tagLoving WivesLeah Ch. 01

Leah Ch. 01


My friend had made arrangements to allow a friend of his to take my wife off for the weekend. He and I have spent many months creating a sub-slut wife that loves to be used and abused as a fuck-toy and pain-slut. He thought and I agreed it would be good for her training to be around people other than the two of us. His friend, he assured me, was completely trustworthy in every respect.

My wife's soon to be master/lover phoned and I happened to answer the phone. There was a moment's hesitation then he asks to speak to Leah. When I asked who was calling, again there was a moment's hesitation.

He said, " Glen, a friend of hers."

"Oh," I responded, "I'm her husband, Will. Let me get her for you."

Before I could lay the phone down Glen said, "Will, Leah told me I should call her today."

"Very good. What did the two of you have in mind for today?" I inquired.

"Well, we talked about getting together, tonight." He sheepishly said.

Smiling, I responded, "Great, she was hoping you would call."

"I'm just a bit confused about this." Glen replied.

"About this" I inquired.

"Yes, sir," he continued, "Why would your wife ask me to call and why was she out with my friend, Bob, drinking, dancing and whatever else last night?"

"Because she wanted to and I told her to, I would imagine." I shared.

"And you don't care that she was out, doing whatever last night and that I would be calling today." He asked in a quizzical tone.

"My wife is a very active and fun loving person and gets off to doing what Bob and I tell her to do. One of the reasons I married her, in fact."

"Excuse me Will, but do you really know why I'm calling her today?" Glen asked forcefully.

"When she was sharing the wonderfully gory details of her adventure last night. She was a little sad that you had not been able to stay and enjoy the fun. And that she had begged you to please call today." I reported.

"No I mean, do you really know why I'm calling and what I plan to do with your wife this weekend?" Glen asked more emphatically.

"If I understand correctly, you have some type of reunion of old college friends coming in for the weekend and you want her to help you entertain them." I reported as correctly as I understood from what she had told me when she got home this morning.

"Wow! Let me make sure you really understand, OK." He pressed on.

"Fine, if you feel you need to explain anything to me, go right ahead." I replied in a humorous tone.

"Will, I want you to understand I am an aggressive, dominant business man who will do whatever it takes to entertain my friends, especially my old friends, who just happen to be my primary investors." He said unequivocally.

"My goodness. She is going to love you." I responded quickly.

"What?" he asked.

"She is a wonderful submissive. She enjoys nothing more than to be taken control of and used." I let him know.

"And you are ok with this?" he asked.

"Sure, I want her to be happy. She was so disappointed that last night ended so quickly and quietly. So I know she will be excited that you are calling." I assured him.

"There is going to be six of us up at the cabin all weekend and just your wife." He stated.

"Only six! I hope you guys can keep up." I jokingly shared.

"Ok, Ok, this is crazy. I trying to tell you I am taking you wife up to a nice cabin up in the mountains, where myself and five of my friends are going to use her as our cum-slut the whole time. And let me tell you some of the guys are really hung and kinda rough with their sluts." He assured me again.

"Just as long as there is no permanent damage, I'm sure she will love whatever you guys can come up with for her to do or to do to her." I again assured him.

"No shit! Now I'm getting excited all over again. I was hoping but this is beyond my wildest dreams and hopes." He said in an excited voice.

"Shall I get her on the phone for you now:" I asked. "Yes Will. I would appreciate that very much." He said.

I put him on hold and told Leah he was on hold. She came into the room from the shower, wrapped in a towel, drying her hair with another towel. "I wondered who you were talking to that long" she said reaching for the phone.

"Hi Glen, I was so hoping you would call. So, sorry you had to leave when you did last night. How are you?' She greeted him happily.

She listened intently for some time with periodic affirmative responses. Smiling more and more as the phone conversation progressed. Finally, she said in a very seductive voice, "Yes, Master, I'll be ready and waiting at six.'

Hanging up the phone, she turned to me and smiled, while stating emphatically, "My Weekend Master says I should be ready to leave at 6:00 pm to spend the weekend with he and his friends."

Smiling I reached out to take her in my arms to give a big hug, but she moved away saying, "I'm sorry, Honey, but my Weekend Master say I'm not to touch anyone from this moment on unless he tells me to. So I guess you will have to wait until I get home Monday before you can use me again. Is that all right?"

"Oh, he certainly sounds like a very possessive master, I smilingly said in response.

"You don't think I've gotten myself into something I'll sorry about do you? She asked pensively.

"He did sound as if he knows what he wants and will make the demands required to get it. He gave his word that no permanent damage would occur. So it sounds like to me, you are in for a long weekend of being a cum-slut, fuck-toy and pain-whore." I shared.

"Oh, that excites, scares and makes me very horny, just hearing you say those things." She says.

"You better go and get ready. You don't want to make you new Master angry by not being ready on time." I shared as she went back in the bedroom.

At 5:45 a couple hours later, Leah came back into the den. Full make-up, stiletto heels and a mini-dress that if she pulled it up enough to cover her breasts it barely covered her twat and ass cheeks. She looked the perfect slut as far as I was concerned, which is the look I love for her.

"Do you think my Weekend Master will like my slut outfit? It is the closest thing I had to what he said I should wear. And I so want to please him with my first impression." She asked shyly.

"Since I don't know what he told you, all I can say is you look extremely sluty." I said with a horny smile plastered all over my face.

The phone rang and when I answered Glen asked if she was ready and would I like to help him prepare her for the ride to the cabin. I assured him I would more than willing to assist in any way I could. He asked if the garage was empty so he could back his van into the garage. I assured him it would be empty by the time he got here. He thanked me and hung up.

