tagInterracial LoveLeah's Springbreak Adventure Ch. 3

Leah's Springbreak Adventure Ch. 3


"Told you your momma needed a good fuck, babygirl." Darren smiled, his sweat dripping down onto the middle-aged vixen who still moaned and writhed from his attentions. "How about it, hot momma, you still wanta call the cops on me? I think you liked it a little bit too much to do that."

"You beautiful man." she gushed, grabbing his dark head in both her hands and smothering him with wet kisses. "Take these cuffs off of me and I'll show you how much I enjoyed and appreciated it. I haven't been fucked like that in way too long. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever really been fucked like that."

Freed from her restraints, Jeanna rolled over, capturing her dark lover beneath her, rubbing her sweaty, cushiony tits over his muscular chest, grinding her dripping crotch over his flagging cock as she again smothered him with her soft lips, hungrily kissing his mouth and then all over his dark glistening flesh before moving her exploring lips down to his muscular chest en route to his cock that glistened with their mixed juices.

"Mmmmmmmmm....I love this cock, baby." Jeanna cooed, her hand gripping the thick rod, her wet tongue swirling all over the ebony tool, licking it clean. "Sooooooo big and dark and beautiful and I bet you can get it up all night long. You are truly the answer to this old lady's prayers."

"Woman, you keep that up and I'll be stuffin' that hairy snatch of yours again in no time." Darren laughed, his big hand gripping her hair, urging her wet lips further down his rapidly recovering tool. "Gonna make this a night for you and your sexy little girl to remember for a lifetime."

"Ummmmmm....that sounds great, but I have an idea." she laughed, grinning impishly as she flicked her tongue at his peeslit. "Why don't you run next door and get us some champagne. We'll have us a real party."

Reluctantly, Darren rose from the bed, pulling on his pants and shoes as he cast an appreciative glance at all the hot flesh lying displayed before him. In no time, he was out the door, having grabbed a twenty from Jeanna's purse on the way.

As soon as Darren was out the door, Jeanna started explaining her plan to her shocked daughter. Leah could not help but notice the almost demented gleam in her mother's eyes as she revealed her dark plan.

The black stud returned to the room a short time later to find mother and daughter locked in a tongue swapping kiss, moaning as their hands roamed over each others starkly contrasting bodies. He immediately felt his cock start to squirm in his pants as he watched them, having no idea that this was the first time they had ever indulged in this kind of sex play. For several long moments they totally ignored his presence, lost in their own sexplay.

"Get naked baby, and pour us all a drink." the older woman laughed, finally acknowledging his return. "Then you can join us."

The young black man felt like he had died and gone to heaven as he handed them both a glass of the bubbly and slithered his hard, naked body between them. They had barely finished their drinks when Lean slithered down the bed, her tiny hand encirling, stroking his dark rod as her lips ovalled to absorb his rapidly inflating cock. For her part, Jeanna's hot mouth again covered his, her wet tongue dueling with his as her soft hand roved over his muscular torso. He was so engrossed in the sensations that were overwhelming him that he totally forgot the cuffs hanging from the headboard until he suddenly heard the click and felt first one and then the other of his wrists encased in the metal bands.

"What the fuck?" he growled, struggling against his restraints as he took in the demonic grin on the older woman's face. "What do you think you're doin', bitch?"

"Shut up, boy!" Jeanna replied, practically spitting out the last word. "You wanta seduce innocent young white girls and take advantage of helpless white women? Now it's your turn to see what it feels like to be used."

Even as she spoke, she was moving to place her thick, powerful thighs on either side of his head, her sodden cunt dripping his own sperm down onto his face.

"You liked filling my pussy full of your nasty nigger sperm." she spat, her labia spreading as she pushed her sodden cunt down onto his face. "Now, lick my pussy clean. Get all that nasty, potent cream out of it."

Not really having any choice, he opened his mouth, his long tongue spearing up her open fuck hole, lapping away at the thick, creamy concoction that oozed from her gaping hole, surprised that it really didn't taste that bad.

"Mmmmmmmm....yes.....yeeaaassssss!" Jeanna cried out, grasping his dark head in both hands and almost smothering him as she buried his face in her hairy cunt. "Eat my hairy cunt, black boy. Clean my pussy up real good and I might let you stick that big young cock of yours in it again."

