tagErotic HorrorLate for Dinner

Late for Dinner


What a pleasant surprise! I thought I heard the doorbell but I wasn't certain. I thought I better check, especially on a night like this when it's so wet and windy----I wouldn't like to think I had left anyone standing on the doorstep to catch their death. Come in! Come in! Quickly! Let me shut this door and keep out the draught. Oh dear, let me take your coat! I'll hang it up so that it may dry a little. Is that snow I can see on it? Winter's grip is certainly tenacious this year! Give me your scarf, I'll hang that up too, we'll put your gloves by the hearth to dry them out. But come in by the fire and get yourself warm, you must be frozen! Give me your hands...oh, they're like two blocks of ice! The wind out there would cut a person in two.

You need to call a tow service? I'm not the least bit surprised your mobile isn't working. We don't get very good reception this far from the city. And I'm terribly afraid the lines were knocked out by the storm. But perhaps they'll be reconnected soon, then of course you can use the telephone.

Can I get you a drink while you wait? Let me see, I should have a rather fine malt here in my cabinet, I'm sure of it. Ah yes, here it is! A little dusty. Now, I shall pour and we shall get comfortable and forget about the the snow outside. Sit down! No, take my seat, it's nearer the fire. Move it closer if you need to. Don't be shy, we don't stand on ceremony here. Let me fix your drink. You just relax. Tell me, where did you abandon your car? Is it far from here? Near a frozen lake...oh I know exactly the place. The snow has a habit of drifting up there. How fortunate you decided to leave it. You'd be under six feet of snow come the morning. People are often lost that way in these parts.

There you are...whoops, I see your hands are cold still, have you got the glass now? I would hate to waste such a fine drink on my old carpets. Me? A drink such as that would be wasted on me, but I urge you to enjoy it. That's it. Ahhhh, you approve? I thought you might. As soon as I saw you I thought you had good taste. It's the way you dress, you see. I can tell at once. The cut of your jacket, the style of your skirt. It isn't often these days that you see one so young exhibiting so much grace. Are you on your way somewhere? A Valentine's dinner? I imagine you must have been heading for the inn at the end of the old highway. There's nowhere else in the area to eat. I should know. They lost a great deal of business when the bypass came in. Now they only get wayward travellers and the odd romantic tryst.

And who were you going to meet? A loved one, I presume. Oh, how delightful. I can't remember the last time I saw a young lady blush. Shame seems to be such an old fashioned trait. Not that you should feel ashamed, I hasten to add! I didn't mean to imply it. Please don't be offended. I can see I've hurt your feelings. I won't say another word until you promise to forgive me. Ah, you're kind to an old soul. Thank you.

You're still shivering. Let me stoke the fire. There. I'm so used to the cold by now that it can be hard to remember other people are not so immune. What can you be, no more than twenty? You're twenty-three? I was close. I'm good at guessing ages. I won't ask you to guess mine. No one ever gets it right. Oh my dear, you make me smile! It's kind of you to say such a thing. I admit I am blessed with good skin which hides a good deal of my age. I put it down to a simple diet and plenty of exercise.

I can see you look a little distracted. No doubt you're thinking about your loved one at the inn. They'll be worrying about you and little wonder. Driving around in a storm like this? Even on Valentine's Day? You must have been very eager. I take it you haven't been together long. Not that I would dare criticize. It's not for me to say, it's only that so many relationships pall after a time. People grow comfortable in each others' presence. But to drive through a blizzard for dinner...that shows commitment. And not being from this area you weren't to know what the storms could be like. They blow in very quickly even at this time of year and with tremendous power. It always takes people by surprise.

Well, I can most certainly check the telephone again but I wouldn't hold out much hope. Without wanting to alarm you I can almost guarantee you won't be seeing your loved one tonight. But rest assured, you are welcome at my home. We like to be neighbourly in these parts.

Pardon me? You heard a noise? Goodness, it made you jump, didn't it? You've gone quite pale. I wouldn't be concerned though, it might only be a loose shutter. The wind plays havoc with the old house. I didn't hear anything myself, but then I'm half deaf these days, and didn't I nearly leave you standing outside because I couldn't hear the bell? What an old fool I am.

Not like a loose shutter? Some other sound eh? You've got me stumped, unless a window has blown open upstairs and knocked something over. Like a growl you say? I don't know how that could be when it is only you and I at home. Excuse me a moment and I'll check. No, no, there's no need for the both of us to go. I'll only be a minute or two. You just sit back and warm yourself by the fire. No doubt your blood feels like ice, and we can't have that. It won't do at all.

