tagBDSMLaura's Bunny Ch. 01

Laura's Bunny Ch. 01


John got up every morning at 5:30 to run. He never drank soda; he kept sugar out of his diet and he would eat his vegetables raw whenever he had the chance. He wasn't a health nut really; he just wanted to care for his body and make it last. He was 5 ft 10 wearing shoes and 165 lbs. At 36 years of age he still looked in his upper 20's. John's life was mundane. He had a house, wife, two kids and a bit of an addiction he really couldn't hide.

The Internet was always fun and even when it wasn't it was better than his life. John loved his wife, at least he thought so, and his kids but Chat rooms and forums really made his day. Other people seemed to lead better lives and even if they didn't, they faked better lives. John loved to talk and post and look at others lives through their pictures. Sometimes, when no one was home, he would cyber. He would talk to women, he even tried it with a man once but he really couldn't so he closed the window quickly and didn't go back to that chat room for days.

John loved women, the way they talked, the way they giggled. Even the way they seemed to write was so different. His cybering skills weren't legend but women were always glad to see him back in the chat room. John wasn't pushy, he was sweet. He could be flattering but sincere. He loved to make a woman laugh. That's what John was doing today. With the wife and kiddies out he was chatting with a woman. Making her laugh with silly jokes and paying attention to her.

"I like you, John." She typed "Would you really eat the banana right out of me?"

John could be inventive in cyber because you never had to really do it. But looking at this lady's profile pic eating the banana would be fun.

"Laura, once I got that banana out, I'd have to work on those nipples of yours and fill the hole so that evil banana couldn't get back in." he typed back.

"Hmm, I might let you do that, if you're a good boy. Is that really your pic?" she typed again.

"Yeah, that's me :D " John responded with a smile.

"You look good hun. Real good for 36." Laura typed.

John heard the front door open and quickly he minimized the screen, and when he heard his wife he closed it.

"Hey," she said, "still at that PC?"

"I was getting updates done." He lied.

"Well the kids are at my mom's I'm off to take a nap." His wife kissed his cheek.

"OK hun." John heard her go up the steps and he reconnected to the chat server.

'Whew, that was close' he thought. He perused the rooms to find where he was or maybe a different one when he got an IM. It was Laura.

"What the hell?" she asked.

"Sorry, complications here." He replied.

"Really, wife come in, did she?"

"Was a close one." He admitted to her.

"You married guys, god, grow a pair and just tell 'em you're cyber fucking."

"OH YEAH, that would work." John typed

"LoL" Laura typed back. "Any days she'll be gone for most of it? I can clear my schedule and we could have some real fun."

John could not believe what he just read, a woman wanted to plan a chat date. "In a few days she has to go out of town, I could get the kids to Grandma's" he typed quickly.

"mmm, sounds good hun. I'll talk to you tomorrow and we can Iron out details. Bye for now." Laura signed off.

'Oh my God' John thought, 'I got a cyber date'. Looking at the clock he decided to get some dinner going.

Sunday came and John stayed logged in, hoping Laura would make an appearance. It wasn't till 3pm she finally showed up in the lobby.

"Hi Laura" John IM'd her after a few minutes of letting her get settled in the room.

"Well hey, sweetie. Did you wait all day?" Laura teased

"Nah, just since seven am LoL", John sent back.

"So, when will she be gone?"

"She goes out of town tomorrow afternoon and I can have the kids to Grandma's and be back by six." John wrote back

"Wow, I can tell you're really excited hun. Is this getting you horny? LOL when will she be back?" Laura asked.

"The next day. We could go all night, Lady."

"Mmm, I'm looking forward to it." She responded.

"Do you maybe want to play now?" John hoped.

"Let's save it, sweetie, for tomorrow." Laura said "OK, I'll see you then 6 o'clock"

"You bet, later, hun" and Laura signed off.

Monday came and John had the kids off to grandma's. The PC was on and ready. He wore his most comfortable baggy sweats. He smiled with anticipation of what was to come. And the door bell rang.

"Aarrgh" he growled and then answered it. "Yes" There stood a tall, thick bodied blonde with shoulder length hair and a long, open, red leather trench coat with jeans.

"Hi, John." She said like she knew him. "Are you going to ask me in?

John was confused and looked it. "Do I know you?"

She gave a broad smile. "I would hope so, I'm Laura."

It took a second to sink in but John finally made the connection. "W, why are you here?"

Laura had enough of standing on the porch and pushed past the shorter man, and then standing in his living room began to remove her coat. "I'm here to play John." She said matter of factly. "We were going to play tonight."

