Laura's Demise


The meeting began quietly enough. The men watched Laura's PowerPoint presentation and listened attentively to her description of the current market conditions and how it affected them. Unfortunately, one of Malcolm's buddies—an MBA that taught accounting on the side—questioned a figure that Laura was using.

"That number assumes a five percent growth in the gross domestic product," Laura assured him.

"You should run for president," the man said. "Quite a promise considering this country has never achieved that rate, let alone sustained it."

"Certainly you don't foresee this downturn lasting much longer, do you?" Laura countered.

"I do," he said. "And go back one slide."

Laura brought up the slide in question. The man held his iPhone in front of him, comparing numbers.

"You said that the earnings for these five companies was a combined twenty three billion dollars," he said. "I believe the real number is closer to six hundred and fifty MILLION dollars, with only one of them turning a profit. Can you explain that difference, Laura."

Laura was a master at never looking flustered. It was born from many, many TV interviews. She responded quickly, "Those are likely write-offs that don't reflect the real income of the companies."

"So we should ignore modern accounting procedures," the man asked in the form of a statement.

"A disaster like what BP faced in the Gulf doesn't accurately reflect the overall value of the company," Laura answered.

She saw the skepticism on every face in the room.

Another man inquired: "If we withdrew our funds today, what would they be worth?"

"You have varying portfolios," Laura said. "It would differ investor to investor."

"In percentages," another man said. "Estimates will do."

"I'd have to calculate that individually."

The oldest gentleman, a man in his late fifties, spoke for the first time: "I have serious concerns, Laura. I think some proof of our continued trust in you is warranted. Are you prepared to offer that today, and in what form?"

"Let me finish the slideshow and...," she began to say.

One of Malcolm's friends stood up and strode towards her.

"No, Laura. That won't be necessary. Adam requested proof, not more slides."

This time, with a rather large man hovering over her, it was impossible for Laura to hide her trepidation. He sensed her fear.

"What are you hiding from us, Laura?" he asked, standing close enough to force her to unconsciously lean back.

"Nothing," she insisted.

He took a step forward, causing her to step back, her hand on the edge of the table for support.

"Every man in this room has been lied to in their careers," he said. "Each of us has succeeded by dealing with liars in a very definitive manner. We don't like liars. We rid our staffs of liars. Do you understand, Laura?"

"Nothing I've told you is untrue," she claimed.

"Then answer Adam's question truthfully. Are you prepared to offer proof that we can trust you, Laura?"

Her back was against the screen. Half of her face was lit up by the light from the projector. Her already alarmed expression took on an eerie appearance.

"Yes," she managed to say.

"Show me."

"Let me bring up the numbers from..."

"No," the man said roughly. "No more numbers. We want proof we can trust you."

Every eye in the room was on her. Laura realized there was no escaping. It was only a matter of how much she'd have to do to keep them as customers, at least temporarily. She could see the men growing more impatient. Finally, a second friend of Malcolm moved to her side.

He said, "I believed a woman like you would do anything to keep clients like us. Don't disappoint me."

"I'm a professional and I..."

"You're a whore," the first man interrupted. "And I'll prove it."

He took hold of the shoulder straps of Laura's dress and yanked them onto the top of her arms. Thin bra straps remained in place. Then he jerked the straps lower until the dress hung at Laura's waist. The tiny, white bra barely covered her nipples. Her cleavage, already visible even with the dress in place, was now in full view.

The man's hands engulfed the bra and her tits. There wasn't a sound in the room except for Laura's occasional gasp.

"Take it off," the man ordered.

"Not here. Please," Laura pleaded.

"It's all about trust, Laura."

She reluctantly reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She held it in place as the straps fell down. A couple seconds later, Laura slowly let the bra fall into her hand.

The perfect breasts surprised even the most experienced of the men. Some had trophy wives. Some had trophy mistresses. None of them had seen anything like Laura and she was only topless.

"Good start," the man giving the orders said. "Now get naked."

They gave her room and Laura began the unpleasant process of removing her dress and shoes, followed by her bikini panties. In less than a minute, she stood naked in front of them all.

A dozen cocks responded simultaneously.

"Turn around," she was told.

