tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLaura Gets Locked Out

Laura Gets Locked Out


Authors' note: Thanks to my editor Maxdname, whose help was immeasurable.


18 year old Laura started school at a small college on a soccer scholarship. Her parents didn't have the money to send her to school; without the full scholarship she would not be able to afford college. Problems started right away for the shy girl when one of her teammates Rebecca started harassing her. Rebecca was the star on the girls' team until Laura arrived and resented being shown up by a new girl. Laura was only five foot three with long flowing red hair and with her athletic frame she had a full set of C-cup breasts. Rebecca was a full head taller than the new girl and her long black hair and nasty demeanor was a stark contrast to the innocent Laura.

On the third day at school bashful Laura ended up in a big mess. Laura put on a bathrobe, placed her soap, shampoo and a few other things into a small basket and proceeded the dorm's shower. When Laura arrived Rebecca and two other girls from the team were just finishing their showers, wrapped up in towels staring into the mirrors fixing their make-up. Laura silently passed them hoping they wouldn't notice her.

Rebecca spotted her new adversary and spoke in a shrill voice, "If it isn't the coach's new pet."

Laura lowered her head, letting her hair cover most of her face and continued on to an open stall without saying anything.

Rebecca followed her to the shower stalls, "I was talking to you, bitch."

Laura replied, "I don't want any trouble Rebecca. Please leave me alone."

"You think you're so damn special because coach thinks you're better than me." Rebecca spat back.

Laura tried to defend herself. "I don't think that. We're both talented and you're a senior, so its not like she is going to make me captain or anything."

At this point the other two girls walked over to the stall, standing behind Rebecca with nasty looks on their faces. Laura started to get a bit scared so she slipped into the shower stall.

"I'm just going to take my shower." She closed the curtain before taking off her full-length bathrobe and hanging it on the hook just outside the shower stall.

The water started up and Rebecca whispered to the other two, "I'm going to teach this bitch a lesson. She's going to learn who's in charge around here."

Knowing Laura could not see her with the curtain closed, Rebecca grabbed Laura's robe and the three of them took off.

Laura finished up the shower and reached out to get her bathrobe. Panic swelled within her when she realized it was gone. She looked out from behind the curtain hoping it just fell to the ground. Seeing the robe was missing, it struck her that Rebecca stole it and she's have to walk back to her room naked. Her room was half-way down the hall. Even though this floor of the dorm was all female, the idea of going out there without anything on scared Laura. She was a shy person, never one to wear revealing clothes or skimpy bikinis. It took her several moments to calm down enough to step out of the shower stall even though the room was empty except for Laura. She inched open the door and saw no one in the hallway.

Laura crept out of the shower room holding one arm over her supple breasts and the other placed between her legs covering her pussy. Dripping wet, she made her way slowly down the hall not wanting anyone to hear. Walking past the first door she started to hold her breath as if anyone saw her like this she would die of embarrassment. Laura was most of the way to her room and began to think she'd make it back when a nearby door swung open.

She heard a voice shout from behind, "Where's your robe?"

Laura screamed in reaction and spun around to see Rebecca and the other two girls. Laura froze in fear at first not knowing what to do. Other girls came out from their rooms wondering what the screaming was about. Laura began to panic and took off running towards her room still trying to cover herself with her arms.

She got to her own door just a few seconds later but there were already several people in the hallway watching Laura's completely exposed body. Laura could hear Rebecca laughing. Laura made it to her room, grabbed the door handle only to realize she locked herself out. The nightmare continued as now she was naked, dripping wet with a dozen onlookers staring at her. Laura was facing the door to her room not knowing what else to do in a vain attempt to hide from this humiliation but all it did was show everyone the red head's tight ass.

Rebecca walked over to Laura to gloat. Approaching the unclothed girl she whispered so only Laura could hear, "Now you know who's in charge."

Rebecca brought her hand down on Laura's exposed butt with a hard slap. The pain surged though her body and immediately her ass was a red as her face.

Laura spun around in shock from the spanking. She instinctively grabbed her hurt bottom now giving everyone a full view of her full breasts and neatly trimmed bush.

Laura took off through the growing crowd towards the Student Advisor's room at the other end of the hall hoping Dana, the dorm floor advisor, would be able to open her locked door, or at least be able to hide in Dana's room until the girls left.

By the time she reached Dana's room everyone was laughing at her situation. Laura knocked furiously on the door. When it opened Laura was ready to rush in, slam the door behind her and end this embarrassment but instead she looked up to see six foot two dark haired Mikey. He was the student advisor for the men's on the first floor.

"Oh my God!" Laura shouted out in shock.

Quickly gaining her senses she tried to cover her naked body as best as possible.

Mikey looked down at the beautiful woman in front of him in disbelief, "What's going on?"

"Where is Dana?" Laura asked in surprise.

"She had an early class so she asked me to cover this floor until she got back. There is supposed to be an advisor on each floor at all times. I had my roommate cover my floor and came up here." Mikey explained. "Is there a reason why you're naked?"