"How did you find me?" His face was still in surprise.

"John" she began to explain. "Amazingly enough, we live in the same town and when I saw your profile pic I said to myself 'I know THAT guy'" Laura smiled "and I do. I see you at the grocery store all the time. Now it took a little work but your face is also in the Chamber of Commerce photo and when I found that I had a name, then an address." Laura looked very pleased describing her detective work.

John closed the door and looked sideways at her, trying to understand her angle. "So you're going to black mail me or something"

Laura's smile turned into a frown "No, I just came to play and get a bit of that tasty body. You are not being very hospitable, Johnny." She scolded.

"I...I'm sorry." He stammered "I never thought I'd see you here. I thought we were going to..." He indicated the PC in the corner "You know."

Laura smiled and slowly began walking toward him. "But don't you get tired of that thing. Just talking about what you would do. Baby, I am right here" she said with arms spread. She stepped closer. "No screens between us now." She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard, pressing her big boobs into him.

John's mind was racing 'Oh my God, Jill will kill me' he thought. But he could feel Laura's hard nipples press into his chest. 'God she's like a Valkyrie', he had to look up at her. Suddenly Laura broke the kiss.

"Come on Johnny, I don't have all night." And she began unbuttoning her shirt while John stood there watching. When she whipped it off John could see the fullness of her breasts spilling out of a too tight bra. He had seen them in her profile but now, now they were in his living room. Laura unbuttoned the faded blue jeans and pushed them slowly down her wide hips to reveal no panties.

John swallowed. 'Maybe it was a trap. Maybe his wife knew about his cybering." He looked and in the bare spot of her groin on the left side of the racing stripe that was her pussy hair there was a deep red heart shaped tattoo. 'Oh my god, it is Laura' he knew now. He had seen it in her profile pic.

Laura pulled his unresisting body to hers and she kissed him again, running her hands up and down his sides. John slowly started to respond. "Do you know what I want to do?" she said face to face with him.

John just shook his head.

"I brought a banana" Laura smiled wickedly. "Let's play get the banana" ,She pulled john along and sat at the edge of his couch cushion and spread her legs wide. John stared as she splayed open her pussy lips and reaching for her coat pulled a slightly green banana from its pocket. Slowly she peeled it. "Get down and look, silly" she told him "Watching it go in might be as good as getting it out." John knelt down, his eyes now level with her moist opening and slowly she pushed the peeled banana into her pussy. Bit by bit it entered her till just the tip poked out and then she popped that in too. Leaning forward she reached for his head and yanked him down to her crotch. "Get the banana Johnny." And she held him to her pussy. John put his tongue out and slithered it up into her hot hole. He probed with it and found the edge of the banana. "Get it baby."Laura encouraged, up on one elbow and her other hand still at the back of his head. "Get the banana out." John had his tongue as deep as it could go and all he could do was touch the banana with it, how could he get it out. "Suck it Johnny, suck my pussy" Laura yelled.

John planted his lips firmly over her entire twat and he began to suck. He sucked hard pulling his cheeks in, pulsating the pressure. Suck, release, suck, release, and finally he sucked as hard as he could. He could feel the tip of the banana with his teeth, carefully he got hold of it, trying to not bit it through, and he pulled more of it out.

Laura smiled, she could feel his progress. "Eat it baby! Come on Johnny, eat the banana." And he did. As he pulled more and more out he took it into his mouth and chewed the pussy juice drenched fruit. He ate it all from her slot, until it was gone. Laura looked down at John between her legs. "That was good baby but you know you're not done."

"Oh?" John looked at her.

"I didn't come yet Johnny, get back in there." She didn't need to hold his head this time, John dove in and she laid back and purred under his mouth work.

John slide two fingers inside her while sucking gently on her clit. The thought that he was cheating on his wife crossed his mind but it also just kept on walking. He licked her juices from his fingers and put them right back in, while Laura would moan and give him direction.

"Mmmmm", she purred loudly after the last come and sat up. "Come here baby" and with one hand she freed a tit from her bra and the other guided him in to suckle her nipple. "Good boy." She smiled and reaching down she got her hand in his baggy sweat pants and found a raging hard on. 'Not too big but not too small' she thought to herself and began to slowly fist his cock, occasionally squeezing it hard just to see that he was paying attention. John in the meantime was in tittie heaven. He had pushed his face between them and was licking her cleavage and around her big melons.

