Lea's First


Lea arrived home much later than expected after an impromptu birthday party for a coworker ended up as a sex toy party. Those lame parties are generally just a quick drink at a random nearby restaurant but this one quickly turned into one of the most erotic events she had ever indulged in.

It started normally enough. The four of them sat in a nondescript booth in the back and ordered multi-colored drinks with names like Pink Squirrel and Blue Devil. There was the usual chat about how old was too old, and how the birthday girl, Janice, was obviously much older than that, even though she was only thirty-two. Once the chit-chat started to die down, they polished off their drinks and headed for the door. When they were outside, they started saying their usual good-byes when the oldest of the group, Ali, also the seemingly most sexual of the group, suggested they go check out the new toy store.

"I need a new Bob," she said when they turned and looked at her.

The newest member of their group, Lacy, was a bit of a novice with toys and asked, "A new Bob?"

"Battery Operated Boyfriend," the other three said in unison as they converged on Lacy.

"So, how about it," asked Ali? After a bit of discussion, and the usual excuses as to why they would never be seen in a place like that, each one of them agreed to go. Ali drove, since she was the only one that knew where they were going, and the girl talk turned into heated explicit stories by the time they arrived.

When they pulled up to the front door of the new store, it was dark and had started raining. Janice and Lacy were still a bit hesitant to go in because of their perceptions of dirty old men milling about waiting for fresh meat. But this wasn't the case when they opened the door. The whole store consisted of one very large room, well lit and neatly arranged. The person waiting just inside the door to check their ages was a stunning young woman. She was wearing a suggestive outfit comprised of a sleeveless shirt with a low neckline that dipped half-way down to her navel slightly showing the sides of her large breasts and a mini-skirt that was so tiny that they could see her small white cotton panties barely covering her offerings.

There were several shoppers too. Most of them were dressed professionally and were there as couples. Several women were looking at vibrators and toys shaped like cocks, and a few people were looking over a large selection of movies. None of them paid any attention to the group which took some of the pressure off of the younger, more timid ones. Ali led them to her favorite toy. It was a vibrator with an oscillating cock, rabbit clit extension, and rotating beads. She picked out a large red one, smiled at the others, and moved down the line towards anal toys.

Lea stood there for a moment trying to decide if she really wanted a new toy. Her trusty purple vibe had always done a good job for her, and she wasn't sure she wanted a penetrating toy anyway. She saw Janice peeking over at some monster dildos while Lacy was fumbling with a small bullet vibe.

Ali came back over and whispered to Lea, "That one is fucking incredible!" She was pointing at one similar but smaller than the one she had picked out earlier as she continued walking past Lea towards the monsters that had fascinated Lacy.

Lea picked up the one Ali recommended and casually continued looking while trying to not be noticed. She was very embarrassed to be holding it when the clerk strolled up and reached for it. "I can keep this up front for you, if you'd like." Lea let go and let out a sigh of relief as the clerk walked back to the counter. She walked next to Lacy, who had decided on the bullet, and they continued over to Janice and Ali. Ali handed Janice a large dildo while they all laughed and pointed at the monsters.

Ali asked, "Ready to go?" The others mumbled in agreement and they walked to the counter. Lacy paid for her bullet first and waited near the door while Janice paid for her new cock. Ali moved in and put her new combo toy on the counter along with a small butt-plug. Lea was a bit startled by that item, and Ali whispered, "It really feels good. You look like you've never tried it."

Lea hadn't. She was firmly against anything going in her ass. Ali kept prodding her to try a small one while the clerk rang up her tally. "Just a small one; you have to try it before you say never." So Lea reached over and quickly grabbed the smallest one she could find. Ali and Lea paid for their purchases and the four of them stepped out into the rain with a little bounce in their steps.

The chatter started before Ali had even started the car. They were all joking about their new toys, but only Ali wasn't embarrassed. The others were making silly jokes about nothing trying to appear comfortable. As this continued, they slowly got over their embarrassment and asked each other questions on usage. Before anyone noticed, Ali had driven them to her house instead of back to the restaurant. With a puzzled look, Lea asked, "What are we doing?"