"Someone stole my bathrobe and I'm locked out of my room. Can you go open it for me please?"

Mikey tried to ignore his growing erection, but it was difficult with Laura standing inches away from him. He kept starting at her C-cup breasts only being covered by her slender arms. Laura pushing against them, while covering her nipples, only made them stand out more, like a push-up bra.

"I don't have the key. I'll have to go get the custodian to open it." He told her.

"Can I wait in Dana's room til you get back?" the naked co-ed pleaded.

"I can't let you in, it's not my room."

"But I'm naked!"

"I can see that. I'll hurry."

Mikey took off slowly pushing past Laura. He took one long look at her and left down the stairwell for the custodian's office.

Rebecca came over to her victim after Mikey disappeared. "Seems you can't catch a break can you?" she sneered. Laura stood with her back to Dana's door still covering herself as best she could.

One of the other girls shouted out, "We should get a camera!"

Laura screamed out in response, "NO!"

Rebecca, seeing the opportunity ridiculed poor Laura. "Oh, that'd be great. Naked pictures of you all over school. You'd be off the team by the end of the week."

Laura started sobbing. She was naked in a hallway, surrounded by a dozen other girls mocking her plight and she was about to have the whole scene caught on film. The whole school would know. Her humiliation would never end if that happened.

Rebecca said snobbishly, "I'll give you a choice. We won't take any pictures if you run the Gauntlet."

"What's that?" Laura asked in a frightened tone.

"It is something we make the new girls in my sorority do. We'll all line up and you just have you walk to your door."

"That's it?" replied quizzically.

Laura didn't believe Rebecca was going to let her off so easily after doing all this to her.

"Almost. When you walk past each of us gets to smack your ass as hard as we can. It's either that or we start taking pictures."

Laura knew she had no choice. Ten girls quickly lined up on either side of the hallway. Rebecca walked down to the other end, wanting to give the final slap. Laura stood in the middle of the hall shivering from cold and fear. Rebecca told her to put her hands on top of her head and start walking.

Laura slowly moved her arms away from her privates, revealing once more herself to everyone. Her pink nipples stood erect on her firm breasts and her legs were clasped together but her trimmed red bush was in plain sight.

Laura began walking. Approaching the first girl she closed her eyes in fearful anticipation. WHACK! The hand came down over her defenseless ass, wincing from the pain she kept going. WHACK! She cried out after that one, "OW!" The next was just as brutal. Already her butt was bright red from the abuse.

The next two laughed after their turns. WHACK! WHACK! After the fifth smack Laura's knees buckled and she fell to the floor.

She looked up with tears in her eyes from the pain. "Rebecca, I can't do this."

Gleefully Rebecca told her, "OK. The camera it is!"

She started to turn to go find one.

"No, wait, please." Laura pleaded. "I'll finish it, just promise no one else knows about this."

Laura stood back up, again putting her hands on top of her head. She was only halfway through but she had a hard time walking from the intense pain. With tears in her eyes, she endured the next few girls beatings by biting her lip, not wanting to give Rebecca any more pleasure by crying out again.

Another girl at the end of the line spoke out, "Turn her around. I want to see how we're doing."

Laura felt completely helpless as two girls grabbed her by the arms and spun her the other way showing her unprotected rear to the others. Laura's ass was already starting to turn purple. Her tormentors smiled, spinning her back around and shoving her towards the next spanking. WHACK!

When the tenth girl took her turn--SLAP--again Laura started to stumble from the agony but caught herself this time. She only had one final spanking to endure. Rebecca's.

Rebecca looked Laura in the eyes, taking in all the suffering and humiliation she put the new girl through. Rebecca wanted to show her dominance and she had. Rebecca reared back and brought her hand down. SMACK!! The slap echoed throughout the hall. Laura collapsed onto the floor. She fell onto her hands and knees giving everyone a perfect show of her now dark purple ass. Laura buried her face into her hands, sobbing while the girls all laughed for a while before going into their own rooms.

Laura continued to lay there with her ass in the air when Mikey and the custodian returned. She was unintentionally giving them a full show of not only her severely beaten rear but her full pussy lips as well.

Mikey went up to her asking, "What the hell happened?"

Laura didn't hear them approach and was startled. She turned over sitting on her butt. Immediately the pain shot through Laura and she jumped up, her tits jiggling in display for the two men.

"Don't ask, please just open the door" she cried.

The custodian was a black man in his late 50's with white hair. He stared at the co-ed, slowly walking his eyes down her naked body. Her arms hung at her side, forgetting any sense of decency. The old man watched as her chest heaved in and out. Looking down to her most private of areas, a thousand dirty thoughts ran through his mind. Laura felt his eyes all over her and tried covering herself again.

"Do you mind?" she said after what seemed like minutes of his leering at her.

The custodian walked past the still shivering girl and unlocked her door with the master key. Laura dashed past him and Mikey, slamming her door behind her. She threw herself onto the bed crying once more. She was glad that this was finally over but had no idea how she could ever face anyone again after the most degrading and painful experience of her life.

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