tagRomanceLeeanne Gets Her Wish

Leeanne Gets Her Wish


Leeanne's mind was racing: her body awash with wave after wave of both fear and anticipation.

She looked out of the window and down at the silver car, which was now parked in her driveway.

A nervous sigh escaped from somewhere deep within her: allowing the captive air, unknowingly taken hostage with in her, to be finally free again.

It is not too late to back out, she reminded herself.

"God: what was I thinking" the words resound in the back of her mind, "Coffee, it's just coffee, Leeanne."

She watches as the man alights from the driver's seat, surveying his new environment and then raises his head to search the front of the house.

She turned, lowering her head to take one last look at herself and then walks to the front door to let him in.

Slowly she opens the door and peeks outside.

The man: upon observing her coyly looking out from behind the door; smiles at her, winks and says "Hi."

"Hello Claude," she replies; trying to sound more cavalier than she is actually feeling, "Come in."

He does.

She closes the door behind him and suddenly finds herself face to face with the man who has been the instigator of every erotic fantasy she's had over the past 8 months.

She'd met him online and he'd seduced her by introducing her to a hedonistic world she'd never even dreamt existed.

He had been her first virtual lover and together they had designed a world where rules did not exist anymore: his mental visions, which he effectively transferred into her, had set fountains of desire flowing within her.

He'd spoken to her using explicitly descriptive terminology which men do not use around proper ladies and at first he had shocked her to her very foundations.

Then, as her attraction to him increased; the inappropriate wording became arousing; until one night, about 7 months ago, she incorporated the wording into a fantasy she was having about him and came thrice in an hour – which was pretty damn good for her and something which had never happened before.

They had lost touch with each other after Claude had decided to terminate the interaction between them one night whilst online with her.

She'd missed him.

Two weeks ago, whilst online, she had been scrolling down through the myriad of faces and profiles of men in search of someone, anyone, to talk to.

She also spent those same minutes searching for Claude.

She had never quite gotten him completely out of her system and no other man was ever going to equal him in her eyes: she knew that to be true.

She was becoming increasingly bored with the profiles on offer, but read them anyway: still searching for the one man to equal Claude in every way.

She turned the virtual page using the 'next' icon.

There he was and he was online.

"Claude" her head and heart cried out in unison.

The beats of her heart suddenly and unexpectedly picked up pace.

She sat staring at the screen studying every well known feature of his face.

A million questions were racing around in her brain: all wanting immediate answers.

She felt relief. She felt dismay. She felt arousal. She felt fear and then despair as she remembered he did not want to talk to her anymore.

She reached out and touched the monitor, stroking his face gently and sighed.

She leaned forward and placed her upper bodyweight on her arm cradling her chin in her left palm and allowed herself the privilege of the daydream she wanted so much to occur in reality.

The two of them together locked in boundless ecstasy, if even for one night.

At that moment she wanted that more than she wanted her next breath.

She threw caution to the wind and sent him a message of 'hello' to test the waters between them and to see if would indeed talk to her.

To her absolute delight Claude responded with his predictable but welcoming "Hi."

They had talked online for about half an hour and to Leeanne it was like re-finding a long lost friend.

They continued to talk for the next week every night: and Claude re-introduced her to his particular brand of virtual sexuality which had enthralled her previously.

It wasn't enough for Leeanne this time round.

She still wanted him, but was afraid he might cut and run if he knew: so she devised what she hoped was a smoke screen and invited him round to her place the following evening, for coffee.

Tonight was that night.

He was here and he was going to be all hers.

Claude stood quietly in front of her observing her face, trying to judge her resolve: would she carry this through to its natural conclusion?

He had already taken stock of the outline of her breasts straining against the blue button-up top she had on which left little to the imagination. The denim skirt she wore displaying the length of her legs. He loved the way her dark brown hair fell about her shoulders.

A glint of amusement lit up his eyes and turned up the corners of his mouth as he remembered her invitation. Coffee! She didn't even drink coffee!

He knew exactly what she wanted from him. He was going to tie.......

"Claude" her trembling voice cut through his thoughts like a knife.

He raises his eyes to meet hers.

She reaches out her hand and places it on his chest.

"Do you want something to drink?" she enquires. I sure as hell do, she thinks to herself, as the stirring sensations in her lower abdomen became more intense.

He watches her as she walks away from him, knowing without a doubt in his mind she wants him. She is a little scared and unsure of herself, but she wants him anyway. This is going to be so easy, he tells himself as he follows her into the kitchen. She just needs time.

Leeanne is in the process of opening the bottle of wine when she feels his hands encircle her waist. Her whole body momentarily tenses and she nearly drops the bottle on the bench.

She can feel the entire length of his body pressing up against her own. She doesn't dare move.

She feels him slide his hands upwards and feels his palms first cup, then squeeze her breasts in unison. Involuntarily, she leans back into him and her head rests in the crook of his neck as he continues to move his thumbs back and forth across each swollen nipple. She stops breathing momentarily and raises her eyes to stare blankly at the roof. Not able to hold her breath a moment longer, she exhales: her breathing instantaneously changes to a faster, shallower rhythm.

She turns in his arms wanting more from him than she is getting.

Claude notes the glazed look of passion in her eyes and it nearly breaks his resolve to take things slowly.

He lowers his head and kisses her and feels her immediate responsiveness to his advances; which in turn heightens his own sexual responsiveness.

