tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLaura's Lesson

Laura's Lesson


Laura Smith entered the alley with caution. She knew that she had to be careful not to be seen by anyone. She kept her digital camera concealed as she rushed to the wooden fence dividing the alley between the two buildings.

She found the loosened slat in the fence that she had heard some of the teenagers talking about: Which was another reason why she had decided to take this quest for proof.

Laura moved the slat aside and slid her shapely body through the opening.

Laura was an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. She had shoulder length dirty-blond hair. Blue eyes and a youthful looking face.

Her body, clearly defined in her tight jeans and tee-shirt, was noticeable as well. She had firm 36-C breast, a slender waist and a nice round ass.

Laura was proud of her looks. She worked out to stay in shape. She often dressed to show off her assets. But that was about as far as the married woman went when it came to being free and easy.

Laura was a conservative, church going woman who often led the community into action whenever something of a "questionable moral nature" arose.

And the club she was sneaking into was just one of those places according to what Laura had heard.

The Fancy Dancer had opened recently in town. Bars and clubs weren't unusual. And Laura did not often go after them. But she had heard rumors of this place that concerned her.

It was said people under twenty-one had often found their way into the place. Worse, Laura had heard rumors that they often allowed women to flash or even dance topless. Plus there were the other rumors of the upstairs rooms where drugs and sex was whispered to be a regular activity.

Laura had also heard that there were a couple ways that some of the local young men from her church had found to sneak into the building through this very alley.

Laura knew that if she could sneak in, and take some pictures of what she believed really was going on in this place, then she would have the evidence she needed to have the Fancy Dancer closed down.

She crept through the alley. The smell of urine was very noticeable to her. She did not worry about making any noise for the blasting sound of music coming from the building would probably have made it easy for her to yell without anyone outside of the alley hearing her voice.

She spotted what she believed to be the window she was looking for. It was below the fire escape and propped open with a stick. Laura guessed that this must be the window that some of the guys from the college class at church bragged about climbing through to sneak into the club.

Laura had carefully listened to their conversation. Learning that the window, located in the rear of a store room in the club, was protected by so-called "child proof" locks, making it impossible to open once closed. But apparently someone would prop the window open to allow friends to get in without paying.

Whatever the reason, this was where Laura was going to sneak into the club.

She approached the window and looked into the dark room. There was no one in there as far as she could see. Boxes and other items were piled throughout the room. And the sound of the blaring music poured out through the window.

Laura could not believe that she was going through with this. This was without a doubt the most daring stunt she had ever pulled. But the rewards would be worth it. Once inside no one would know that she didn't enter through the front door. But she would be able to prowl the upper rooms and even take pictures: Something not permitted in the club as cameras and camera phones were not permitted.

Laura leaned through the window. It had been many years since she had tried climbing through anything. She hoped to find something inside to use to pull herself through.

Bending in the open window frame, her feet barely touching the ground as long as she stood on her toes, she stretched her arms forward.

She brought her left arm back, feeling her elbow bump into something. She heard the stick propping the window fall to the floor about the same time she heard the window drop.

Laura tried to pull back, but did not have enough time to do so. The window struck her just above the shoulder blades, trapping her arms and head in the process.

She tried to push up, but the window did not move. She realized that it must have fallen beyond the child proof locks, which had now engaged and prevented the window from being opened again until someone released them from inside.

Laura began to panic. She tried pulling back, but her arms and shoulders were securely pinned.

The narrowness of the window made it impossible for her to slide her arms out without pulling her torso out first.

Laura cussed her situation. She tried to grab onto the wall, hoping to pull herself through farther, but her ample breast were going to be a problem. Not to mention the fact that she could not gain any leverage with only her toes on the ground.

Out of desperation Laura yelled for help. But the volume of the music prevented her cries from being heard by anyone other than herself.

Laura hung there in defeat, waiting for someone to come to her rescue or for the music to die down enough for her to call for help. But even when the music stopped, which was only long enough for an announcement or another song to begin, no one heard her cries.

