Laurie's Cam


Laurie was on the brink of tears. Slender, manicured fingers fiercely gripped the leather bound steering wheel of her sky blue Porsche. Fuck it, Laurie thought, it's all about power. Why should I fight? She replayed the heated, ulcerous tête-à-tête with the owner of the large real estate firm. However Laurie knew she was right and the rewards made up for the bullshit.

Plugging in a classic rock CD, she steered thoughts away from the frustrating confrontation. Besides it was a gorgeous Arizona afternoon. With the top down Laurie's thick red tresses behaved incorrigibly in the desert's heated wind.

She punched in the security code and drove into the private, affluent Scottsdale community. Laurie was greeted with quiet lanes, perfectly landscaped yards and fashionable homes. Native cactus flourished and mixed with the lovely citrus scents of multiple, flowering trees. She loved it here.

The garage door opened automatically. Laurie drifted through the breezeway and into the spacious, cooler kitchen. She nonchalantly dropped purse, keys and cell phone onto the glass topped table. There were no messages on the pesky land line which was a good thing.

Sitting on the king sized bed, Laurie slipped off her heels and removed the white, silk blouse. By the full length mirror she unclasped the confining satin bra and massaged the lines away from full, round breasts. Laurie's small pink nipples were kept hard by dainty gold loop piercings. Not bad for a thirty something she thought while stepping out of her skirt. Laurie's 5'10" frame turned, narcissistically admiring her panty clad derriere.

Within the confines of her elegant boudoir Laurie inhaled her near nakedness, (slutty girl she giggled) and fondled the fat joint lying atop her maple dresser.

Wearing only sunglasses and lacy mauve panties, Laurie stepped across the warm tiles surrounding her pride and joy, fantastic kidney shaped swimming pool. She eased onto a cloth lounge chair and felt the beautiful, strong sun warming her body. The lighter flicked, Laurie toked on the flavorful cannabis and allowed reality to ebb away.

Half of the rolled bone up in smoke, part of Laurie's brain accepted the wonderful numbing affect but also piqued the creative portion to write. She'd dabbled with poetry, admittedly not very good. A few life experiences from her youth came together on paper however Laurie's best stuff was erotic literature. It came natural and easy.

The deep blue water looked inviting. Laurie scanned the flowering backyard and smirked with a memory. The sissy boy toy she had met online two weeks ago. She was definitely stoned and remembered. Laurie picked up Billy downtown and brought him home. He loved to be humiliated. Spanked and had begged to become collared. Totally submissive and a toilet boy. Laurie's black leather riding crop was used...

The distant, far away ring tone corralled Laurie from her reverie. What? Where the hell did I leave it? Wobbly legs propelled her towards the patio/kitchen doors.


"Hello yourself. Laurie? This is Gwen."

"Gwen...umm. Oh! Gwen! Sorry I'm sorry I didn't recognize the number. Oh wow. What time is it there?"

She giggled, "Almost 2 here. How've you been? What have you been up to lately? Shit, it's been awhile." Laurie focused and blabbed away with a large smile.

Las Vegas was where they'd met. That convention. That wonderful night with Gwen. Clearly the most exotic t-girl Laurie had ever hooked up with. Those intoxicating deep green eyes. Her alluring body. So soft and yet so hard. The passion...

"Laurie? Still with me?"

"Yes. Oh yes. I was just reminiscing. I uhh."

"Okay. Got your latest e-mail and teasing passage and I can't wait to read your next entry to the site. "A Night With Sissy Boy" sounds delicious!"

Gwen and Laurie had become avid friends through letters, e-mails and occasional calls since that memorable time in sin city. They shared intimate ideas, thoughts and daily happenings, boring or otherwise. Long distance soul mates?

"Love to see you again." Gwen confessed.

"Maybe something can be arranged. Doubtful I could get much time off but I'm working on a huge closing out here. Hefty commission likely. Want to fly out? My treat?"

"Oh Laurie. Sounds fucking awesome. Would love to see your place and, of course you sweetie. God I'd love that!"

They prattled on for another ten minutes. Giggling over the most mundane items. Laurie felt true warmth passing along the phone line, truly they thought alike.

"Got to get some work done. Talk again soon I hope. Seeing would be heavenly! Kisses!"

"Bye hon. Kisses back."

In the kitchen Laurie gulped cold orange juice to alleviate the cottonmouth. Her mind became aglow with erotic visions. Gwen's soft, sweet voice. Sissy boy and his dutiful attention. With Gwen nearby to witness his total submission. Laurie's arousal was heightened immensely. What was it she said, "seeing would be heavenly?" Yes, time for the cam.

Before settling into her small, comfy couch Laurie turned on soft lighting and a low, background jazz station. Her pulse beat quickly while adjusting the cam, centering her lovely body on the computer screen.

She did look good. Long smooth, tanned legs accentuated ample hips and flat tummy. Reaching for the keyboard and logging onto a favorite chat room, an elbow deliciously rubbed a nipple ring. Her skimpy panties showed a more pronounced bulge.

