Laura & Twins


"Hey!" Rosie interjected Laura's thought.

Laura looked down at her menu. Caught again, damn it! I have got to stop staring!

Rosie whispered with a grin, "Laura, take a look over your shoulder."

Laura turned her head, peeking over her shoulder just in time to catch a glance from the man sitting at the bar near the front of the restaurant.

"He's been staring at you since you got here. He's kinda cute too!" Rosie smiled.

"No, I'm sure he's been staring at you," replied Laura.

"Well, maybe it's both of us, you know, together like this," whispered Rosie.

Laura felt her cheeks redden, as she tried to contain a nervous smile.

"I bet he thinks we're a couple" Rosie grinned deviously, her eyes reflecting every light in the restaurant.

The two girls shared a laugh, and Rosie quickly changed the subject. Laura wasn’t sure if she was relieved or reluctant to leave that topic.

They talked for almost an hour over an early dinner, mostly of chocolate desert, taking their time to learn about each other. They talked about previous boyfriends, previous jobs, previous habits, and then future plans and desires. When it was finally time to pay the check Rosie refused to let Laura split the bill.

"I took you out, it's only fair I pay" Rosie stated, making Laura blush again.

As Rosie bounced up from the booth and began to walk to the door Laura couldn't help but notice how nicely her ass swayed as she walked.

"Hold up." whispered Rosie, as they were about to walk out of the restaurant, "Is he still staring?"

Laura, getting dangerously close, leaned over Rosie's shoulder to catch another glance.

"Yep, he's still here, and looking right at us. Why?" Laura whispered.

"Let's leave him something to remember us by." Rosie breathed into Laura's ear, sending a shiver down her back, "Just, take my lead."

    What happened next took Laura by so much surprise that she nearly let out a squeal. Rosie reached around her, one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her lower back. She pulled Laura against her quickly and forcefully. Before she knew what was happening she could feel Rosie's tongue in her mouth. Laura's eyes were flung wide in astonishment, but then her body relaxed on it's own accord and she found herself wrapping her own arms around Rosie, embracing her as she returned the kiss, with just as much devotion.

Just as Laura was really starting to enjoy this strange turn of events, Rosie broke off the kiss. She looked back at the man at the bar with a seductive grin, and then led Laura out of the restaurant by the hand.

"Shit did you see the look in his face?" Rosie said with a smile from ear to ear. Laura let out a small sigh in disappointment, feeling her pace slowly return to normal.

"I didn't scare you did I?"

"No, I'm fine" Laura replied, still reeling from the adrenaline rush as she let the hot afternoon breeze refill her lungs.

"Are you sure? Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out." Rosie's grin had taken on a note of concern.

"No, I'm fine really. I was just a bit surprised." Rosie said sheepishly, her cheeks seemingly on fire.

"I didn't; hurt you, did I?" Asked Rosie, now staring deep into Laura's eyes.

Laura shook her head, "NO!" Why did I shout that? "It, was kind of, nice, actually." And why did I say that? She's going to know I like her! Damnit.

Rosie simply smiled without a word for a few fleeting moments.

Laura couldn't take the awkward silence any longer, "So, where to next?"

"Oh, I was actually getting a little tired..."

Laura suddenly felt her heart sink. I've screwed up the whole afternoon. I shouldn't have said that. It was just a kiss! It wasn’t even a real one, was it?

Rosie continued, " I was thinking I'd take you home, with me."

The sinking feeling in Laura did a flip in mid sentence. There was something about the way she said "take you home, with me" that gave Laura's heart hope. Maybe, just maybe she likes me too?


"I'll let you take a shower first" said Laura, as she opened the door, reviving the smell of pancakes and syrup in Laura's memory.

"Ok, thanks" Laura hadn't really planned on taking a shower at that moment, but not wanting to be rude, she grabbed a towel from her suitcase and made her way down the hall.

Laura was pleased to find that the bathroom made up for what the house lacked in size. It had a wide glassed-in shower in the corner across from the bathtub, with beach-colored tiles on the walls and floor. She reached in, turned on the hot water, and within seconds the shower enclosure began to steam up. She quickly undressed herself and stepped in, closing the glass door behind her. She had only just begun to lather herself with soap when she heard tapping at the bathroom door.

