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Learning Respect


I heard silence, then the phone go dead in my ear. I waited a few minutes hoping it had been a mistake and Ken would call back, but as the minutes went by I knew better. I knew by the tone in his voice he was upset, and had every right to be. We had this weekend planned for a month, being sure everything was perfect down to the last detail. We had set this in motion at the beginning of the week, setting the scene and preparing for the weekend's events.

Ken is my slave, we met at the beginning of the week at Mario's, a local restaurant, to set things going and for me to give him his instructions. Under no circumstances was he to cum. All week, I'd call Ken and tease him, making him so excited and then denying him to release. When we'd meet someplace, I'd not wear panties under my dress. I'd be sure to sit where I could part my legs and Ken would see I wasn't wearing panties. I'd slide my hand up and down my thigh and come so close to touching my shaven mound Ken would actually moan out loud.

I would smile, and say, "Ken, are you ok? Is there anything your Mistress can do to help?" Then I'd rub my finger up and down my pussy, opening my thighs wider so Ken could see how wet I was. I could see he was excited; his cock was hard and pushing on his trousers to be released. I leaned forward and said, "Ken suck my finger, taste your Mistress."

As Ken leaned forward to take my finger in his mouth, I reached down with my other hand and rubbed his cock through his trousers. After a minute I removed my finger from Ken's mouth and he automatically reached for the napkin and wiped my fingers off.

I sat back and looked at Ken and said, "My, you do have a big problem there slave."

Ken closed his eyes and nodded.

I spread my legs again and said, "Slave, your Mistress wants to see your cock. Take it out and leave it out through dinner so I can admire my cock."

Ken sat back in his chair and looked around the room to see if anyone was looking.

I smiled, as at the next table there was a middle age couple there and it was obvious that she could see Ken from her seat but not me. Her eyes were fixed on the bulge in Ken's trousers. Ken noticed her looking and gave me one of those "someone's looking looks".

I smiled and said, "Ken! Don't make me say it again."

Slowly he unzipped his trousers, reached in, and pulled his huge hard cock out.

I looked over at the lady and she had her eyes fixed on Ken's cock. Her mouth slightly open in disbelief. Then she looked at me. I smiled, and leaned forward. As she watched, I placed my hand on Ken's cock and squeezed. It made the head of his cock bulge, and I heard her gasp. Her husband asked if she was ok.

"Yes, yes. I just got a chill."

He asked if she wanted her sweater from the coatroom and she replied, "Yes please, yes."

As her husband left she could now devote her time to watching me play with Ken's cock. I stroked Ken once or twice, put my finger on the head of his cock, wiped the cum off, and licked it from my finger. I could see the lady and her hand moving under the table; she was pleasuring herself and watching Ken's stiff cock.

I had been so into her and watching her pleasure herself that I almost let Ken cum. I could feel the throbbing in my hand and hear Ken's breathing pick up. I suddenly stopped fast, looked at Ken, and smiled.

"Ohhhh, no you don't slut. Today is Monday and you cant cum till the weekend. Don't think you can trick your Mistress."

I took a spoon from his dinner place and tapped his cock and heard him moan. And the lady next to him to as she wasn't moaning for Ken, she was moaning cause she was cumming.

I turned to Ken and said. "Put it away slut, you're causing a scene here," and smiled at him.

We had dinner and went over the rules; no masturbating, no cumming, no touching the cock unless it was to go to the bathroom and shower. And no matter what time I called or what I asked him to do, he had to do it or be punished. And Ken knew I was not light on the punishments.

After going over the rules, I went back to teasing Ken. I wanted him to be on the edge all week. So I had him slide closer to me and undo his pants as we ate, my foot stroked his cock. I'd slide it up and down his hard cock, then put my heel between his legs and push seeing the pain and pleasure on Ken's face as my heel pushed harder and harder into his balls. Truth be known, I had a hard time keeping myself from cumming. Feeling his cock throb and his hard balls from my heel pressuring them.

Ken ate slow and with his eyes closed a lot. I could see the excitement building in him from my foot teasing. After we had eaten, I sent him to the rest room to clean up. After he left the table I followed him into the rest room. The gentleman that was washing his hands was shocked as I ordered Ken to pull his pants down. As Ken stood there with a huge hard on the gentleman gasped as he watched me take Ken's cock in my hand and order Ken to pump his cock. The gentleman was obviously aroused before he dried his hands and walked out.

After the man left I kneeled down and kissed the head of Ken's cock and told him he was a good slut.

He begged for permission to cum.

I smiled and bit down on Ken cock till he moaned of pain not pleasure. And when I let loose Ken was semi hard and sweating. I grabbed his balls and gripped them kinda hard and said, "Slut what are the rules?"

Ken looked at me and lowered his eyes. " No touching, no masturbating, no cumming, touching is permitted only when bathroom use and shower."

"Then don't ask such silly questions when you know the answers."

"Yes Mistress," he said.