Laura's ass was displayed to the mainly silent group. Every subtle curve was inspected, and re-examined.

"Now, my dear," the man closest to her said. "We will determine just how committed you are to serving us fairly and truthfully. You will submit to the demand of everyone in this room without question. When it's over, we'll decide as a group whether to continue our relationship with you...or whether we feel it's necessary to bring in an auditor."

He told the others to clear the chairs away from one side of the table. With nearly one half of the room now an open space, Laura was led into the center. The man who just spoke opened his pants and pulled out his cock.

"Bend over and start sucking," he said.

Laura's suspicion of why he gave the order were confirmed when a pair of hands were quickly on her hips and a second cock was rubbing against her ass. She took one cock in her mouth and waited for the other.

"Spread your legs, sweetheart."

She obeyed and she felt a cock at the entrance to her cunt. The only thing that kept her from squealing when it violently entered her was the thick cock between her lips. A pair of hands began to fondle her tits and Laura lost track of who was where. Somebody spanked her ass while her head was pulled closer to the man in front of her, until his cock hit the back of her throat.

Laura heard and saw men, out of the corner of her eye, beginning to move about the room in various stages of undress. If a cock wasn't already hard, it was being stroked. The two inside her were definitely hard, especially the one being driven into her cunt with a loud smack each time the man pushed against her ass.

Her nipples were tugged and twisted. Her clit was rubbed. Laura would never last the entire session without cumming if they continued to play with her in this way. Maybe it's what they wanted. It was all out of her control.

The man fucking her mouth seemed to be the closest to cumming. Laura could taste his sweet precum as his cock slid in and out across her tongue and lips. His audible groans and murmurings indicated it wouldn't take long for him to finish and Laura prepared herself.

Then, the first of what was certainly going to be a succession of orgasms by the men erupted in Laura's mouth. The first two blasts of cum she had to swallow. But after that, the man pulled out, masturbated directly in front of her face, and deposited several more shots on her chin, neck and tits to the delight of the others.

He had Laura lick him clean. That's when the second climax began from behind. She felt his hands firmly on her hips at the same time that his cock began to pour load after load into her cunt. Laura steadied herself by grabbing the edge of the conference table until he was done and she felt the huge cock pull out of her.

If she thought she would have time to rest or recover, she was wrong. Almost immediately, she was told to climb onto the table. Somebody gripped her ankles and pulled her down until her ass was right at the edge. The older man who questioned her earlier was standing between her legs, his erection poised to enter her. Then he was fucking her.

Another man leaned over and began sucking on her tit. Some of the original cum was still lingering in the area, but Laura was about to find out that was only the beginning. Those men who chose not to wait for their turn at her pussy took turns assaulting her tits and masturbating at the side of the table.

One by one they came in torrents, leaving streams of semen across both tits and a pool of cum on her chest and stomach. It was towards the beginning of the third man who fucked her that Laura lost control of her own body. Her fingers clutched at the corner of the table as her orgasm built to a peak, exploded, and seemed to go on forever. Her shrieks were unmistakable and the men urged her on. Her clit was massaged and her nipples were tugged on, bringing on a non-stop string of orgasms.

Two more men had her even after Laura was done cumming. They may not have felt any more secure about their investments, but they were satisfied that they had her attention.


A month passed and Laura realized the bottom had fallen out of her scheme and there was no easy, legal means of recovering the money lost in all the accounts. Yes, if an investor was inclined to wait five to ten years for the economy to fully recover, they would be fine. But these men were going to want to do other things with their money besides watch it sit.

Laura couldn't wait for the hammer to fall or she would either be in jail or dead. It was desperation time.

She needed an immediate, huge influx of assets, the sources of which could be counted on one hand. The source she knew best? Malcolm.

"Rumor has it you've been struggling?" Malcolm said, leaning back in his chair with the speaker phone on.

"I wouldn't call it struggling," Laura replied. "More like a short term slump. Hardly one that required you to send that thug to my hotel room."

She had despised the thought of calling him, but hard times meant having to make hard choices.

"Zach was just a warning. He didn't harm you, I hope?"

Laura laughed mockingly. "Oh, no. Not at all. It was the other two assholes that did that."