"Yes?" Laura called out timidly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention something" replied Rosie

"You can come in, I can barely hear you over the shower" said Laura.

Laura watched through the steamed glass as Rosie's shape stepped into the bathroom. She felt a chill of excitement knowing that she might be able to see her naked in the shower.

"So, what's up?" Laura asked, feeling emboldened by the hot steam.

"Oh, the hot water heater isn't working quite right, so you may only have a few minutes of hot water" replied Rosie.

"Ok, so should I take a really short shower, so you can get one?"

"No, take your time girl. I'll just take a cold one."

"Don't be silly Rosie, I don't wanna hog all your hot water" Laura thought for a moment, "We can share if you want." Oh my god, did I just say that?

"Really? Are you sure you wouldn't mind?" replied Rosie enthusiastically.

Is this really going to happen?

"Uhm, yea, come right in, the water feels great, for now at least." Laura couldn't believe what she had just offered, but was growing more excited as she watched the blurry figure of Rosie undress through the steamy glass.

    The door to the shower creaked open, and Rosie stepped in. Laura made sure to give her access to the water.

"God, that feels good" Rosie moaned, sending another shiver of pleasure up Laura's spine.

At first neither girl made eye contact and they only giggled when they accidentally bumped or brushed against one another. Laura could tell she wasn't the only one feeling a bit awkward and vulnerable showering with another woman. Rosie reached for a bar of soap.

"Here, let me wash your back". Hmm, this is going to feel so good. Laura turned around without a word, and let the dirty-blond have her way with her back. Rosie lathered the soft skin of her back with soap, covering every possible inch in hot bubbles. The sensation of this woman's hands on her bare skin gave Laura chill bumps, in spite of the hot water raining down on her.

"Hmm, god that feels good" Laura exclaimed, as the soft hands gently massaged her shoulders, her sides, and all the way down her back just above her ass. Laura felt like giving a little back to the generous girl.

"Ok, how bout your turn!" She offered.

"Sure, ok." replied Rosie, as she turned around to face the stream of water.

Laura lathered her hands in the soap, and began to massage the full length of Rosie's back.

"Oh god, Laura your hands feel good. Please don't stop," Rosie pleaded.

Laura eagerly complied, as she rubbed her hands over Rosie's shoulders, and down her sides. Rosie giggled as Laura's hands touched beneath her arms.

"Sorry, did I tickle you?" Asked Laura.

"Oh no, it feels great," replied Rosie, "you feel great."

    Rosie quietly grabbed hold of Laura's hands, currently on her waist, and pulled them, sliding the hands of her house guest around her belly. As she guided Laura’s hands, she pulled her against her back. For a moment Laura was overwhelmed, but the feeling of her body against Rosie's warm soapy skin was pure, unavoidable bliss. Laura's breathing started getting heavier as her hardening nipples pressed against Rosie's back. Rosie then slowly moved Laura's right hand up her chest, letting her cup the left breast. Oh god, this woman is amazing. Laura softly caressed her new friend's breast, letting Rosie's soapy wet nipple glide between her fingers. After a few moments Rosie switched Laura's hand over to her other breast, forcing Laura to grip her breast harder this time. Laura instinctively began to kiss the back of Rosie's neck.

"Mmmm" Rosie responded, as she moved Laura's left hand down her waist. She continued to guide Laura's every movement, moving her left hand further down to touch her inner thigh. Then, very slowly Rosie slid Laura's hand over her crotch. Laura began to slowly rub her fingers up and down Rosie's pussy, with her middle finger riding inside her slit, and her other fingers caressing her soapy pussy lips. Rosie let go of Laura's hands, and reached around her back to Laura's ass with one hand, while the other went to the back of Laura's neck, gripping her tightly as she let Laura take over her body.

Laura continued to kiss the side of Rosie's neck, getting right behind her ear so that Rosie could hear her whisper.

"I want you Rosie."

The unexpected words sent shivers through her body, as she replied "Oh god, Yes... Take me!"

