Leader of the Pack Ch. 20


"How are the arrangements for their mating coming along?" Keith asked.

"It's set. We just need the couple to come out of hiding. Then we get to put up with them disappearing again," she groused.

"Oh well," he said in resignation. "It's not like he doesn't deserve to get something good. And at the moment there's nothing pressing to stop it. I've got the retraining of the out of shape troops dealt with. You've got the new quasi-omegas relocated and assigned only semi-demeaning duties. Jenna's been quiet and there's no new info on that front. Even the southern border's quiet. Terrick's the only problem and he's always been a problem."

Sarah growled. "I don't know. Terrick's really pushing it this time. Cullen's going to have a lot of explaining to do."

The phone rang and Sarah grabbed it. "Sarah, what?"

"Cadifor," the voice said. "Where's Arnauk?"

Caoch, Sarah swore to herself. Muin Pack Council. "He's indisposed. Can I get him and have him call you back?"

"It better be soon," came the angry voice. Then there was a click.

Keith raised his eyebrows. "Who could that have been that you'd be willing to go get Cullen?"

"Pack council."

"You've got to be kidding. That was too short for him to have told you what he wanted."

Sarah nodded. "It must be important. He didn't even offer to tell me. Obviously I'm not good enough to know what it was about." She stared at the phone with concern. "You never should have said that we didn't have any problems at the moment. You jinxed it." Sarah stood up to head for the door.

Keith jumped to go with her. "I'm coming too. I'm suspicious that he's been dragging it out for the fun of it anyway."

"If he isn't there's a chance we'll get attacked," Sarah said off hand as they walked down the hall for the elevator.

"Yeah, then it'd be better if there's two of us anyway. Don't know about you but last I checked I couldn't take him one on one," Keith said with a grin. There was more than one reason Cullen was the alpha. "He did manage to bring down a were bear lion thing recently. I'd guess he's been keeping up on his training even if the rest of us weren't overly concerned for it."

Sarah nodded. "Well hopefully he's worked out enough aggression that he'll at least listen before attacking. Doesn't matter," she said as they walked into the elevator and she inserted the key. "He's got to know that Cadifor is looking for him. This isn't one he can ignore until he's done fucking Aislinn."

Keith chuckled.

"You've been waiting for a reason to interrupt. Why do you get so much pleasure out of this?" Sarah was only letting him come along because he was right about the possibility of getting attacked.

"Because I haven't been getting any and I don't like knowing how much he's getting," Keith chuckled.

Sarah shook her head. Her stomach was turning as the elevator headed for the penthouse. She didn't relish dealing with Cullen if he was going to attack her. Why the hell did it have to be Cadifor? Couldn't have been any of the others could it?


Aislinn was exhausted. Cullen hadn't let up since that evening in the shower nearly a week earlier. The routine had developed rather quickly. Sex, sleep, sex, eat, sex, sex, sleep. Once in a while he let her get to the bathroom. At least two of those trips had involved Aislinn running from him. That resulted in a broken bathroom door. He was completely unreasonable. And it annoyed him that she was able to remain partially reasonable. In one of his brief moments of clarity he figured that it was the druid half. For as much as lycan's were instinct driven, druids had always been portrayed to him as logic driven. If Cullen were being more reasonable he would have thought that it was a good balance. At the moment however it was bothering him that she was able to apparently turn it all off when she wanted.

He was in the main room pacing. Aislinn was finally coming out of heat and she had managed to convince him that a shower would be a good idea. She had also worked into that a need for her to shower alone. After about 5 minutes of her being in the bathroom, door or not he was considering dragging her out. This was a vast improvement from the day before. She never would have gotten the water on.

Aislinn smiled as she felt his frustration. Five more minutes, she reassured him, knowing it would take longer than that, and was rewarded with a mental growl. She laughed. She would have been just as happy to let the omegas come in, clean the place up, and change the bed sheets at this point. How much longer is this going to keep you worked up like this?, she asked him.

