tagErotic PoetryLast Dance

Last Dance


my eyes swell from the tears they shed
my heart aches from the words we have said
forever i shall feel the love i have in my heart
but still,'tis almost too much,
the the thought of being apart.
my mind is tiredmy thoughts run wild
i feel so vulnerable,almost as a child.
i have no one to blame for life's outcome.
yet i just know whats here inside is very dear.
my words won't come as id like for them to.
i can't clear my mind
of my thoughts of you
if the hands of time would only turn back
and, in my mind, i wish the unreal
my heart is breaking how do i stop the pain?
i know in my heart i must let you go,
yet my Best Friend i shall lose too.
i have many memories of the love we have shared
if only...
no, You knew i cared.
silence falls deep inside of me.
for id always thought it was meant to be.
all those precious memories i will keep wrapped up
with covers of love and stow away
hoping to share them with you again, someday.
time will lick and heal all these many wounds,
and God will see me through

So please forgive me
if i still have many thoughts of you.
the anger is hard to keep away
the love is greater, and soon wins out
for that is what these words are all about

and in this lifetime...well....maybe
if given a second chance,id save,just for you, one
last dance

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