    Laura easily found Rosie's swollen clit, and began to rub it up and down, as she continued to fondle her breasts with her other hand. Laura's fingers began to pick up the pace, as Rosie let her right hand move between their bodies, reaching behind her own ass to cup Laura's pussy. The hot soapy water coated the two women, lubricating their bodies as they clung to one another. Rosie let her middle finger slide into Laura's slit behind her, and began flicking it inside as best she could. Damn she has long fingers. Laura began to gyrate her hips, humping Rosie's hand.

Laura leaned in and whispered into Rosie's ear "I want to make you cum!" as she began to rub her clit side to side, pinching her nipple with the other hand.

"Oh fuck!" shouted Rosie, echoing off the tile and glass around them. Seconds later Rosie grabbed Laura's hand between her legs, and her entire body began to shake.

"Fuuuck, I'm cummming!" Rosie screamed, as her legs seemed to give way beneath her.

Laura did her best to hold onto Rosie, and help her down to the floor of the shower. Rosie knelt there for a few seconds, shaking as her orgasm took control while Laura held her tight from behind and leaned down to kiss her passionately. Laura could feel Rosie moaning as their tongues met in a single kiss that seemed to last forever. Rosie's lips trembled against Laura's making her feel an amazing sense of compassion. The two girls closed their eyes, letting the hot water pour over them, melting them together in a firm embrace.

"Oh god, that was amazing!" Rosie said breaking the kiss.

Then she bit her lip, looking up at Laura with her biggest, and most erotic eyes Laura had ever seen.

"Stand up for me baby, it's your turn" Rosie said with a devious smile. She gently pushed Laura back against the glass wall.

While still on her knees, Rosie let her tongue dive into Laura's sweet pussy. Laura widened her legs giving the sexual dynamo full access. Rosie then began to suck mercilessly on Laura's clit, letting her tongue flick it up and down inside her warm mouth as she sucked in gentle pulses. The feeling was so strong at first that Laura's legs jerked uncontrollably with each flick of Rosie's tongue. Seconds later Laura took a hold of Rosie's hair, and gently pulled the dirty blond against her. Rosie moaned with delight, letting the vibrations pass to Laura's most sensitive area. Fuck, that feels good. Then Rosie began to insert her long middle finger back into Laura's waiting pussy.

"Oh, yes, just like that!" Laura begged as Rosie began to rub the front inner wall of Laura's vagina. Rosie wouldn't give up licking and sucking on Laura's clit, as she searched for her g-spot with her middle finger. It did not take her long to find it, and once she did, she started to make the "come here" gesture with her finger, pushing against Laura's button with each motion.

"Oh, shit!" Shouted Laura uncontrollably. "Yes, that's it! Oh, yes! yes!" she chanted as Rosie started shaking her head as fast as she could, letting the full width of her tongue rub Laura's clit side to side.

"Come for me baby." Rosie said into Laura's pussy, this time inserting both her forefinger and middle finger into Laura.

She began to thrust the two fingers in and out, each time aiming for Laura's spot.

"Faster, faster" Laura begged, "fuck me with your fingers! Suck... yes!", Rosie had already put her whole mouth over Laura's clit, and began to suck hard as her tongue inside rubbed the hood of Laura's clit up and down. Laura looked down at Rosie, watching her work between her legs, with her hair going everywhere, wet, and sexy as hell. She could feel a surge of energy building within her, as if a massive dam was about to break.

"I'm gonna cum!" She said under baited breath.

Rosie only moaned into her clit in approval, as Laura felt wave after wave of pleasure move up over her body.

"F..f...f...u...c...k...Ohhhhh!" Laura stuttered, as Rosie pulled her fingers out of her pussy, replacing them with her tongue.

Rosie furiously pushed and flicked her tongue up into her friend as far as she could, savoring the taste of the juices, as Laura's entire body shook above her. For a moment Laura felt as though she was going to feint, but Rosie instinctively held her upright with her left hand against her right breasts, and then helped her drift down to the floor of the shower with her, hugging her tightly. For a few minutes the two women stayed there on the floor of the shower, hugging and kissing one another as the steamy water rained from above rinsing away the last remnants of soap from their bodies.

"The hot water heater isn't broken is it?" asked Laura.

Rosie laughed, "No, it's not. I've wanted to taste you ever since you got here, so I had to come up with something."

"Well I'm glad you did", Laura giggled, and leaned in for another deep, tender kiss.