She wasn't sure how long she had been trapped when she heard voices coming from behind her.

"Holy shit! Are you okay?" She heard a male voice asking.

"Please help me get out of here." Laura asked.

She could hear several voices but was unable to turn her head around to see who they were. She guessed that they were planning on sneaking into the club as she was. Laura hoped that none of them were college students from her church who would recognize her.

Someone tried to raise the window.

"Shit, this window is locked down. We're going to have to break it." The first voice said.

"Or go around and tell someone inside." Someone else added. Laura thought that this voice sounded familiar but could not be sure.

"If we do that we won't get in." Someone else chided him.

They began asking Laura a stream of questions. Laura answered what she could, but was becoming frustrated with their uselessness.

"Go around front and tell someone I'm trapped here, dumbasses!" She blurted out.

"Shit, girl. Don't get mad at us. We didn't put you there." Someone said.

"Maybe we should teach this bitch a lesson." The first man added.

"What do you mean?" Another asked.

"She has a fine ass, and those tits look good," The first man said, "Let's pull those pants off and see what the rest looks like."

"No!" Laura yelled.

"Let's do it," The familiar voice said. "She can't see who we are anyway."

Hands grabbed around Laura's waist. She tried to kick them away to no avail. Her belt was unfastened and the button of her jeans released. She felt the zipper being pulled down.

Laura screamed for help as her jeans were pulled down over her hips and down her legs. Followed just as quickly by her cotton panties.

Hands began grabbing her ass and probing her hairy bush and rubbing her pussy.

Then her shirt was pushed up until only her bra covered her C-cup breast. The clasp was released and then her tits were also on display for their enjoyment.

"Get your fucking hands off me!" Laura shouted in both fear and anger.

Laura had never been handled in such a way before. While she enjoyed having people see her shapely figure, Laura had only three sexual partners before she met her husband several years ago. Now she had an undetermined number of young men groping her at will.

"Hey, the bitch has a camera on her. Let's take some pictures of her!"

The hands stopped and Laura heard them back away. Then she saw the flash of the camera brighten the area twice.

"Please stop!" She cried out.

"I want to fuck this bitch." One of the voices said.

Laura began wrestling against the locked window even harder now. She tried to pry her head through, hoping to escape before they could go any farther.

She felt one of the men get behind her. She panicked when she felt something hard and fleshy rub her ass, knowing that it was not a hand.

"Don't fuck me!" She yelled as she felt the hard prick slid between her legs.

The cock rubbed her pussy. Laura tried shifting from side to side but a pair of strong hands held her in place. A foot kicked her right leg away enabling her attacker better access to her exposed pussy.

His cock pressed between her lips, slowly but surely gaining access to her pussy as the man slowly began fucking her while his buddies watched.

"Stop!" Laura yelled once more before feeling his cock press all the way inside her.

The man behind her began fucking her. Laura could not believe that this was happening to her. She was a community leader, active in her church. She fought against illicit behavior and was here hoping to help the neighborhood.

Now she was being raped as a result of her own misguided attempt to break into this place.

"Take a picture, but keep my head out of it." The man fucking her said.

Laura groaned as the camera flashed several times as she was being fucked.

The man behind her leaned forward fondling her tits as he fucked her.

"I'm cumming!" He announced as he began bucking his hips harder and faster.

"No, stop!" Laura pleaded as she felt his cock begin to spew inside her.

"That was fucking great." The stranger said as he pulled his cock out of Laura's pussy. "Who's next?"

Laura heard several voices volunteer. She tried to guess at how many there were and determined that there were at least five men there.

Another man got behind her and rammed his cock inside her cunt.

Laura groaned in disgust and shame as another man began raping her. More flashes from the camera only made it worse. The only thing that helped was that at least her face was not in the pictures.

The man behind her rammed her pussy harder and faster than the first. It was a merciless fuck. Unlike the other men in her life who fucked her with mutual pleasure in mind, this man was interested only in his own relief and care little it he hurt her.

