tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLarissa Tease Me Please

Larissa Tease Me Please


I watch as she slides her delicate inviting bottom across the white leather front seat of my new car, and when she is positioned as she wants to be, she leans across and kisses me tantalizingly on my cheek. And as Larissa's soft smooth lips kiss me I feel her soft warm breasts press hard up against me as I sit lounging in my black Mercedes convertible.

She is such a teasing tormenter. Bless her gorgeous succulent body! I can see her sexy black thong under the Baby Phat mini skirt she has worn for me. I can feel my blood pressure rising as my body responds in lust to her open invitation. She is so yummy and I feel a burning hunger of throbbing lust within me.

As expected, she wiggles her lovely legs and beautiful bottom about enticingly on the seat of the sleek roaring hotrod that is my car. She is exhibiting her flesh of silky passion, and making sure I am spellbound at her exposed succulent thighs. Oh it's such a luscious tease that I want to shut my eyes and enjoy the waves of lust that are washing over me.

I want to reach out and run my hands all over Larissa's hot smooth legs and feel her tempting and delightful juicy pussy flesh. She knows and embodies the gorgeous sensuality that is already driving me wild with unquenched lust, taunting me with her temptingly desirable and curvaceous goddess body.

Once again I feel my cock growing uncomfortably hard in my tight pants, as my lust grows and I long to kiss her tender luscious lips and slide my tender tongue into her.

My eyes travel up from her exposed tauntingly inviting thighs under that teasing Baby Phat mini skirt up to her pink spaghetti strap tank top that shows me more than my mother would have thought good for me. I can see her thin and almost transparent black strapless bra through the tank top.

I know she done that to make sure I can't help myself; she knows my mind will direct my eyes and I will be driven uncontrollable in my rightful search for those succulent pouting nipples. Larissa knows I love to roll those buds of softness around in my mouth and suck on so lovingly on them as my tongue wanders over them to compliment their enticingly loving form.

Larissa must be really beyond her boundary of lust containment. Knowing that she is so turned on already is an easy feat for an expert in her body's delights; I can see the outline of those perfectly luscious nipples through her pink spaghetti strap tank top.

My only consolation is that in payment for her unmerciless teasing she has no idea where I'm taking her body as a treasure for the pirates of lust. The wild party we are on the way to participate in is too hot and full of illegal activity for me to tell you about; on this sanitized site of debauchery.

I slip the Mercedes into drive, we roar off down the road bathed in rising heat, and the air-conditioner swings into action, cooling us a little as the day's heat bakes us in our dreamy lust. As the coolness envelopes us, we are still warm enough to allow Larissa's gorgeous body its uninhibited teasing of me, and thus it continues unabated.

I lean across and whisper in her ear, "I want to eat your delicious body all up."

She looks at me tauntingly, and tells me with her pouting mouth, "be a good boy or you'll get severely punished."

We laugh as I lick my lips and place more downward pressure on the accelerator as the Mercedes glides across the bitumen and heads towards the motorway. We are tearing towards my feast of her flesh as I hunger to run my tongue all over her moist soft lips hoping that her love juices will cover my mouth in squirting ecstasy as she comes for me.

As we drive along that motorway, I am glancing at my gorgeous Larissa; looking longingly at her exposed thighs. Enjoying my manliness nature that desires the exhibition of female flesh and drives my rod to push even faster. I'm shifting about in my seat, trying to get a better look up her teasing skirt and between her legs of energetic pleasure.

Teaser she is, as she is pouting at me, suggestively teasing me with her moist and inviting lips. I watch as she runs her tongue around her lips just the way she does when she sucks my cock until it explodes with milky cum.

She asks me "wouldn't you love me to be sucking your hard cock now? I know it's throbbing in your pants you naughty boy. I want to run my tongue all over your cock, suck you balls, and have you screaming as I make you cum uncontrollably. But you can't cum can you, you have to just sit there watching me tease you. Don't you!"

It's frustratingly stressful. Larissa knows how to punish me for the agent of lust that I am. She starts to moan like she does when she is playing with her pussy. Larissa, to taunt me further, is making the groaning and panting sounds she does when I am eating her moist and invitingly horny pussy.

My cock is so hard in my tight pants it starts to hurt. That would just make Larissa happier. It's unbelievable the taunting she wants me to endure! My desire for her grows and grows, created organically as she makes me listen to the juicy sounds of lust filled groaning, and my mind is constantly reminded of the painful throbbing contained in my grasping pants.

Larissa can't resist, she inquires of me teasingly, "can you see me slip my hands under my pink spaghetti strap tank top, and pull down my silky black strapless bra just enough so I can rub and tease my pink and luscious nipples for you?"

I nod my head. Trapped in her game. A pawn of hers in a game of lust.

