tagInterracial LoveLeaving Nigel

Leaving Nigel


Nigel was a hater, plain and simple. He hated a lot of things that was ongoing in his life: his job (the fact that he felt cheated almost every day by his supervisor), the government (that they had to be into his pocket on taxes and interest rates), his apartment (God, I swear if that fucking landlord stops by my doorstep one more time to ask about when I'm going to fork up the money for this month's rent, I'm going to pop him one), his brother (for winning a state lottery last month and taking his wife and kids off to live it large in Hawaii and never once bothering to enquire how he, his older brother, was faring) ... he as well hated his sex life which had practically gone to shit since he discovered online porn.

Tell the truth, there were a million and one things that Nigel despised ... but for the moment, none bore much spite from him than the interracial porn, or anything related towards that line of things. How many times had he grimaced when walking back home from work and seeing a white girl locked in the arms of a black man? Although he wasn't -- or rather he never considered himself racist -- but that was for a psychologist to decide and not you, dear reader.

Although he detested any porn that had anything to do with interracial sex, he couldn't help visiting such online sites that catered to such. The better just to heckle other online visitors there for his own selfish amusement. Lately he'd gotten himself fixated on perusing such sites like Literotica.com where he could spend much of his spare time reading up erotic stories and in then end leave some belittling -- often derogatory remark -- at whatever story he'd read. He was reading one of such stories one Sunday morning when his girlfriend Mika came out of the shower, finished drying herself up and then began putting on her clothes. Nigel had his eyes glued to what he was reading and it wasn't until she called out his name that he realised he wasn't the only one in the room.

"Huh? What's up, girl?"

"I said that I'm about taking off."

"Oh ... yeah, sure ... of course ... hey Mika, come to a look at this."

Mika went to him grudgingly. She knew already what it was he wanted her to see, and she could do nothing but sigh inward. The last thing she wanted was have another ensuing argument with Nigel. Yes, they had made love a while ago -- nothing too spectacular about it, but reassuring -- and she'd hoped to make her leave with nothing to make the day any worse. And now this.

"What is it, Nigel?" she asked, leaning over his shoulder as he pointed at the monitor screen at the page he wanted her to see.

"Check this out. This so-called asshole -- I don't know who he is, but I know he's black -- he's posted some new interracial story again. This one's about some black dude banging his boss's wife. Could you believe this shit?"

Mika couldn't help but shrug. "So it's a story as you say it is. What could be harmful about that?"

"You're missing the point, Mika. It's a story alright, but the premise is stupid ... outright silly. When was the last time you ever heard of a white boss's wife sleeping with a black man who works under him?" Nigel's voice climbed a notch higher. "And asides from that, why does this asshole --whoever he is -- have to keep writing this same type of stories? I don't see him writing something about a white-collar white boy fucking his black boss's wife. That would make for a good story, wouldn't you agree?"

Mika was having a headache just standing there swallowing his diatribe. She could never understand whatever it was that drove him to be like this, and she knew it was only a matter of time before he exploded on her. Maybe not today, but who knows what's in store for her tomorrow. In other for peace to reign, she could do nothing but pretend to agree with him.

"Whatever you say, Nigel. I have to go."

Mika hurried out of the room and from there out of the apartment before he had the chance to stop her. Even as she slammed his apartment's door behind her back, she could still hear him clearly, plying curses at whosever write-up he was reading.

"What's up, Mika?"

She snapped out of her daydreaming abruptly at the sound of the friendly voice behind her shoulder. It was Cameron who worked in a similar cubicle like hers though his was located down the lengthy corridor of their office space. At the moment they were in the midst of their lunch break and were down at the cafeteria with trays in hand, following the line of fellow white-collar workers that led to the buffet table.

"Oh, hi Cameron," she pushed a lock of dark hair off her face. "I didn't notice you were the one standing behind me."

"Probably because you had something nudging your mind. Care to talk about it?"

"I would, though I doubt if you'd understand ... it's a ... private matter."

"Sure, I understand."

