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Lavender Panties


I had to play with myself just to tell you the story...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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I'm breathing hard..my head hangs off the edge of the bed...I can't see very much without my glasses, but I see them..my lavender panties.. over there on the floor.. peeking out from the pocket of your suit jacket...

You took them off while we were at the theater.. those expensive box seats you have.. "it's private" you said...not so private from the other couple in the box...I know the woman in front of me could hear my panties slide over my knees and down my legs...she had that little knowing smile...I saw her slide her hand over her husband's thigh just then...

In your pocket they stayed.. those lavender panties.. throughout the play...and while we stood in the crowded bar for a drink afterward...you, stroking my ass.. sliding my dress up.. the hot air of the bar finding its way up and across my lips...everything in me tightened up.. I was sure you were going to slide my dress up so high that my smooth, but very wet pussy would be on display... but you didn't...at the last second, you let go, grabbed my hand... placed bills on the bar and we were in a cab...

A new fear gripped me as we sat in the cab... you were as far away from me as you could get...I tried to slide closer, but the look in your eye was commanding...no...I didn't move...I looked down and could see your cock through your slacks...confusion...you wanted me, but you wouldn't let me come near you...and then I could see it.. the light from your phone in your pocket...she was calling...would you leave me?...would you go to her?...I wanted to take that phone and throw it out the window...claim you as mine...let your fingers wander all over this wet pussy...but we agreed.. that very first day...owe each other nothing...ever...

But I could control myself...in a very naughty way...I slid forward in the seat, so my dress rode up my legs...I adjusted and did it again...I had you.. I knew it.. your eyes were glued to the hem of my dress.. inching upward..I stopped just as my lips edged out from under the fabric...

"STOP HERE" you shouted at the driver...and then we were inside... in the elevator.. your hand gripping mine so tight I was afraid to move or speak...then you were banging on a door...your friend..Murray I think his name was...half asleep.. in sweats and a t-shirt.. you grabbed his shoulder.. leaned in and whispered in his ear.. his eyes moved up and down my body.. and he smiled...took your wallet and let the elevator doors close behind him...

and then you were all over me..kissing me.. drawing the zipper down my back.. stripping me... leaving me in my heels, stockings, and lacy garter belt.

Somewhere along the way you lost your clothes too.. but I can't remember that.. I remember lips all over my body.. hands.. massaging my breasts, my legs...my mound...then a single finger sliding across my clit...moving and rubbing.. making my legs pull up in reaction... pressing me into the bed.. with only one finger bringing me to the brink...and then, oh god, your tongue...arriving to finish the job.. and send me over with a cascade of orgasms..

You rose from below.. my juices dripping off your chin...rubbing it on my nipples, then sucking them...I finally spoke, but only three words.. "I need you" you frowned...and I remembered.. need means gentle...and you were not going to be gentle...

In a rush you flipped me over...fingers jamming into my hole...thumb hitting my clit...no romance or warm ardor... but my body reacted and I moaned...I could feel it rising again and there I was cumming again...pushing my pussy over your fingers...begging for more with moans and mewls...

Oh god, how my body loved what you did...and then I could feel it...the head of your cock.. sliding up my leg.. my ass rising in anticipation...my hands moving to pull at my cheeks...pulling them open for you....your fingers...now dripping with my cum sliding over your shaft.. I could see how hard and thick you were from the corner of my eye...you covered yourself in my climax...you toyed with my pussy for a moment...teasing it with your head.. but, then..

Pain at first, then warmth as your cock pushed into my ass...oh god... the only words I could utter.. oh god...deep strokes, slow at first, then faster with slaps to my cheeks... my breathing mere gasps...I knew it was coming.. light a freight train.. the train, oh my god, that earth-shattering orgasm was on a direct line to my pussy with every pump into my ass...oh please I begged...and you pumped harder.. pulling me over you with your hands grabbing at my hips...grunting with each powerful thrust...your breathing becoming as short as mine...

And then it hit me. Oh god and everything in between...cum juice gushing out of me...my ass tightening and you thrusting into me...you cumming in my ass...holy fuck!

And you collapsed... the pulse of your cock slowing in my ass as your cock softened...you stayed inside me for a long time...my ass only began to hurt when you pulled out...I could hear you at the sink-the water...but couldn't focus.. until the lavender panties caught my eye.

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by Anonymous

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Thank You!

Thank You for sharing this fantastic story! Will becum a favorite!

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by Anonymous09/09/14

Love the anal twist

Loved this story and you do so well at timing your climaxes to the crescendo of the story line... HOT

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