Learning the World Ch. 02


The crop duster's daughter quickly added, "Also... it seems like I'm already fitting in before I've actually...entered The... Garden."

Spotter smirked as he caressed her vaginal lips undoubtedly massaging her clitoris as well—knowing it was probably why she began to trail off a bit at the end of her statement. "Oh I think you'll fit right in around here," he offered, just as he pressed his middle finger into the moistened hole between her labia. Something clicked, however, when he felt the hot skin of her vagina wrap around his finger.

You see, being inside this heavenly creature (even if it was just with one's finger) didn't come without its costs: already Spotter's sensibilities were fading, and as he stroked her inner cunt—placing the other hand on her stomach for stability—the Guide actually forgot what he was supposed to be doing there. The combination of her scent, and the feel of her wetness, and spongy inner warmth kicked him out of his mind.

Subconsciously, the man began to lean his face in towards her pussy, as he continued to stroke her from the inside—ready to kiss whatever part of her first touched his lips. A muffled and faint quish could even be heard on the occasional stroke.

"Uh...Mister......Is this really needed to get my measurements?" inquired the young busty beauty. It wasn't doubt that spurred her to ask, just a curiosity for what was going on. Whatever he was doing down there felt good, but in the back burner of her absorbent mind was a constant fascination for this entirely new experience. "Spotter?" Gabrielle asked, only a millimeter before his mouth made contact.

"Wh...what?" the man asked, coming out of his reverie. He pulled his head back; he was too caught off guard to come up with a reason to place his mouth on her. "Um... yes. The best fits come from really thorough measurements, which means I needed to get as good a feel of you as I can. However," he said, willing his finger out of her vagina, "that being done, it's time to get you into your wrap."

"Great!" Gabrielle jumped, causing her breasts to bounce resiliently.

On that note, Spotter left the room for about two minutes and came back with what looked like a long, white cotton band. It was a Wrap, which was essentially a long...wrap with about the width of Gabrielle's forearm. The Guide handed it to his bubbly guest and explained to her how to put it on—of course taking liberties in demonstrating it, which meant further groping of her tits, and another feel of her pussy. Spotter was smart enough to avoid inserting himself into it again. They would probably never leave the room if he did, and Manuel would not like that.

It wasn't the easiest thing to put on, but when it was on Gabrielle liked the way it looked. Essentially what the process boiled down to was placing the starting end somewhere on her upper chest, and wrapping the garb downwards around her body—effectively pinning down the starting end—again and again until the long cloth ended high on the leg, much like a skirt, where the second end would then be hooked, via a non-obtrusive attachment, to the rest of the Wrap. And according to Spotter, many women around The Garden actually preferred to wear a Wrap in different ways, but the skirt style was the easiest to put on and she wanted to wrap things up...so to speak. This very potently outlined the shape of the female body with a simple, yet elegant design. Simple and elegant, she thought—perfect for a church group.

However, the simplicity of the getup did beg one question. She didn't see why so much measuring was needed. Gabrielle was about to inquire about it when Spotter spoke up again.

"You look fantastic, Gabrielle," complimented Spotter, reaching out and touching/groping various parts of her newly dressed body. "Just like one of us."

"Thanks again Mister!" the naive teenager said, before heading for the doorway that led into the thick of The Garden. "I can't wait to see the rest of the place."

"Hold on a second there!" Spotter said, almost apologetically. Gabrielle turned around and looked at the Guide. "There's yet one more thing to be done before we can let you in to our world."

"Oh," Gabrielle said, slightly disheartened. Her excitement was building up and she really wanted to get to see The Garden. Spotter saw this and reacted.

"Not to worry though, after this, you will be an honorary Rose follower. There's just the matter of some initiations you need to undergo; one in particular must be completed to get beyond that doorway," the man said, indicating the The Garden's entrance.

"Okay. What I need to do?"

"What makes this church so special, Gabrielle, is that we believe that each of us has a bond to all people, but especially to other Rose Light followers. If you are to see and feel The Rose Light within each one of us, Gabrielle, you must have opened a channel to another believer. Do you understand me?" Spotter asked, his cock getting hard again; it had somewhat deflated when he went to get Gabrielle her Wrap, and only partially reawakened during her dressing.

