tagIncest/TabooLed Astray Ch. 03

Led Astray Ch. 03


Grandpa and I were watching TV when Mom came home. Saying how much she loved the new car, she gave Poppy another big 'thank you' kiss. I felt jealous as their bodies pressed together. Pissed off and tired from the days activity, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It was two AM when I awoke hearing voices coming from grandpa's room. Guessing he was watching another video I thought I'd see if I could join him. As I began to open the door I recognized my mother's voice. Cracking it open I saw mom on all fours with grandpa kneeling behind her. I couldn't believe what was seeing. My mother was being fucked by her father-in-law doggie style. I wonder what daddy would say if he saw this.

"Ohhh yes... Fuck me daddy... Fuck your naughty slut little girl... Slam that old cock into my wet cunt... Fuck me daddy... fuck me gooddd... Ohhh..."

Poppy's belly rested on mom's back as he rammed his rod between her full cheeks. His balls swung back and forth in rhythm with her hanging tits as he banged against her rear. My hand slid to my pussy and I fingered myself in cadence with their fucking. It was such an erotic sight. Oh how I wanted to join them... But... But my mother would kill me...

"Take my cock your little slut... Give me that hot pussy you give my son... Take all of daddy's fuck stick in that tight wet pussy... Fuck my cock... Fuck my cock... Fuck your daddy's old cock with your creamy cunt..."

"Oh daddy... I see where Frank gets his fucking skill ... Oh...Oh... But... but your bigger and better... Yes... Yes... Fuck your son's slut... fuck Frank's whore..."

Oh god ... I couldn't take much more. My fingers flew in and out of my pussy as I watched my grandfather fuck my mother. I had to cover my mouth to keep from crying out as I reached climax.

"Fuck your son's wife... fuck me daddy... Ohhh... Mmm I'm cumming daddy... Your little whore is cumming... OHhhhhh gooood... Uhhhgh... Yes... Yes... Oh yessssss..."

"Yah baby... Daddy is shooting his... Ohh god... oh fuck... Here... I cuuummmmmmm..."

I snuck back into my room grabbed my hair brush and fucked myself with the handle. Later I fell asleep fingering my sopping pussy. Waking the next morning, I showered and put on my robe. I waited till mother left as she had said she would be out all day. I wanted to see what Poppy had in mind.

"Here eat some eggs... you'll need the strength...hehe... Hay what's a matter little one you look sad..."

"I... I... don't want to talk about it..."

I ate my eggs trying to not look at grandpa. It was hard... he looked so handsome with his gray hair and the light blue robe bringing out the brightness of his blue eyes. I ate in silence, although he tried to start several conversations. When I finished he picked up my plate and set it in the sink.

"Come on baby... you can talk to grandpa... you can tell grandpa anything... was it something I said or did?"

" I saw you and my mother last!" I blurted out

"Oh... I see... what did you think... how did that make you feel?"

"At first I was furious and jealous... but then I really got turned on... it was so erotic... I wanted to walk in... but..."

"Yah that probably wouldn't have been a good idea at the time... How can I make it up to you?"

Grandpa walked to where I was sitting and opened his robe. That beautiful big cock was semi-hard.

"If you want me to suck it you'll have to put it in my mouth..." I said trying to put as much anger in my voice as I could... but I really wanted to feel that dick in my mouth. Poppy placed the knob on my lips and like a good girl I opened up. Feeling his cock grow in length and thickness in my mouth was so very exciting. I couldn't contain myself as I gulped his expanding meat and tasted his pre cum.

Poppy opened my robe as I sucked and tweaked my hard nipples. I cupped his ball sack moving my hand between the cheeks of his ass fingering up his crack. Finding his asshole I tried to slide my finger in but it was too tight. Telling me he would love it... he handed me a stick of butter from the table. I covered my fingers and slid them back to his hole. Pressing I found that magic spot and probed in, keeping pace with my face fuck.

"Ohh god girl your gonna kill me... Oohhh yes baby... god Ohhh sooo hot... Ohh shit I'm cumming... no stopping me nowww..."

I felt Poppy's hot wade hit the back of my throat. Gulping down what I could, I held the rest for a second and third swallow. Grandpa rubbed his limp cock across my face... spreading the residue dripping from the crimson head. We smiled at each other and kissed. Grandpa picked me up carrying me into my parents bedroom. Laying me on the bed he removed my robe. Dropping his to the floor he sat next to me. Out of instinct I began to play with his cock... stroking and bending forward kissing this wonderful tool.
As it began to spring to life he said,

"Baby it's time... if you want... if you want Poppy to take your cherry..."

"Oh yes grandpa... do... I want you to make me a woman... please..."

Grandpa reached in my parents night table and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly...Hmm he must have been in here before. He knelt between my legs and circled his tongue around my outer lips... flicking the tip between, he slid in and swirled around... paying special attention to my clit. "Okay baby... since this is your first time, I think it would be best for you to be on top... that way you can control the depth and won't feel trapped..."

