tagMind ControlLay-Offs Ch. 05

Lay-Offs Ch. 05

byLinda Jean©

Chapter 5: Tommy & Rebecca

It was almost 1:45 when Tommy knocked on my door. I called him in and he said, "You called for me, Ms. Jackson?"

I smiled at him. I always thought he was a very handsome black man, He is in his late 20s (29, I think) and he has to be strong with all the boxes of crap that we get in our building. Like I did with Frank, I relaxed my dress code with him, so he was the only other man in the building who did not have to wear a coat and tie. I pointed to the chair in front of my desk and told him to take a seat.

I started out by asking him, "Have you heard anything this morning about the company, Tommy?" (When I first hired Tommy I had called him Tom, but he corrected me and let everyone know he liked Tommy.)

Tommy looked up at me and said, "No. Is something going on that concerns me? Are they saying I'm not doing my job or sumpin'?"

I kept smiling as I said, "Oh, no, Tommy, I just need to inform everyone on the second floor that I am required to lay off everyone but three people.

"Now, what I am doing is at the suggestion of the head office: I am setting up a contest to see who I keep, and the people I do keep will be getting a 100% raise."

I loved looking at the faces of the people I told this to. First, there would be a look of shock, then a look of something else. Call it amazement; call it excitement. Now, I knew that the boys did not have to be cut, but based on what I wanted to do upstairs, I was going to make sure I had studs who could and would put out when the need arose.

I handed him the copy of the letter that I had Becky run off and told him to read it. I sat there quietly looking at him imagining what he would look like out of his clothes.

When he finished reading it he handed it back to me asking, "Are you unhappy with my work, Ms. Jackson?"

I responded, "Your work, no. However that does not have anything to do with this layoff. I need to keep three people here that can do the work of eleven, counting you and Frank. So in order to do that I am going to take the contest approach and see who can outperform the others."

Tommy looked puzzled as he said, "Ms. Jackson, I can't type or file, I just know the mailroom. No one here can compete with me in there. How's that gonna work?"

I sat back in my chair, feeling in total control as I said, "Well, Tommy, the contest isn't about your job. Keep in mind that Rebecca is the one who trained you and if I had to, I could switch her back into the mailroom. So, while I do not wish to lose you, no one here is irreplaceable.

"The thing is, Tommy, this contest it is something entirely different, and it has nothing to do with your job performance. It has to do with your personal performance. I know what you and everyone here at the company thinks of me.

"Everyone thinks that I am a puritan, a miss goody two-shoes. In truth, I am totally different. Things are going to change here and by that I mean upstairs. Downstairs, the world will see our company as the conservative insurance giant that it is and always has been. However, upstairs we are going to work hard and party hard and nasty. The dress code is out the window for the girls. Of course, you and Frank won't have to worry about that part.

"Now let me explain my little contest; I think you might just like it. I'll tell you what I am looking for starting today: I am looking to see which of my nine girls can be the biggest whores or sluts (it's all in the mind of the beholder). Now in you boys, I am looking for your support – sexually, I mean. From now on, you are going to get all the pussy you could dream of, both you and Frank. The girls are going to be fighting to suck you off and get screwed by both you guys."

Tommy stood up quickly as if he was sitting on hot coals. He said rather loudly, "Are you out of your fucking mind? I ain't gonna be nobody's sex boy or sex toy, I don't give it shit if you fire me or not. I can have anyone of these bitches up here I fucking want. Hell, I've had over half of them already and so has Frank. You are one sick fucking bitch. You can't get away this shit. I fuck who the hell I want, and when I want. If I got ta fuck anyone, including you, you sick fuck, you can keep my fucking job. Fuck you. Hell, fuck this place! I fucking quit!"

I was in shock as Tommy stormed out of my office. He left the door open and Becky stood up from her desk in the doorway. She said, "That didn't go over well. I thought for sure he would love the change. Shit, the way he does it, he would make a nun beg for more. What are we going to do?"

While Tommy did shock me, he did not do anything to lessen my resolve, I told Becky to send in Rebecca. It wasn't long before Rebecca was knocking on my door.