* * *

Well I had a thorough look around but there was nothing there. I'm sure it's just the wind in the eaves. These old houses really do make some funny noises, I can tell you. If you're not used to it some of them can give you quite a turn. But as long as you're with me you'll be quite safe. I checked the telephone again on my way past and my fears are confirmed. The line is still down. I see you've finished your drink. Are you feeling better for it? Perhaps you might like another? You might as well. It could be a long night. There you are. And if you don't mind me saying you're looking much healthier now. You've a delightful colour to your cheeks. The bloom of youth. It does my heart good to see it. There aren't a lot of young people in these parts and I do like a little vibrant company from time-to-time. It keeps me young.

And what do you do for a living? I take it you've come down from the city? With a face as pretty as yours you could be a model. Oh, how delightful, you're blushing again! Don't be embarrassed, it really is very fetching. A secretary, you say? I imagine your employee doesn't get a great deal of work done...hah, forgive my poor sense of humour. I only meant he must be distracted. You really do have a very charming figure. Such lovely big breasts and delightfully rounded hips. I can tell you aren't one of these girls starving themselves to death. So appalling.

But you're smiling now. A private joke, perhaps? Would you care to share? Oh no, I'm not easily shocked. Here, let me fill your glass again. You seem to have taken a liking to my malt. I'm glad. I don't often get to share it. That's it. Drink it down. What a delightful giggle you have. Oh I see, I get the joke, I understand why you would smile. You were meeting your employer for dinner! Humourous indeed. But why all the way out here? Unless...oh yes, it makes perfect sense. You wouldn't want people to know. It might get awkward at work. People might think he favours you. You'd be very unpopular in the lunch room. They might not consider you trustworthy. They might think you'd give away secrets about the things they say when you're lying on his desk with your legs in the air.

Forgive me, I go too far. I didn't mean to sound strident. It is quite your own business and I did ask. You have every reason to frown. I've never been known for my tact.

You heard another noise again? No, no. I assure you I checked. We are quite alone.

So tell me, is your employer married? Oh, just a wild guess. It seems a great deal of effort to come all this way just to avoid being seen. Perhaps there are rooms at the inn. Did he suggest if you had too much to drink you might stay the night? He could put it down to business expenses, and tell his wife he was out of town. He might just happen to have an overnight bag in the boot of his car, for emergencies. I know the type. Always prepared.

You're looking tired, my dear. I think I've talked enough. Why don't I show you to your room? You'll be very comfortable. Just this way. Bring your drink if you like.

Bother, that's the problem with these old buildings. Too draughty. I shall have to fetch some matches for the candles. Yes, my dear, I'm still here. Take my arm if the dark bothers you, my eyesight makes up for my hearing! I can see like a cat in the dark. Come here, let me put my arm around you. But you're trembling! You really have no need to be afraid.

And here we are at last. I've shown you to the master bedroom. It's the most luxurious. Don't you think the four-poster bed is romantic? It's an original. I like to imagine the lovers who have slept in it over the years. Lie down and feel how comfortable it is. Wait, I'll rest the candle here and join you. It's surprisingly spacious, and see? The drapes close just so. Cosy, don't you think? You'd hardly know there was a storm outside.

What a delightful fragrance you're wearing. It's so familiar. You're not wearing one? Are you sure? But you smell quite delicious. You don't mind me getting close do you? I don't often have guests, but then I think I told you that. Mmm, what smooth skin, such delicate features, I really can't resist you. Hush, don't struggle. There's no need. Just let me open this blouse. There, much better. I only tore it a little. I've always been a fan of lace, especially on a beautiful, big-breasted delight such as yourself. So creamy. So soft. Such a pleasure to touch. Oh! Your nipples are hard already. Aren't they divine? Like tiny pebbles. I think you like it when I kiss them. Let me do it again.

Let me take this skirt off you. Ah, that's nice. Lovely generous thighs. I love a woman with flesh on her bones. And I see you made an effort for your employer. He would have loved those little panties with the hearts on them. Perhaps he even bought them for you as a private joke? Let me guess, you've been wearing them all day at work and thinking about your dinner tonight. If only you'd set out a little earlier, but you weren't to know it would be such a treacherous night.

These panties are quite see-through when they're damp. I pity him missing out on this. Did I startle you? I keep forgetting it's dark for you with the drapes closed. I just wanted to touch you there. I should have remembered my fingernails are sharp and warned you.

You really have warmed up. I can virtually hear your heart beating. It's fast. Pumping all that lovely blood around your delicious body. It makes me hard thinking about it. Let me take my clothes off so you can feel how aroused you make me. There, now you've some idea. But I can't wait any longer. As lovely as they are your panties have to come off. No, no, don't protest. It's pointless. Oh dear, I think I ripped them a little, never mind you won't be needing them again. And your bra too, sweet girl. Oh! Feel how your lovely big breasts spill into my hands!