Cullen forced himself to be rational for a moment. You're almost done. I wouldn't be capable of waiting impatiently if you weren't. Probably by tomorrow, maybe tonight. He sighed heavily. He was torn between being relieved and disappointed.

Aislinn smiled again. Haven't you had enough yet?

Mo mhúirnín bán I don't think I can ever get enough of you,
he responded sweetly.

That was enough to get Aislinn to cut her shower short. She felt much better having been allowed to clean up a bit. She had been dying to shave and put deodorant on for a couple days now. Even if she knew he was just going to mess her up again. The minute she came out of the bathroom, toweling off, Cullen grabbed her around the waist, threw her over his shoulder, dropping the towel, carried her across the room, and then dumped her across the back of the couch.

Aislinn giggled. She had to admit that she was still feeling a need for him even through the soreness that seemed to be a perpetual state of being at the moment. Her hands were on the couch seat cushions and her rear was up in the air, with her feet dangling just above the floor behind the couch.

"Perfect," Cullen said and his eyes shifted to molten amber. His body shifted into his hybrid form as he fell to his knees behind her. He stared at her sex for a moment. He could still smell the soap she had cleaned herself with. He leaned in close to her sex and he could smell himself on her.

Cullen growled his excitement and Aislinn could feel his breath on her lower lips. She couldn't see what he was doing but the waiting for him to make his move was driving her crazy. She could feel her cat clawing at her mind and she forced it to be patient. She was enjoying her moment of control. It had been a rare thing this week.

Cullen watched her shiver as she waiting for him to do something to her. He growled again. The fact that he was able to torture her like this was a testament to the fact that her heat was ending. He reached up and stroked her thighs gently, letting his claws draw white lines down her damp skin. Aislinn drew in a sharp breath and adjusted her position on the couch to keep her balance.

Cullen's eyes were focused on her sex. He watch her move and leaned in to smell her again. Aislinn whimpered as she felt his breath on her. He was so close. She wanted to push back so that he'd touch her but there was no way with the position she was in.

He was pleased with her need and frustration. He stared at her neatly shaved pussy. The outer lips were bare except for a patch she left on her mound. He let his tongue snake out and lick at the crease between her inner thigh and her outer lips. She whimpered some more and tried to wiggle so that his tongue would touch the parts she wanted touched.

He took his time, working his tongue over her smooth outer lips. You made me wait. Turn about it fair play, he teased. He dragged his tongue up to her butt and nibbled at each cheek, causing her to giggle and wiggle as he watched. He was enjoying his game, but watching her sex was getting to him. Finally he leaned in close and let his tongue stroke her pink inner lips poking swollen and inviting out of the folds of her sex.

Aislinn moaned appreciatively at the touch, hoping that would spur him on. Cullen managed to hold himself back though. He gently ran his tongue over the pink lips, lapping at the outside and working his tongue into the groove between the inner and out lips of her sex being careful to avoid her clit.

Aislinn was going crazy. Cullen watched her wiggle and listened to her needy moaning and whimpering. He was thoroughly enjoying this game. "Uh, Cullen!" she demanded, trying to get herself off the couch so that she'd be able to be more active in what was happening.

No you don't, he growled into her mind and gripped her thighs tightly, keeping her from getting enough leverage to move. But he gave her a little more attention in return for behaving. Cullen pushed his wolven nose into her slit and parted her inner lips as he breathed in her scent and his own.

"Ahh," Aislinn moaned. "Cullen please," she begged.

Finally she felt his tongue stoke her clit. It was agonizingly slow and only gently grazed her. But it sent waves of pleasure shooting through her body. Aislinn was shaking with need as Cullen lapped tentatively at her clit and ran his tongue along her slit to her weeping opening before dipping inside and causing more moaning.

He was getting to a point where he wasn't going to be able to keep torturing her, no matter how much he was enjoying the display and her needy moaning. Cullen stood up and took his cock in one hand as he lined up for what he really wanted.