I called her in and I began all over again. Now, to be honest, I knew that if she balked at my idea, I would be putting my company in a bind, at least in the mailroom. I studied her face as I went into detail. When I told her about what I wanted from the girls, her face was one of shock. I was happy that at least she did not jump up and begin calling me names.

When I finished explaining the whole thing to her, I sat and waited. She said nothing and finally I asked her, "Well, Rebecca, what do you think? Do you want to stay on and see if you can be one of the three, or do you want to take the severance pay and get a great recommendation. Before you answer I need to tell you that in your case you have an inside edge. You see, dear, Tommy doesn't want to go along with this, and I will need to move you back into the mailroom. Now, I had hoped that he along with Frank would go along with this thing, but Tommy won't."

Rebecca interrupted me and said, "You are kidding, right? He's always trying to get into the girls' panties. He said 'no' to this idea of yours? He must be sick or something."

I perked up a little. Rebecca sounded as if she knew Tommy rather well.

I asked, "Did he ever get into your panties, Rebecca?"

She put her head down and said softly, "Yes, it happened during the time I was training him. We worked late a few nights and somehow I let my guard down and we did it. It only happened one time and I was sick about it. I have only cheated on my husband three times in the fourteen years that we have been married. I never did it with a black man before Tommy. Maybe it was curiosity that took me over the edge, I don't know, but it only happened one time. I would not let him do it again, no, that's not it. I would not allow myself to do it again."

Sitting there I could see by her statement that she was still tempted and with my little game afoot it would have allowed her to have sex with him again and this time her hands were clean because in her mind she had to do it in order to keep her job and make more money. This was all too easy!

I said, "Yeah, it is too bad Tommy won't play along. It sounds to me like you enjoyed it when you had sex with him. I have heard stories and read them that said how big they are, I mean black men. Is he bigger than other men?"

Rebecca looked at me and said matter of factly, "I don't think so. Frank is about the same size when he is, you know, hard. But with Tommy, he, well, he doesn't go soft like Frank."

I said with a questioning tone, "Frank?"

Rebecca gave me a funny look and then answered, "Well, a long time ago, over four years I think, we did it at one of the holiday company parties in his car."

So I accused her of lying to me. "So, you are not being totally honest with me then. You said you only cheated on your husband three times."

Rebecca sat up and said, "But I am! I did it with Frank, Tommy and an old boyfriend. Those have been the only three men I did it with other than my husband since I got married."

"What about with another woman?"

She sat there thinking, then said, "Long ago I experimented and discovered that I like men rather than women. Are you expecting me to have sex with a woman to keep my job? I don't know if I can do that again. I mean, it was not all that pleasant. I am willing to dress sexy and maybe even do Tommy and Frank. I have been a good person all my life and it is going to be hard for me to be a bad girl, and I think that is what you want, isn't it?"

I responded, "I am not setting up any rules, other than the no-panty and no-pants-of-any-kind rule. To be totally honest, I don't know what I want at this moment. I do know I want this upstairs to reek of sex. Hell, I want my people to come to work expecting to have sex two, maybe three times a day and with whomever they want, boys, girls, both, themselves. I don't know what I want, I just want things changed and I want it now.

"That may sound screwed up because I haven't figured it all out yet, but if you are willing to play the game for the next two weeks, the rewards will be great, not to mention the fun you are going to have here at work.

"Now are you going to jump up and run out like Tommy and Susan did or are you willing to join in on the fun and take over the mailroom for me and stick around this place? I have a feeling it is going to be a very fun place to work. What do you think?"

Rebecca stood up and I expected her to walk out. I had a hard time reading her. She stood there a moment and then said, "I'm in. So what's the game plan? You want me to come into work tomorrow dressed sexy and without underwear and, I suspect, stockings on, right?"

I smiled and said, "You got it, kid. You can start by leaving your underwear here on the desk along with your pantyhose."

Without any hesitation whatsoever, she lifted up her long dress, reached up and pulled down her panties and pantyhose. She then said, "I have some special pantyhose I wear for my husband and I think you would like them. They are crotchless and they are sexy as hell. I would like to wear them, if you don't mind?"

