tagIncest/TabooLearning from Daddy

Learning from Daddy


I was laying on my bed wearing a tight little t-shirt over my 36C perky breasts and a little pair of pink panties with my long red hair down spread out around me. I was just 2 months into my 18th year and in high school living at home with my father and brother. It was late at night and the whole house was asleep.

I reached down and put my hands into my panties and started rubbing my clit. I was started to get real wet when I thought I heard something but I wasn't really thinking about it. Then the door to my room opened and my father saw me touching my pussy. He looked stunned then told me I should go to sleep. I didn't know what to think but within a couple minutes he came back and got into bed with me. He wasn't wearing any clothes. He reached down and started rubbing my already wet pussy and whispered in my ear that he was going to teach me what to do. He kissed me hard and started rubbing my pussy faster. I started to moan and got even wetter.

He went under the covers and pulled down my panties and tossed them onto the floor. He put his head between my thighs, using his hands to spread my thighs apart farther, and started to lick my wet, quivering pussy. It felt so good having his tongue licking at my young hot slit. I started moaning quietly even though I wanted to be louder I knew my brother was asleep. I started shaking and came on his mouth and felt my sweet, hot juices running down my thighs onto the bed. He came back up and started kissing me while he began to put his finger in my tight, little hole.

I was so wet that it was a little easier but I was still very tight and he had to work slowly to get one finger all the way into me. It felt so good. I had touched myself but I never put my fingers in there. I had broken my hymen on accident before so there was no resistance of that though I was still a virgin.

I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as he kissed me long, deep, sometimes soft and sweet, other times hard and lusty. I felt his cock harden on my leg as I moved my hips in time with his finger in me. He felt so big I didn't know how that might fit in me but I started to want it in me. I knew we weren't supposed to be doing this. He was my Daddy and I was his little girl but it felt so good I couldn't say no and Daddy didn't seem to think we should stop. He whispered in my ear that I was his good little girl and he was going to teach me how to do other things too. I started to get wet thinking about what other things.

"You get me so hard. You have such a sweet tasting tight pussy, baby girl." I felt sexy thinking that I got Daddy's big cock hard. I had kissed boy's before but they never made me feel that sexy, that's why I stayed a virgin I guess and now I was glad I waited hoping it would be Daddy to take my virginity and make me a women.

He took my hand a guided it to his cock. It felt so good in my hand. He told me to slowly rub it up and down. It got even harder while I did that. Daddy said "Yeah baby girl rub it like that."

He pushed two fingers in me and kissed me hard while I stroked his cock. Quickly I was dripping wet and started to get close to cumming. Daddy stopped kissing me for a minute and told me he wanted me to cum on his fingers. Then he kissed me hard and deep, and I started moaning into his mouth, then my pussy started to contract and I came all over his fingers. He brought his cum covered fingers up and told me to lick them. I did what Daddy wanted and sucked all of my sweet teen cum off his fingers.

He told me I was his hot, sexy little girl, which made me wetter. He was making me so wet that it was dripping on the bed and down my legs. I had never been so wet before. I'd been quiet this whole time except moaning but now Daddy wanted me to talk.

"Tell daddy what feels good when I do it. i want to make my little girl feel good."

He got on top of me and pulled my t-shirt up and started touching my tits and nipples, which were so hard. He started pinching the left nipple and brought his mouth onto the right and licked and sucked the nipple.

"Daddy I like you pinching me. It hurts but it feels good too. It makes me all wet down there."

He pinched me even harder and I started moving my hips and moaning.

"You look so hot and sexy moaning while I pinch your hard little nipples."

I was getting close to cumming again just from that but then Daddy said,"I have other things in mind. What does my baby girl want to do?"

"Daddy's little girl wants to do whatever Daddy likes."

I saw his cock twitch and harden even more at that, which didn't seem possible because he was so big.

Daddy pushed the head of his cock up and down my pussy rubbing my clit with it. I was so hot and ready for it to be in me but I was scared because its so big and he is my Daddy and they say we aren't suppose to do this but I didn't care about that anymore I was so desperate for it by then.

"Tell Daddy what you want me to do."

I felt so dirty saying it but I liked it.

I said "I want your big cock inside me Daddy, please. You will be my first Daddy and I need you so bad."

He smiled and kissed me and said, "I'll give my little girl what she needs but she has to give Daddy what he needs too."

I said "Oh yes Daddy I want to give you whatever you want. Its so naughty Daddy but I love you and want to do everything for you."

He told me that he loved me too. And that it was naughty but the good kind of naughty.

He told me he liked to hear me talk dirty and asked if I knew what that meant. I told him that I had watched porn and read stories and so I though I did.

"Good girl" he said, "Do that for your Daddy while I put my cock in your pretty little pussy."

He started to push his cock in then.

"It hurts Daddy but I want it so bad and it feels good too. Do you like my tight pussy Daddy?"

"Yes baby girl, keep talking to me and calling me Daddy while I make your sweet little pussy cum, tell me when you are cumming baby girl."

"Yes Daddy, oh I'm close now, you are all the way inside, your cock is filling me up, it still hurts but it feels so good and I like it to hurt some knowing that Daddy's huge dick is stretching my tight pussy. Yes Daddy that feels so good, pulling in and out of me, I'm cumming on your cock now Daddy."

"Baby girl I feel your tight little pussy milking me, no one has ever done that."

"Like this Daddy?" I say as I tighten my muscles.

"Yes Baby girl, when I tell you to do that for Daddy."

"Yes Daddy, anything you want. Daddy you are pounding faster now and it feels so good, I can feel your balls slapping my ass, please don't stop I'm going to cover your cock in cum again. Now daddy, please fuck me harder, make me yours all the way daddy."

"Yes my little girl, Daddy is going to fill your tight pussy with his cum now, milk Daddy's cock baby and cum with me."

"Yes Daddy I'm cumming all over your cock, fill me up with your hot cum."

"Uhhhh. Baby Girl."

"Ohhhh, Daddy."

Daddy rolled off of me. I could feel his warm cum deep inside me and it felt so good. Daddy pulls out and laid on his back beside me, slipping his arm under my neck and pulls me towards him. I put my head on his chest and swung my leg over his, feeling his cock against my leg and my wet pussy still oozing cum on his leg. He rubbed my hair and said he loved me. I told him that I loved him too. We drifted off to a lovely deep sleep pretty quickly in each other's arms.

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