The knot at the base was already hard and large and would hurt a little as he pushed into her. But he had learned this week that she didn't mind a little pain if he did it right. Aislinn wiggled some more. She was looking back over her shoulder and could see him standing behind her. The waiting was driving her nuts and her cat had gotten a little more of a hold on her. Cullen could see the amber and blue swirling together and there were dark lines and spots starting to bleed onto her pale skin. He was amused at how hard she was trying to keep her control.

He ran the head of his cock up and down her wet slit and this time the moan was tinged with jungle cat. Cullen growled his pleasure right back. Aislinn's head fell forward as Cullen took hold of her hips and lined himself up behind her. With one solid thrust he forced himself inside her. Aislinn winced and groaned. She felt like he had shoved his fist into her. The pain and pleasure mixed deliciously and flowed through her body in alternating waves of bliss and torture. Cullen gave her a moment before he began to move.

Aislinn felt him swelling more as he thrust over and over into her. She leaned further down the couch so that he would press against her clit with each stroke. Cullen dragged it out, listening to her grateful, needy sounds and feeling her cunt squeeze his cock as he humped her relentlessly. He loved hearing her call his name. As they neared the end he grabbed her from the odd angle she was in and pulled her up against him so that her back was pressed against his chest. She pulled her hair to the side for him. She knew what he wanted. He had bitten her again several times over the week and she had returned the gesture twice.

Cullen brought them both to their knees on the carpet. He thrust up into her waiting for her to give in and come. He put his mouth on the join between her shoulder and neck and growled hungrily, knowing how close she was. His clawed hand ran down her stomach and he pressed his fingers roughly against her swollen clit. Aislinn's body jerked in his grip and she came hard, crying out as he sank in his teeth and allowed his own release.

Neither of them noticed the audience waiting quietly for them to finish. Keith and Sarah stared around the destroyed penthouse in amused awe. They had never seen Cullen's room quite this trashed. The furniture was all askew. Everything normally neatly arranged on his desk was scattered about the floor. Pillows from the couch were thrown about the room. The bathroom door was on its hinges and hanging to the side. There were two broken lamps and the bookshelf was missing one shelf, the contents were on the floor in front of it. They were afraid to look in the bedroom.

Cullen collapsed onto his side, taking Aislinn with him. Then he rolled slightly onto his back, or at least as much as he could with his member lodged firmly in Aislinn's limp body. The wolf retreated again, temporarily. Keith and Sarah actually couldn't have asked for better timing. If they were going to get him in a moment of lucidity it would be right after he had sated the beast.

"Whatever it is it had better be good," Cullen said without looking at Keith or Sarah. He took a deep breath and let it out as he closed his eyes, lying on the floor.

Aislinn was confused at first. When she looked up and saw Keith and Sarah standing there looking at them she blushed furiously and pulled a stray pillow to herself.

Cullen laughed and tightened his grip on her hip to stop her from trying to escape. You're really going to have to get over this embarrassment issue. Just wait until we mate. If you can't handle people looking what are you going to do when they want to touch as well? Aislinn growled at him.

Sarah cleared her throat. "What do think the omegas are going to think of this mess. I don't think you could have made it any more apparent what's going on up here if you made a general announcement," she said with annoyance, partially testing the waters to see how reasonable he was going to be.

Keith held his breath waiting for a response.

"So don't have them come for the clean up until after the mating ceremony," he said. "Why are you up here? I didn't call down with the all clear. So it must be urgent. Terrick?"

"You're sounding alright," Keith said grinning, figuring he'd get away with a comment or two.

Cullen stretched and looked over at them. His eyes narrowed as he focused on Sarah's concerned face. "I think we'll be done by this evening or morning. What's wrong?" he said much more insistently. He didn't like the fact that it was third time he asked. They were avoiding telling him.

"Cadifor," she said. That was all she said.

Cullen groaned and let his head fall back onto the floor with a thud. "When?"

"About ten minutes ago," Sarah said.

Keith grinned widely. "You guys really have trashed this place," he said enthusiastically. "Can't wait til the mating ceremony. This is going to be good."