"I'm sure you did nothing to provoke them earlier," Malcolm told her. "You would never tease a man, would you? Or manipulate them to get a few billion dollars and then leave them hanging?"

"I don't have your guys' money. That's the problem, Malcolm," Laura whined. "I need a quick infusion to cover this recession, just in case they cash in. You know how it is. I'll pay it back with interest."

"Yes. It's the interest I wanted to talk about," Malcolm said. "Rates are high these days. You know how it is."

Laura winced. She considered hanging up, but thought better of it. She had dug her own grave and now she was relying on the devil himself to save her.

"Alright, Malcolm. Name your price," Laura finally declared.

Malcolm leaned forward, excited about the prospects of one last exploitation of his adversary turned beggar.

"Thursday night, I want you to go to 123 West Oak Street," he said. "You'll see an elevator. Take it to the top floor. I'll meet you there."

Laura repeated back the address. "What time?"

"Eight. Oh, and dress casually. It's just us."

Laura sneered. "I'll be there. Keep your hired help away or there's no deal."

"Promise," Malcolm said.


From the outside, 123 West Oak Street looked like a warehouse amid an entire block of warehouses. Parking spaces on the street were sparse despite the lack of any other pedestrian traffic besides Laura. Upon approaching the front door, she tried the doorknob and the door opened without effort.

Laura entered the immense empty space, bathed in near total darkness. The only light was above a closed elevator door on the opposite end of the room. Her shoes echoed with each step. As her eyes adjusted, Laura could make out the steel beams along the high ceiling. No other furniture or structures existed except walls. Not even windows.

She reached the elevator and hit the up button. Instantly, the doors opened. She stepped in and pressed the button for the fourth floor—the top floor. The doors closed and the elevator began to sink.


But Laura's surprised yelp and repeated pressing of the fourth floor button did not prevent the elevator from slowly descending. It seemed to go one floor at the most before jolting to a stop. With a loud creak, the door opened.

The space outside the elevator that Laura stepped into was just as stark as the floor above, but much smaller and slightly brighter.

"Good evening, ma'am. We've been expecting you."

Laura spun around to face the man with the deep, elegant voice. He wore a tuxedo and appeared to be in his mid to late forties.

"Who are you? Why did the elevator bring me down here?" Laura asked anxiously.

"Do not be alarmed, ma'am. My name is Arnold. I'll be escorting you tonight."

"Where's Malcolm? I'm here to meet Malcolm," Laura insisted.

"You will see him soon enough. Shall we go now?"

Arnold lightly touched Laura's elbow and led her into a narrow hallway. She could barely make out what looked like light shining above and below a closed door to her left, about halfway down the hall. They were silently heading in that direction.

"We're here, ma'am," Arnold said. "Have a pleasant evening."

Arnold opened the door and Laura was struck by the intense brightness of the light. Arnold gently nudged her through the door and closed it behind her. Laura attempted to shield her eyes and make out anything in front of her. The best she could make out was that she stood on a wide stage and, perhaps, there were tables and chairs in the large space in front of the stage. Were there people in the chairs? The lights were simply too overwhelming to tell.

Then she began to notice the various items on the stage itself: a padded bench; a locker; a chair.

As Laura began to turn, the door behind her opened once more and two people—a man and a woman—emerged. Quiet applause rose from the area in front of the stage. Laura's head spun from the multitude of thoughts flowing through it.

The woman wore a tight leather bustier with garter straps and matching leather panties. Black silk stocking rose to the top of her thighs. She was about thirty, dark haired, tall, and very attractive. A quick glance at her body convinced Laura she was well endowed in all areas. The man was about the same age and dressed in a bathrobe. He, too, was fairly handsome with a dark goatee.

Without uttering a word, the woman approached Laura and slowly circled her, never taking her eyes off Laura's body. As directed by Malcolm, Laura was dressed casually: jeans and a comfortable top.

"What is this?" Laura finally said.

The woman slapped Laura loud enough for the sound to echo on the stage.


"You will not speak until told to," the woman demanded. "You MUST remain quiet."

"I want somebody to...," Laura said.

The slap that followed was harder than before. Laura put her hand on the part of her face that had taken the blow and glared into the eyes of her attacker.

