tagLetters & TranscriptsLast Night I Had a Dream About You

Last Night I Had a Dream About You


An erotic love-letter from Elliott McCrow


We were trekking through the urban jungle, a concrete forest of shining, florescent lights and signs, the cold and open streets that surrounded us like a tempestuous storm cloud. The beating heart of the city. We had been about to part ways for the night, allowing one another to disappear in to that lonely dark, letting each other spend the empty hours of the night alone. I felt your silkily soft and warm hand slip out of mine, and I knew that it was a mistake to go away from you, even if only for a few hours.

Wait, I called after you before you could disappear out of my sight, out of my night. The distance between us melted in to the warmth of our bodies meeting again as I took your hands in mine, holding them tight. Stay with me, I asked, come with me. I could see the hesitance in your eyes, the uncertainty. But whether you decided to take a chance, or whether you decided that you didn't want to be cold and alone anymore, like I did, I don't know, just that after a long moment you smiled and pushed your body against mine, your sweet nectar lips pressing up against my cheek as my arms wrapped protectively around you

We found ourselves at the front door of my apartment building. We stepped up the creaky stairway quietly as we could, smiling shyly at one another. I pressed our way in to the apartment, my hand still enveloping yours as you came in after me in to the near-complete darkness of the room. You started to reach for the light switch, but decided otherwise, allowing just the gentle glow of the tender moonlight to illuminate our way.

You entered first in to the warmth of my bedroom, a sheen of silvery light pouring in through the window, the comforting embrace of the moon. The faint light painted the outlines of the room; the wide bed in the middle of the bedroom with its silkily delicate dark-purple sheets and crimson pillows was framed by the shelves and bookcases that lined the walls. I slid on to the top of the bed, sitting perched on its end. I reached out to take hold of you, enjoying the sound of your soft, melodious giggles as I pulled you atop of me, your legs wrapping around my waist.

Our lips coalesced in to one another's as our bodies did, meeting with heated fervor, and you tasted sweeter than ripe strawberries in the spring. We inched backwards on the bed, coming to a rest with our heads on top of the soft, sanguine-red pillows. I slowly opened my eyes only to see you looking back at me; the affectionately soft light of your eyes gazing back at me amidst the pale moonlight that curled around us like a blanket. More than anything, I wanted to know what you were thinking right at that moment, but I didn't dare interrupt the harmonious silence that hung sweetly and serenely over us.

I leaned in intimately close to softly whisper something in your ear, waiting for a long moment before you finally answered with a coy smile and a nod. Wordlessly, I stood up, moving away for a precious yet brief moment, allowing you the space to lie flatly on your stomach on the soothingly warm edge of the bed. My fingertips ran lightly over your bare, naked arms first, a sensationally electric thrill passing through us both as our skin met. Gently parting your hair to let it fall beautifully around the back of your neck, my lips brushed tenderly over your neck and shoulders, drinking in deep of the lusciousness of your presence.

I reached down to your waist to slowly raise your light-blue blouse up to your chest, sliding it off of your arms to reveal the black tank-top beneath. With that gone, my hands returned to your waist, sliding gently under the soft fabric of your shirt, my fingers dancing along your back.

My lips beat a steady staccato on your back as I softly pushed away the remaining piece of clothing that separated your hungry, delectable flesh from the bed, daring enough to not-so-lightly paint the length of your spine with my tongue. Your obsidian-dark tank-top disappeared over your shoulders, revealing the frilly red bra beneath, and I had half a mind to believe that you had worn it just for me to see. A sly sidelong grin from your pale lips told me that I just might be right.

I retreated my caress down to your waist, stroking your thighs with a desirous, dream-laden focus, trapped by the serenity that was the softness of your touch. I tugged gently at the ocean-blue folds of your skirt as you unclasped the red undergarment on your chest, slipping it off, already forgotten. Your skirt fell away to bare the sight of a pair of soft, crimson panties, a colored match of the other delicate that you'd just discarded.

My eyes strolled up the smooth curves of your pale back, the half-covered glimpse of your breasts as they were pressed up against the dark-purple bedsheets of my bedroom, meeting your own gaze from where you lay. For the first time, your head rested on the pillows that soothed my sleep each night, and more than anything, I hoped that it wouldn't be the last. I raised a single eyebrow at you in question, and your answer was a single, want-filled wink.

I dipped my fingers underneath the strands of your crimson undergarment, and tenderly pulled them down with barely-restrained desire. I didn't bother to hide my lustful want as I soaked in the fire of your body, the undeniable paragon of raw beauty and sex that you lived and breathed.

This was not a time for words, but I said them anyway. You are so beautiful... I said. You are the stars to me.

You lay there, naked and radiant, the touch of the moon illuminating your graceful curves, the smooth arc of your back, the alluring peek of your pert breasts, the enticing view of your delicate sex, and I had never wanted you more.

I reached over to pluck a clear bottle of something from the end table next to the head of the bed, grinning over at you, listening to the harmony of your light and flighty laughter. Undoing the top, I turned it over and allowed a trickle of thick, clear liquid to cascade down on to your back. You shivered as the cool, glistening fluid pooled up just below your shoulders

My touch, light at first but with increasing pressure, spread angel wings on your back as I massaged the strawberry-scented oil in to your silky skin, leaving a shimmering trail that enveloped your upper back as I attentively worked. My fingers slipped over the curve of your shoulders as the palms of my hands hugged your body closely, delighting in the sensation of your flesh against mine. You quivered quietly as my fingertips connected with your sensitive neck, and your skin was like fire beneath my caress.

