tagLesbian SexLeelee Ch. 03

Leelee Ch. 03


Chapter 03

Pierced and Branded

Lee Ann looked up through the cage door at her mistress, with a pathetic look on her face. Fear of what was to happen next pushed aside the terrible episodes of yesterday; for the moment. She was a mature woman, feeling sorry for herself, after being subdued and dominated by a young black girl.

Lee Ann was vulnerable when she met Maria, after losing her boyfriend, job, and now the apartment. She was still unsure if she had been kidnapped or rescued. Either way, she had been tricked into moving into Maria's apartment.

From the very first moment Maria bullied Lee Ann into a state of submission, by cleverly working on her vulnerability. Turning the ill fortune into a dependence upon her for everything. Her confidence was methodically stripped away, by setting her up in awful situations that couldn't be coped with.

Struggling to escape the ever tightening control, had been in vain. Defying Maria resulted in being put over her knee and spanked. As a mature woman in trouble, already feeling small and fragile, it left her feeling like nothing more than a pathetic little girl.

Continuous sexual stimulation and punishment, followed by sympathetic attention, shaped Lee Ann's behaviour. She knew what the girl was doing to her, but it was so overwhelming there was nothing she could do to resist it. So drastically had her world been turned upside down, she thought of herself as nothing more than this young girls pet. Kept overnight in a small pet cage heavily reinforced the deplorable state of her self-worth.

"What have you done, naughty little pet!" Maria shouted.

Lee Ann winced at the angry onslaught. She was in trouble and knew what to expect.

"Look at the mess you've made. Your new cage is wet! Out of there, now!" Maria hollered. She grabbed a fistful of hair, to drag her new pet from the small cage.

Lee Ann cringed on being turned around with her head pushed back into the cage. She was expecting to be spanked again. Instead, her mistress rubbed her nose in the smelly pool of urine.

"That will teach you to piss in your cage, you dirty little bitch!" Maria scolded her.

Tears, as well as her own pee, marred her face. She had expected a punishment, but this was disgusting.

"Stay as you are!" Maria warned.

With her head in the cage the smell was overpowering. It wasn't fair, as her mistress hadn't let her out last night. How long was she to be left in this position was up to her mistress, for she dare not move.

"Lift your ass up, dirty little bitch!" Maria shouted.

Lee Ann obediently lifted her rear, with the awful realisation she was to be spanked. She heard a sharp crack, and felt a stinging blow strike her bare bottom. Another followed, striping her rear with narrow red welts. She was being whipped!

"Your pet is so sorry mistress, please mistress, please don't hurt your little pet-girl," Lee Ann begged.

Her voice sounded close, and echoed in the confines of the cage. It was a small plastic dog kennel with a wire door. There wasn't enough space to turn around in, with only enough room to curl up to sleep. Yet it seemed a preferable place to be. She felt safe locked away in there, and would willingly put up with the smell.

"From now on you will ask to pee, understood?" Maria demanded.

"Yes mistress, thank you mistress," Lee Ann quickly responded.

"Where ever we are, and whoever is around, you will respectfully ask to pee, got it?" Maria asked.

"Yes mistress. May your pet, pee, mistress?" Lee Ann asked.

There was a look of pain on her face from having to ask. It was demeaning for a woman to ask permission, as though she were in class and this girl were her superior. Though time and time again Maria had proved that she was, so much so, Lee Ann accepted calling her mistress.

"Well done, little Leelee. You've been punished for your dirty behaviour, so we can start the day afresh. Do you really want to pee? Alright, I'll take you," Maria said, and ruffled her pet's hair.

She attached a leash to the collar, for the pet to crawl out of the bedroom. When they passed the bathroom, Lee Ann wondered where they were going. From the kitchen the door opened onto a small paved area. A low fence separated the private gardens, though not private enough to hide her from prying neighbours.

Her mistress positioned her over a drain, used when the paving slabs were hosed down.

"Go on then, get on with it!" Maria hurried her.

It took a little while to relax enough, while wondering if anyone was witnessing this latest degradation. She let loose a stream of yellow piss, with careful aim, not wanting to splash her body.

"You can't come inside, you're still dirty from peeing in the cage," Maria said, with a scowl, showing disgust.

Lee Ann looked at her with imploring eyes. Anyone could see her over the fence, or from a window overlooking the garden. Her mistress tied the leash to a bracket fixed to the wall.

