“Are you sure there is no one here?” Jack asked his wife. As a real estate agent, Rachel had keys to apartments all over the city. Some were vacant, some occupied, as this one was, and she was sure the owner, a fifty-six year old lawyer, was not home. Lawyers usually worked late.

“I’m sure, babe. Come on!” Rachel said. She turned on the lights of a beautiful suite in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. “You got to check out this bed.” They giggled through the expensive suite, not paying attention to the original art on the walls. The couple had other things in mind.

Real estate agents rarely had time for anything but work. For the last four months, Jack complained about the lack of sexual activity in their lives. In fact, sex became boring. Rachel understood and made an effort to spice up their sexual appetite. She bought toys, kinky films, dressed sexier, and lately, they had sex in other people’s beds.

This particular act seemed to be the key, for they enjoyed it immensely. Rachel never mentioned it, but she loved to have sex on others’ beds. People she found attractive or simply lusted after. Needless to say, every time they snuck on someone’s apartment and dirtied their bed, Rachel fantasized of having sex with its owner.

Well, it was a fantasy and Jack did not have to know. She never felt guilty about it; why should she? She was thirty-six years old, and entitled to her nasty thoughts.

“It looks like a football field,” Jack said.

“What did I tell you?” she said and flung herself on the bed, bouncing a few times. “What are you waiting for handsome?” She said in a sensual voice and beckoned him with a finger. Rachel parted her legs, showing black panties under a divided skirt. Jack’s pants flew across the room. She smiled as he dimmed the lights, setting the mood. He removed her panties and buried his face in her clean-shaved cunt. He stuck his tongue inside her, tasting her nectar, bathing in her already wet self.

Immediately, an image of Roger, the fifty-six year old lawyer, materialized. She looked down and saw Roger’s baldhead buried between her vaginal lips, his goatee tickling her clit. She imagined him kneeling at the foot of the bed eating her while stroking his cock under a potbelly.

Rachel closed her eyes and leaned back, savoring Jack’s tongue around her clit. He inserted a finger and slowly circled around her cervix. Jack usually did this when he wanted to fuck hard. He inserted another finger.

Jack loved her cunt. It was small and tight. His seven-inch cock was hard in his hand, showing a purple head. He was not the biggest guy, but seven inches was not small, especially when Rachel was barely a hundred and ten pounds and four and a half feet tall. It was something he enjoyed, being six feet tall and almost two hundred pounds. He felt ‘big’ for her. He was proud of that, and she enjoyed his size.

“Fuck me, baby,” she said. In her fantasy, Roger was already fucking her. Rachel was careful not to say names during sex.

Jack climbed on the huge bed and towered her.

“I want to fuck you hard,” he said. She did not have time to respond. He slammed her, driving his member all the way in. Rachel yelled as he pounded her little pussy lustfully; an animalistic grunt escaped him. Jack was a beast sometimes, and used her as a slut to satisfy his needs. It was a link to human nature at its best. She did not mind; his hard strokes drove her to orgasms most of the time. Rachel loved to be used, especially when in her fantasy there was a new lover.

Her pussy felt slippery and warm. Jack felt her hips twitching rhythmically, dancing and rubbing his cock’s swollen head on her sweet spot. Her wetness and tightness drove him mad.

Rachel was a screamer, a positive attribute in Jack’s opinion. Her screams made him feel secured and pleased with himself. He never had anyone that screamed so loud when cumming.

“Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me!” she moaned. “Shove that cock in me!”

Rachel thought she was hallucinating when she saw Roger Dillon standing at the doorway. Jack noticed her stare. What is she looking at? He thought.

“Oh shit!” he said, when he noticed the man in the dim room closing the door. This was, without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. Here he was fucking his wife, who happened to be the man’s real estate agent, in his bed.

“Fuck me,” Rachel whispered in his hear, and Jack noticed the man stroking his cock. The fat man watched them. He was an older man, bald and fat, yet possessed the biggest cock he ever saw. It was at least nine and a half inches and thick as a man’s wrist. Jack immediately felt uncomfortable and small. Rachel must have seen it.

Did she want Jack to fuck her while the fat man watched, or did she want Jack to fuck her while she thought of the man’s big cock?

“Let me suck your cock,” she whispered. Jack pulled out of her and offered his cock to her mouth. She sucked savagely.

