tagGay MaleLearning To Swing Both Ways

Learning To Swing Both Ways


Authors Note: This request from a reader intrigued me. I don't know if it was from his personal experience or a fantasy but I attempted to do the story justice. I wrote as fiction and used fictitious names. I hope the requestor and other readers enjoy the story.


Chad Thompson was lying naked on his back in his bed. His 6'2" athletic frame glistened in the dim light in his bedroom. Luke Wilson, also naked, knelt along side of Chad and he had just over half of Chad's 8" cock in his mouth. Chad studied Luke's 5'6" lithe body and he marveled at how feminine Luke looked with his flawless skin and his virtually hairless body. Chad ran his hand over Luke's curvy ass and tickled Luke's perineum. As Luke sucked on Chad's cock, Chad caressed Luke's tight ball sac and ran his fingers along Luke's 5" erection.

Chad had never sucked a cock in his life but now as he looked at Luke's stiff dick, he was tempted. It was a strange feeling for Chad as, up to that moment, he never had a desire to take Luke's cock in his mouth. It had been a big step for Chad to even jerk Luke off but in time, he had become comfortable with doing that. In fact Chad loved to watch Luke shoot. At first Chad gave Luke a reach around as he fucked him lying on their sides. Later Chad would jerk Luke off as he fucked him doggy style and more recently when he fucked him missionary style.

Chad initially had not liked fucking Luke in a missionary position but at Luke's urging, Chad came around. The first time that he masturbated Luke as he fucked him, Chad got excited when Luke ejaculated on his own body. Both young men had the capacity for volcanic like ejaculations and Luke covered his chest and abs when he came. Chad found that he liked watching Luke cum as he fucked him and the bigger the load the better.

Chad had become comfortable jerking off Luke and he liked the sensation of Luke's cum rushing out through the cock as it pulsated in Chad's hand. Now as Chad held Luke's cock in his hand he struggled with the desire to take it in his mouth. Luke continued to suck on Chad's impressive member as Chad debated sucking his first cock. The more excited that Chad became the more he was tempted to give his first blow job. Luke's cock was so close to Chad's head and it would be so easy just to ease the cock into his mouth.


Chad had just arrived at the local diner after an evening of drinking, chasing pussy and striking out. He never drank too much because he was driving and he wanted to be able to perform in bed in case he got lucky. That night things did not work out as he just didn't match up with any girls. It was a stark contrast to last Friday when he met Gail. Chad went to Gail's apartment that night and didn't return home until Sunday evening.

Gail had been insatiable and she loved Chad's impressive cock. It seemed like she constantly had Chad's cock in her hand, her mouth and her pussy. Chad being a virile 24 year old had the capacity to cum four or five times a day and Gail made sure that she got every drop out of him. By the time Chad returned to his own apartment that Sunday he was sexually drained and exhausted. That had been last week and on this night he would go home without any action.

As he walked across the parking lot toward the diner's entrance he realized that he had an erection from thinking about Gail. He shifted his cock in his pants to make it look less obvious and continued walking. As he approached the sidewalk he spotted what at first looked like a cute blonde haired chick standing outside the diner. Upon further scrutiny he realized that it was a guy. Chad was amazed how pretty the guy was and how easy it was to mistake him for a girl. The guy had blonde hair that covered his ears and the nape of his neck. He had a lithe shapely body and his tight slacks showed off his curvy ass.

As Chad got closer the guy smiled in his direction and Chad smiled back. Just then however another guy about the blonde's size walked by Chad and stopped by the blonde. Then the two of them walked down a path that led to the woods behind the diner. Chad was intrigued as he had heard rumors of gay guys having sex in the woods behind the diner. Normally Chad would have just entered the diner, had his eggs, toast and coffee and then head home. However he was curious about the cute blonde and the equally cute brown haired guy.

Chad let his curiosity win out and he decided to walk down the path leading to the woods. Chad was in good shape and able to take care of himself but for some reason he was still nervous, probably because he didn't know what he would find. He reached the entrance to the woods and continued down the path in search of the two pretty young men. As Chad walked along the wooded path he passed a number of clearings and he could hear the sounds of sexual activities. He discovered more than he would have ever expected.