"Please, mistress, please don't leave your pet outside. Your little pet is so sorry for messing in her cage. Little Leelee promised to be a good pet and obey her mistress, honestly, please!" Lee Ann promised.

She keenly watched her mistress unwind a hose pipe, only then realising what was intended.

"Please mistress, let me go inside. I promise not to dirty your home, I'll be real careful. I'm house trained now, mistress, honest. Please let me shower inside, please! I promise to be your good little pet-girl," Lee Ann gushed, trying desperately to sound sincere.

The cold water splashed her naked body with force. Even when expecting it, the coldness took her breath away. On hands and knees her breasts swayed underneath her, as she wriggled, trying to avoid its vigorous punishment. A cold shower might be energising, but this was degrading. Out in the open, naked, where anyone could see the show was deplorable.

"Open up, part those dirty thighs," Maria said.

Lee Ann felt the cold water between her legs, stinging her lips with its force. She whimpered like the little bitch she had become. Her breasts felt numb from the cold blast of water.

Maria turned the power lower and moved closer, concentrating the flow between the pets legs.

The nozzle was close to her lips, and she felt it douche her vagina! It was moved to her asshole for a cold enema!

"No! Mistress! Please!" Lee Ann squealed.

The shock stunned her. She couldn't move. Being naked outside didn't matter anymore. Even the terrible act of being hosed down like an animal became insignificant. Her whole body shook, trembling with fear and cold.

The spray had only been momentary, yet it seemed to fill her. She could hardly bare to move, but was dragged over the drain. The cramp inside was painful. Everything gushed from both holes at once. The pain was relieved somewhat, but still she felt a shattering cold inside.

A quick spray had her clean again.

"Shake yourself, pet," Maria directed. With a rough, course old towel, she patted the pet dry enough to take back inside.

"Take a hot shower, and be quick about it," Maria warned.

Lee Ann crawled to the shower as quickly as she could. Under the hot spray it was a relief to feel warm again. Yesterday had been bad, and it seemed the degradation would be relentless.

Again she dreamed of escaping this terrible onslaught of abuse, only to be brought back to reality. Without clothes, money or anywhere to go what could she do? Her moral fibre was being stretched to breaking point. She was starting to accept her place, as nothing more than a pet, expecting abuse for bad behaviour.

Trotting back to the kitchen, Lee Ann stood to attention, with head bowed, waiting for instructions. The only escape would be to please her mistress, with the forlorn hope of being set free.

"Breakfast!" Maria harshly stated.

Lee Ann prepared the same as yesterday, unable to ask for instructions, hoping it would be right. Setting coffee on the table while her mistress read the paper, she carried on cooking.

"Sit!" Maria heavily stated, with a finger pointing to the floor beside her.

"That's good, little Leelee. No! Don't speak unless you're given permission," Maria warned.

Lee Ann was hungry and needed to let her mistress know. After such a painful punishment she dare not speak out of turn. She would have to wait upon her mistress and just hope she pleased her.

The tone of voice had moderated to a tolerable level. Her pet seemed eager to please, and had learnt a hard lesson in obedience. It was time to give her a carrot, after the stick.

"Here pet, a little treat from your mistresses plate. Open wide," Maria smiled, at the pathetic looking upturned face.

She pushed a piece of toast into pets mouth, knowing how hungry it must be. Keeping her that way helped keep it subdued.

"Lick my fingers, pet," Maria encouraged. "You have a strong tongue, little Leelee. You're such a good lick-pet," Maria chuckled. "Come on, up on your mistresses lap," she encouraged, while patting her knees.

Maria fed her pet by hand, getting it to lick her fingers after each morsel. Pet was hungry, so accepted the mush with gratitude. She laughed as the woman's tongue tickled, when it flicked around her fingers.

Maria wondered what the woman liked to eat in fancy restaurants, and smiled at the contrasting images. The woman had visited first class restaurants with linen table clothes and silver cutlery, all paid for by salesman needing to sign a contract.

Here, she was naked, being hand fed by an indulgent owner. She wiped the woman's face with a tissue, treating her like a spoilt child. She wrapped both arms tightly around her pet. Maria cuddled Lee Ann to let her know she was back in favour.