The young stud had been so caught up in his predicament that he almost forgot about the hot mouth that was hungrily gobbling his now throbbing cock, her hot lips sliding all the way down his painfully swollen shaft, deep throating his meat expertly.

"Ohhhhhhh....shiiiiiit! I'm gonna cum!" he cried out, his shout muffled by the wet pussy meat covering his face. "Ohhhhhh fuck, that is just too good, baby." He felt total humiliation as the hot mouth was suddenly removed from his cock, the tiny hand stroking rapidly as spurt after spurt of his hot mancream shot into the air to fall onto his belly, wasted.

"Just shut up and keep eatin'." Jeanna laughed, moving until her plush asscheeks spread and Darren found himself licking at her puckered asshole. "Eat that ass good, little man, and just maybe I'll let you stuff your big black dick in it later."

Having no choice, he let his tongue lap at her puckered hole that opened, practically sucking his hot tongue into its steamy confines clinching as if trying to suck it out by the roots. Through glazed eyes, he watched as Leah moved up the bed, offering her firm young breasts to her mother's hot, sucking mouth. She spread her legs slightly, letting her Jeanna slowly fuck two of her fingers into her steamy hole, fingering her slowly.

"Mmmmmmm....cum for momma, baby." Jeanna coaxed as her sexy daugther rode her probing fingers, her own tiny hand reaching down to strum at her swollen clit. "Show this nigger that we don't really need his big cock to get off." Even as she said these words, Jeanna realized that all this oral play had created an aching in her needy cunt that was now practically screaming for another filling of that ebony tool.

"You did good, black boy." she laughed derisively as she started slithering down his helpless body, leaving a trail of her juices along the way, pleased to feel his cock still fully erect, nudging it's way into her open, waiting channel. "Now, I need some more of that hard young cock. I'm gonna fuck you now."

As she rode his throbbing lovemuscle, almost losing control as she felt it again pierce her womb, she slapped his face sharply, the stinging slaps only adding to his humiliation.

"Suck my tits, boy!" she ordered, panting as her first orgasm washed over her heated body. "Lick my big, sweaty tits."

His sweet torture seemed to last for hours as she rode his insatiable bone until he had pumped not one, but two steamy copious loads of his potent male sperm into her clasping uterus. The only consolation he had came from the fact that he was almost certain to be increasing the odds of knocking this old white bitch up.

Finally unable to stand any more, she again slithered up his now drenched body, grasping his head and pulling his mouth again into her sodden, gaping gash. He knew exactly what to do, his tongue lashing out to lap up the ooze from her open snatch, bringing a sigh of pleasure from deep within her.

For the first time in his young life, his black cock almost hurt as he felt it being surrounded by hot, tight flesh as realized that Leah had decided to take up where her insatiable, vindictive mother had left off.

When he was finally able to unleash a load from his tortured balls into the unbelievably tight quim that milked his raw cock, his release was as much a feeling of pain as of pleasure and he actually passed out.

He awakened some time later, feeling that he had surely died and gone to heaven as he felt his aching body surrounded by hot, white, feminine flesh that smelled of soap. Could it possibly get any better than this? He was soon to find out.

"Baby, I think we oughta clean him up and take him home with us." he heard Jeanna saying, almost able to hear the smile in her voice. "What a souvenir he will make."

"Yeah Mom. I was hoping we could keep him." Leah laughed, her hand reaching out, causing him to jerk as it closed possesively around his aching tool. "We can use a strong, young man around the house and besides, our babies are going to need a father."

It just couldn't get any better than this, Darren thought to himself, smiling as his suddenly free arms reached out to pull their hot flesh to him, kissing first one and then the other as the sated trio drifted off into a deep, needed sleep.

After two more days of absentmindedly going about his daily chores and spending his nights taking care of the needs of the two insatiable white women, Darren smiled as he threw the two bags containing all his earthly possessions into the back of their car, laughing as he tossed his shocked boss his keys and waved goodbye with one upraised finger as he slid into the big car between his two women.

As they drove away, a hand moving slowly up and down their exposed thighs, he glanced from one and then the other of the sexy women, amusedly wondering what kind of reception he was going to get in the rural Texas town he would now call home.

The End, Maybe

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