Chad stopped at one spot and peeked between the branches into a small clearing. There he saw three guys with their pants and underwear down around their ankles. One guy was leaning over getting fucked as he was sucking a cock. Chad moved away quickly as if he was afraid of getting caught watching them. At another area he spotted two guys and one was fucking the other one. Chad kept walking and he saw twosomes and threesomes along the way before he finally located the blonde and his partner.

Chad quietly moved as close as he could as to not be detected as he spied on the pretty twosome. The two of them had their slacks down around their ankles and their underwear down around their knees. The dark haired guy was stroking both cocks at the same time with one hand. Chad noticed that they both had average size looking cocks. The blonde had his eyes closed and moaned softly as he was masturbated. Then the dark haired guy squatted down and took the blonde's cock in his mouth. Chad watched the blonde get his cock sucked until he announced that he was cumming.

The brown haired guy took the blonde's cock from his mouth and jerked it off as the blonde ejaculated. Then the guy took the cock back in his mouth and sucked the blonde dry. Next it was the blonde's turn and he dropped down and sucked off the other guy. The scene was repeated as the blonde sucked the other guy until it was his turn to cum and then the blonde jerked him off. After the dark haired guy stopped shooting the blonde sucked his cock dry. Chad then moved away and began his walk back toward the diner. It was then that he realized that he was hard again. He was surprised that he had gotten hard watching two gays have sex. Chad heard the sounds of sex as he passed others along the way and finally walked out of the woods.

Chad entered the diner and sat at the counter. He ordered his customary four eggs over easy with toast and coffee. He sat at the counter sipping his coffee as he replayed the scene in the woods. Chad then glanced around and spotted some guys sitting together and he couldn't help but wonder if they were gay or not. His order came and he began eating his eggs and toast but he could not help but wonder what a blow job would be like from a guy. From the looks of things both the blonde and brown haired guys appeared to be very skilled at oral sex.

Chad was pondering the thought of a blow job from a guy as he ate his meal, when he noticed someone sit on the stool next to him. Chad turned to look at the person and he recognized the pretty blonde that he had spied on. Chad didn't know why but he blushed in the presence of the blonde man. The blonde smiled at Chad and spoke, "Hi," he said.

Chad managed to say, "Hi," in return.

"I'm Luke," the blonde said extending his hand in a greeting.

Chad reluctantly took the blonde's hand and shook it and replied, "I'm Chad." Chad wondered if it was the same hand that had jerked off the other guy.

"Nice to meet you Chad," Luke said and then he ordered a hot chocolate from the waitress who had arrived.

"So Chad what brings you to the diner this late at night or actually early in the morning?" Luke inquired.

"Oh I was out clubbing and chasing pussy. I decided to get breakfast before I headed home and then I can sleep in tomorrow," Chad replied making sure that Luke knew that he wasn't gay.

"Chasing pussy huh, I guess you struck out then," Luke laughed.

Chad laughed sarcastically too and answered, "Yes I did tonight but I'm usually successful."

"Can I ask you a question Chad?"


"Did you enjoy watching me with my friend Kenny?"

Chad turned beet red and snapped in defense, "What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on, I saw you watching us. Is that the first time you ever saw two guys together?"

Chad knew he was busted so he admitted that it was his first time seeing two gays together. "Did it turn you on?" Luke asked.

"Yes, no, maybe a little," Chad stammered.

"Well since you struck out tonight I bet that you are still horny. Would like to get a blow job and find out how good it can be with a guy?"

Chad looked around nervously as if to verify that no one was listening to their conversation. "I don't know," he replied.

"Come on give it a try. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I'll meet you outside," Luke offered and then he got up paid for his hot chocolate and walked out of the diner.

Chad left a tip for the waitress, paid his bill at the register and left the diner. When he got outside Luke was standing there waiting for him. Luke then started to walk down the path but Chad stopped him. "I can't do it there. I don't want anyone to see me," Chad admitted.

"Where then, do you have a place to go?" Luke pressed.

"My apartment, you can follow me there it's not far," Chad replied.

Chad got in his car and waited until Luke was behind him and then they both drove to Chad's apartment. During the drive Chad had numerous doubts and misgivings about his decision. He thought several times about calling it off but he was horny and he knew that no one else would ever know. Chad figured that the worse thing that could happen was that he wouldn't be responsive and he would send Luke home. They arrived at the apartment complex and Luke followed Chad in the apartment. Chad's life would forever change that night.

