tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLate Night Surgery

Late Night Surgery


"These men are known to be armed and dangerous and should not be approached. If seen, you are asked to contact the police immediately."

This was the message on the radio as twenty-five year old Catherine Porter was just getting ready to finish up. There had been an attempted burglary at a farm house near Briarpark, Essex. The owner had caught them unawares and managed to get a shot off with his licensed shotgun.

It was just after seven and it was already dark. It had been a long day at the surgery where she worked as a receptionist and nurse for forty-two year old Doctor Carol Lewis. Catherine was tired and looking forward to a night in with her twenty-six year old boyfriend, Jimmy Adams, the local village police Neighbourhood Officer.

In her office, Doctor Lewis stretched back in her leather chair. It had been a long day for her too. The buzzer sounded in her office. "Yes, Catherine?"

"That was your last patient Doctor."

"Thank you, Catherine. You can go then. I'll lock up."

"Ok Doctor. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Catherine."

As Catherine was heading for the door, it was suddenly pushed open and two men, one with a sawn off shotgun, were supporting a third man, clearly in agony and bleeding.

"Where's the doctor?" yelled the one with the shotgun as he pointed it at the frightened young woman.

"I-in her office," she stuttered.

He waved the gun in a signal for her to show the way.

Catherine gave a light knock then the door was kicked in and Catherine was pushed to the ground as the two men deposited their load onto the couch.

"What the hell is going on here?" shouted Carol.

"That crazy old man at the farm shot him. You're the doctor. Fix him up."

'The farm,' thought Catherine. 'So that's who they are.'

Carol took the instruments box down. "Help me get his shirt off, Catherine."

The women struggled as they removed the blood soaked garment and Carol went to work on the wound. Catherine began to shake.

"This is no time to get squeamish on me, Catherine."

"I'm not. I'm just afraid," she stammered. Her shaking became worse. Suddenly, Carol slapped her hard across her face. "Now, pull yourself together."

After almost an hour, Carol had finally stopped the bleeding and dressed the wounds.

"Well, how is he?"

"He's lost a lot of blood and there are pellets still inside him. He needs to have them removed or infection will set in."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get them out."

"I can't. He needs proper surgery. I'm only a GP. I don't have the necessary equipment here or the proper surgical experience. He needs to go to hospital."

"Damn. Ok, we'll take him with us."

"If you move him now, his wounds will open and he'll die."

"You're only saying that to keep us here."

"Don't be stupid. The last thing I want is to keep you here, believe me. He may be moved in a few hours."

He pointed his gun at Carol's face. "I'd be very careful as to who you're calling stupid."

"Come on Jack. Let's get out of here," said the younger man.

"Not without my brother. Besides, I'm tired and we do have two pretty women here. It would be a shame not to sample their delights."

"Oh my God," cried Catherine. The younger man pulled her into the waiting room and Carol was forced into the consulting room at gunpoint by the other.

As Catherine stood in the room, the young man surveyed his 'prize'. She was a very attractive in her snow white nurse uniform of white blouse, buttoned to the top and matching white pants. Her uniform failed to hide her large breasts. Her long black curly hair stood out in contrast to her uniform. Indeed combined with her slim waist and five foot seven frame would make any man drool.

The young man began to open her blouse.

"Please don't do this," begged Catherine.

Suddenly he jerked her hair and produced a knife that he placed under her throat.

"Are you going to argue with me?"

Too frightened to speak, Catherine simply shook her head in resignation.

He opened the white buttons, one by one. As each button was opened, his lust and excitement grew as her low cut pink bra came into view and her magnificent breasts appeared as if a newly discovered treasure trove. He became hard almost immediately upon their appearance. When the last button was opened he simply slid the blouse from her shoulders and Catherine let it fall to the ground.

"Get those pants off."

Catherine slipped off her shoes and reluctantly pushed down her pants, with tears in her eyes and stepped out of them, exposing her pink knickers.

He caught one side of her kickers and sliced it as if it were butter and by sheer brute force, ripped it from her lower body, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. He pushed her onto the couch and pushed her smooth legs apart and began to lick her pussy.

Despite her unwillingness, Catherine found his tongue actions pleasing, though she resisted the temptation to moan. After several moments however, his tongue excited her clit and she could no longer resist and released a soft "Oooh". He suddenly withdrew his tongue, much to her disappointment and moved to her breasts and with one stroke of his knife, slit the front of her bra so that it fell away, leaving her wonderful breasts for the taking. His mouth descended on her nipple as an eagle to its prey and his tongue began to lick it ravenously. It produced the same level of excitement in Catherine and she once again moaned deeply.

Now he mounted her and drove his hardened cock deep inside her. Slowly, very slowly he built up speed. It accelerated with each stroke and gradually, Catherine's resistance caved in, as her body reacted in unison with his pounding. They both became totally lost in their lust. Their breathing became deeper. Catherine held his hips, as if welcoming a lover.

Both now began to moan at each rhythmic stroke. Her love juices began to gather and she could tell that he was close to cumming too. The sheer pace of their actions made them perspire heavily. Finally, Catherine felt the burning sensation as his cum and her juices clashed. For few moments they panted and gathered their thoughts.

Catherine tried to get up but her pushed her down. "Stay where you are. We've still got some time to kill yet."