"Silence!" the woman said forcefully.

Laura watched the woman move behind her.

"You will call me Adrianna from this point forward. And only when you are spoken to," she said. "Any further outbursts will have dire consequences."

Laura attempted one more time to make out shapes beyond the blinding lights. It was useless. She and the two people with her seemed isolated on the stage, although she knew others were watching.

Then Laura felt Adrianna's hands on her waist. Laura stood stiffly as the hands caressed her body, inching their way up her ribcage toward her breasts. They stopped just short and then moved back down. This time they proceeded past her waist and onto her jeans at the hips. Adrianna moved her fingers onto the flowing curves of Laura's ass.

Laura felt her body shudder from fear and...something. The hands were tender, almost loving. Then Adrianna was lifting Laura's top, exposing more and more of Laura's skin. She didn't stop until the shirt was above Laura's bra and tits. Helpless, Laura raised her arms and let Adrianna remove the top.

The silence in the large room was eerie. Only an occasional muffled cough or scratching of a chair on the floor could be heard. There was no talking.

Adrianna reached around and put her palms on the top of Laura's tits. She embraced them and squeezed a little harder, but nothing hurtful. Next, she began to open Laura's jeans and unhurriedly push them down her legs. Laura allowed Adrianna to remove her shoes and the jeans, knowing that disobedience was not an option.

Now, a few very hushed murmurs came from the audience. How many people were there? Were they all men? Was Malcolm one of them? Laura was afraid she may never know.

Adrianna's companion—the man in the bathrobe—remained off to the side, slightly behind Laura and Adrianna. His involvement was a mystery to Laura, but she suspected the onlookers knew his role. As her own disrobing continued, Laura's speculation about him grew more certain in her mind.

Adrianna was playing with Laura's bra straps, stretching them and eventually pulling them off her shoulders. A single attempt was all it took to unhook the bra. Adrianna held it in place for a moment before letting it fall off and into one of her hands.

The buzz of the audience grew louder. Still, no distinct words were heard. But there was definitely an ever-growing hum.

Adrianna's hands were all over Laura's tits, even though the leather-clad woman was still behind Laura. Their bodies were closer now and Laura felt the leather on her back and ass. Laura gasped when Adrianna pulled roughly on her nipples, the first thing she'd done to show physical aggression.

Then Laura's panties were being pulled down. She stood naked, not knowing who was watching or for what purpose. All the other incidents—the hotel room and the conference room—involved foes she could see and touch. This was a remoteness that Laura had trouble comprehending. She didn't like being out of control.

Adrianna had left her side for a moment. Laura thought she heard a rustling in the area of the locker, but she didn't look back. Soon, Adrianna was standing beside her. In her hand was the largest, thickest, most realistic looking vibrator Laura had ever seen. It turned on with a nasty hum that did not bode well for wherever it was placed.

Adrianna rested it on the inside of Laura's right thigh. Laura immediately flinched and unconsciously spread her legs a few more inches apart, trying to evade the object. Adrianna slid it higher and around the outer edges of Laura's pussy. Laura bit her lip and felt her entire body grow tense.

Adrianna purposely avoided touching Laura's clit, but Laura could still feel the vibration of the device. She only looked down once. After that, she followed the vibrator by the trail of taught nerves it left inside her body. Adrianna moved it over Laura's stomach and straight up towards her tits.

The nipples started to grow long before the vibrator entered the space between the tits. Adrianna slowed the pace to a crawl, allowing it to make contact with as much skin as possible on either side of Laura's cleavage. By the time the vibrator made contact with a nipple, Laura was ready to beg for it.

Laura exhaled an audible moan and Adrianna whispered a long 'Shhhhhhh', all the while applying more pressure on Laura's tit. The vibrator scraped back and forth with the ridges forcing the erect nipple to bend before springing back into place. Then Adrianna switched tits and caused more shocks to flow through Laura's body.

Mercifully, Adrianna moved on, taking the device onto Laura's back and ending up on her ass. But the drama had only begun. Laura felt it slither up and down her crack and then stop at a point where it could have easily gone into either her ass or cunt. Laura was prepared to risk punishment by objecting to any attempt to enter her ass.

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