Aislinn pulled the pillow over her face, Keith chuckled, and Cullen and Sarah glared at Keith. "Enough," Cullen growled. He sighed heavily. "All good things," he said contemplatively. "Did he say what he wanted?"


Cullen growled. "Fine. Give me my phone."

Aislinn turned and glared at him. "You can't be serious," she said in disbelief.

Cullen looked at her like she was being ridiculous. "It's not like he can see us. I have to find out what he wants."

Sarah and Keith rooted through the mess on the floor. Keith started laughing. "Where is your phone?"

Aislinn growled. "It's probably in the bedroom."

"Temper, temper," Keith snickered. "I bet you didn't complain while you were helping to make the mess."

Cullen smiled amused and Aislinn elbowed him for the thought. "Alright," he said holding his side where she got him.

Sarah managed to find the phone on one of the end stands next to the bed. The only one still standing actually. She grabbed the phone and a blanket from the floor. Aislinn gave her a grateful smile as Sarah handed her the blanket and Cullen his phone.

"How are you going to handle-" Sarah started.

"I know, the mating ceremony," Aislinn interrupted.

"Well at least he told you about it," Sarah said a bit relieved.

Aislinn shook her head. "No, he's just implied. He hasn't explained. But chances are I'm imagining something worse than it will actually be?" she asked hopefully.

Sarah looked thoughtful. "I don't know about that."

"Shh," Cullen growled as he finished paging through the numbers and found Cadifor's name in the contacts list. He hit the button and the phone only rang once before an angry voice picked up. Aislinn felt concern surge through Cullen. "Arnauk," he said.

"Where the hell are you?" Cadifor growled.

"Where I always am. Why?"

"Cullen you were summoned to a meeting three days ago. No word. No appearance. You better have a damn good explanation."

"I can honestly say I never received word that I was due at a meeting." Cullen looked at Keith and Sarah and they both shook their heads uncertainly.

"We called the pack heads for a council. The government it on our asses. For the first time in centuries we've been contacted by the Circle. You wrote the reports that instigated all of it and you never received our message," Cadifor ranted. "Fine. I'll accept that. I'm going to have the messenger tracked down and find out who did receive the message. You need to find out why all the calls from anyone less than me have been intercepted and rerouted to avoid getting a hold of you for three days. In the mean time, get your ass here."

"By nightfall," Cullen said gravely and then heard the other end of the line click.

"Well?" Keith said as Cullen let the phone fall away from his head. "Don't keep us in suspense."

"The government and the Circle. And a missing message." Cullen didn't have to track down why the lackey's phone calls were intercepted. He'd told them not to disturb him. "Keith, find out why I didn't get it. Sarah what's going to happen when I go downstairs?"

"Honestly, if you're referring to you and Aislinn and all this, I don't really think there's much to worry about. Most of the pack is okay with us pretending you're behaving. There are just a few elders who are siding with Terrick and think you should have shown Godlike restraint and waited until it was appropriately condoned by the elder council. It won't be too bad. But don't expect them to not be suspicious," she said. "And I'd like to point out that you've used up your allotment of me taking the fall for you for quite some time."

Cullen looked over at Sarah gratefully. "Thank you," he said.

Instantly her anger faded. It was kind of hard to glare and stay angry at the guy when he was in such a compromised position on the floor and thanking her for helping him get there. "I'll survive. Besides, I'm assuming Aislinn doesn't get to go with you to the Pack Council. At which point the heat will all be on her once you're gone."

Keith started laughing. "Did you say it that way on purpose," he chuckled, knowing that she didn't.

"That wasn't that funny," Cullen growled at him and Sarah rolled her eyes. "Both of you get out of here. I need a car ready to leave within the hour. I'll be down as soon as possible." Luckily Aislinn's heat was so close to being over. He didn't really know what he would have done if he'd gotten the message when it was originally sent.


Hopefully things are starting to clear up and tie together. So far no one has asked for anything I haven't already accounted for. If you're missing something let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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