Chad offered Luke something to drink but Luke was anxious to get a look at Chad's cock and suck it. They went into the bedroom and Luke sat on the side of Chad's bed. Seeing that Chad was nervous, Luke pulled Chad toward him and then he began to undress Chad. Luke unbuckled Chad's belt, unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his slacks. Chad remained still as Luke pushed the slacks down his legs. Then Luke looked at Chad's crotch and he was please to see that Chad had an erection. He pulled Chad's underwear down purposely allowing the waistband to snag on Chad's cock. Luke smiled as Chad's big stiff cock bobbed in front of him as the undershorts were lowered.

Chad just closed his eyes as Luke's lips kissed the engorged cock. Chad's body tensed as Luke's lips moved up and down the shaft and then Chad gasped as Luke's mouth engulfed his cock. Chad still struggled with the decision if he should let Luke blow him. Chad was horny and Luke's mouth felt good on his cock so Chad decided to let Luke blow him. Luke was a very good cocksucker and in no time he had Chad ready to blow his load. Chad tried to prolong his orgasm as long as he could. Luke caressed the back of Chad's legs and cheeks of his ass as Luke's warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on Chad's cock. Luke massaged the head of Chad's cock against the roof of his mouth. He encircled Chad's cock with his tongue and Chad felt the light scraping of Luke's teeth. Chad's dick felt harder, thicker and longer than it had ever felt in his life and he knew he was going to shoot soon.

Luke took Chad's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged Chad's bloated balls. Luke then put it back in his mouth and took it out again then he gently blew on it as his fingers continually massaged Chad's balls. Luke tickled the cock head with his tongue and teased Chad's pee slit. Luke had Chad close to cumming a few times. Luke seemed to know when Chad was getting close, and he would do things making him last longer, torturing Chad in the process.

Luke looked up at Chad and smiled as he stroked the slick cock. Then he asked, "Are you ready to cum Chad"?

Chad had his eyes closed and he just shook his head to answer Luke. Luke then took Chad's cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked Chad hard. Luke reached under Chad's balls and rubbed the hardness between his balls and anus. Chad felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum. There was no stopping Chad this time. Luke grabbed Chad's ass cheeks with both hands as Chad exploded in his mouth.

"Oh god, oh god," Chad exclaimed as he experienced one of the best blow jobs in his life.

Chad fired round after round of cum into Luke's mouth and Luke sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into Luke's mouth as Chad seemed to have an endless supply. Finally the barrage subsided and Chad stopped cumming in Luke's mouth. Luke sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from Chad's dick. Chad felt weak from the intense orgasm so he sat down on the bed next to Luke.

"Wow, you really were horny. Now I need to get off I am so fucking hot!" Luke said in an excited tone.

Chad watched as Luke lowered his pants and underwear, laid back on the bed, pushed up his shirt and jerked off. Luke's hand flew rapidly over his hard cock in search of his own release. Chad watched as Luke ejaculated. Luke shot his load and the first couple of blasts must have traveled nearly two feet in the air before landing on his chest and abs. Luke seemed to cum for at least 30 seconds as stream after stream shot out of his dick. Chad watched as Luke's body tensed and then relaxed as he fired his load. Luke looked over at Chad and saw that Chad had another boner.

"Chad would you like to fuck me? Would you like to stick your big thick cock in my ass?" Luke asked sexily.

"I don't know, I've never done that," Chad admitted shyly.

"Haven't you ever fucked a girl in the ass?"

"Yes, a girl but never a guy."

"Trust me it's the same. An asshole is an asshole. You'll love it," Luke said convincingly and then added, "Let's get our clothes off."

Luke did not wait for a response from Chad and he stood up and stripped off his clothes. Luke's 5" erect dick wavered in the air. He knelt on his bed and raised his ass in the air. Chad looked at him in this position and decided that he looked just like a girl with his smooth hairless body and his great looking bubble butt. Luke took something out of his pants and then reached back and prepared his asshole with some kind of lube. Chad then made up his mind to fuck Luke so he stripped of his clothes too.

"Here put this on your cock too," Luke whispered handing Chad the lube.