"You like that don't' you Johnny." She held his head again. He just nodded with tit in his mouth. "Finger my pussy Johnny and we can cum together." She said.

Now he left her breast, "Can't I fuck you?" he sounded so disappointed.

"Not this time sweetie." She spit in her palm and went back into his sweats. "This is punishment for not being ready for me. Besides, a hand job was all you were planning on anyway." She laughed.

He couldn't argue with her and her hand felt so much better than his own. He pushed two fingers in her slit and curled them up to rub her g spot. He actually knew where it was and he could tell when he found it. Laura threw her head back and moaned loud, almost growled. She wasn't there yet but she was close. John's own orgasm was building and when she started talking dirty it all accelerated.

"You're gonna cum for me aren't you Johnny. We're gonna fill those sweats with Jizz huh, baby? Tell me you love it, boy."

"God yes, jerk me off Laura. Oh God!"

"Say please, Baby." Laura grinned, knowing she had control.

"Please make me cum, Laura."

"As soon as I cum Johnny, so do you. Now faster baby faster." She encouraged him.

John's fingers were a blur as they pistoned inside her, trying desperately to make her cum. He could feel it, her walls were closing in, and her pussy was clenching his fingers.

"Please cum" he begged.

Laura screamed, filling the house and she shuddered. John watched in wonder as she got off. She smiled at him as her cum subsided and she fisted his cock faster. "Almost there, almost there." She coxed him. Until finally he blew it all. His dick shot its wad right into his sweat pants and Laura kept milking. "Good boy, good boy" She kept saying.

John had pulled his sweats off and now sat on the floor. Laura reached for her shirt and slipped it on.

"You don't have to go." John watched her put her clothes back on.

Laura smiled down at him. "That was enough for me hun. I got other things to do. Hand me my pants Johnny."

He passed them up to her. "No one calls me that, 'Johnny'." He pointed out.

She smiled down at him as she zipped up. "I'll be the only one then, huh?" Laura found her coat. "Come give me a kiss goodbye, hun."

John stood up "Are we going to do this again?" he asked hopefully.

She put her arms over his shoulders as he was shorter. "I don't know. Do you want to?" she teased.

"Yes please." He smiled like a little boy.

"Well next time, you will be more prepared for me won't you?" she looked down her nose at him.

"Oh yes, I'll be ready." He promised

Laura patted his cheek and then kissed him. "Good boy" then walked to the door. "See ya, Johnny."

John looked around the room. This was reality. 'I just had sex with a virtual stranger in my house' he smiled wide.

The next day, Tuesday, John logged into the chat server the moment he got home, waiting for anything. Laura never showed. 'Dammit' he said under his breath. But he went to bed and snuggled to his wife who was already sound asleep. Wednesday went the same way. It was usually his big chat day since the wife and kids went to church but he just sat there monitoring, hoping the thick Viking looking woman would show. On Thursday he started to wonder if it had truly happened. John got up for a glass of wine. He only had a small glass a day, for digestive health but he filled the goblet this time. He sat and drank a big gulp and her "IM" popped up on the screen.

"Hi Johnny" it said.

"HI, I missed you" he typed frantically "been busy?" he fished for an explanation.

"I was actually out of town for a few days." Laura replied.

"Oh" John smiled on his end; it wasn't something he did then. "I hope it wasn't something bad."

"No, just some business, hun." She typed. "So you missed me, huh?"

"Yeah, I wanted to talk about Monday night." He typed.

"Oh, are you regretting it?" she asked.

"No, God no. I loved it." He put in quickly.

"So, what's wrong?"

"I want to do it again." John typed.

"LoL I told you we would. God, you're so eager." She put up.

"Sorry" he quickly typed 'God I'm looking like a horn dog' he thought.

"It's ok hun. It's flattering." She soothed him. "I'm free Saturday if your wife will be gone again." She offered.

"She won't be gone. Couldn't we go to your place?" John asked.

"NO" was all she replied.

John didn't feel it was fair. She knew where he lived and who he was; he still didn't know who she truly was. He couldn't place her.

"How about a motel?" he offered. "Out by the highway."

"That works but does your wife see the credit card statement?" Laura cautioned him "You give me cash, I'll get the room."

"OK, Saturday. What time?" John was excited by the prospect of sex again with Laura.

"Noon, but I have a condition." Laura typed.

"What?" John was a little leery but curious . "I get you till at least 8 o'clock. Can you handle 8 hours of me, Johnny?" she challenged.

John smiled on his end. '8 hours wouldn't be enough' he thought. "It's a deal."