"Oh grandpa you're so wonderful and thoughtful... I can't wait..."

Poppy opened the KY spreading it on his fingers he slid them into my waiting hot pussy. He said how tight I was. Covering his risen rod with the jell he laid back on the bed. I straddled him. Hands on my hips, he lowered me to his shimmering shaft. As his knob parted my lips I took a deep breath. 'POP' sounded as he slid in. I lowered myself a little further feeling the warm thickness of his dick against my tight inner walls.

"OOh...Uhhh... " I wiggled as I descended. There was some pain... but..."ohh I..." Never have I experienced anything this deep... "Ouww..." He paused..."No Poppy don't stop... keep going... I'm...I'm okay... Ohhh ...god you're big."

"No baby... it's just you're so tight... okay?... Sweetheart you feel soo good on grandpa's cock... Mmmmmm"

Oh I think I had gone as far as I could. Now I'll ride on him like in the videos. There was some pain but it lessened as my quivering pussy traveled up and down his magnificent meat. Yes this was better than masturbation... no doubt about it. Our pace quickened. Poppy's hips left the bed as he drove up to my love lips and I slammed down on his shaft.

He kissed and tried to sucked my tits as the flew by his mouth. We were in a beautiful rhythm... a love rhythm.... I began to feel a shudder throughout my body.

"Oh Poppy I... I... think I'm cummmm...Ohhh daddy...Ohhh god...Ohhhh yes."

My body trembled as I felt the most exciting climax of my life. And then I felt Poppy's sweet cum fill my cunt as he cried out.

"Oh Ohhh... I'm... Oh yes...yes...baby... Ohh sweet jesus... ... you are one fine fuck... young lady."

We were in each other's arms the rest of the day... playing... sucking... fucking... he even did me doggie style... like mom. We lost track of time... unfortunately... as the door flew open to the bedroom. I was on top fucking grandpa when mother walked in.

"SO THIS IS WHAT GOES ON WHEN I'M NOT HERE!" She screamed. You little tramp... what do you think... and you... you dirty old man...I can't believe what I'm seeing...and in my bed..."

"Oh settle down Gail... "

"Yah mom I saw you and gramps last night... so..."

"That's different... and you old man... it's not bad enough you fuck your son's wife now you're fucking his daughter too?"

"Now Gail... after all it's all in the family... come on why don't you join us?"

I couldn't believe it. Mom was smiling as she started taking off her shirt and skirt. She unsnapped her bra letting her thirty-nine C tits fall free. Reaching down she slid her bikini panties to the floor revealing a shaved pussy I was unable to see last night. Her butt cheeks bounced as she bound on the bed and straddled grandpa's head, facing me.

"Okay old man you want a threesome... you're going to have to eat my pussy."

Grandpa gladly complied while he continued to fuck me. Mom and I looked into each other's eyes for the first time since she came into the room. She smiled, leaned forward and gave me a kiss. A surprising kiss! She told me what a beautiful young lady I have become and began to fondle my tits. I wasn't sure what to do but returned the favor rubbing and played with her erect nipples.

"Suck em baby... mommy would like that...Ohhhh yes baby...Oh yes..."

I couldn't believe I was licking and sucking my mother's boobs... but it felt so good. Grandpa kept on fucking and sucking... and while we enjoyed Poppy we were in our own world. Mom leaned forward taking my tits in her hand she began sucking. Oh it was sensational... my own mother... WOW!

Between the fucking and sucking I exploded all over Poppy's cock. He made mom cum, too. But Poppy was still hard.

"What are you two doing up there?... I need to cum" We rolled off him and Mom laid back.

"Renee, have you ever been with another woman?"

"Oh shit here it goes... poor old grandpa won't be able to get any pussy now."

"Quiet old man we'll still take care of you... I just want to teach my daughter a thing or two about womanly ways."

Mom laid me back and ran her tongue up the inner thigh of both legs skipping over my furry mound... driving me crazy. Finally she buried her face between my legs and lapped my swollen lips. Her tongue raced as it flicked and swirled... in and out... in and out... Her thumb and finger found my clit as she massaged and pinched... stroking it like a cock. Her lips danced over my cunt.

"Ohh momma can... Ohh can I return the favor?"

She nodded and knelt over me lowering her smooth, soft pussy to my face. Labial lips hanging down, I tried to repeat what she was doing but could hardly keep up... Ohh this was unbelievable. Sixty-nining with my mother. Grandpa was sitting in a chair smiling and taking it all in as he stroked his cock. Mom and I had a joint maximum cum. We kissed and hugged. She looked at me and said,

"You're not off the hook yet young lady... just wait till your father gets home."

(A fourth chapter will follow if requested by feedback)

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