Leasa's Snatch


As I stepped back from the table, the old men from the bar started to close in around the table.

Leasa laid there half unconscious at this point, one arm draped over her eyes, the other hanging off the table. Her thighs were spread wide, as were the lips of her pussy, with my thick, milky white jism leaking out of them forming a puddle on the table.

I wondered if the poor bitch was on the pill. I hoped she wasn’t. All my hopes and dreams would be answered to watch this blonde, blue-eyed goddess have to waddle to work carrying my ten pound child in her belly. Struggling to get in and out of her little Mustang! Man, I could just picture this Donna Reed-like suburban house wife droppin’ my black, baby boy. God, would that be somethin’!

The first old timer took a position between Leasa’s spread thighs and wiped the head of his dick just once or twice up and down the stretched lips of her pussy, and then sunk his cock into her with one thrust. Leasa responded by lifting her legs and wrapping them around the hips of the old man.

Another man stood along side her, reached down palming a handful of tit. He looked as though he couldn’t believe what he had in his hands. He never imagined he’d be palming a tit so big, so beautiful, so young, and so white. He massaged it, squeezed it, pinched and pulled the nipple of it, as he began wiping the head of his dick across Sweet Leasa’s lips. She turned her head toward him, opened her mouth and engulfed the dick’s head. Soon, her head was bobbing off the table servicing the wrinkled, but rapidly growing meat.

A third man was on the other side of her, just jacking away, watching the other two men. He would occasionally lean over and suck the nipple of her free tit into his mouth. Leasa would moan as he’d do this. As things progressed, the man grabbed Leasa’s hand and wrapped it around his dick, replacing his. She immediately began pumping and jacking the old dick to the old timer’s delight.

The old guy fucking her came pretty fast. Thought it was gonna kill the old bastard. He grunted, then flexed his ass cheeks together. He must have pumped a load into her because when he pulled out her pussy overflowed with spunk that streamed down the crack of her ass.

The guy in her mouth didn’t last too much longer--he grunted, she gagged. As he pulled out of her mouth, he shot a load across her face, then on the side of her face. It drooled down into her ear.

The old black man she jacked came too. He shot spurt after spurt all over her tits. When he was done Leasa began rubbing the black man’s semen into her tits like it was some kind of lotion or something. She was practically bathing in it!

As they moved away to take a breather, I saw the bitch playing with her clit. She was so fucking turned on now she needed more. The two guys from the pool table suggested we clear the table and load her onto it.

I grabbed her by the hand, pulled her to her feet, and led her to the pool table. She was dazed and glassy eyed, but she knew exactly what she was doing. She followed willingly. Walking across the room, I could see the cum from her snatch streaming down her inner thighs. When we got over to the table, I helped her up onto it and she slumped onto her back, her legs hanging off the table, thighs spread.

The two old pool players, one a fat, bald black man, the other a short skinny guy, roled her over into a prone position with her ass hanging off the table. They had their pants off already and their tools were sticking straight out.

The fat guy stepped up slapped Mrs. Jon’s ass, grabbed a cheek, squeezed it, then the other. Finally, he squeezed the two at once and spread them. We could all see her puckered asshole now. He leaned down and looked closely into her crack, then turned his head to us, and a big smile grew across his face. We all knew exactly what he was thinking. Soon, we were all chanting, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

Leasa was about get every thing she had comin’ to her.

In “reams”.


Wanna hear the rest? Well, ya gotta let me know gentlemen! Write me. If I get enough requests, I’ll tell ya the rest of how Leasa gets slut-ified.

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