"Christ almighty, give me a break!" She cried out as his meaty pole stabbed her repeatedly, pounding into her cervix with every plunge.

The man behind her was grunting and groaning as he slammed into Laura. He came without comment, unleashing his seed into her with slightly more intensive thrust than those he had already been delivering.

A third man got behind her when the second man walked away. From the sound of his voice, this was the one who sounded familiar to her.

"Please, my name is Laura Smith. I don't know if you know me, but if you do please help me."

The young man behind her seemed to hesitate. Laura thought that perhaps she did know him. Maybe she knew more than one.

But what little hope she had of avoiding any further attacks ended as she felt his cock pressing between her legs.

"Oh shit." She spat in disgust as the third man in only a matter of minutes began fucking her.

"Hey, I'm going to go inside through the front door and go find the storeroom. Give me the calendar." She heard her first attacker say. "You've already had her pussy so come with me."

Laura continued wrestling with the window as the third man fucked her. Unlike his predecessor, this guy was fucking her with deep, pleasurable thrust. She almost wished he wasn't doing so because he was beginning to make her body respond.

"Fuck, how long are you going to take?" She heard someone say.

The man currently fucking her had been doing so for several minutes. Laura guessed that it must be nerves and not skill that made him last so long. He was probably somewhat embarrassed at screwing in front of his buddies, and possibly worried about Laura finding out who he was, if indeed he did know her.

Laura wished he would cum and get it over with. Her pussy was responding against her will and the last thing she wanted to do was to give these bastards the pleasure of seeing her have an orgasm.

But climax she was about to do. She bit down hard trying to resist the growing sensation between her legs. She held her breath and strained to no avail. Then exhaled and moaned out loud as she had an orgasm for the young man fucking her.

"She's cumming, boys!" The guy closest to the window said. "She's enjoying this!"

He was wrong, Laura wasn't enjoying this. But her body was. Against her will the conservative moral activist was having a powerful orgasm for a young man she may or may not know at all.

If it wasn't so dark and her head trapped on the other side of the window they would have seen just how much she was blushing at the very thought of cumming for them.

"Oh yes." She heard the man behind her say, realizing that he was finally going to climax.

He moaned again, shooting his cum inside Laura's pussy as she involuntarily did her best to fuck back using only her toes for leverage.

When man number three pulled out Laura hung there panting, waiting for number four to take his turn.

The next man stepped up behind her, sliding his cock inside her pussy.

"Shit, this hole is all worn out." He said. "I think I need a fresh one."

It did not take long for Laura to figure out what he meant.

"No, don't you dare fuck my ass!" She bellowed.

"It doesn't look like you have much of a choice." He said. "Besides, let's just say it's punishment for trespassing and breaking and entering."

"Please don't, I've never done that." She begged.

"Hear that, boys? I get to be the first to pop this bitch in the asshole."

Laura felt his cockhead rub between her ass cheeks. It pressed against her tight, virgin balloon knot opening. He began pushing against it as she clenched tightly.

Light momentarily filled the room as the door opened. Laura hoped that she was about to be saved from this final humiliating assault. Two men rushed into the room, closing the door behind them.

She looked up at what she hoped to be her two would-be saviors only to realize when she saw her camera in one man's hand and rags tied over their faces that these were the two men who had already fucked her.

The man with the camera raised it and began taking pictures.

Laura screamed as the man behind her pushed his cock into her, breaking through her anal ring. The camera caught her cry for posterity as the man behind her began fucking her tight chute.

"Oh that's such a tight little butt you have there." He said as he fucked her, sinking his shaft in a little deeper with every thrust.

Laura had never felt anything like this before. She had always thought anal sex to be a disgusting act. Now she was having it forced upon her in front of others.

The man fucking her played with Laura's tits, caressing her sensitive nipples. Then he instructed others to crawl beneath her and lick them.

Laura soon felt a tongue flicking on each hard nipple as hands massaged her tits. The man fucking her now leaned over and rubbed her clit with his free hand.