"It's time for a demonstration," said Ali. The others said nothing as they got out of the car and followed her in. Lea wasn't sure she wanted to be in on the demonstration so she wormed her way to the back of the group. When they got to the living room, Ali started making drinks for everyone. They all accepted whatever she made while they pretended to care about whatever the topic of conversation was. They were uncomfortable not knowing what was coming next, sitting awkwardly on the edges of their seats. Lea had to sit or stand to avoid sitting too close to one of the other girls; she chose to sit. Ali made a drink for herself last and then turned on some soft music. She sat on the sofa next to Lacy, took a drink, and then opened her bag. She sat there for a moment holding the plug in one hand and the vibe in the other, just looking at them. The other girls were also staring, wondering what was next.

Lea spoke first, "You sure you can handle that power tool?"

The others giggled nervously before Ali asked in return, "You doubt my skills?"

Lea smiled and shook her head. Then Ali asked if anyone else had used a plug before. She got three negative answers as she knew she would. Lea was curious if there would be any real pleasure from having something slid in her ass and she asked, "Does it really feel good?"

Ali responded by making a circle with her fingers and pushing the plug through, so they could see that it would only go in about three inches. She went into detail about how a good lube was a requirement and explained that each person would be different on what they liked. She spoke as if having this thing in her ass was the best thing she ever tried; but not on its own. She only enjoyed it when she had vaginal stimulation as well. She tried to show how it worked but she couldn't get her point across to the others so she enlisted a volunteer.

Lea was interested only because she allowed Ali to talk her into getting one and she didn't want it to be a waste. She raised her hand to volunteer and Ali moved down to the floor next to her. Ali told Lea to hold her hands up with her fingers making circles, like binoculars. She poked the plug through one of the circles and showed everyone her obvious example. Then she turned on the new vibe so the shaft oscillated and put it in the other hole.

"See," She said. "Each time the shaft passes over the plug it rubs with more pressure." The others were leaning forward to get a better look. "Trust me, it feels great once you get over the phobia."

Lea relaxed and Ali took her toys back and started playing with the vibe again. Lacy and Janice moved down to the floor and watched Ali mess with the settings. The three different and independent functions of her vibe were interesting to all of them. Ali handed it to Lea and left the room. Lea went over the controls carefully so she would know how to use hers later. As Lea passed it to Janice, Ali came back in, this time wearing a robe. She took the vibe from Janice, sat on the sofa, and crisscrossed her legs, leaving the other three a bit stunned.

Lea asked jokingly, "I suppose you're going to show us how it works for real now, huh?"

And with that, Ali parted her robe, showing the other girls more than they wanted to see. They all turned their heads away nervously. Then they heard it hum when she turned it on. "Oh come on ladies. Don't tell me you aren't curious," said Ali.

They were curious, but they were also quite embarrassed. They had never known anyone like Ali. She was so open and free with her sexuality. One by one, they slowly turned their heads back to watch. She laughed, "You don't mind if I get off while I show you this, do you?"

The group was silent. The only sound in the whole house was the hum of the new vibe. Ali set it down and removed her robe completely. Janice and Lacy looked down shyly, but Lea couldn't help looking at Ali's fantastic body. She was tan, with silky smooth skin and obviously a fitness fanatic. Aside from marveling at her toned muscles, Lea stared for a moment at Ali's perfect breasts. They were like sculptures, every detail hammered out to exact specifications. Her areolas looked like they were drawn on using a quarter as a guide. Her nipples were small; almost flat, and perfectly placed like the center of a target.

Ali noticed Lea staring and said, "Yes, they cost a fortune, but don't they look natural?"

To which Lea responded, "They're magnificent. I can't think of a better word to describe them."

Ali smiled broadly and pinched her nipples, making them perk. She uncrossed her legs exposing herself to the group. Once again, they turned away blushing. She scooted her ass to the edge of the sofa and slumped back, relaxing and enjoying her ability to make her friends panic.

"What should I start with?" she asked.