"There's a good little pet, Leelee. You're all clean and fed now. Your hair smells so fresh, its delightful. Today we're going to have you manicured, and fluffed up like the lovely little pet-girl you are. It's going to be fun re-fashioning you," Maria explained, with a condescending tone of voice.

"You may speak now, pet," Maria indulgently offered.

Lee Ann didn't know what to say. The promise of 're-fashioning', sounded like a threat, rather than a treat. She considered it might end up with her looking like a lesbian girly, a little fluffy girl, a nasty slut, or dressed in a puppy costume. If there was something worse, that was bound to be the option.

Pulling her lips away from her mistresses big rubbery teat, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. "Thank you mistress, your little pet can't wait," Lee Ann meekly replied.

It was a surprise to feel she wasn't dreading another days torment. Surely she hadn't sunk so low as to look forward to being humiliated! Sitting on the girls lap, with her face in a huge pair of black breasts, probably had something to do with the answer.

It was also so important to behave as her mistress desired, to avoid being punished. Answering the girl as expected had reshaped her speech too. She felt like the girls doll, waiting to be dressed-up in a game designed to see how lewdly she could be clothed.

"First thing is to get you shaved. Come on, little Leelee," Maria sweetly cajoled her pet.

In the bathroom Lee Ann lay down on a towel, with legs spread wide. A few of days ago this would have been impossible, yet now she compliantly obeyed, giving in to the inevitable.

Maria trimmed the black hair around pet's pussy with sharp scissors. A squirt of foam was rubbed in, and she couldn't help rubbing the woman's clit as it became swollen.

"My little pet is enjoying her mistress playing with her," Maria grinned. She tweaked a nipple, while cupping pet's sex, with a finger manipulating its bud. She had the woman breathing heavily. She wasn't just laying prone, she was panting for satisfaction.

"Yes, mistress, thank you mistress," Lee Ann whispered, while squirming with shame at being so fired with desire.

"Keep still now," she warned.

Warming the razor, she began to scrape away the tight curly hair. There wasn't a single hair on her thighs, and it was sparse on her mons, though soon enough nothing at all covered her engorged lips.

"My pet swells up so big and hard when excited," Maria commented with delight.

She patted the pet's crotch dry, and rubbed it with strong fingers. With a strong grip she held the woman's entire crotch in one hand. She squeezed the lips, and probed her asshole with finger tips. With the other hand she pulled both nipple rings together to tease them.

"Your mine now, Leelee, all mine," Maria cooed.

"Yes mistress, thank you mistress," Lee Ann automatically responded.

She watched her pet squirming and wriggling. It was easy to have her sexed up to the point of not caring what happened. Just so long as she had an orgasm, anything would be put up with. She lent closer, and lightly caressed the woman's open mouth with the tip of her tongue. Feeling the woman push upward off the floor, driving her crotch onto her hand, Maria couldn't hold back.

Maria sucked the woman's tongue into her mouth, to bite, suck, and lick it. She let go, so as to lick and kiss her face. Her tongue explored an ear, then kissed it to make it ring.

She got up off the floor, with the intention of not letting her pet orgasm. Lee Ann's eyes flickered open with the realisation that was all she was getting. The woman pouted her luscious lips, looking up at her through hooded eyes. The look demanded attention, and the squirming body shouted for satisfaction.

When her pet crossed her legs, to tightly scissor them back and forth, Maria decided to put a stop to the blatant show.

"Stop being a naughty little girl, now!" Maria warned. "Come on, get up. Your mistress is going to dress her pet. You don't want a spanking do you, naughty girl," Maria added.

It was a delight to have an adult woman squirming for release, to the point where she was ready to obey her every wish. Denying the orgasm would keep her on edge for quite awhile. She intended to keep her that way all day, with plenty of stimulation and humiliation.

Lee Ann was led by the hand into a tattoo parlour. The same one where both nipples had been pierced. It seemed an age ago that a cure had been tried, only for the problem to become worse. Whenever her nipples were roughly touched, she became overexcited, which was one of the many ways Maria controlled her.

"Hi Andy, how you doing?" Maria smiled, at the proprietor.

Lee Ann stood behind her mistress, not wanting to be noticed. She was behaving like a shy young girl, clinging to a mother figure for protection. The thought of what might be done to her in such a place was enough to have her cowering. Being dressed and treated like a young girl, pushed her firmly into the role.