"Now put yourself back together and let's pay the check and leave."

It was a good night; it tested Ken and his will. But the rest of the week was as good I pushed him a number of times, and times I ignored him. That seemed to bother him the most. The fact I'd get him all excited then not call or see him when he asked. Ken was everything to me, and he loved having his limits tested.

Now my slave would be testing mine, I had to punish him for the way he handled the news of my going out of town. I had to make my point that I wouldn't have done it, if it hadn't been important. But no matter the reason he disrespected me, punishment was a must. It had been two days and Ken had not called and I wasn't going to call him, not yet anyways. I had to think of a punishment that suit the problem.

I left work early. I couldn't concentrate; my slave had put me in a position I didn't like. And I knew I had to deal with it, but was unsure as to how, or how severe I should be. Ken's never done this before but I can't let him get away with it. I had till tomorrow night.

I had left a message for Ken at his home; I didn't talk to him and didn't want to. I told him to meet me at the apartment at 7 pm Friday night no excuses. I heard nothing so I assumed he would be there. All day Friday I was torn as to what I was going to do. And when I arrived to the apartment I still had no idea, the only thing I did know was I had some news for him and he wasn't going to like it. Maybe that would be punishment enough.

I arrived 2 hours ahead of my slave and readied myself. I showered and dressed, black short leather skirt, thigh high black hose, 3-inch heels and a black and red lace-up corset. My hair was up because I knew it drove him crazy to see my neck. I put on my favorite large hoop earrings that sparkled in the candlelight. After all this was going to be punishment. I smiled to myself. Everything was ready, the toys I wanted for the evening. All I needed was my slave and he should be here any minute.

I sat in the over stuffed chair and waited. Feeling a tingle between my legs, I had wanted this weekend too and was as disappointed as he was. My nipples grew hard and I could feel the wetness between my legs as the time went by. I reached down and rubbed my clit wanting to cum but not sure if it was the right thing to do. The doorbell rang and I guess that made my decision for me.

I stood and walked to the door. Opening it slowly, I enjoyed the look of anticipation on Ken's face as he stood there, waiting. I looked at him and said, "Get in here slave."

Once inside he fell to his knees. Gazing at the floor, he softly spoke. "Hello Mistress."

"Hello slut, nice of you to show up." I walked to the over stuffed chair and sat down my legs spread wide. I sat there butterflying my legs open and shut, again and again. I could see he was excited; his cock looked hard and pressed against his black trousers.

"Crawl over here slut and clean my fingers," holding my hand out.

He quickly crawled over and sucked on my fingers one at a time.

"Stand slut and remove your pants. I want to see my cock!"

Standing, he removed his shoes, then socks. Looking me in the face, he unzipped his pants and let them slowly fall to the floor. I lifted my leg and put my heel between his legs and lifted till his balls were resting on my shoe. Slowly sliding my heel up the side of his cock, he moaned. Pressing the toe of the heel hard against his cock and pushing the heel into his balls.

I pressed harder and harder till I saw the pain in his face. And then said, "You have something you want to say to me slut?" I could see the pain in his eyes.

"Yes Mistress, I want to apologize for my attitude when I learned our weekend was canceled. For not calling and for not taking your calls."

I pressed harder with my foot and he buckled a bit. I stretched my heel so it would press hard in his balls. I wanted him to suffer as he made me.

"You know slut, I have to punish you for what you did."

"Yes Mistress, I know."

I lowered my foot and got up. I walked to the stand across the room and opened the drawer. I took out his collar and the small chain with clamps on it. I walked back over and told Ken to get on his knees.

After he did, I hooked the collar up and put the ring in the back, hooked the small chain with clamps on the ring, and ran it down his back and between the crack of his ass.

I told him, "Stand and spread your legs slut."

I reached under him, grabbed the clamps, and after fondling his balls, I hooked the clamps to them. I wanted the small chain tight, so if he moved in the slightest the clamps would dig in his balls and hurt him. His flinches told me I had him right where I wanted him.

"How's it feeling?" I asked him with a smirk on my face.

I reached over and pumped his cock until I knew he was ready to cum. Ken loved cumming 2 to 3 times a day. So going a week with out was very hard on him.

"Need to cum, don't you, my pet? You want that feeling of release, the pressure gone, and uncontrollable pleasure, don't you? How would you like to fuck my ass? I know you love it. It's been so long for me since I've cum. I missed you my pet, the feel of your long hard cock pounding deep in my ass. Your balls slapping my pussy with every stroke."

His eyes closed and he moaned. I could see cum on the end of his cock. He wanted, no needed to cum. I bent over and kissed the head of his cock, running my tongue up and down the sides.

"Tell me pet, how are you feeling?"

"Your pet needs to cum Mistress, my balls and cock ache for you."

"Ummm, nice to know slut." Walking around in back of him, I commanded, "Bend over slut."

My hand traced his ass and I tugged on the chain making him moan. Not sure if it was pain or pleasure, seems right now a bit of both. I smile to myself.