They cautiously turned back to look at her while she watched to see which toy they would look at most. The vibe won, and she put the plug down beside her. She turned on the vibe and ran it up and down her lips, making her already hungry clit tingle. She closed her eyes and entered her fantasy world. Having people watch her was more exciting to her than the actual act she was performing. She could almost feel Lea's eyes running up and down her body like fingers. Janice and Lacy could be anywhere else now. She had Lea on her mind and that was all she wanted. She was playing to Lea, thinking about the plug next to her, wanting to show it off.

With her free hand, Ali picked up the plug and ran it over her ass, sending a shiver through her entire body. She moved it up over her lips and pushed it in slightly, parting them and allowing the vibe to lay on her clit. She could feel her juices flowing, making her opening wet, inviting the plug to enter. She moved the plug in and out only an inch or so, letting the vibrations flow with it inside her. She imagined Lea kneeling before her, watching her every movement with anticipation. She pushed the plug in deeper, lubricating it more with every push.

Ali pulled the plug out slowly, turning it several times, making sure it was perfectly ready for her ass. As it came out, she replaced it with the vibe, sending a wave of pleasure through her. She moved the plug to her ass, taking every bit of wetness with it. Very slowly she pushed it in, giving herself plenty of time to adjust to its size, all the while sliding the vibe in and out, up and down covering all the bases.

Lea was watching intently, but from a distance. This was her first time watching a woman pleasure herself in real life. She had lots of fantasies about watching other people, but never did she think they would become reality. She looked over towards the other girls to see if they were as into it as she was. They looked embarrassed, and unsure of the situation, but they were still watching Ali's every move. Lea felt the need to move a bit closer and she tried to make the move looks as though she was just trying to get comfortable.

Ali didn't notice. Her eyes were still closed, and she was breathing heavily. She finally got the plug set firmly and she turned all of her attention to her new toy. It was only vibrating while she was completing the plug insertion, and now she had it set to also oscillate the cock so it was roaming around in circles inside her. She pushed it deep into her pussy, letting the rabbit touch her clit and making it rub against the plug on each cycle. She fucked herself slowly with it, only allowing it to move an inch or two with each stroke. She let out a moan that woke the others from the trance. In her mind, all she could see was Lea between her legs watching her every move. She hit the button to make the beads rotate around the base of the cock, stimulating every nerve on the inside of her saturated lips and the very entrance to her. The physical pleasure combined with her very detailed mental action was getting her close.

Lea watched Ali's hips start rocking back and forth making the vibe groan under the pressure and her own clit started demanding attention. She tried to think of anything else to make it stop throbbing but she couldn't. She wanted to watch Ali cum almost as badly as Ali wanted to cum, and she let out a little moan in conjunction with one of Ali's.

Ali heard Lea, and it made her want to cum even more. She started fucking herself with the vibe harder and faster, enjoying herself like never before. She let out another louder moan, as her pussy started to contract around the cock. Faster and harder still she pounded herself until finally she couldn't contain it and she exploded in an ever increasing series of hip thrusts and moans that made Lea think she could cum just watching. Ali held her last thrust at full height until the waves of pleasure subsided and she collapsed with a smile and a laugh.

Lea sat back hoping nobody had noticed just how close she was to Ali at the end. She didn't know that none of them cared about her at that moment. The air was thick with sex and they were all wet with lust and desire. She couldn't know it, but Lea's aching clit was no more excited than Lacy's or Janice's after Ali's thundering zenith.

Ali finally opened her eyes and was delighted by what she saw. The other three were in a semi-circle on the floor looking like children begging for candy. She thought for a moment, and then said softly but with authority, "Well?" There was no reply. She looked into Lea's wanting eyes and knew she had opened another world for her. Then she looked at Lacy and Janice and saw them in a new light. Their quiet, shy, inexperienced faces of hours previous were gone.

Lacy was the first to speak. With a sparkle in her eye, she said, "Wow!"

At once, Janice got up, nodded, and left the room.

Lea looked at Lacy and said, "I second that!" which made Ali laugh. While Lea and Lacy waited for Janice to return, Ali removed her new toys and put her robe back on and she looked at Lea; studying her.

Janice returned, out of breath. She had retrieved the bags from the store and she passed them to their respective owners. Then she reached into her own bag and marveled at her new cock. It was thicker and longer than any man any of them had been with. After Ali's display of pleasure, Janice wanted her turn.

