bring trouble. A few hours ( a day? Two days?) ago she was bent on escaping confinement, now she would do virtually anything her captors wanted. With trembling hand she reached under the pillow and pushed the button on the buzzer.

The lights came on. The door opened and both presidents strode in. Kennedy had a large canvas bag over his shoulder. Reagan spoke "Ah Mrs. Porter. I see that you are starting to comply. That is good. We will be ready for you momentarily."

Leanne sobbed and said, "Please get this over with."

President Kennedy walked over to the bed and began unpacking items. He laid down

a large vinyl sheet on the bed.

"Mrs. Porter. Lie on the bed and make sure that your nether regions are centered on the sheet that President Kennedy has set down.

With every fiber of rebellion drained from her Leanne did as she was told.

"Just relax Mrs. Porter. We will be finished as soon as practicable."

Kennedy produced a key and unlocked the small but strong padlock on the left side of the leather panty and unzipped it. He put it aside and then unfastened the tape that fastened the diaper.

"Mrs Porter seems to have quite a capacity." said Kennedy. "Now bend your legs so that your pretty little butt is in the air" he said. Leanne was now crying copious tears as she did as instructed. The diaper was pulled out from under her and deposited in a plastic trash bag.

"Now I am going to wipe your cute little butt," said president Kennedy, Afterwords I am going to ask you to put your legs back down and spread them apart so that I can disinfect your crotch. We don't want diaper rash now do we?"

"Perhaps she will have learned her lesson in a few days" said president Reagan.

Leanne simply tried to imagine herself a million miles away as the man in the president mask wiped her ass with baby wipes. She felt his fingers brush up against her asshole and linger. She could tell that Kennedy was getting turned on by this. She put her legs down and spread them when told to. She felt his hands all over her most intimate parts as he swabbed her with more baby wipes. It seemed to her that president Kennedy was touching her far more than he needed to complete his task, but at last he finished.

"Now Mrs. Porter, a fine dusting of baby powder and we will have you diapered again."

"Please, I won't disobey again. I have learned my lesson. I will do anything you ask."


"Think about what you are saying Mrs. Porter we may ask things of you you may not want to do."

"I'll do anything." said Leanne.

"Very well said president Reagan lets just test that statement. Would rather be re-diapered or you rather suck me off?"

Leanne tried to make sense of the words. "What do you mean?"

"Just like I said Mrs Porter. You can either go back into the diaper or you can suck on my penis until I come in your mouth and you can swallow every drop of my seed. You did say that you would do anything!"

"Your sick! Spat Leanne.

Reagan nodded his head and shifted his stance. "President Kennedy will finish diapering you now. You are obviously a liar Mrs. Porter, clearly you will not do anything as you claimed you would."

Leanne burst into tears as Kennedy placed a new adult disposable diaper under her butt and fastened it. Her tears became a torrent as he zippered the leather panty into place and closed its lock.

"Mrs. Porter since your word is untrustworthy we have decided that you will wear the diaper for the rest of you stay with us. Keep in mind that that may be some time as you husband is making all of the wrong moves. Why only a short time ago we learned that the FBI is looking exactly where we expected them to; several hundred miles from our current location. They will search for you for days and come up empty. At the present rate your husband will cave into our demands in, at most, two weeks. Once he learns that the FBI and your local police are useless he will make the steps necessary to secure your release. You will probably have been changed at least sixty or seventy times by then. Since you will have to be shaved every three days to prevent diaper rash, President Kennedy will put you under the razor at least four times. That does not sound very appealing to me but that is the lot you have brought on yourself."

"Please cried Leanne, this is so humiliating! I can't take two weeks of this!"

"Well then Mrs. Porter you can reconsider my offer. In fact if you suck us off we will remove the diaper and even give you some clothing. Imagine a pair of khaki shorts and a

blouse. Appealing, no? If you don't want to suck us off we are willing to condom up and explore that delightful quim of yours. The choice is yours. If you decide on neither option then you have decided upon the diaper."


"We will leave you now. Remember to use the buzzer when you need to."