She filled her tray up with edibles and went in search of a lone table. She was almost through with her meal when the thoughts of her daydream came back to haunt her and all of a sudden she couldn't take another spoon of her cub cake. She glanced around the cafeteria and spotted Cameron seated at a lone table, sipping a cup of coffee while staring out the window. She picked up her tray and went over to join him.

"I'm sorry about what I said to you earlier," she said.

"Wasn't anything wrong with whatever it was that you said. Just looked like you had a lot on your mind back then."

"Yeah, I really do. But like I said, it's private -- well, actually it's about my boyfriend."

"Hey, you know you don't need to say anything if you don't want to," Cameron reminded her.

"Yeah, I know. I just need someone else's opinion on things that's been going on between us. I figure you're the only one around I could really talk it out with. Though you'd have to promise not to let anyone else hear of it, okay?"

"I'm never a tattler, Mika. I promise. What's bugging you?"

She swallowed before starting. "It's my boyfriend, Nigel. For the past couple of months he's been acting a bit weird, uncomfortable for me. At first I figured it would ride out, you know. But of late ... things have been getting pretty worse and I just don't know what to do about it. I don't know if it's me ... or if it's something else."

For the next thirty-plus minutes, Mika rambled to her friend and colleague about the problems she'd been having with her boyfriend. She was so into her tale, she barely noticed the slight change of awareness that lit up her colleague's face when she began talking about the way he had reacted yesterday while reading the erotic interracial story in the computer. It was at that moment that Cameron's hand touched hers, making her stop.

"The site you said he usually goes to read those stories, do you have any idea of the name?" he asked.

Mika squeezed her brow as she attempted to recall the name. "I think it was lit-something ... it had an erotic name after that --"

"Was it 'Literotica'?"

Her face lit up. "Yes! Yes, that's the one. How come you know of it?"

Cameron shrugged as he reached for his coffee cup. "I too do visit there from time to time."

Mika noticed a twinkle in his eye. "You sure that's all you do -- visit? It's an adult site, isn't it?"

"It is." He finished sipping his tea, glanced at his watch and saw that their break period was just about over. "I'll tell you about it some other time. I promise."

Later that evening, Mika and Nigel were making love. Nigel was on top, grunting and humping away like a mad dog while Mika crossed her legs over his waist and pretended to be engrossed by what he was doing to her, when in actual fact her thoughts were miles away.

"Oh babe ... you're so fucking sweet!" Nigel muttered.

"Uhh ... yeah, you too!" that was their usual line of communication. Mika had long known her boyfriend inside out and knew that whenever he said those words to her was when he was less than a minute away from cumming; hers was still on the other side of the planet and there was no way he was ever going to make her cum. Not unless a miracle happened, and with Nigel that was very rare.

Less than a minute later, as she'd predicted, Nigel tensed up and groaned loudly as he shot his seed into her. Mika grimaced from it all, and nearly felt like pushing him off. It was a good thing a good thing she wore a pad inside; it was also a good thing too that he was still clueless about it. She held him till he'd just about extinguished his load and then allowed him roll off her to his side of the bed. She would have loved to get up from the bed at that moment but decided to wait it out a while.

"I posted a reply to that story I read earlier today," he gasped.

"What?" she asked.

"You know -- that erotic interracial story I read earlier today when you left for work. The guy who wrote it is quite an asshole. I posted a comment when I was done reading his work, told him to go get a life."

It took her a moment to know what he was referring to. When she did, what came out of her mouth was: "Now why did you ever think of doing something that mean and stupid?"

"What did you --"

"That's just you, Nigel." She pulled her legs off the covers and stood up from the bed. Nigel lay there staring at her with shock and amazement in his face. Mika had never once raised her voice at him -- this was a first. "You never could let things be just because they're like that, can you. You always think everything revolves around you. Well, I've had enough of it, alright. I've had just about enough of it!"

Mika left him lying there on the bed still staring at her with amazement while she went into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. She wasn't in there for long and when she came out, she had her toothbrush and paste in her hand. She didn't glance at his direction as she took out a small bag of hers from within the closet and threw her toiletries inside. Nigel got off the bed as she began taking down a couple of her clothes and dropping them inside the bag.

"Mika, what's up? What're you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing, Nigel," she said to him. "I'm leaving your place, that's what I'm doing. I can't stand to live by your high morals anymore."