Lea watched Janice, wondering if the birthday-girl was going to get herself off too. Then she knew as Ali moved from the sofa to the floor in Janice's spot and said with a grin, "It's your turn, old lady."

Lea didn't particularly find Janice attractive, but she hadn't thought of Ali that way either until a few minutes ago. She watched as Janice slipped her lace panties off from under her skirt and sat in the warm spot created by Ali.

Janice moved her ass to the edge and fell back against a pillow. She pulled her skirt up as far as it would go, exposing her juicy pussy. Everyone watched, waiting with intense anticipation to see how Janice would get off. She closed her eyes and moved her hand into position, pressing hard against her clit with two fingers. Slowly she began to rub her wetness all over herself. Lea couldn't help noticing the differences in looks between Janice's trimmed but not shaved mound compared to Ali's.

Janice wasn't fit in the athletic, workout every day sort of way. She was curvy and luscious. There was meat on her bones, but she wasn't flabby. And her skin was very light, never exposed to the sun or a tanning bed. Lea wondered why Janice took the time to trim her bush and yet didn't take the time to tan. Janice talked about men, but never one specifically by name so Lea assumed there was nobody special in her life. Maybe Janice did the trim for herself. Lea didn't really care anyway. She was more interested in the task at hand.

Janice obviously didn't need much foreplay now; she was already soaked from watching Ali cum. She didn't seem to care that the other girls were watching and she kept her eyes closed. Lea watched as she grasped her cock with her free hand and rubbed its head up and down her crack teasing herself. Then she stopped toying with her clit and spread her lips wide. Ali broke the silence with a muted moan when she saw Janice's soft, juicy pink exposed.

Janice smiled knowingly but didn't open her eyes. Instead she moved the head between her lips getting it ready to enter. After moving it over her clit a few times she moved it back down to her opening. Slowly she eased it in. Her pussy opened for her, begging her for more. She pushed and pulled, in and out, going deeper with each stoke of the long shaft. As she reached her full mark she began moving it in and out faster and harder. Each time she pulled, it came farther out, allowing her to take longer strokes. It glistened with her juice as did her entire pussy.

With her free hand, she began to satisfy her clit's need for attention. Lea could feel her clit ache with each motion of Janice's hand and her pussy tightened with each stroke of the cock. As Janice started to thrust her hips the others were leaning in closer. They all wanted to cum with her as she fucked herself into a frenzy!

Lacy almost fell forward as she reached for the cock and then stopped herself when she realized what she was doing. Ali had both hands between her legs and she was rocking her clit back and forth on her fingers. Lea was the only one not touching herself because she knew she would cum the second her finger grazed her clit. Instead, she scooted in and put her hand on Janice's, and after a few slow strokes, Janice let Lea take over.

Lea felt like she was fucking herself with each stroke into Janice's dripping pussy. She kept a rhythmic pace in time with Janice's thrusts wishing it was her own aching pussy. Ali leaned in and placed her thumb hard on Janice's clit allowing Janice the pleasure of pinching both of her own nipples. She was breathing heavily, moaning with every few strokes of the cock. Lacy stood over Janice and kissed her like only a lover could.

Lea almost jumped up when she heard Janice moaning loudly and she realized this was all in her mind. Janice was still laying back with her eyes closed pleasing her clit with one hand, fucking herself with her new cock, and starting to cum. Lea was torn between her own desire to cum and her internal embarrassment about her fantasies. Her clit was throbbing with each heartbeat as she watched and listened to Janice's orgasm.

Janice came loudly; much louder than Lea had expected from her shy coworker. When she finished, she pulled the cock out of her drenched pussy and licked off her own cum. Lea was startled seeing this but Ali was cheering her on and laughing at Lea's response. Then Janice got up and put her panties back on and went to wash off her toy. Ali looked excitedly at Lea hoping she would be next, but Lacy surprised everyone when she jumped up and stood in front of them blocking Lea's potential approach to the sofa. By the time Janice returned, Lacy was prancing around, showing off her body and enjoying everyone's attention.

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