Leanne continued to weep once the door had closed behind her and the lights had been doused again. Eventually the tears subsided. He options were clear she realized either she let them keep her a baby or she could service he abductors.

"They have stripped me, shaved me and reduced me to the status of infant and yet they want more," she thought to herself. She knew for certain that she could not stay in this diaper for as long as they claimed it would take for Derek to ransom her. In fact she felt the urge to pee coming on.

"How many trips do I take to the bathroom during the average day?" She thought. With dread she realized it was at least five or six times a day and she went number two at least once a day.

Her choices were clear either consent to being a baby or let her captors rape her. Neither option had much appeal. The diaper was odious and the thought of letting those men put their penises in her mouth or in her pussy was horrifying. Leanne had not had much sexual history before she had married Derek . She was from a conservative family.

She had had two real boyfriends before Derek. The first, Robert was the first man she had eve seen naked. He was a football player in her high school. Leanne was on the flag squad and she had caught his eye at half time of a game. In all honesty Leanne knew she must have been a sight in her short skirt and high boots. The costume top also nicely accentuated her breasts.

Robert was a gentleman, He dated her for three months before one of their make out sessions resulted in both of them naked. He had a powerful jocks body. When he produced a condom however Leanne freaked out. She ended up crying and reaching for her clothes. Somehow, however, she found herself at his feet gazing up at his erect penis.

Hormones and curiosity got the better of her and she began exploring his sex with her hands and tongue and lips. His orgasm was as unexpected as it was thunderous. Leanne turned her head at the last second and he came in copious waves in her hair.

Robert was as embarrassed as she was and they redressed in silence. Later as he drove her home they both found that they could laugh about what had happened. The next weekend , she let him undress her then she helped him out of his clothes. This time the condom excited her rather than alarming her. He entered her with a gentility that belied his youth. Leanne soon found herself moaning, enraptured in her first orgasm.

The two of them were quite an item for a short time until their romance was stifled by her overbearing father who forbade Robert from dating Leanne. The two tried meeting in secret but Robert was terrified that Leanne's father, the local police commissioner, would find some excuse to get him arrested and banned from the football team, Robert was in


line for a football scholarship and wanted to play professionally some day. In the end that meant more to him than Leanne did. In total they had made love two dozen times.

The next year, her senior year of high school, she started dating Chuck a boy from their rival school. They had met while she was shopping at the large mall between their respective towns, She had a part time job at Macy's. . Chuck caught her eye and they had struck up a conversation while he was trying to buy his mother a purse as a birthday present.

Leanne went through the stores selection of purses and finally found one that he thought Chuck's mother would like. They exchanged glances and their hands met. Chuck had the purse wrapped up and bought it. Before he left the store he got her number.

A few days later he came back to the store, "My mother loves the purse. She wants to know how I figured out how to buy the right one because she always has to return what I buy her. But the real reason I came back was to ask you for a date."

Leanne agreed , little knowing that she had greatest, most erotic summer of her life

ahead of her.

Leanne and Chuck made a striking couple he was six foot three and well muscled from being captain of the high school swim team. His blond hair neatly complemented her long brunette locks. She just fit under his shoulder and everyone said that the two of them made the cutest couple that anyone had eve seen. Better yet her father absolutely adored him. Partly that because he went to another school and would not be "disturbing his little girl all day." The rest was his winning personality, he said everything that Leanne's father wanted to hear and the fact that he was impressed with his family.

Shortly after they began dating Chuck's parents had invited Leanne's folks over for dinner. Pete and Sharon Clark completely disarmed the stuffy police commissioner with their charm and manners. Chuck's sister Ellen was also there. She and Leanne had become instant friends. Chuck was one year older than Leanne, his sister's birthday was only a few weeks after her own.

Chuck's family owned a beach house and invited Leanne's family down for the weekend. Peter impressed the pants of of Leanne's father. He raised no objection when

they suggested that Leanne stay for the summer and work in their taffy store. They explained that Leanne could bunk with Ellen and that it would be good for Leanne to have a little independence. After all explained Sharon, "She will be a senior next year

and then off to college. She should have some experience living away from home. Pete and I will take care of her as if she were our own."