"Sooo..." she stalled, looking upward with one eye winked. His explanations were getting more abstract so she had to think a bit harder to understand what he was saying. "I need to establish some sort of connection to one of you?"

"That's correct."

"And how do I..." she paused to recall his terminology. Gabrielle figured using their own language was a great way to prove her respect for the culture they were sharing with her. "How do I open a channel to another Rose Light follower?"

"Well, young Gabrielle, the traditions differ slightly from men to women, but in both genders it starts no sooner than at eighteen years of age. For a woman such as yourself you must essentially drink from a male member's spiritual stem, the essence of his spirit."

Now Gabrielle was finally confused, and it showed on her face. For some time Spotter had been explaining things less from the standpoint of an outsider, and more from the understanding of a Rose child: using the direct metaphor as if he was teaching her. This time however he offered no colloquial explanation for his words, and they seemed to required a deeper knowledge of Rose Light teachings.

"I'm sorry...Guide...Guide, Spotter, but I don't understand what you mean. What's this...'spirit' that I need to drink, and what's a stem?" Her sharp blue eyes darted around as she searched different parts of her mind to come up with an answer to her question.

"Yes, this was bound to happen eventually," Spotter said, knowingly. This caused her beautiful gaze to settle on him. "Many ways of the Rose Light are better taught soul-to-soul through experience, rather than word of mouth. Mayhap it's now time to start showing you directly what I mean."

Back on the farm Gabrielle was always a fast learner to the ear. But little paralleled what she could learned with hands on training, and so being "shown" what he meant was music to her ears.

"You mean hands-on experience? That sounds fantastic to me Mist...eh, Guide Spotter. What do I need to do?"

Of course Gabrielle's approval was music to the Guide child's ears. His now flaccid penis was really starting to swell at the thought of what was to come.

"Right. You will find that many of the Rose Light's most spiritual practices require a very close physical proximity," Spotter said, placing a warm hand on Gabrielle's bare shoulder. His eyes were on the rosy swell of her sun-tanned chest. "Please lower yourself to your knees, young Gabrielle." The nubile teenager obeyed his request, slowly getting to her knees, which put her face at his crotch level; she kept her eyes on her teacher's. "We of The Rose Light call all forms of the process of interpersonal bonding between Rose Light followers 'budding.' Sometimes, because the connection being formed during budding is spiritual in nature, material aspects of life are kept at a minimum—sometimes discarded altogether." By this point, the bulge in Spotter's Loga was becoming more prominent, and sticking into Gabrielle's face. She however, did not pay attention to it, even as it was no more than two inches from her mouth; her shiny blue eyes just stayed trained on Spotter's gaze. "Gabrielle, please inhale deep and hold." She obeyed, and Spotter paused for a few seconds letting her lungs fill with the need to exhale. "Now exhale slowly, young mind." If nothing, the Rose Light preferred a state of relaxation before all instances of 'budding.' "Once more, inhale." Gabrielle complied. "And once more, Gabrielle, exhale. But this time, while you breathe out, I want you to reach into the part of my Loga directly in front of you and take out the stem of my spiritual self."

Gabrielle was a little lost here, not knowing exactly what to expect; but in any case she figured she would just take his instructions step by step. So as she exhaled, Gabrielle reached out for the bulge in the Loga and gently grabbed it. Beneath the fabric, she felt a semi-soft and warm lump that filled her hand, which she assumed was the "stem" Spotter kept referring to. Quickly the bright-eyed teenager set to opening the Loga which wasn't hard due to its design; in moments Gabrielle had found a part within the folds of the garb and she opened it, revealing Spotter's half-flaccid penis.

The young crop duster's daughter paused briefly. She grew up on a farm with two men and dozens of animals; as a farmer, knew there were differences between males and females, and she had seen penises before but never thought too much about it. What she lacked, however, was a lesson on what's known as "the birds and the bees." Her parents always dreaded getting to that section of the books and so they put it off indefinitely, figuring they'd eventually get to it whether they wanted to or not. So it goes without saying that having one so close to her face wasn't something she was accustomed to. But accustomed to it or not, she knew that this was The Rose Light culture, and she had to embrace it if she was to volunteer for the church—and according to the culture, this "stem" was vital to her acceptance into their circle.