"Feel good pet, me tugging on this chain?" As my finger found his asshole I teased it then slowly slipped my finger in.

"Ummm, nice feeling huh pet? You like my finger in your ass? "

"Yesss Mistress, your pet loves you fucking his ass, you know I do."

I slapped his ass. "I didn't ask you to tell me what I know pet. I just asked you if you liked it." Tugging on the chain, he leaned forward only to make it worse because the clamps pulled tighter.


"Yes Mistress."

"I want you to fuck me."

A smile came over his face.

"Don't smile slut, you have to fuck me with the clamps on and you can't cum."

"Mistress, the clamps are hurting now."

"I know Pet and it will hurt more as you fuck me. Make me cum pet and don't you dare cum."

"I can't cum Mistress?"

"No! Pet, your punishment is you cannot come till after the weekend. So we will test your strength and will power today, won't we?"

I sat down in the chair and held my foot to him, "Take my shoe off pet." I held it low and he had to bend to reach it, I could see the pain as he bent for it. As he dropped that one I held up the other foot and he reached for that as well.

"Thank you pet."

"You're welcome Mistress.'

I held my leg high and rolled down my hose, very slowly. I stood and draped them around his neck and kissed him. Pressing my body against his already hard cock, I heard him moan.

"You ok, pet?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You can speak freely, pet."

"Thank you Mistress, you know how you excite me when you press up against me."

"Yes pet, I do, and it equally excites me, pet. I love your body pet. Just love the way your nipples harden when I kiss them or suck them. And I love the way your tummy tightens when I run my tongue like this down it to your waiting hard cock."

"Ohhhhhhhh Mistress, pleaseee, I need to cum."

"Or when I grab your ass with my nails and pull your cock into my mouth like this. I know that this excites you, my pet. I know what you like and what excites you. Like I know you need to release at least twice a day, and that this last week has been a big challenge for you."

"Yes Mistress it has and I need to cum, you know that."

"You can't cum till after the weekend."

"Mistress, are you serious?"

"Yes my pet, I am. What you did was serious. You don't ignore me, understand pet?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Now pet, it's been way too long for me. I was looking forward to this weekend as well. Your Mistress needs her pet to please her. Umm, I love stroking your cock, fuck your Mistress slut, make me cum."

"I can't move like this Mistress, can you please take the clamps off?"

"No pet, they're on there to remind you to not cum and as a punishment." I smile, knowing he's pissed and I'm going to make him suffer for me.

Ken looked me in the eyes and reached for the front of my corset, unlacing it and letting it fall open. It was tight and the release was welcomed. Still looking me in the eyes, Ken reached for the zipper of my skirt. As he unzipped my skirt he bent just a touch and moaned as his lips found my nipple.

The skirt fell to the floor and in a flash he had me turned so my back was to him. His hands on my breasts and tugging at my nipples. One hand slid down my tummy and he whispered, "Is this what you want Mistress?" as his fingers sank into my hot wet cunt.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh god pet, yes. Yess, make me cum."

"Oh not yet, let's get you really worked up; it's been a long time." Reaching between us with his hand he put his hard cock between my legs and moaned as he straightened it to go between my legs stretching it. I could feel him shake as he worked his cock in and out between my legs the clamps pulling every time he pumped.

"Ummmm, damn them fuckin clamps are biting."

Grabbing my hips, he pulled me into him, his cock shooting out in front of me. Then disappearing again, rubbing my clit as did this. He grabbed my nipples and pulled down on them bending me over and asked, "You ready, Mistress?"

"Oh yess pet, fuck me"

With one hand on my hip and the other guiding his cock carefully in my ass he arched and shoved his hard long throbbing cock deep in my ass. I could hear him moan not sure if it was from fucking me and trying not to cum. Or the clamps pulling on his balls with every stroke.

As he shoved deep in me both his hands were on my hips and practically lifting me to his cock. I could feel his knees shake as he held me tight to his cock. When he let me down I gasped as his hand reached around in front of me and rubbed my clit.

"Ohh yesss pet. Yess fuck meee. I'm cumming." I could hear him straining to not cum, and I yelled, "Don't you cum slut, don't you dare cummmmmmm ohhhhh."

With every ounce in him he drained me. I couldn't stand when he was done; I fell to my knees. After a minute I looked up at him. His face showed the stress; wasn't sure if it was the pain from the clamps or not cumming.

I reached between his legs and undid the clamps. Moaning, he dropped to his knees and put his head on the floor. I crawled beside him and said, "I'm sorry pet but you had to learn." I reached for his balls and massaged them.

"Come with me pet, let's shower, I've got some good news." As we were in the shower and Ken could focus and was calmed down. I told him I didn't have to go out of town and that his things were packed and were still going to the island for the weekend.


"Yes pet?"

"Can I cum?"

"No pet, not till we get there, then I'm yours as planned this is your weekend.

Smiling he just said, "I can't wait..."

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