Chad took the lube called Anal Ease and applied a generous amount to his own cock. Chad knelt behind Luke and stared at the incredible ass that he was about to fuck. He hadn't fucked an ass since that girl Paula and now he was about to fuck a guy. Chad coated his dick making very slippery and then he eased into Luke's asshole.

Chad was gentle with him allowing Luke to adjust to the size of his cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in Luke's ass and he fucked the young man royally. Chad held on to the pretty twin cheeks of Luke's ass as he fucked him thoroughly. Luke had been butt fucked by other guys but never with a cock Chad's size. He couldn't believe how full he felt with Chad's impressive dick in his ass. Luke felt Chad tense and then fill his ass with cum. Chad continued to fuck Luke's ass as cum backed out of Luke's asshole and ran down over Luke's balls. Luke fired a blast of cum onto Chad's bed this time without ever even touching his own cock. Chad eased his soft cock out of Luke's ass and the two of them then flopped down on the bed and relaxed.

Not a word was spoken between them as Chad contemplated what happened and what the future would hold. Chad still struggled with his inner feelings and mixed emotions. He had just fucked a guy and although he was not gay he had to admit that it was great sex. Luke had proven to be as skilled as any girl in oral and anal sex. Chad had to admit that it didn't seem any different getting a blow job from Luke or a girl. He also had to admit that it didn't seem any different fucking Luke's ass or a girl's ass.

"Is it okay if I stay the night? I'm pretty tired," Luke whispered.

"Yeah, it's okay," Chad agreed and the two of them fell asleep in Chad's bed.

Sometime in the early morning hours, Chad found himself lying on his left side with his erect cock wedged between Luke's buttocks. Luke was also on his left side and he was sound asleep. Chad instinctively eased his cock back into Luke's asshole and fucked him slowly. Chad ejaculated into Luke's ass once more and left his cock embedded in Luke's rectum. Chad dozed and just before he fell asleep he felt his cock soften and slip from Luke's asshole. They both slept soundly into the late morning on Saturday.


The next morning Chad woke up first and he looked over at his guest. Luke was still naked in bed and his curvy ass was on display as he lay on his stomach. Chad decided to take a shower so he quietly left the bedroom and entered the shower. Chad relaxed under the hot water as he thought of Luke and how good it was to fuck his ass. Chad loved watching his cock slide in and out of the shapely ass. Chad convinced himself that it was no different being with a guy than with a girl when it came to getting a blow job or butt fucking. Chad felt his loins stir again just thinking of Luke's ass but then he changed his focus as he didn't want to show hard in the shower. After the lengthy soothing shower, Chad dried himself off and walked back into his bedroom. To his surprise Luke was in bed on all fours with his curvy bubble butt stuck up in the air. Luke had his own cock and balls tucked between his legs out of Chad's view. Chad felt his cock twinge as he looked at Luke's hot ass. With Luke's body being delicate, hairless and flawless, he really did look like a girl in that position.

"Chad, I would like you to fuck me again," he said in a sultry voice. "You would like to fuck me again wouldn't you?" he asked.

Chad's cock hardened as he approached the bed. He knelt behind Luke and began to caress Luke's beautiful ass. Luke handed Chad the tube of Anal Ease and asked Chad to get his ass ready. Chad put an ample amount of lube in his hands and rubbed it all around Luke's bung hole. Then Chad inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Luke's ass for another ass fuck. Chad sawed his fingers in and out of Luke's anus and Chad was turned on by the thought of burying his cock in Luke's shapely ass one more time. Chad moved closer to Luke and lined up the head of his cock with Luke's anal opening. Chad eased his big dick into Luke's ass.

Luke cautioned Chad, "Not too deep at first, then deeper."

Chad spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva all over his cock which made it very slick when combined with the lube. Chad's cock head cleared the sphincter and he fed it to Luke a little at a time. Luke's ass chute was warm and tight as Chad went deeper and deeper into him. Soon he was all the way in Luke's ass and he started a slow fucking motion. Chad continued to pump Luke's ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts. Chad caressed Luke's smooth round ass as he fucked it.

Luke asked Chad to fuck him harder and quicker. So Chad picked up the pace and he pounded Luke's ass faster and faster. Chad's balls started bouncing off of Luke's body and Luke moaned with each thrust of Chad's cock. Chad could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed in Luke's ass. Chad tried to make it last as long as possible but once Luke contracted his anal muscles Chad lost it.

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