Come back here. Where do you think you might go? You'd freeze to death and I've gone to such lengths to warm you up. There now, don't cry, it was only a little smack, just to let you know who's in charge. But while you're on your hands and knees I might just take advantage. You don't mind, do you? Oh there. I knew we'd be a good fit. And it helps that you're so wet. I usually have trouble. I'm quite big you see. But not tonight. Tonight I fit like a glove.

There's no use shouting. I told you before we're quite alone. Just relax and enjoy it. There's more to come. The night has only begun. We can't waste a moment. Chances like this don't come along very often in my experience. Oh that feels tremendous. You have a body made for sin. But I'm sure you've heard that before.

Why don't we try something else? Sorry? I didn't hear what you said----you'll have to stop crying and speak up. You want to go home? But my dear, why when we're so enjoying ourselves? Let's see what happens when I ease it in here, just so...oh, that's even better than I imagined! So tight! It makes me wish I could share it. I feel quite selfish having you all to myself.

That? It was just a whistle. You'll see why soon. In the meantime let me tell you how fabulous your tight little body is. It's not hurting any more, is it? No, I thought not. I can tell by the way you're pushing back against me. I like it when you do that. You're very talented to take me all in.

You heard the door open? Well I should hope so. Yes, I know I said we were alone but it wasn't strictly the truth. I do fib occasionally, but you'll learn that about me. And look who it is! Let me introduce my brother. You can see the physical resemblance, though if we were going to be pedantic he has an inch or two on me and a little more body hair. I'll tell you the truth----we're only half brothers but we're very close. I know it might seem it but I'm not jealous he's bigger. Well, perhaps if I was honest. But what he has in length I make up for in manners, don't I? He's much less of a gentleman than I am. He gets impatient, you see. It comes from being the youngest. Always spoiled in my opinion. But I've never held that against him. I love him dearly.

Dear oh dear you shouldn't struggle when I'm inside you. You'll hurt yourself! He doesn't mean any harm he's just saying hello. He's as fond of voluptuous breasts as I am. Let him have his head and you won't be sorry. I can vouch for him. Ah now, see? Isn't that nice? He only does that to girls he likes. I don't mind saying I couldn't be more pleased that you turned up on our doorstep. He's not like this with everyone. Forgive his enthusiasm if he gets a little rough. Take it as a compliment.

I've just had an idea. Lean back on me. That's it. Let's pull your legs back so he can get a good look. Goodness, I can't remember the last time I saw him smile like that. But then what's not to smile about? You've prepared yourself beautifully for your lover and we get to reap the rewards. So smooth. I know it shouldn't matter but I do like some of these new fashioned habits young people have of waxing down there.

Your moans really are the most charming little sounds. It's making me harder than I've been before. And judging by my brother he feels the same way. Here he comes now. He's had enough of looking. Isn't it nice to share? I bet you never thought this would be happening when you set off for dinner tonight. I know I didn't. And I don't put much stock in Valentine's Day but I must say, this one is turning out to be rather special.

You probably should stop squirming. He's not going to give up until he's got what he wants. In that respect we're very much alike. Ahhh, see? I told you. When he sets his mind to something he's tenacious. And very physical, but you've guessed that by now.

Don't mind his growling. He does that. It's just enthusiasm. And he might give you the odd nip or two but he's just being playful. He doesn't often draw blood...whoops I might have spoken too soon. I did say he likes big breasts. It looks like he's even more excited than I gave him credit for. I'll let you in on a little secret----the more you fight the more it excites him. Me too if I'm honest. And I wouldn't like to give him all the credit...he's not the only one who likes to bite. I'm just a little more choosy about where. And while I've got you in this position it seems a waste not to have a little taste. Your beautiful neck is so close after all. Mmm, even just licking you tastes so good. If you keep still I'll be very quick and you won't feel a thing. I've been complimented in the past on my discretion. Let me just brush your hair away a little and find the right spot. Oh yes, here it is, a nice throbbing vein. Remember, keep still.

Oh you did so well you clever little thing! I'm immensely proud of you. You hardly moved a muscle, and let's face it my brother didn't make it easy for you. And what a treasure you are...so salty, so hot, and jetting into my mouth without any effort at all. I couldn't keep from climaxing. You'll feel a little weak at first but you'll grow accustomed to that. When it comes to your turn you'll feel much better.

I see my brother tires of this position. He does have a rather short attention span. No doubt he envies me. At least I've made it a little easier for you. I'll just slip out and...well he doesn't waste any time does he? I did warn you he was bigger than me so there's no point squealing. For some reason he's very partial to doggy style. Ah yes, I love the way your lovely breasts swing.

Don't mind me but I might even doze. Eating dinner this late at night always makes me a little sleepy. You just enjoy yourself. You can pay me back later when I wake up.

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