Layers Ch. 03


I focus on the leg in hopes it'll distract me. The skin of the thigh is so smooth and I can see the outlines of muscles as it tenses and releases over and over. I want to touch the leg and trace the muscles but I know that'd be a bad idea. Why the fuck won't it stop tapping and jumping? Oh shit. I came all over the walls. Ignoring the leg, I look around and see multiple spots of cum. Normally my cum is pretty thick and fairly opaque. This stuff... now it's way more of a liquid and nearly transparent. Smells different in a way. Slightly different. Sharper. My mouth is watering at the smell.

Shit. I'm wriggling my ass on the toilet seat and I don't even remember doing it. I have to go. When my leg finally calms down, I find my phone in my pants pocket and, with shaking hands, shoot off a quick email to my boss to tell him I'm leaving. It takes a little bit of time to clean the cum off the walls. With toilet paper.

Pulling my pants on is a struggle and I have to leave them unbuttoned. My ass is straining the fabric but I'll be gone in a minute and could care less. Thankfully, I forgot to buy new underwear so they're still sized for when I was fatter. The breasts are bigger. My breasts. I don't know cup sizes but they're definitely bigger than when I looked in the mirror. I want to touch them again. Badly. I really really want to play with them and touch them and hold them but I need to get the fuck out of here. The shirt is tighter when I put it back on and you can see my breasts... Jesus. MY breasts. You can see the outline of them with the shirt. The nipples press hard against the fabric. I can't stop from moaning when I button the shirt.

Looking in the mirror, I don't know what to make of myself. My shirt is straining against my chest. Thankfully, it comes down enough to cover the fact that the pants zipper is only half-way done up and the not buttoned.

Oh. That's what I was noticing earlier. My face is softer. Subtly softer. And a tiny bit more narrow. My chin is a little more pointed. The nose is a little smaller. My cheekbones are higher. My eyes ... I think they might be bigger? It's hard to say right now. The blond in my hair is mixed with brown. Again, as if hypnotized, I can't stop from touching the side of my face. It doesn't stop there. My fingers are more slender and a little longer. Smoother. I can feel the smoothness of my cheek against the light touch of my finger. Moles are missing. My complexion is clearer. My overbite is gone. The femininity of the face looks odd with my lips - they're still my old thin lips and it makes me look slightly severe.

It takes 30 seconds for me to get from the bathroom to my car. Thirty seconds where I hug my arms to my chest, ignoring the alien feel of my soft breasts. Thirty seconds where I talk to no-one and hide my face. My bright red face. My pants are rubbing semi-painfully against the inside of my thighs as I fast-walk. I can't hear what anyone is saying over the loud pounding noise my heart is making.

The car feels like sanctuary. I barely hesitate before jamming the keys in and roaring off. Well, as much as my little car can roar, anyway. My dick aches the entire trip and the balls feel like they're being crushed by the combination of the tight pants and thicker thighs. I keep shifting in my seat in hopes the pain will go away. It's a dull ache straight from my balls to the back of my head - nearly nausea inducing.

When I try to run to my front door, I find I can't. The pants are too tight. So I shuffle, gritting my teeth the entire time. I lock the door as soon as it's closed and I have my pants off faster than a virgin on prom night. The relief is incredible. I can actually breathe without too much pain.

Something is off. Something... I slowly take my boxer-brief underwear off. Oh. That's why my balls were aching. They're gone. The area below my dick is covered in wrinkly ball-sack skin. I both want to touch it and don't want to touch it. Afraid of what I'll feel. It hurts. It's that same ache I was feeling in the morning only worse. Deep inside. My dick is pathetic looking. It's hard again but only a few inches long and barely thicker than a pencil.

"Ohhhh..." I moan. I can FEEL my breasts moving against my shirt. I fumble to unbutton the damn thing and get it off of me. My breasts are now a decent handful - the nipples point up and very slightly to the sides. They itch like hell. I'd watch them but a sharp pain near my dick jerks my eyes down. The skin where my balls used to be has... pulled in. My dick has shrunk even smaller in the seconds I looked away. The head of it is pulling into the skin around the shaft as I watch. It's not a pleasant feeling at all. Bearable but it turns my stomach and the ache in my gut pulses painfully. There are crunching noises. Bone crunching noises.

I'm hyperventilating now. I can't help it. I can feel a tugging sensation as skin is pulled INSIDE my crotch. Other skin is puckering up as my dick is completely pulled in above the new hole. Lips. Pussy lips. I lean back on my legs, kneeling to watch it happen. I'm watching the tail-end of it now. The head of my dick is tiny and wrapped by soft looking skin. The clit. Obviously. There's no pubic hair down there. Smooth skin. There's ... there's something that happens inside me and it's this pinching/pulling/ripping thing that makes me go down to my forearms, hunching over and feeling my soft breasts against my smooth, slightly sweaty thighs. The goddamn nipples ache at the touch.

The strange pain goes away and I feel something else relax. Some muscle. A smell hits me hard. Pussy. I'm smelling my own pussy. I wriggle a little at this sudden feeling deep inside of me and I smell myself even more strongly. It's an erotic smell and if I were a guy, I'd be ripping off clothes to get my mouth on the girl's cunt. I lean back slowly to my knees and spread my legs. The smell intensifies and I can see how shiny my pussy lips are in the light.

I'm fucking wet.

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