tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLazy Sunday Morning

Lazy Sunday Morning


What a nice Sunday morning. We slept in, got up and made a nice full breakfast and have a quiet house for the day. The kids are gone and won’t be back until early evening. You contemplate the idea of fucking all day, but I seem to be preoccupied for some reason. You decide to leave it alone for a little while. You know that I will see things your way eventually.

You go into the living room and relax on the couch with the paper. You leaf through it to digest the news of the day. You hear me in kitchen cleaning up after breakfast. You hear the water go off and see me go into the laundry room. WOW – I must really be in a cleaning mood, you think. You return your attention to the newspaper and hear the water go back on just moments later.

You get engrossed in the newspaper when you suddenly hear the water shut off once again. This time you don’t take your attention away from the paper. You hear me come into the room and assume I am cleaning up around you. You feel my presence in the room but otherwise, don’t pay attention to me. That is until you hear the sound of something on the hard wood floors.

Your curiosity gets to you and you peek over the side of the paper to see what I am moving. You see that I have picked up a dining chair and placed it right in front of you. I have not spoken a word but look directly at you as I sit down right in front of you. I smile a very wicked smile and prop my feet up on the chair legs, spread to each side. You continue to peek around the side of your paper while I pull up my skirt and reveal my very pink pussy.

You smile back at me but continue to just peek around the paper at me. I start to run my fingers across my pussy and as I do so, you begin to see it get wet and swollen. You know that I am getting very turned on putting on this little show for you. You allow the paper to fall a little but still do not put it down. It is as if you are telling me that I need to tempt you more in order to gain your full attention.

I take my left hand and spread my pussy wide allowing my right fingers to run right across my wet, swollen clit. My legs spread wider and I moan as I do this, obviously getting more of your attention. The newspaper falls down further but you are still holding it. I slide my fingers up my body and you see my nipples nice and hard under my t shirt as I pass my breasts. I slide my fingers into my mouth, moaning as I taste my own wet pussy on them.

As I slide my hand back down my body, I stop and pinch my nipples through my shirt. You see them harden even more so and smile at me. The newspaper drops completely down to your lap but you still have a hold of it. I slide my hand down to the pocket on the thin jacket I have on. I pull out my Pyrex dildo out of the pocket. I slide it down my tummy to my nice wet pussy. You can see my pussy throb with the anticipation of feeling it inside.

This finally gets you to put the newspaper aside. When you move it, I see that there is a bulge in your shorts. Your nice hard cock is straining against the fabric. I see your hand rub across your cock as you shift on the couch, trying to get comfortable. I take the Pyrex cock and plunge it into my pussy. We both moan in unison as I do so. My entire body tenses up and pushes up toward the toy cock in my hand.

I throw my head back and fuck myself right there in front of you. I hear rustling from the couch and when I look back at you, your shorts are off and you are slowly stroking your cock. There has still not been a single word between us. You can tell by looking at me how much I am enjoying the view of your hand wrapped around your nice hard cock. I pull my t shirt up and reveal my incredibly hard nipples. I quickly return to sliding the glass cock in my pussy, grinding on it as I moan.

You can see that I am coming close to cumming and that I seem to be slowing down to hold out. Your response is to stroke your cock harder and faster, knowing that I will not be able to resist the urge to cum by watching this. I continue to fuck my wet pussy without allowing for a moment to gain my composure. The sound of the toy sliding in and out of my pussy is so sexy and drives you crazy. You look directly at the toy moving in my pussy as you stroke.

You not only hear my orgasm, but see my pussy literally throb around the toy. You can see it pull the toy inside and watch my body tremble as I cum, right in front of you on the chair. You see cum seep out around the toy in my pussy as I tense up my entire body. You slow your strokes as I gain my composure. I pull the toy out of my pussy and it is covered in wet. You moan as I show it to you and then I smile a mischievous smile.

I stand up and put the chair back in the dining room. You wonder for a moment what I am up to when I return to the room. I stand over you for a moment, looking down at you as you rub your nice hard cock for me. You know how much I enjoy watching you stroke and seeing your cock get harder and harder as you do so. Just as you start to pick up the pace, I move your hand and straddle your cock with my back facing you. I love to fuck you this way.

I slide your nice hard cock across my very wet slit at first. Not putting it into my pussy like we both want, but letting you feel how wet I got by putting on the show for you. You grab my hips and tease me right back, knowing that my attempts to tease you always backfire. As you expected, within minutes of you playing along with my tease, I can’t stand it and I slide your cock inside me.

You feel my pussy welcome you by pulsing around your cock. It is so wet and warm. I slowly ride your cock but it takes little time for me to speed up. It feels so good to have your cock inside me. You still have a hold of my hips and you are not just sitting there letting me ride you, but you fuck me right back. The room is filled with the sound of our bodies smacking into one another with intensity.

I bend way forward and ride your cock, giving you a wonderful view of my ass and your cock sliding in and out. We both breathe much faster and are getting close to orgasm. My body bucking on top of you practically begs you to cum deep inside me. You start to cum and you feel my entire pussy throb as you do. I continue to ride you and after a few strokes, I pull my body up and finish stroking your cock with my hand. Your cum shoots up my pussy, up my tummy and even on my hard nipples. You feel me moan as I watch you cum and I rub it into my body. I enjoy the feel of your hot cum across my body.

You wrap your arms around me and hold me tightly as we both regroup. Our breath slowly returning to normal and our hearts beginning to beat normally also. You kiss my back and squeeze me tight as I purr. I stand up and pull down my t shirt and skirt, not even taking a moment to clean our cum off my body. I turn and smile at you and then merely walk back into the kitchen. You hear me turn on the water and I peek around the corner at you. You are sitting on the coach, catching your breath and you look so sexy.

I feel my pussy throb just thinking about the nice quiet day ahead. I want to hurry and finish these dishes, I think, so I can fuck you again, and again, and again. Why waste a nice quiet Sunday cleaning house?

C K & L

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