This woman is going to drive me nuts, he thinks to himself.

Leeanne flings her arms around his neck and is now arching her body into his as he continues to assault her mouth. He hears her moan as his tongue tussles with hers, like two walrus's at play.

He brings her hands down from around his neck where they have been busy stroking the back of his head and places them by her side.

He steps back away from her and she makes a small sound of protest at the gap which he has placed between them. He gives her a knowing smile and touches her gently under her chin.

"Don't move, okay" he orders in an authoritative tone, one which makes her want to obey him.

He undoes the top button of her blouse; and instinctively, her eyes grow wider.

Then the second: affording Claude his first glimpse of her near naked breasts.

At this point he wants nothing more than to rip the damn thing from her body, but he said he'd go slowly and slowly it was going to be.

He rids himself of the tedious buttons one at a time and peels the blouse off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor.

He looks up at her face and sees the trust in her eyes and feels a momentary stab of guilt, but then reminds himself this was her idea in the first place.

He unzips her skirt and pulls it down over her hips and it joins the blouse at her feet.

She stands there in front of him; her eyes search his, looking for acceptance.

"Turn around, Leeanne," he says gently.

It is the first time she's ever heard him use her real name.

She turns: just as he has asked her to.

He unhooks her bra. He slowly turns her back to face him again, pulling off the cumbersome obstacle from her body as she turns.

Claude reaches out to cup her right breast and feels it swell in his palm. He lowers his head to take the rosy bud of her other breast in his mouth and as Lindsey watches this, she groans his name loudly.

Her knees almost give way beneath her as she feels the first suck of his mouth on her breast.

"God Claude," she cries out.

Claude raises his head to look at her. She is flushed.

"Don't stop," she half pleads half demands. He smiles at her and lowered his head to reclaim her breast.

The drawing sensations of his mouth on her sensitive tissue make her writhe against him.

He clasps her tightly around the waist and draws her further into him.

"Claude," some part of him hears her voice; but it is little more than a whimper, "can I undress you now?"

He immediately stands upright and gives her a huge grin, adding "sure sweetheart."

He waits while she decides what she wants to take off first but draws in a quick sharp breath when she begins with his belt buckle, then goes on to undo the top button of his trousers.

With a light of intent in her eyes, she places her hand on his crotch and strokes his member back and forth, and smiles with delighted satisfaction when he says to her, "you keep that up and I'm going to throw you on your back right now."

She throws him a challenging upward glance as she kneels before him and unzips his fly.

"Now it's your turn to keep still," but the order lacks the authoritative nature of his earlier command to her.

His eyes grow dark as he watches her pull his trousers down enough for his throbbing member to spring free. He is fully erect.

Claude's eyes grow darker still as she takes his member in her hands and caresses the hard velvet log up and down along the shaft.

She lowers her head until her lips are in line with, and almost touching the very tip of his penis.

He can feel her breath on his skin and his balls contract.

She sweeps her lips back and forth over the tip teasing him.

He feels the tip of her tongue swirl its way around his entire circumference.

He groans as he feels the heat of her mouth close around him and when she draws on him in one deep sucking motion, his resolve to go slowly expires.

He wants to be inside her: Now.

With one swift movement he pulls her to her feet; picks her up, and is carrying her to her bedroom.

He sits her on the end of the bed, but not before deftly removing the tiny scrap of lace which is the last barrier to the portal he so desperately wants to dive into.

Leeanne watches as he tears off his polo shirt; takes off his trousers; undoes his shoelaces and tossed his shoes half way across the room.

Claude's eyes never leave hers.

He leans in towards her and pushes her back against the mattress; pulling her legs up and open for his gaze.

Leeanne feels vulnerable, but is also so full of desire for her lover that desire triumphs.

She watches his arm move as he reaches out his hand to touch her; and then jumps as she feels his first caress on her sensitive skin.

He moves his finger in rhythmic circles and she begins to writhe, her head rocking from side to side.

He picks up the pace and her body begins to quiver. An intense feeling of internal emptiness makes her instinctively arch her pelvis into his hand and she closes her eyes and cries out his name. Once: Twice: the third time she shatters beneath his watchful gaze.

A sense of masculine satisfaction overflows inside of Claude as he watches her come down from a height of ecstasy he knows he alone had been able to orchestrate.

The dazed look in her eyes; her heaving breasts; the rosy flush of passion which covered her as she lay beside him; all proving to him the fact that he had indeed been right all along.

This woman: is a fire in need of a match.

Now it is his turn. He crawls his way up over her body and nestled himself between her thighs.

Leeanne offers no resistance as he pushes his way through the tight portal of her womanhood.

God she is so damn tight Claude thinks to himself as he feels her vice like grip on his now throbbing member. The heat within him moves from his pulsating staff and radiates to his belly like a heat pack applied internally.

He moves slowly at first so as not to hurt her, but when she suddenly, unrepentantly jerks her hips up to meet his, Claude says "to hell with this!" and begins to move within her at a rhythm which best suits his needs.

An undeniable tension builds within him and, sensing how close he is to orgasm; Leeanne brings her hands up and wraps them around his shoulder blades' holding him close to her as he explodes inside her.

He collapses on top of her and she continues to hold him close as he comes down from the same height from which she had just fallen.

"So, can we do that again?" she whispers into his ear.

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