She left much of her clothes in the closet and began putting on her jeans and blouse. Nigel made an attempt to stop her but she swatted his hand off her. He stood there confused, watched as she finished dressing up and then picked up her bag, about to leave the room. He blocked her path to the door.

"Come on, Mika. Let's be reasonable about this. I'm sorry if what I did pissed you off, but it don't warrant you leaving like this."

"Yes it does, Nigel. Please get out of my way."

"At least wait till its morning -- it's past midnight already, where are you going to stay?"

"I'll manage well enough, don't worry." She pushed past him and from there left his apartment for what she hopped would be the last time she ever decided to spend the night in.

It was half an hour past midnight and Cameron was seated behind his desktop computer staring at what was on the screen before him. His mind was lost at what he was busy working on he didn't notice the sound of his apartment's bell ringing until the second time. He approached his front door with caution -- he'd been the victim of robbers before, knowing quiet well that this neighbourhood where he resided wasn't as safe anymore as once it used to be -- and checked through the peephole. Seeing who it was, he undid the locks and opened the door for Mika to come inside.

"I'm sorry if I woke you, Cameron," she said rather nervously the moment she entered his living room. "I hope I'm not interrupting you on anything ..."

"No, no, you're not. What happened, Mika?"

"Nigel and I," she sighed as she sat down on his sofa. "I just can't take any more of his silliness. I don't know ... I pretty much erupted on him not long ago, and before I knew it I was leaving his place. You'd probably laugh if I told you what really happened."

"Try me on for size."

"You recall what I told you about at the cafeteria about his feelings about that erotic site you mentioned?"

"Literotica, yes I remember. What about it?"

"He told me he'd left a nasty comment on some guy's work over there. And the moment he said that, I just snapped. I know I shouldn't have, but I right there and then, I hated him even more and I didn't want to be in the same room anymore. So I packed up a few clothes -- at least all what I'm going to need for tomorrow, got myself a cab and here I am."

"I'm not going to say you did the right thing leaving the way you did -- the night's a dangerous time for you to be on the street -- but I can't say that I blame you. You did what you had to do. You can stay here if you want -- I've got a spare room just down the hall." Cameron took her bag and was about leading her into the apartment when she stopped him. He was staring at his computer screen and her brow deepened when she recognised a logo that was on the viewing screen of his monitor. She approached his computer and even then Cameron realised what she'd noticed and figured the cat was now out of the bag.

"Literotica.com," Mika read out and then turned to look at him with a dawning look in her eyes. "This is the same site Nigel was talking about."

"I know," Cameron admitted. "I write erotic stories in my spare time, and every now and then I visit there to upload my works. I was going to tell you about it when you mentioned it at the cafeteria but figured it was too early."

"May I read one of your stuff?"

Cameron searched out one of his recent works from the site and gave her his chair to sit and read it while he decided to go out and get them some drinks. There was a shop less than a stone's throw from his apartment building, but Cameron opted to take a bit longer time to get back, wanting to give her as much free space to read through his stuff. Though he was a bit antsy leaving her alone the way he did. Always he was nervous about showing his works to anyone to read through, and that Mika was as well a co-worker of his made him all the more shaky: what if she didn't like it? But he fought not to think about it as he stepped into the shop and bought a can of Coors and then returned to the apartment. Mika was just about done by the time he arrived.

"That was fast," he noted, passing her a beer. "What do you think of it?"

"Pretty neat piece. And all this time I figured you for the quiet type, never knew you had other sort of hobbies."

Cameron sat next to her on his sofa; neither of them thought of falling asleep anymore. At least not yet.

"I've been writing stories for quite some time now. Only recently I thought I'd try my hand on erotic, and it's been working out for me pretty good. Been thinking about writing a sort of novel, but I'm kind of low on ideas."

"Someone with your wit and charm is down with ideas? I find that hard to believe."

"You'd better believe it. Sometimes the well just sort of runs dry even before I pick up the pen."

Mika sipped her drink and thought for a moment. Then her eyes lit up. "I've got an idea for you. How about you making use of all what I told you about Nigel, my ex, and I? That sounds like something worth reading about, don't you think?"