"Continue, Gabrielle," Spotter ordered, with a soft voice.

"Sorry," she said, coming out of her thoughts.

"Please, young one, don't be," he smiled. The volunteer didn't even look up... she was so focused on Spotter's penis.

Gabrielle reached into the opened part, wrapped her fingers around his shaft and pulled it out, prompting a quiet sigh from the Guide. She definitely had the man surprised by how soft her fingers were to the touch of his skin.

Gabrielle couldn't help but be reminded of milking Suzanne, her cow. For a couple of seconds, the young volunteer studied the organ—the stem—and even gave it the slightest squeeze: it was firm but not hard, and had a well-defined bulb and of course a slit at the tip. The pubic hair around the base of his shaft as well as on his balls wasn't very wild and she assumed he maintained it because of its generally uniform length.

Gabrielle noted that with the soft skin, and the warmth that emanated from it, Spotter's stem felt kind of nice in her hand.

Her blue eyes came up to his and she asked, "What do I do with your stem, Guide Spotter?"

"Start off by stroking it with your hand, but be gentle with me; it's very sensitive. And be sure to use the other hand to massage the sack below."

Obediently Gabrielle ran the fingers of both hands lightly over the stiffening shaft. It wasn't long before she closed the fingers of one hand around his erection, and let the other drop to his balls to begin a dual massage. The attention this bubbly teenager was giving Spotter's penis with such fascination was an incredible turn on that made the meat swell to its full girth in her hand. She wondered how it wasn't hurting him--it looked pretty painful being so hard. Just then, as she gently caressed his dick a drop of clear fluid formed at the tip. When Gabrielle noticed this she became worried.

"Am I doing this right?" she asked, looking upward with concern.

"Just keep doing what you're doing, Gabrielle," Spotter answered, not paying more focus on the sensations she was giving him then the question she asked.

"Are you sure, Guide Spotter?" Gabrielle asked, looking back down to the cock that was sticking out from between her index finger and thumb. The sweet visitor pondered a moment, and then got excited. A bit of the fluid had dripped onto her hand, and another drop was already forming at the tip of his penis. "Oh!" she exclaimed. For a moment she thought she might have damaged his "stem," but now she thought she understood. While still holding onto his dick, Gabrielle took a finger and wiped at the slit and then raised it up to show Spotter his own pre-cum. "Is this the essence I'm supposed to get?"

"Not quite, young Rosian. But it is a good sign. What you're looking for will come in a greater quantity than that." Spotter couldn't help but return the smile she gave him for the good news. "Now, Gabrielle," the Guide continued. "This next step is crucial to opening a channel with me. Place the organ into your mouth and begin slowly massaging it with your lips and tongue. Take extra care to avoid using your teeth."

Looking forward, the busty Gabrielle leaned forward the extra two inches and took the warm velvety penis into her open mouth. First the tip touched the back part of her tongue, and then she closed her lips around the rest of the shaft. As soon as Spotter's cock was clasped in the heat of her mouth it grew even harder! The Guide looked down and began to comb his fingers through the copper-brunette's hair, at which point she began to orally manipulate his swollen erection.

"Excellent, Gabrielle. Maintain a steady breath and relax," Spotter offered, both to himself and to the girl attached to his cock. "Of course, you want to concentrate on allowing the experience to transport you into your spiritual senses. Close your eyes and live this moment with me."

Now, no one is born with a manual in their head that tells them how to suck cock, but despite her seeming ignorance to the world of blowjobs, this innocent teenager seemed to have a remarkable talent for oral sex. Be it purely coincidental beginner's luck, or an incredibly empathic intuition, this girl's wet mouth massaged his penis to a throbbing erection in a matter of seconds; it was nothing short of heaven and she was bringing him their there quickly. He felt a steady buildup of pressure at the base of his dick almost the entire time.