The word 'kill' made her shudder.

As he lay beside her, he began to gently stroke her pussy with his hand, making her excited. Once again, he climbed on top of her and this time he kissed her passionately and, slowly began to kiss, lick and nibble at her smooth skin, travelling to her breasts, he resumed his sucking and licking of her nipples at alternative intervals. Her moaning became intense. "Oh Fuck," she said, several times.

After about an hour, in which time they simply remained stationary, content just to allow their bodies to feel each other's warmth and effectively recharge, he moved forward and putting his dick between her breasts, he began to rub it between them, gradually building to a furious pace until he finally came and rubbed the cum all over her naked breasts, much to Catherine's disdain, although did not openly show it. They remained huddled together for several hours, though neither slept. Catherine was too afraid to do so and she was equally afraid to move.

In the meantime, Doctor Carol Lewis was enduring her own ordeal. The first thing this brute did was undo her hair which she had tied in a bun. Her blonde hair fell almost half way down her back. He then pushed her on to the couch and began to feel her stocking encased legs, working his way up her skirt and feeling her pussy She tried to defy him. "No. Don't do that, please..." she begged him. It only made him angry as he pushed the shotgun to her face. "Get up and get your clothes off, now," he yelled.

Carol Lewis was not a woman easily frightened, but the sight of the gun and the mental state of this animal made her very nervous. She knew she had no choice but allow herself to be humiliated as she removed her white coat, stained with the blood of this man's brother, and dropped it to the ground. Her white blouse followed, revealing her plain white bra. When she dropped her tweed skirt and stepped out of it, she momentarily paused.

"Keep going," came the angry order.

Carol unsnapped her bra and allowed it to fall to the floor and her nipples hardened as they felt the cool air. Finally, she rolled down her tights and her plain knickers and stepped out of them.

"Lie down on the couch."

Carol did so and the man stripped rapidly and mounted her. He wasted no time with foreplay as he plunged his hardened rod deep inside her pussy and began to pound her mercilessly. The rhythm was slow at first, building speed at each stroke. Although she loathed this man violating her, Carol, nonetheless, felt her body reacting with excitement. The truth was, that she and her husband rarely had sex any more. Although it was rough, Carol enjoyed it but would never admit it. However, she began to moan, as her love juices were beginning to build and she began to breathe deeper and deeper with every movement.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed as the burning sensation of his cum erupted inside her and her juices flowed. The man gave a deep sigh of sexual fulfilment. After pausing to regain his composure, he began to kiss and lick Carol's neck, her shoulder and finally her naked breasts. First the left, then the right. The tingling sensation on her nipples with his tongue make Carol Lewis lose control and give in to her own desires.

"Oh please, keep going. Don't stop," she pleaded.

He did as she asked and continued working in her nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling at intervals. He then moved forward and kissed her passionately on her lips. They both embraced each other and hugging each other like long lost lovers, they gradually fell asleep.


Carol was woken by the sudden movement of this man she had slept with. He was getting dressed. It was about five in the morning and still dark. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"We're getting out of here now. My brother should be well rested by now."

Carol got up and hurriedly dressed. She examined her patient while the man went to wake Catherine and his partner.

Catherine got up and was about to leave the room when she was stopped by the younger man. "Where are you off to.?"

"Please, I need to use the loo," she responded, desperately.

He nodded and let her go.

"Well, how is he?" asked the older man.

"I advise you not to move him. He is very weak."

"We can't stay here. We're taking him with us."

"At least let me put fresh dressings on."

The man agreed. When Catherine returned, she helped Carol with the bandaging and cleaning of the patient.

The man became impatient at the slow progress. "Hurry it up," he yelled, producing his shotgun as if it were to prod them.

"If we hurry, we'll kill him. Now make up your mind," spoke Carol in an animated voice.

"Just get on with it."

Eventually everything was ready and the two men carried their stricken partner towards the door. "Give me your keys," yelled the man with the shotgun. Carol did so.

The younger man opened the door to the surgery and both men stepped out with the third under their arms. Suddenly blue lights flashed and a voice called out from a Loudhaler. "Armed police. Drop your weapons and raise your arms."

Carol was the first to react. She slammed the door to the surgery, grabbed Catherine by the collar of her blouse and pulled her to the ground.

"Crawl to my office, hurry." As both women did so, a shotgun blast through the door, showered them with splintered glass and wood.

"You bitch," yelled the man. He said no more as a single shot rang out and there was the sound of something heavy hitting the door.

In the meantime, both frightened women made it to the office and huddled together on the floor, unaware of what was happening outside.


After a few anxious moments a voice called out, "Catherine, Doctor Lewis. Are you alright?"

Catherine jumped up. "It's Jimmy. Jimmy, we're in the office."

Constable Jimmy Adams appeared and Catherine ran and embraced him. "Oh Jimmy. Are we glad to see you?"

"Thank God you're alright."

Carol was confused. "I don't understand Constable. How did you know about our situation?"

"I got your text."

"What text?"

"I'm sorry Doctor. I should explain, responded Catherine. "You left your mobile phone in the toilet. The only number I could think of was Jimmy's and I let him know what had happened."

"That's my girl," said Jimmy as he kissed her.

"I heard a shot outside. Is he..?"

"No. He is just stunned. Now let's get you both home."

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