scalp and her legs wrapped tight around him as she bucked her way toward another mind-boggling climax.

Horace drank up the liquid silk that poured from Laresa's pussy. He smiled into her mound, kissed it gently and then licked his way up her figure to rest his lips on hers. He shared with her the taste of herself, letting her cleanse his palette. "You'll have so little," he whispered as his hand moved down to grasp his cock. "What are the chances we will ever meet again?"

Laresa stared into his eyes and knew he spoke the truth. The opportunity for them was now. For the first time ever they were equals. Her hands moved to his hips and she pushed him toward her. His cock slipped in easily and she closed her eyes, sighing and grasping his thick tool with a gentle, but firm hold. Neither spoke or invaded the others mind as they took and gave the other pleasure.

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