"See you then hun." And Laura logged off.

John had to wait 2 days. He had sex with his wife Friday night and it was hot...because he was thinking of Laura. But Saturday finally rolled around.

It was noon and he was standing in the parking lot next to his car. 'She never gave a room number' He had a feeling this was bullshit. Suddenly a green Jeep Wrangler pulled up next to him and the passenger door flew open.

"Get In." Laura commanded.

John climbed in and she speed through the parking lot, going all the way to the back of the motel.

She looked over at him. "I need 60 bucks for the room Johnny." She reminded.

"Oh yeah," he reached for his wallet and handed her the cash.

"Now, remember our deal, I get you till 8 o'clock."

"Absolutely." He smiled at her.

"Then give me your cell phone." Laura held out her hand.

John was about to protest.

"No distractions, Johnny. Just you and me."

John couldn't argue with that and handed it over. Laura tossed it in the center console and closed the lid.

"OK baby, let's go."

Inside the room, Laura locked the door, cranked the heat up and made sure the curtains were closed. She tossed her leather coat to a chair and had a small overnight bag. John had nothing, just a few condoms in his pocket. She turned and looked at him.

"Come here, baby, let's get those pants off" she smiled at him.

'God, she so aggressive' John thought, 'I love it' and he moved to her. Laura undid the button of his jeans and then kissed him. She shoved her hands down the back of his pants and squeezed his hard ass.

"I love this butt, Johnny. I can tell you're a runner." She shoved his pants down. "You know what I want?" she smiled at him.

"Did you bring another banana?" John smiled back.

She threw her head back and laughed heartily. "I should have but no. Get that underwear off and get on that bed."

"Yes Ma'am" John responded and yanked his sweatshirt off and then his whitey tighties and lay in the middle of the bed.

Laura started to remove her shirt, opening it up to that same undersized bra. "Don't you dare look away Johnny." She smiled. Then she pushed her jeans to the floor and rolled her panties down. "Do you like pussy Johnny?" she teased again putting a leg on the bed so he could see her glistening slit.

"Yes I do" he responded, his eyes glued to her pussy.

"You said 'Yes Ma'am' before. Say that for me, Johnny."

"Yes Ma'am. I love pussy." He responded.

"Do you love MY pussy, Johnny?" she thrust her hips and wiggled it in his view.

"Oh yes Ma'am"

"Good boy" and she climbed up on top of him thrusting her bottom and opening slit to his face. "Show me you love it Johnny."

John started to reach for her ass and bring his face to her.

"No, no don't touch. Just mouth, baby", and Laura used her legs to pin John's outstretched arms to the bed. And slowly let her pussy fall to his face.

John began to lap it, it was millimeters from his lips and he ran his tongue up and down her wet slit. His nose was buried in her asshole. Laura settled in, wiggling her bottom to taunt him more. John licked it and inside it, shoving his tongue as far as he could. Laura teased his hard cock by taking off her bra and letting her tits sway and rub against it, not too much pressure, just a tease.

John was loving the taste of this Viking goddess and it was killing him not to have his hands. He wanted to hold her round ass, to squeeze it, to rub it. He could feel her soft tits rub around his cockhead. It was driving him insane.

"Please Ma'am, suck on my cock." He mumbled from under her.

"OH Johnny, I love how you said please." Laura spun around on him. His cock now rubbed her pussy lips but she didn't let him enter. She hotly kissed his lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and holding his face in her hands. She held that kiss and tongue danced with him till they were both gasping for breath. "Baby, you do everything I ask and I will suck that cock all the way down, deal?" she looked at him wickedly.

John was in a daze, no woman had ever sexed him up like this. "Yes Ma'am", was all he could say.

"Good boy." Laura smiled at him and climbed off and went for her overnight bag. "Come here, baby." She said with her ass to him looking in the bag.

John got up and went to her, wondering what was next but sure he was going to love it. Laura turned around and slapped cuffs on one wrist and quickly grabbing the other cuffed them both. "Mmm, now you're mine, baby."

"HEY, What the..." he began.

But Laura put a finger to his lips "You promised Johnny." She smiled at him. "You'll love it I swear." She took him over to the bathroom door and tossed a flat hook over it and closed the door. Then being taller she easily put the chain of the cuffs over the hook, leaving John hanging helpless with his feet barely on the ground. John was getting worried but the big blonde rubbed up behind him, pressing him onto the door and then nibbling on his ear. "Don't worry Johnny" she whispered in his ear. "I won't hurt this body. Trust me baby."

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