Peter and Sharon so won over her father that he though nothing of leaving his "princess"


in the same house and only a few doors away from her randy boyfriend. When not selling taffy in the summer Peter was an attorney. Sharon claimed that he could sell snow to the Inuit. After seeing the magic he worked on her father Leanne believed him.

What the police commissioner did not know was that the conservative face they had shown him was an act. The Clark's were actually very liberal. When Ellen had first met Leanne she decided that she was just the perfect girl for her son to have regular and steady sex with. They knew that their son would have sex but they wanted to keep it under their own roof rather than have him potentially get in trouble elsewhere.

They saw in Leanne someone they could trust their son with. She was mature and adult enough to take proper precautions in bed. There would be a large supply of condoms in her room and Chuck's.

Leanne's parents dropped her of on June 17th the day after school left out for the summer. She was to call every Friday night and the Clark's invited her parents to come down on four weekends during the summer. Leanne set her things up in Ellen's room .

Almost as soon as her parents had left Sharon had a talk with Leanne. She could still remember how it went.

"Leanne, let's have a talk. I see how you and Chuck look at each other and I must say that I am pleased with my son's choice."

"Thank you."

"Judging by the way that my son looks at you, I know that my son would like to explore his sexuality with you. Since last you visited we have bought Chuck a queen sized mattress. Peter and I would be quite pleased if you were to sleep with Chuck in his room."

"Wh..what? You want Chuck and I to share a bed?"

"Yes dear. There's a summer's worth of condoms in his room as well as Ellen's room."

"But ..."

"What's the matter? Don't you like Chuck or are you afraid of sex? Your not a virgin are you?"

"Well no but I'm really surprised about you attitude. Most parents do not encourage their kids to have sex."

"You will find that Peter and I are not like "most parents" We believe that a healthy sex life is key to good health and life satisfaction. You make an excellent match for Chuck. I think the two of you have the potential for a fantastic sex life together. There is also something wonderful about sleeping with a man. You feel warm and protected.

All I ask is that you promise me that you will make sure that chuck wears a condom each and every time. Of course that's optional for oral sex"

Leanne was left speechless.

"Don't look so shocked dear. I'm just more forward than most parents. Peter and I don't put our blinkers on and pretend that our children don't have sex. Ellen has a nice


boyfriend as well. Next year he will be encouraged to stay the summer as well. He took a job before we could make him the offer. He will be down for lots of weekends however."

"You do understand me dear?"

Leanne came out of her trance and said "Yes Mrs. Clark."

"Call me Sharon, my husband is Peter. And don't forget about the condoms."

"But what will happen when my parents visit?"

"Obviously on those days you will move back in with Ellen."


As Leanne left the room she saw Chuck and Ellen in the living room sitting on the couch playing a video game. She walked over to them.

"I just had the strangest conversation with your mother."

Ellen said, "She gave you the sex talk, right?"

"Well yes."

"What's the matter don't you want to fuck my brother?"

"I wouldn't say that its just that your parents are more forward than I am used to."

Chuck said, "Honey I will treat you with the utmost respect and I will be a gentleman at all times. We will have lots of fun this summer."

Realizing the full intent of Chucks words, Leanne smiled and said, I'm sure we will."

She then gave Chuck a big kiss.

Leanne had discovered shortly after she had started dating Chuck that he was uncircumcised. She honestly could not say that she care much for the anteater look but Chuck certainly knew how to use his tool.

The first thing she discovered was how right Sharon had been about sleeping with a man. She felt so protected and loved next to Chuck. Their first night she felt like a bride

she had never spent the night with Robert or Chuck before her summer at the Clark's house.

Leanne's mind recalled the highlights of that summer. One that stood out in particular was a Friday night when Sharon and Peter were out of the house for a trip to the city to catch a play and have a long romantic dinner. Ellen's boyfriend Shane had arrived earlier in the day and had brought his friend Richard and Richard's girlfriend Jennifer along.

Ellen was a lithe blond, and was miniature version of her brother. Richard was huge, at least six foot four all of it muscle. His girlfriend Jennifer was only five feet two inches tall but had a mane of flame red hair that fell to the middle of her back.