Laura could not believe the feelings going through her. Tongues on her nipples, fingers on her clit, his balls slapping her pussy while his cock invaded her ass was all too much for her body to withstand.

Laura found that the pain had eased and her body was in the throws of a second climax. She rocked up and down as this man fucked her ass, cumming wildly for him all while the men in the room took more pictures.

"My turn." The man behind her said and Laura felt him release his cum inside her asshole as he climaxed.

When he withdrew his cock she felt a spasm go through her ass causing her to believe that she was going to crap in front of them. But it was only the pressure of his softening prick exiting.

"I gotta try that." The next man said, climbing up from beneath her left side.

Laura soon had only the second cock ever in her ass. One man still groped and suckled at her right breast but the other now swung free as she was fucked.

Inside, the man without the camera unzipped his pants and stepped up to her face, forcing her to open her mouth and suck his cock.

He grabbed her head and began fucking her face, plunging his cock into her throat. Laura realized that this was the man who had fucked her second. He took as little care of her in her mouth as he did in her pussy.

The camera flashed again, catching her getting face fucked.

Laura didn't mind sucking cock. She did it often for her husband. But she rarely let him cum in her mouth and never swallowed. That was something she did in her younger days but marriage had changed all that.

But she guessed that this man was not going to give her that option. He fucked her mouth in such a way that she would have to swallow when he came.

Laura was being pounded on both ends. Her body was responding again, but she was in no danger of cumming from it at this time. But it disturbed her as to just how much she was physically enjoying all of this. She knew that she had no control over it, but that only made it worse: Or was it better?

The man behind her began cumming in Laura's ass. She welcomed his climax, believing him to be the final man out back who had not yet abused her.

Then she felt another. She guessed that she must have been wrong in her calculation. Or perhaps someone was taking a second turn. Either way it really didn't matter. As he was now behind her rubbing his cock against her now lessened asshole.

Then the man fucking her face began cumming. Just as she expected, he continued his pace, pounding her throat and forcing her to gulp down every drop of his cum.

The cock sank into her ass and began fucking her. But Laura surprised herself with her next action.

As soon as the man in front of her pulled his cock out of her mouth she yelled, "Please, fuck my pussy!"

"You hear that, she wants her cunt fucked." The man with the camera told them.

"Sure thing." She heard the voice behind her saying. His cock pulled out of her ass and slid into her waiting pussy.

The cameraman handed Laura's digital camera to his buddy and undid his own pants.

"Now you can suck my cock too." He told her.

Laura opened her mouth, taking the first cock to have raped her between her lips.

Her head bobbed up and down on his cock as the man behind her fucked her pussy. All while more pictures were taken.

Laura could feel her insides burning with desire. She had trapped herself into a humiliating situation. Been raped multiple times by a gang of young men who now had pictures of her. Was mortified beyond belief, yet was about to enjoy the best orgasm of her life.

Her pussy climaxed on the cock fucking her. She sucked on the other as her body went on instinct alone.

She felt the cock in her mouth explode and willingly gulped down every drop of his cum as she continued to orgasm while being fucked. Then the man behind her came. Laura shared her climax with him as her pussy milked him dry.

Finally both men pulled away.

"That was fucking awesome." The man before her said as he tucked his cock inside his pants and zipped up.

"I guess we should leave now." He partner suggested.

"What about me?" Laura asked.

She could hear the men behind her fleeing the scene.

"We'll let you go," The first stranger said. "Our friends have scattered your clothes around the alley so it will take you a few minutes to get them together and get dressed. We should be long gone by then."

"But just in case," he continued, "we have your camera. If you call the cops we'll make sure these pictures get out. Perhaps we'll let the owner of this club no about them so if you ever give him a hard time he can let the neighborhood see what kind of a slut you really are."

Laura didn't need to be blackmailed. She wasn't about to tell anyone what happened here tonight. She wanted the camera and the pictures, but knew that wasn't going to happen. She was grateful when they released the window locks.

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