"You have to watch me but you can't touch can you? And I know you want so much to suck my succulent nipples, don't you, you bad boy?" she says as she once again run her tongue suggestively across succulent lips.

Then she play with my lust encrusted nature. Her play is a show that wins her my cock's applause. It is trapping me as I can hear her continuing to moan as she plays with her breasts and nipples; I am filled with overwhelming lust for her body. My cock, rock hard, throbs so painfully. I want to free my hardness and bury it where my nature tells me it is meant to be.

She knows just how to tease me unmercifully! Larissa your play is so cruel I would endure the physical pain you delight in, rather than the tantalizing pain of your moaning show of debauchery.

Then she teases me with, "I want you to watch as I slide my hands over my quivering hot pussy now. You know it feels so horny and I can feel my juices are running out all over my thong. I can feel my pussy lips are so swollen from thinking about you and wishing you were eating me up right now!"

You know I want so much to bury my face in that heavenly place where I dine in lust. Instead I must endure her showing me what I can't have yet.

"But you can't touch me now so I'm just going to play with myself, while you drive us, as I wait for us to get to our surprise," she smiles and groans at me.

Out of the corner of my eyes I watch as she opens herself up, that flower of beauty is what I long to hold and breath in. I can see her finger sliding over her pussy and she begins to groan and moan even loader. Her lust aroma greets my nostrils and traps my mind. I can smell her womanly perfume which just makes me want to fill her pussy up with my cock even more.

And I know, that she knows, that I am aware that she is purposely taunting me by filling the car with the musky scent of her own lust filled pussy. I shift my bottom around on my seat as I try to gain some comfort for myself as my cock continues to ache in its prison pants. This cruel teasing performance of Larissa's making is driving me wild with desire.

I know she will get my hard cock in her at the party but that is still some time away. I want her so much right now but I know I can't have her as my Mercedes purrs along in harmony with Larissa groans of lust.

Then she teases me further by saying, "I'm slipping three fingers into myself. Can you hear the sounds of my fingers working themselves in and out of my pussy, I'm using my fingers to roughly finger fuck myself in my tight pussy, it could be my pussy sucking your cock into me you know."

How can a man endure so much teasing? I want it to stop, but the other part of me wishes that it might never end.

"Are you too busy for me? I need your cock in me, can't you feel how much I want you filling me with that cock of yours? Can't you hear the squishing sounds of my soaking wet pussy as I play with it, knowing that it's ready for you to slide inside me and squirt me full of your cream," she asks me as she entices me into a frenzy of internal lust.

"I know it's music to your ears ... you love it when you can listen to me playing with myself. I know your cock would love to be sliding in and out of me, because you are very naughty boy!" she pouts in growing success at my failure to cope with her teasing.

"You know my thong is soaking wet from all my juices, but you know I need more, and I love it when my thong is rubbing on my clit as I finger myself," she smiles as she tells me what she is doing to herself.

It is the sound of tantalizing teasing from a woman of lust who knows how to play with my lust filled mind. She continues to groan as she pleasures herself to tease me into submission.

"I want you to smell these as I play with myself", she tell me.

She slowly lifts her bottom off the seat and takes her thong off over her silky smooth legs and black high heel shoes. She then leans over and places her thong under my nose.

"Go on hold them, inhale the aroma of my drenched pussy juices on my thong as I rub my clit and finger myself. You know I can feel how swollen my clit is, I'm squirming in my seat as I rub my clit harder and harder for you, knowing you can smell what it's doing to my pussy," she teases me as I give up my right to reality and slid into my own sea of ecstasy.

"Go on you pervert, suck on my soaking wet thong. I want to watch you suck on it. I know you can't touch me. I want to hear you suck on that thong while I make myself cum," she instructs me.

"Knowing you are suffering with your raging hard cock about to spurt its cream everywhere in your tight pants makes me want to come even more!" she demanded of me.

So I did what I wanted to do anyway, and made sucking noises as my mouth and its lips sucked on her thong; as we speed along in my new beautiful Mercedes car. You know it was all I dreamt it would be, this trip of ours. It was ours and together we were enchanted in lustful dreams that belonged to our togetherness in the sleekness of this metal stage.

I knew she was very close to coming as I watched her muscles tighten across her face. And then it was upon her. Larissa's powerful orgasm causes her to scream out as she comes and comes again.

Her breathing is irregular for some time and she has obviously been able to give herself very wonderful multiple orgasms. I knew she loved teasing me, and I would do anything to assist her to reach that higher level of enjoyable bliss.

I intend to embrace that blissful orgasmic lust later in the evening at the party, where she will be the centre of sexual attention. I'd have my physical satiating fun then! But until then I was content to have her tease me until she had her fill of pleasure on the road to our destination of licentious secrecy.

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