Gabrielle was concentrating on the moments as they passed, as Spotter instructed. Indeed, there was a degree of her senses being slightly elevated. She acutely felt what minor growth of his penis could add as she began to lick the underside of the shaft with her tongue, and when it touched her gag reflex she loosened her throat to accommodate its length. Even with her throat relaxed, she still needed periodic breaks from the deep intrusion, so the gorgeous volunteer would occasionally pull herself back from the cock for a moment or two before she dropped her mouth all the way back down. Even to this, she focused on the sensation of the base of his soft-skinned, yet hard, cock as it passed through her sealed lips. Once the volunteer realized it felt nice, even for her, to pass the shaft through her lips, she up-started the bobbing motion to a rhythm. Despite her knack for the task, she could still use a few extra techniques.

"Gabrielle, you're doing excellently right now, but don't forget to massage the sack underneath. The extra work will ultimately result in a greater connection between us," he told her. "You're doing this with flying colors—

"Oh yeah, that's great," he added. Now, use your free hand to hold the shaft and stroke it as you pull your mouth off."

When Gabrielle obeyed Spotter's request he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, basking in all the sensations that were circling his entire groin.

"Oh Gabrielle," he moaned softly, when the farm girl started wetly stroking him with a circular motion. The Guide had to will himself not to lose his composure at what she was doing for him, but he did let out another longer moan.

As Gabrielle was still working with her eyes closed and her mind focused, whenever Spotter's cock twitched in her mouth she tasted some more of what she thought was that clear fluid. She didn't exactly understand it, but was sucking more and more of his pre-cum out of his cock. This in turn caused her mouth to salivate, lubricating the slide of her luscious lips over the skin of his throbbing meat.

Spotter looked back down to the crop duster's beautiful daughter and inhaled deeply every time Gabrielle's mouth plunged onto his cock. He could feel the buildup her mouth and fingers had been working into him coming to its peak. Likewise, Gabrielle also began to feel his testicles pull up into his groin and could sense something was about to happen.

"Wonderful, Gabrielle, the energy of this moment is in full flux and you're about to earn your rite into the Rose L—ugh that's good..." Spotter said, interrupting himself at the sight of her mouth diving onto his cock.

Gabrielle pulled her head back and her mouth off of him and paused a moment, still holding onto his pulsating erection.

"What'd you say?" she asked, confused by his cut off.

"Keep going!" Spotter urged her, placing his hands on the back of her head and pulling her hot mouth over his penis. His climaxed dropped off just a bit because of her interruption, so he continued to explain to her what he was saying before as he began to rock his hips into her face, "When the essence... pours into your mouth, be sure to... get it all and swallow everything. But I'm...literally right......there!" he exhaled, exploding into the snugness of her hollowed cheeks and her squirming tongue. Diligently, the bright student kept her hands busy around his balls and the base of his surging cock. Waves crashed over his body as thick shots of cum escaped his dick, shooting into Gabrielle's wet and welcoming lips.

The first squirt onto her tongue came as a bit of a surprise—though it was more of the taste that she had been getting a preview of but on a much fuller, juicier scale—but the young volunteer-to-be kept sucking the semen out of Spotter's spasming cock. Although her cheeks were at first hollowed in around the Guide's spurting dick they quickly relaxed as cum flooded her mouth; all the while she kept using her tongue to caress the sensitive underside of his penis. Once Spotter had spent himself inside of her, Gabrielle swallowed what was quite the mouthful of "spiritual essence;" however, much to his delight the nubile teenager continued to nurse on his cock for a couple of seconds after the quivering had subsided, cleaning off his cock and likely draining out any remaining drops of cum.

"That was wonderful, Gabrielle," Spotter said, as he released her head stepped back from her. His penis languorously slid out from her soft lips and a huge grin of satisfaction spread over his face.

When Gabrielle finally opened her eyes--her mouth freed from his softening penis--she cleaned her lips and swallowed the remainder of the taste in her mouth. She had no complaints, but the taste had lightly distracting qualities.

"It was an honor to be the first to welcome you into our family. Let's take you to meet the other Rosians," Spotter concluded, tucking his penis back into his loga and closing the part.

"Great! Thank you so much, Mister!" Gabrielle said, jumping to her feet.

Thoughts casually streamed through Spotter's mind as he and Gabrielle left for the rest of Garden: the girl was a natural at this.

Taking a look at the two of them, you'd never be able to tell anything had occurred, but Spotter had just been given possibly the best blowjob he would ever remember.

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