An earlier manicure to her fingernails and toenails, with a bright pink glossy varnish, matched the outfit. She wore a garish pink dress decorated with bows. The hem was held up with layers of stiff petticoats which bounced around as she walked. Her hair had been bleached blond and drawn into tight pigtails. They flopped over her ears, looking damnably cute and girly.

From a distance she looked like a silly little girl on the way to a friend's birthday party. A closer look would have revealed she was older, classifying it as a costume. She pitied anyone into cos-play dressed like this. The makeup hid her age, somewhat, but at twenty-six she felt ridiculous.

With one hand held tight, there hadn't been the slightest chance of holding down the hem, which bounced around her thighs. The dress was designed to reveal a pair of frilly pink panties. She wasn't allowed underwear, so it revealed her bare bottom, and worse. Lee Ann didn't have to look in a mirror, or store front reflection to know that she was showing off too much of her body. The looks she got were enough to shout out how rude she looked.

"Chair!" Maria ordered, while pointing to what looked like an old, leather barber's chair.

The back went down, allowing the petticoats to stick up, as though she were wearing a hooped skirt. Feeling Maria pushing up the taffeta left her feeling weak and vulnerable, like a pet at the vets. She felt her ankles and thighs tied to the chair, then the leg rest split in two, opening her up.

The old, heavily tattooed man, stood between her legs, examining her crotch. She wished she had paid attention to what they had been discussing. Instead she had switched off, as a means of escaping the horrid place. More and more she had found herself daydreaming, as a way of gaining distance from the horrid realities of this new life.

If he unzipped now, she was helpless to stop him taking her. The state she was in meant she wouldn't care. It was horrible to find she would respond to a good fucking, from a complete stranger.

Her mistress was right. She needed protection, for she had become a wanton hussy. She seemed to be sexed up all the time like a bitch on heat, ready to be fucked by whoever was near. Had she suppressed this despicable behaviour all her life, or had Maria turned her into a wanton slut.

"Freshly shaved, so that makes it easier," Andrew stated. He sprayed her tender places with antiseptic, and a light anaesthetizing agent.

"I'll be with you in a minute," Andrew told a customer, who just walked in.

The young guy peered at Lee Ann, and stared open mouthed until Maria fiercely scowled at him. He went and sat down, making sure he had a good view of the attractive woman, and her thighs spread wide. He picked up a magazine to hide his rock hard tent pole.

Lee Ann wondered if she was being oiled-up. She wanted to tell him she was wet and open enough already. If she was to be used like a whore to pay for whatever they planned, she wished he would get on with it. With her eyes tightly shut, her imagination rocked with images of this old man fucking her hard.

She wanted to put her fingers in her ears and hum loudly, so as not to know what torture they were planning. Feeling her mistress hold her down, and warned not to move, meant they were ready to proceed. She took a deep breath, willing it to be quickly over.

A simple tattoo didn't take long. An ink filled gun was used with a template. Just above her slit was a small tattoo, spelling out what she was to become. Maria considered she was very nearly there, hence the tattoo.

Lee Ann thought it would be an agony, only it was just an irritation. Not much more than several bee stings. Just as she thought it was all over, a nasty pain to her lips made her wail. It was the shock more than anything. When the second pain hit, she realised it wasn't quite so bad as she thought.

"There, there, little Leelee, all over now," Maria soothed her little pet-girl.

The condescending tone of voice was welcome, rather than demeaning. Her mistress was soothing her with words, as well as stroking her hair; treating her like a frightened pet after receiving an injection by a vet.

After a moment she realised her mistress had been pulling on a piercing ring, and pinching a nipple. A stimulating sensation was dulling the pain. She concentrated on her nipples, feeling the arousal overpowering everything else. That mornings unfulfilled excitement in the bathroom added to the humiliation of dressing up, being tattooed, and whatever else they had done to her poor body.

Her eyes flickered open to see her mistress leaning close with an endearing look of concern. She received a warm wet kiss, and couldn't help opening her mouth to return the kiss. Their tongues caressed with delightful passion. Lee Ann was so hot, she no longer cared where she was.

Maria patted down the dress, and helped her pet out of the chair.

Lee Ann was still breathing heavily, ready to climax. Despite the pain and humiliation, she felt excited, or did the pain add to the need? Shock and arousal made her legs wobble, as though they were rubber. She needed her mistresses steadying hand and influence. She held onto the chair, while the two chatted.

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