"Thought you and him merely broke up," said Cameron.

"He's yesterday's news to me already. There's no way I'm getting back with him, not after this. So what do you think?"

"Sounds quite doable. But there's got to be a little something to add to it."

"Something like what?"

Cameron indicated at her. "How about you come a little closer then I can tell you."

Mika took a final sip of her drink and then inched herself towards Cameron. She pressed herself upon his chest as he encircled her with his arms, crossing one leg over his. Cameron got rid of his drink just as she inched her head up and found his lips with hers. Their lips wrapped over each others, their tongues coming together in warmth. Cameron's hand felt for her breasts while Mika's crawled under his tee shirt to feel his body. Things started out slow for them but that gradually as they relaxed in each other's presence. Cameron let her lie back on the sofa while he undressed her, helping her undo her jeans and then pulling it down her long pair of legs. He knelt before her and pushed her panties to the side so as to get at her pussy. Mika was so wet she just about pushed her pussy towards his face as he came down to first get a scent of her wetness before applying his tongue to her pubic region. Her head fell back and she muttered a lengthy sigh as Cameron went on lapping his tongue up and down her pink flesh. Mika couldn't take it anymore. She wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him hard towards her, rotating her hips as her burrowed his face totally into her vigina. Her hand grasped her breasts from where they were behind her shirt and she cried out.

"Ohhhh ... yes! Oohhh ... lick me just like that!"

Cameron raised his for a moment to gulp in air before returning his face to the sweetness that was between her legs. Mika wrapped her legs over his back and couldn't stop her moans as he went on pleasuring her with his tongue and lips. Her body underwent a shuddering dynamo as she felt herself about to cum. Her body grew taut and she nearly jumped off the sofa had Cameron not still pinned her down. "Ohhh God!" she squeezed her eyes from the immense power that enveloping her. "Ohh God! I'm gonna cum! Oh God, I'm gonna CUMMMM ..."

She just about screamed out as she felt a hot rocket exploded somewhere inside her. Cameron's face still remained where it was even as she panted heavily, gradually coming back down to earth. When he figured he's given her just about enough of his tongue, he came over to the sofa beside where she lay with his cock standing hard and erect before her face. Mika attacked his cock with just about the same vigour he'd applied to her pussy, pulling him towards her till he was just about leaning over her face while her mouth remained engulfed with his rod. Cameron had to ease back a bit to enable her more freedom to move her head up and down while she went on sucking his cock hard and good. Saliva dribbled down her lips, but still she couldn't stop sucking him. Cameron too couldn't hold back the urge from erupting over her face. Mika was unmindful of it. She wiped cum off her eyes and put it into her mouth and then resumed sucking him again.

Cameron remained erect all through the session. His body was all wired up as he picked her up and had her straddle him on the sofa. Mika reached a hand between her legs and guided his cock into her waiting hole. In no time she was bouncing up and down his shaft. The tightness of her pussy felt so good to Cameron, the way it wrapped around his cock, he couldn't help but groan from it. His hands grasped her buttocks with firmness. He slipped a finger down the crack of her bottom till it comes in contact with the tiny aperture that was her asshole and she gasped into his ear as he forced a finger into it. Mika grinned her ass against his hips, taking as much of his cock that she could before resuming her bouncing.

Just when Cameron felt he'd had enough of, he picked her up and carried her to his writing desk. He bent her over on the desk and pushed his cock back into her pussy. He hooked one of her legs over on his chair, giving him enough leverage to get at her pussy. The table and everything else that was on it shook and fell on the desk but still they didn't let off from their fucking.

Minutes later, Cameron cried out just as he let go another load of cum, though this time he pulled out of her pussy in time and splattered it over Mika's ass. Together they both crumbled to the floor and lay there for a while, breathing heavy and exhausted.

Almost a week later, Mika moved into Cameron's pad, though before that occurred, Cameron already had turned their first night's sex into a story and uploaded it online. He thought of Mika's former boyfriend and wondered if by any chance he'd stopped by to read the story even though he wouldn't at all have any clue as to whom it was about. He hopped he would though. He couldn't help but hope that he would.

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