    After the ladies had finished taking a real shower, they dried each-other's hair, and picked out clothes for one another to change into. Rosie pulled out a bottle of champagne, and they shared it without glasses as they collapsed on the couch to chat. Laura laid back on Rosie as she played with her hair, occasionally taking a swig of the cheap champagne.

"So, I have to ask you..." said Rosie, "did you like what you saw last night?"

Laura was speechless, as her heart seemed to jump into her throat.

"It's ok you know, I wanted you to watch. Ben and I have been lovers for a while."

"Well," said Laura timidly, "Yes. I enjoyed it, very much."

"Did you masturbate watching us?"

"Yea, I kinda did," replied Laura, feeling her cheeks flush in embarrassment.

"Hmmm, good. I was hoping you would. So did you like the way my brother fucked me?"

"I guess so." Laura whispered.

"Would you like him to fuck you like that? I could arrange that for you, if you are interested."

Laura's heart jumped again, "He knows I was watching?"

"Oh, I didn't say that. But you see, I kind of have this fantasy; I've never gotten to watch him have sex with another woman, and I though you might help me make that happen."

The cogs in Laura's head began turning "So you want to swap places for a night?"

"Yes, exactly! We can do it tonight, if you want. We'll close the curtains, and Ben won't even know he's doing the wrong girl."

"Won't he be upset if he finds out?" asked Laura. That champaign must have been stronger than I thought. Am I actually considering this?

"Hell no, he'd probably like it, knowing him."

"How can you be so sure he'll want to do it with you tonight?" Asked Laura.

"Don't be silly! He wants to have sex with me every night, he is a guy you know. By leaving the door open I invite him, it's our secret signal." Laura blushed, realizing how she'd left her own door open the night before.

"Ok," said Laura, hardly believing her own words, "but how will I know what to say, or do, so he won't know it's me."

"That's the easy part, let me show you something" replied Rosie, as she got up and led Laura into her bedroom. Rosie opened her closet, and pulled out a duffel-bag, and threw it on the bed. As she unzipped the bag Laura was amazed to find that the thing was full of sex toys.

"Uhm, wow!" Laura chuckled as she stared at the bag, practically busting at the seams with every perversion she'd ever heard of, and a few things she couldn't even recognize.

"Hah, we'll save those for later" replied Rosie as she pulled out several pieces of rope. "This stuff is a little thick, but it's silky to the touch so it won't hurt you" she smiled. "All we have to do is tie you up to the bed. I've done it once or twice before. I'd tie myself up as best I could, and let Ben come in and do whatever he wanted to me. But tonight, it'll be you tied to the bed. That way you won't have to worry about doing anything for him, he'll do it all to you."

"How the hell did you tie yourself up?" Laura asked, genuinely curious.

"Three regular knots, and one slip knot for the last free hand." Rosie replied matter-of-factly.

    The girls continued to plot for some time, as Rosie shared a few things that Ben liked to hear in bed. When it came time for him to get off of work two girls stripped each-other playfully as the excitement began to build within them. Rosie tied Laura down to the bed, occasionally kissing her, teasing her. Laura's hand's and ankles were tied to the four corners of the bed with her laying sprawled out on her back.

"Now that, is a beautiful sight!" Rosie sighed, surveying her handiwork. "Maybe I should just play with you myself."

"Hey that's not fair!" Laura began to feel vulnerable with her body spread out, but at the same time her body was begging for the attention. Please do. Please play with me, do whatever you want to me.

    Rosie playfully pounced over Laura's naked body, hovering over her. The two girls locked in to each other's gazes. For the first time Laura examined Rosie's face up close, her perfectly shaped rosy lips flowed in to her lightly freckled cheeks, her adorable little nose, and her eyes. My god, those eyes. Laura stared deep into the depths of Rosie's hazel eyes, as if transfixed on a work of art in a gallery. Where most faces would have to choose an emotion, whether it be happiness, or sadness, Rosie's conveyed an entire world of emotion with a simple stare. Bliss, caring, adoration, longing, lust and maybe even love, just to name a few. As Rosie slowly began to move herself down the bed, letting her dangling nipples brush against Laura's with the delicacy and softness of a butterfly, she stayed locked in the intense stare into Laura's eyes.

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