I reached for her panties, which she placed on my desk earlier, I found the crotch of them and they were smooth and a little wet. I brought them up to my nostrils, took a long inhale letting her aroma fill my passageways. She then said, "I will be starting my period in a few days, and I normally wear pads. How is that going to work without underwear?"

I took the panty crotch from my nose and said, "Not my problem. Guess you better buy some tampons. I catch any one of you ladies wearing panties and you will not make it. It is that simple -- rules are rules. I enforced the old rules, and my new rules will be treated no differently. Deal with them or don't, it's up to you. Can you do it or not?"

Still standing she said, "It's not a problem, I was just wondering, that's all. I want this job, so I'll follow the rules. Whatever they are, well, short of breaking the law, anyway."

I looked up at her and said, "Good. That is good news, but what I have in mind is a little bit more than just following the rules. I expect you girls to put out and give it up to anyone who shows an interest. That is why I wanted Frank and Tommy here so you girls would have some men to play around with. Now we may have to get downstairs involved without their knowledge.

"I wonder if a lady such as you can overcome the obstacles that I think you may encounter in acting the way I expect you and the others to act."

A knocking at my door interrupted us. I told Rebecca to have a seat and told whoever it was to come in.

I was very surprised to see Tommy. I asked, "Did you forget something or did you come back to tell me off again?"

Tommy came in and said, "Look, I spoke with Frank, and I cooled down. I guess you just caught me off guard." He stopped speaking as he came closer to my desk and caught sight of Rebecca sitting in the high-back chair in front of my desk. He then said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I did not know you were in here. I'll come back when you are finished."

I said, "No, say what you came to say and let's get this over with."

He stood there and said, "OK. Like I said, I spoke with Frank. I figure, if I am going to be able to fuck all these bitches here in the office, I would be out of my mind to walk away from all this, now wouldn't I. Besides with you doubling my pay I would really have to be crazy."

I looked at him and said, "Well, Tommy, I just asked Rebecca here to take over her old position in the mailroom, and she has agreed. She didn't call me names; she didn't storm out of here. So why should I even consider allowing you to stick around here and give you back your job?

"Frankly after seeing how you get upset, I'm not so sure I should even have you around."

He said as he reached down between his legs and unzipped his pants, "This is why you should have me around. The girls love it and I never get smaller than I am right now."

Using both of his hands he pulled out this very large, very thick, very black cock. He stood there and began stroking it right in front of Rebecca and me. I realized that I was staring at it and I glanced over to Rebecca and she was doing the same.

I remembered what she had said about black men, and it appeared she was right, Tommy was not stiff and hard, he was big and flaccid, but the key word here is "BIG." I watched as he stroked his cock.

I heard him say, "Looks good, doesn't it? Wait till you feel it in between those lovely legs of yours. Ever see a black cock sliding in the mouth of a white bitch? Here, Rebecca, let's show Ms. Jackson what that looks like. Show her how good a cocksucker you are, baby."

He moved closer to Rebecca and kept stroking his dick as he moved closer to her. I watched in amazement as Rebecca slowly opened her mouth just as Tommy brought the head of his cock to her.

As she received it she reached up and grabbed hold of the big shaft. He stood there looking at me watching them. He said, "Since you like to watch, this should be getting your pussy real wet, Ms Jackson. I bet you can't wait to feel this cock in you, can you? Ever see a black cock fucking a white bitch like Rebecca?

"Hmmm, that's it, baby, that's it, fuck, you suck cock great," he said over the slurping noises that Rebecca made as her head bounced back and forth as she was sucking him with force.

He was right. I was wet as I watched him. Over the years I have seen all kinds of sex between black men and women (black and white) in dirty movies I have been watching all my life, but seeing it in person, watching it just three feet in front of me in real life like this, well, that was different. It was everything I had hoped.

It was exciting, it was thrilling, and it made me as hot as I have ever been. I wanted to get closer, I wanted to get out of my chair and go kneel next to them and watch his cock sliding in her mouth from inches, not feet. Instead, I sat there with my hand under the front of my dress touching my cunt as I watched.

I was as wet as I have ever been in my whole life. I felt as I was in a dream state as his cock moved in and out of her mouth. The way that Rebecca moaned as her hand pumped the shaft of his cock and her head bobbed. Tommy stood there stiff and tall. Not moving an inch. Rebecca was doing all the work and she was working his cock as if her life depended on making this man climax.

