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Late Night Visit


The conference ended early this year. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I left early, as I was tired of sitting in those uncomfortable hotel convention chairs squished between an older woman and her nauseating excuse for perfume (which I'm sure she applied with a sponge), and Mr. Cuban and the overwhelming stench of stale cigars and polyester. So, I feigned a migraine and traded in my ticket in order to fly back a day early.

I picked up my car at the airport and noted the time on the dash. 2:35a.m. Perfect. I knew you'd be asleep as I pulled in the drive. I decided to park outside, rather than risk waking you with the garage door, as it was directly under our bedroom window. Instead, I crept around to the front, leaving my bags in the trunk, and unlocked the front door as quietly as I could. I dropped my purse on the entryway table, next to your cell phone and keys, and headed towards the stairs. I noticed my heels clicking faintly on the hard wood flooring, so I bent down and kicked them off at the foot of the stairs, taking every precaution not to wake you before I wanted you awake.

I ascended the stairs, and crept to the doorway. I could see you had opened the windows. The late spring night air was cool, and the moon was full outside. The curtains were gently moving against the breeze, and every few moments they would part and the moon would illuminate your silhouette in the bed. Your breathing was shallow and rhythmical, and I could tell you were sleeping peacefully. You hadn't stirred once as I watched you, so I decided it was safe to enter the room.

I quickly, but quietly, removed the panty hose, skirt, and blouse I'd been wearing. My silk panties hit the floor and my black bra followed. It felt amazing to be nude again. Suddenly, a strong breeze came through the window and encircled by naked body as I stood in the moonlight. The wind crossed my breasts and my nipples immediately became hard and stood at attention. I reached up to cup my breasts and run my fingers over the hardened nubs.

I slowly walked to the foot of the bed, careful to avoid the plank that always creaked when stepped on. I found your feet with my hands, and you stirred slightly. I lifted the edge of the covers over my head and climbed into bed, running my hands up your legs slowly. You had decided to sleep nude tonight, an odd change from your usual cotton shorts. I suspected it was because of the weather, but somehow hoped you sensed I'd be home early.

Though you hadn't fully awakened when I climbed in bed, your member was very aware of the change in atmosphere. Your cock was pushing up against the sheets. I fought myself not to immediately climb on, as the sight of it caused me to become wet instantly. I restrained myself, however, and continued with the task at hand. I started at your ankles, gently kissing and licking my way up your legs. You stirred, but I continued in my mission. Up your thighs, I moved my mouth higher and higher, until I had reached your erect cock. I began by gently licking your balls.

You stirred again, but did not awake (or if you had, you were continuing to fake it for my sake). I licked up the shaft of your member, until I had reached the pinnacle. I then opened my lips, and flicked my tongue across the head of your penis, stopped briefly, and took the length of you into my wet mouth. You immediately moaned loudly, and I felt your hand against the back of my head, stroking my hair. I didn't stop for a moment, continuing to take you in and out of my mouth, running my tongue around the head of your cock, stroking your thighs and balls with my hand.

Your moans become more audible, and more consistent. You whisper my name, and I melt into you, slowly my pace, taking you into my mouth inch by inch, until I can feel the head pushing against the back of my throat. You let out a groan and grabbed for my thighs, pulling me up over your torso until my pussy was above your lips, and I was straddling your face. Your cock never left my mouth during the transition, and now I could feel your tongue hungrily lapping at my mound.

Your hands were firmly holding my ass, and you used your thumbs to spread open my pussy lips. I felt myself dripping down my thigh, as you explored my folds and clit with your mouth. I momentarily let your member leave my mouth as I let out a cry of pleasure. You took this as a signal that I was enjoying myself too much, and your pace slowed dramatically as you traced and teased my clit and pussy lips with your tongue.

I took the cue and slowed my pace on your cock, as well, drawing out each stroke longer and longer. I felt your legs quiver beneath my hands, and I knew you were close. I also knew I was getting close, and wanted to make this beautiful encounter last a few moments longer. I dismounted your loving mouth, removed your cock from my mine and turned around to face you. I straddled your body, my legs resting outside your thighs. My pussy was positioned directly above your prick, which was reaching up to me. You moved your pelvis up to meet my lips, and I rose up to tease you a bit.

You didn't like the teasing, and were impatient to be inside of me. You raised your hips and grabbed mine at the same time, forcing me down onto your cock. I moaned as you impaled my pussy fully. You moaned, 'Oh God' and sat up to meet me. For the first time since my arrival, we were face to face, and your lips meet mine. They were soft and smooth and I could taste myself on your tongue as we began to kiss and explore each other's mouths with our own.

I began to grind my hips into you, allowing your cock to go deeper and deeper into my pussy. Your hips rose and fell to meet my movements, and I began to quicken the rhythmical motion, bringing both of us closer to the inevitable climax we are both hoping for. Your arms encircled my body and gripped me tightly, pulling me close, my breasts pressed firmly against your strong chest. The only thing between us then was heat and sweat as we moved in perfect synchronicity. I felt you slide in and out of my pussy, and I became wetter and more ready to come with each stroke. Our pace quickened, as did the moaning we were both doing.

Your kiss broke away, and I felt your lips against my ear, whispering, firmly, "Come for me now." My mind wanted this to continue, but my body obeyed your command immediately, and I felt my pussy begin to spasm and shake with the power of my orgasm. Your cock responded to my orgasm quickly, and I felt your nails dig into my back as your thrusting became wild and fierce. I knew you were now coming hard, as words were not necessary.

Your orgasm lasted a few moments, as mine began to wind down. You collapsed backwards, and I followed you, splayed out on your chest, breathless and sweaty. Your fingers absently ran through my hair, as I stroked your arm with my hand. You whispered, 'Welcome home,' as we both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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