I let more massage oil fall in to my hands, lowering my attention down to the small of your back. My fingers wrapped around your waist, sliding down to your hips and up to graze the undersides of your breasts as I squeezed you gently. My touch retreated to your back, spreading the rest of the oil along the yet-untouched areas of your spine and lower-back.

With breath held in unconscious anticipation, I lowered my liquid-laden hands down past your back, my fingertips pressing down on your rear before my hands fully engulfed it, spreading your cheeks as I caressed your soft body. Your delicate and delectable sex shined up at me as I stroked the inside of your luscious thighs, my fingers lightly pressing up against your waiting womanhood. Your hips arched slightly upwards, pressing your body up against my warm hands, and although the temptation almost overcame me right then and there, I wasn't finished.

I rubbed down your long, elegant and beautiful thighs and legs, washing across the entirety of the backside of your body with the strawberry-scented massage oil. With a word whispered in your ear, you turned around, releasing a shy smile from your angelic face before you turned and lay flat on your back, allowing me access to your graceful front. My eyes flowed over your body, unabashedly taking in the sight of your exquisite womanliness. Rosy tints of blush flowered faintly on your cheeks, but I silenced them with a surging, enveloping kiss, my lips embracing yours as I snaked one hand behind your neck and the other around your waist, drawing your body up against mine.

The distraction proved only momentary, but as much as I wanted to have you right then, I wasn't done, yet. I squeezed another stream of lotion in to my hands, my eyes never leaving yours as my hands slowly descended to your waist. My fingers rubbed softly at first over your smooth skin, letting out an involuntary laugh as one dipped in to your tiny belly-button. Finally, I pressed my palms down, spreading my hands out lengthwise as they stroked up and down your torso. With only a moment's hesitation, my hands flowed up to your chest, caressing, making love to your firm and attention-demanding breasts.

I spent more time there than I likely needed to, but neither one of us seemed to mind. I rubbed the massage oil on and around your luscious orbs, circling and twisting your nipples teasingly, just to see that sly smile on your face underneath your dream-laden, half-closed eyes. Reluctantly, I drew my gaze elsewhere, allowing my fingertips to lightly brush down along your torso. Your thighs proved to be yet another easy distraction, my hands running up and down along your beautiful legs, stroking the soft flesh around your womanhood with increasing intensity and lustful want.

With the whole of your alluring, daydream-inducing body delightfully covered with the massage oil, shimmering and glowing in the light of the moon, I put the strawberry bottle back on the table. I whispered another set of words in to your ear, my tongue sneaking out to lick the length of your earlobe, even delivering a quick, playful bite, enjoying the resurgence of bashful pink on your blushing cheeks.

I pulled away, your body rising with mine. Your naked, lustful and seductively glistening body sat upright on the edge of dark-purple sheets of the bed, your arms splaying out behind you as you leaned back against them. I knelt down in front of you, my heated breath beating up upon your entrancing flesh. In that moment, all I wanted was you.

I leaned in, playfully lifting your legs to rest upon my shoulders as I closed my eyes and sank in to you, drinking deep. My wanting lips pressed up against your lower, inner folds, my tongue darting out to taste your body, and you were delicious. The taste was yours, and that alone was more than enough reason for me to want it, and want it more. I grew more daring, suckling and devouring you, my unrestrained lust taking over and pressing in to your body.

My tongue pressed up in to you, fondling and caressing the lips of your sex, delighting in the vibrations that sped through your body as you moaned. My hands raised up to stroke your thighs as my mouth continued to nuzzle against your sensual flesh, my lips wrapping around the growing, pink nub just above your glistening folds, a vigorous shudder overtaking your body as my tongue flicked against your most sensitive area.

Your hands were flames of passion as they wrapped around the back of my head, pushing my face emphatically up against your femininity. I could scarcely breath as I drank deep of your ambrosial flesh and fluid, but that didn't seem at all important at the time. My tongue thrust in to you, stretching you apart from the inside as my hands spread your sensual inner lips apart from below you.

Your thighs pressed tightly against my head, your legs wrapping around my ears as you gave one final pant, an erotic and lascivious moan, and a last, lust-filled and impassioned cry as you came, your nectarous and gratifying womanly fluids flowing out to shower my face, and you never tasted better.

After a long moment, when you had finally caught your breath again, you unclenched your thighs from my face (a feeling that I could have honestly stood to endure for quite a bit longer, soft and delightful as your body was) and drew my body up against yours, both of us falling back on to the bed behind you.

My body hovered tensely over yours, my eyes gazing in to you, and I couldn't help but grin. Your beautiful, tender smile shone back up at me. I cut us both off suddenly, reaching down to wrap my hand behind your neck and pull you up in to me, my lips coalescing with yours. And despite that I knew better, despite that I knew I would eventually have to, I never wanted to let go of you in that moment, to allow our bodies not to be connected, even if only for a moment.

Last night, I had a dream about you. Tonight, after the sun goes down, the moon shines out and the city goes to sleep, I'm going to take you to my bedroom, caress your body against mine, and we're going to dream it together.

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