Chuck introduced Leanne to the others. He went to school with Shane, who was on the

football team and Richard often hung around with both of them. Jennifer hit it off with Leanne and Ellen immediately.

The four hit the beach and had a blast. Richard spoke for every man on the beach when he told the girls that they looked great in their bikinis. Leanne couldn't help but notice the heads they turned that day, everything from pimply 12 year olds to gray-haired old


men. Leanne did the kind of inventory women perform on each other all the time. She noticed that she had the largest bust, that Jennifer had the best legs and that Ellen had the best butt. It was a day of frisbee, swimming and sunning. God is was great to be young and in love.

The Clark's looked neither upset nor disturbed with the presence of four teenagers in their house. That evening, they announced that they would continue their night as planned and advised the four "There is beer in the fridge. Don't leave the house tonight and have fun. Please try to not break anything."

Five minutes after the Clark's car had pulled out of the driveway everyone had a beer in their hands.

"Well we can't leave the house. What should we do for fun?'

"We could play spin the bottle," said Jennifer.

Richard said, "How about cards? Do you have any cards Chuck?"

"Sure," answered Chuck "What should we play?"

"Hearts." said Ellen.

"War." said Leanne

"How about strip poker?" said Shane.

The girls said "no way" almost in unison while the guys said yes! At the same time.

"Oh come on girls." said Chuck "We'll make the rules fair for everyone."

"How? Said Leanne.

"Everybody will start out with the same number of clothes. Everybody deals and we play until there is one winner."

Jennifer said, "I'm game, but lets add one more rule no one leaves the table until there is a winner."

"What does the "winner" get"? asked Ellen, "besides every bodies clothes?"

"Well my parents won't be home until at least 2:00 A.M. so we have lots of time to kill. That gives us a one hour window to put everything back in its place and clean up.

How about the winner gets to choose tasks for the losers to do to earn back their clothes. Kind of like truth or dare. If you refuse the stunt you stay naked until 1:00 A.M. or the next stunt."

Jennifer said, "I'm really good at cards I'll have you guys measuring your Johnsons and humiliating the shit out of you three."

And when I win said Richard you girls will be on the table letting us guys lick your goodies!"

It was decided that everyone would wear six articles of clothing and that socks and shoes each counted as one item. Leanne and the girls vowed to keep everything covered for as long as possible. They wore socks, shoes, panties. bras, and hooded sweatshirts. The guys wore shoes, socks, underwear, pants and two shirts, a tee shirt under a regular shirt..


The game got off to a rousing start as the boys quickly lost their shoes and both shirts before a single girl had lost anything. By the end of the next rounds the girls had lost their shoes and socks and pants while the boys had held their own. The boys were complaining about the girls hoodies Jennifer had borrowed one of Leanne's and it covered her to well past mid-thigh. Ellen and Leanne's own hoodies came to their thighs. The girls all lost their pants but the boys had not even gotten a peak at their panties in the process. "Hey we are all playing by the same rules," said Jennifer. "You guys are going to have to earn the right to see our "goodies," as Richard so eloquently put it."

Leanne lost the next round and added her bra to the pile of clothes in the center of the table. She reached up under the hoodie so the boys didn't get a peak.

Chuck lost next an his pants went into the pot. Chuck was clearly aroused and tried to hide his erection. Jennifer's saucy wit came to the fore and she said. "Don't worry darling your sausage will be able to breathe the fresh air shortly."

Ellen lost the next two rounds and placed her bra and panties to the pot. Now she and her brother were down to a single article. Richard said "Which of our hosts is going to be the first unwrapped?" Richard then lost his pants. And Chuck laughed Leanne next lost and surrendered her panties. She felt so strange sitting there bare-assed.

Ellen was the first naked as she lost the next round. Shane and Richard whistled ad she pulled the hoodie over her head. Everyone could tell that she was a real blonde. Ellen caught her brother staring at her. "What are you looking at?" she asked. "Sorry Sis, I haven't seen you naked since you were eight years old," Chuck sheepishly replied.

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