Soon after making arrangement for the garage to be empty a luxury van with tinted windows backs into the empty space. Glen gets out introduces himself and asks if the slut is ready. I assured him she was sitting nervously in the den somewhere between excitement and trembling fear. Glen smiles and asks if he should get her or would I like to bring her out. I said I would do the honors and went into the den from the garage.

When we returned, Leah being very careful on the step into the garage while navigating the steps in her heels. Glen had the back of the van open with both doors pulled back showing neat van space with a cushion mat covering the floorboard. Leah stopped at the back of the van turned and looked at Glen.

He instructed her to turn around so he could see all of her. He smiled and said, "Thank you kind sir, you are providing us with really sexy, erotic slut for sure."

"You are welcome, she's all yours until Monday. Could I make one request though?"

Glen looked around with a look of concern, "Like what" he said.

"Would you take this camera and extra pic cards and record the weekend for me?' I asked handing him my digital camera.

"Sure, and if you will give me your email address I'll send periodic groups of pics as the weekend progresses." He said glad my request did not take away from his plans to work this slut over to his pleasure.

"And by the way, you were very perceptive to figure out or guess that she is a pain slut as well as a cum slut." I shared to Glen as if Leah were not even there.

"Just had a feeling about her. You are a very lucky man, you know?" he said smiling at me.

"Oh I know, I know."

"OK, Cunt, get in the van and lay down on your stomach, pull your skirt up so you can lay in a spread eagle fashion in the center of the floor mat." He directed her.

Without a word, Leah pulls up her skirt, or what little there is of skirt in this mini-dress, over her ass, bunching it around her waist. Revealing a tiny thong that hides none of her ass and just barely covers her clean-shaven cunt lips. She then proceeds to climb into the van, lowering herself onto mat, assuming a spread eagle position as told.

The tension in the air is very thick with her fear of the unknown. Not knowing what is next or what she has gotten herself into has her cunt lips already showing moisture. Glen then climbs into the van, reaching into small utility box, pulls out a black leather full head cover mask, which he leans over and pulls over Leah's head. Securing the mask with a small pad lock, he turns toward me to see if I liked his handy work so far.

I give him thumbs up and a smile.

He then reaches up to the top corner of the rear van space and pulls down a single shackle fastened to a sturdy wire. He grasps Leah's wrist and fastens the shackle to it. Then he proceeds to do the same with her other wrist and both ankles. She is now shackle but the wires are not at all taunt. Again Leah gives off the impression of fear as she squiggles around a bit. I again give him my thumbs up. He then steps out of the van and presses a lever on the inside of the van's rear doors. Very slowly the wires are pulled tight and Leah's arms and legs are pulled away from the mat. When she is totally spread eagled and lifted up until only her stomach and lower rib cage are touching the mat, Glen stops, turns to me and says, "That should be about right except for the final accessory."

Smiling I am able to see that Leah is unable to move and is in a very exposed position. Glen steps back to inspect his handiwork. He smiles.

He reaches into the van and pulls Leah's mini-dress away from her breasts. Then he takes out a small penknife and slides the blade up the slit of Leah's ass, which causes her to clinch her ass cheeks. At which he laughs. Then with a flip of his wrist he cut the tiny thong away from Leah's cunt. It falls to mat exposing Leah's moist lush cunt lips. I can tell from the amount of moisture she is getting very turned on.

Glen then steps out of the van, reaches into his pocket and pulls out three black china clips that are used to hold stacks of paper more than an inch or two thick. Smiling, he asks, "Would you like to do the honors and put these on her nipples and clit, so we can get started on our journey?" "I would be honored." I replied.

He then handed me the clips and climb into the back of the van. Not missing a beat Glen grabs the camera and begins to record the scene.

Not sure whether Leah has heard what we had been talking about or knew what was about to happen, I stepped around her legs and kneeled down to where I could get to her left nipple which was poking out stiffly erect from the position she had been in for a few minutes. Without warning I opened the first clip, aimed if over her protruding left nipple and gently let it close. At first she moaned in delight to the touch, then quickly let out a guttural moan of exquisite pain. She jerked her left shoulder trying to throw the clip off but to no avail. I then moved to the other side and did the same to the right nipple. The moans were coming from deep in her inner self as the clip settled in, pinching both nipples to extreme tightness. More tightly than she had ever experienced before. Her hips began to slowly move up and down in what became a fucking motion.

As I stepped around between her legs Glen handed me a riding crop saying, "You might need this to get her to hold her ass still."

Hearing this Leah tried to hold her lower body and ass still but did not seem able to do it. I leaned over, rubbing the riding crop up and down over her clit and pussy and whispered in her ear, "Are you going to hold still or do I need to use this riding crop on your ass?"

Unable to talk, I could tell she was trying really hard to hold still. I gave her one quick firm lash with the crop, which caused a beautiful whelp to immediately stand up bright red across her ass. She tightened her back and leg muscles and held very still. So I leaned in opening the clip with one hand and spreading her cunt lips with the other. Her whole body was shaking in fear and anticipation as she works very hard to hold still. I placed the open clip on both sides of her clit allowing the pressure to slowly build up from the clip on her clit. Her moans told me she was about to have an orgasm, so I pushed the clip as hard as I could against the cunt and released the spring. This snapped the china clip hard on her clit, which sent her into an orgasm that raised her stomach off the mat, she was cuming so hard.

She convulses up and down about three times before the orgasm subsides. As I step out of the van, Glen is smiling like he had discovered the mother lode. Leah then collapses back to mat quivering and gasping for breath through her mask.

Glen thanks me shakes my hand, assures me he will take good care of my slut. Closes the back doors of the van, climbs in and heads out with my slut.

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