Felling confident he said, "Suck it, baby, but I ain't coming yet. I'm going to fuck one of you two bitches and I don't care which of ya it is."

I wanted him to fuck me in the worst way, I mean it. I wanted to feel his cock in me. I have always heard of men in real life that get going and get off leaving the woman hanging. Now, in the dirty movies that does not happen, but it happened to me the only time I was ever with a man.

After what Rebecca said, and remembering earlier today the way Frank acted when we all had sex, I was thinking maybe all men are not that way. If Tommy's cock did not go soft like Frank's did, so what if he came? As long as his dick did not go down, he would still be able to keep going and do it until I, I mean, whoever it was he was fucking came too.

Now I thought all this in the moment that Tommy announced that he was going to fuck one of us. I said, "If there is going to be any fucking going on, I will watch. You don't stick that cock of yours in me until I decide and right now I am not sure I even want it. I don't see anything special about you yet. Hell, I haven't even seen anything that would make me want to give you your job back yet."

Rebecca pulled her mouth away and looking at me with glassy eyes she said, "Let him stay, you won't be disappointed. This man is a god when it comes to sex." She turned back and went back to making love to his cock with her mouth, moaning and slurping as she stroked his big fat black cock long and fast.

As this was going on, I saw my door slowly opening. I sat there, hoping that I knew who it was. When the door was open enough for a person to enter the room, I saw that is was, indeed, Becky, just as I had been hoping. I then realized that she was in some ways like me -- she loved to watch and, maybe, after that become more involved herself. One thing that I was sure of at that moment: She and Samantha were leading the group so far in the first day of the contest I was still setting up.

I watched as she came in, closed the door and locked it. I watched as she stood there. leaning against it and watching the action between Tommy and Rebecca. It was few minutes before Tommy looked up and saw her standing there with her hand between her legs under her dress. He said, "Come in, baby, there is plenty of black meat to go around."

Becky just stood there, watching, never saying anything as she played with herself. This went on for a little while before Rebecca pulled her mouth away from him and began begging, "Please, I can't wait any longer, I got to have it. Fuck me with this rod of yours, give it to me, Tommy, please give it to me, baby."

Tommy looked at her and then at me before he said, "Ask Ms. Jackson if it is all right for me to fuck you. Remember, we are doing this to please her. Does she want me to fuck you or maybe does she want me to fuck Becky over there with her hand in her pussy?"

It was then that Rebecca realized the three of us were not alone and, I guess, that she had some competition for Tommy's dick. Rebecca turned her head to me and said, "Please, Ms. Jackson, let Tommy fuck me, please. I need it so badly, please let him fuck me first, then he can do Becky but I need him, I need him now or I'll go crazy."

Becky said, "Yeah, Ms. Jackson, let him fuck her, but make him fuck her in her asshole. I want to watch him fuck her ass." I stirred in my seat. Fuck, that would be great to watch! I was with Becky and her idea. I said, "All right, Rebecca, Tommy can fuck you first, but it goes in your asshole. If you want his cock to fuck you, you take it in your ass."

She kept stroking his cock as she looked at me and said, "I can't. I mean, I tried it a few times and it hurts too much. I sure can't take this monster in me, it'll kill me. I can't. Won't you just let him fuck me, please? Let him fuck me, and I'll do anything you want, just let him fuck me, please."

I piped in, "You'll do anything but let him fuck you in your ass, right? You said you would do anything, so it's up to you, Rebecca. In your asshole or nothing, and by nothing I mean you get up, go clean out your desk and go home. Remember, I said I want whores up here, sluts that never say no and right now you are saying no, so make up your fucking mind. Take him in your ass or get the fuck out of here, it's that fucking simple."

I did not know what to expect, as I sort of got caught up in the moment. Normally I would never have said anything like that (I don't think) but Becky wanted to see it, I wanted to see it and Tommy was going to do it.

Rebecca said, "But I don't have anything, I mean Vaseline or something like that. It hurts so much even using it, can't I do it later when I have something to lubricate him and me?"

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