Isn't it funny, Laurie thought, of how many years masturbating had been an entirely private act? Somewhat fearful of being caught by someone or embarrassed. And now? Laurie desired an audience. Her nostrils flared at the scrumptious thought of others watching and masturbating with her.

The room was designed specifically for webcam performers and wanton viewers. Laurie had no problem being hit immediately with two private messages. Jake she knew, recognized his online nick and sent him kisses. The other was a fellow named Tex and Laurie suggested he check out her bio before proceeding.

She and Jake chatted and flirted while two more requests came through. Laurie flicked the live feed button and invited her friend. He was there very quickly.

Jake was typing, "Hey Laurie honey. Hope life is treating you well. Love your hair down like this. You're beautiful." Laurie spoke into the mic with a raspy voice saying he was making her blush. Glad to have his horny company.

Six more joined the fray and Laurie's heartbeat quickened as a few more entered her private show. Their immediate comments were crude but taken to heart. After all these were randy guys wanting to get off.

"U r truly awesome!" wrote a man or perhaps a woman going by the nick of Mystic. Laurie smiled at the awful typing but fueled her inner, feedback need. Her cock twinged as five more entered the private domain.

Laurie began speaking, almost whispering to her audience, "Hi guys. Nice to have you here. Had a bitchin' day at work and just need know...get myself off." She pursed full lips and blew a kiss. Lightly caressing the front of her panties, Laurie teasingly stripped them away exposing her clean shaven cock and balls.

"There. Much better. I'm such a bad girl today. Hope you have your lube ready." The pretty redhead fondled her scrotum and moved the silky flesh of her half hard penis up and down. She moaned.

"Want 2 lick ur balls."

"Mmm so nice."

"God what a great cock!"

"Oh I do so love your sweet comments. Turn me on." Laurie spoke, manipulating her penis to full attention. She placed the 2 inch chrome ring over her right testicle, pulled the loose skin and carefully pushed in the left. Encased tightly, Laurie's full balls hung neatly and the pink spear quivered.

"She's nice and hard for you now. Mmm feels so good." She husked, jerking her erection delightfully.

"Want u to fuck me. Pls." Mystic typed.

"Think you can handle my big cock Mystic? Yeah it'd stretch your asshole good. Bet your tight." Laurie smiled; reveling with the knowledge so many eyes were devouring her. Desiring her naked body on display. Fantasizing. Playing with her.

She retrieved a nearby Trojan, ripped the foil and sheathed the sheepskin condom over her towering, 7 inch shaft. The coloured rubber was blushing pink. "We'll need this if I'm going to fuck your tight ass Mystic. Ready for me? Do you like it doggie style or on your back?" Laurie aimed her prick towards the screen, the rubber crackling as she masturbated.

"Cum inside me. God you're big!"

"Please let me suck you. Lick you."

The words pummeled Laurie's inhibitions. Encircling the base, she pistoned her full member faster. Laurie sighed and begrudgingly ceased the stroking. The aroused penis bobbed deliciously for the camera.

"I'm close. Are you going to cum with me?" Laurie's glazed eyes stared hypnotically into the cam. Willing and wanting all the cocks out there to be as hard and excited as Laurie was. She tugged and stretched her piercings.

"Yes oh yes want your cum."

"Taste your semen."

"Worshipping your beautiful cock."

God she had their attention. So wonderful. Laurie lewdly pinched the rubber's white reservoir tip and pulled it up several inches. The thin elastic material gripped her shaft and she moaned aloud. Laurie produced a pair of sharp scissors and efficiently lopped off the elongated nipple.

The effect was visually stunning. Like a foreskin, the sheathing retreated and exposed the enormous magenta head of her cock. Pre-cum oozed onto her spongy mushroom glans. Manicured fingers tickled shaven balls then slithered the now opened condom up and down Laurie's straining prick.

"I need to cum now. I need..." People. Men staring at her. Laurie masturbated wildly for them. For her. A large gooey droplet of jism erupted from the tip. Laurie screamed.

"Oh fuck. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Ee-e-e-e!" Her wrist was a blur milking the spewing monster. Laurie's hips involuntarily lurched against the fist ecstatically. She closed her eyes entering the orgasmic delight, a rope of whiteness splayed onto her quivering fingers. Such lovely pulsing spurts.

She blissfully opened her eyes, amazed at the produced mess. Catching her breath, Laurie licked her essence from a finger. She winked into the cam.

"Oh wow. So yummy. That was heavenly. Mmm. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!" With shaking hands Laurie turned off the unit and licked at more of her sweet sauce.

After showering the t-girl sat down to write an e-mail to Gwen. Laurie told Gwen how she'd try and finish the sissy boy story and hoped to book her a flight soon. Laurie desperately wanted to tell her about the cam scene and her passion for voyeurism. Specifically being watched. She would tell her in person. For sure.

Laurie attached a file. A picture of her ankle adorned with the dainty gold anklet Gwen had bought on that special weekend. She signed off with love and tender kisses.

~To Be Continued~

Next: Laurie And Gwen

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