Roger sat on the bed and looked at Rachel, his real estate agent’s, pink pussy. It was so small and wet it made his cock twitch. She was a tiny brunette that invaded his dreams from time to time. Why was she having sex in his bedroom did not matter. She was naked and wet in his bed and that meant he had a chance to fuck her, even if her boyfriend was there.

Slowly Roger drove two fingers inside her. Rachel moaned and her boyfriend looked at him. Roger was hoping he did not mind. He was not sure if he did, but her boyfriend did not stop him. Taking that as a ‘no’, Roger lowered his face to her wet cunt. He lapped a few times, tasting her wet box, before devouring her.

Rachel sucked Jack harder, she saw him stare at Roger eating her and did not want Jack to stop him.

Jack pulled out of Rachel’s mouth. His heart wanted to burst from his chest. Rachel looked at Jack with a concern look, and then at fat man. The lawyer positioned himself at her entrance, slightly parting her vaginal lips, testing her tightness. She did not stop him. She wants his cock! Jack thought. Jack wanted to stop him, but could not move.

The man looked at Jack, and slowly penetrated his wife. Rachel yelled louder than ever. Jack saw her pained faced, an expression of agony.

“Don’t stop! Deeper, I want it deep,” she said to Jack numb ears.

He saw the man’s tool slowly disappeared into her womb, her pink pussy shaped perfectly round as it accommodated his giant member. He stretched her, stretched her and reached places inside her Jack could never reach.

“Jesus Christ, you are going to rip me in two!” Rachel yelled at the man. He was all the way in. His balls rested nicely at her asshole.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” the man asked as he lowered himself and kissed her ears. She looked at Jack’s dark eyes.

“Yes. I want you to fuck me,” she said while starring at her boyfriend deeply. Jack stared back, saw her pain become pleasure when the fat man began pistoning his great cock in and out.

His strokes came brutally. He pulled all nine and a half inches out only to slam it back with such force her screams cut in mid sentence every time his cock reached inside her cervix.

“Oh shit! Take it! Take my pussy!”

Jack sat on a chair by the bed and watched his wife forget all about him and fuck her client. She was in heaven, but to Jack it was a perverse sight. The man sucked her neck while his oversize belly squashed most of her small frame, leaving very little of Rachel to see under his wide body.

Her legs were wrapped around his hairy back, or at least she tried to; her legs were too short. She held his bold head tightly onto her neck as she yelled for a deeper and faster bounding. But strangely, all of this made Jack’s cock harder. He was observing the scene in front of him when his cock erupted. It shot a load up in the air. He was no touching his cock when he came.

The man grabbed her legs and placed them on his neck, then toppled, doubling Rachel over like a piece of paper. Now he had easier access to her, as if he needed more. Rachel’s eyes turned white as his cock went deeper in her cervix. Jack saw tears rolling down her cheeks. She screamed, but it came as a croak, and the pounding resumed.

Jack ventured a peek at the man’s cock impaling his wife. The man’s balls were huge, like tennis balls. They were smacking Rachel’s ass, producing the sound of bodies fucking. Rachel screaming ceased, for all that was heard were whimpers.

“I’m going to cum!” yelled the fat man. He had a raspy, deep voice.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming bitch!”

Jack saw the man’s balls go up his scrotum and emptied his seed in Rachel’s womb. Her well-fucked pussy leaked a lot of it when he pulled out and laid next to her. She was breathing heavy, eyes closed and face flushed. Jack watched them. He watched the man’s cock shrink. It was still thicker than his when hard. He looked at her pussy, red and stretched. Cum oozed from it onto the bed sheets. Finally, he felt his cock. He was surprise at how hard it was. He climbed on the bed.

Slowly, Jack lifted her legs and shoved his cock in. He could not feel her tightness. It was warm and slippery with cum. But Jack was aroused and needed release. She was still his wife. He fucked her. Fucked her hard until he emptied is own seed in her. She did not even twitch. Did she feel any of it, he asked himself.

He dressed and leaned close to her face. Rachel opened her eyes.

“I love you,” he said, kissing her softly.

“Go home Jack. I’ll see you tomorrow,” was all she said. She closed her eyes, cuddled with her lover. The fat man hugged her small frame, squeezed her creamy ass with his rough hands, and pulled the quilt over. Jack spared one last look at the peacefully spent couple. She did not look back and he knew she was gone.

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