This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and her matron. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." She has had her feet locked into steel high heel shoes. Her ankles are tethered together with a two foot chain. As with each girl in the Internet Cybersex Prison, she has a steel slave collar welded about her neck. Her Domme is a sadistic, middle-aged matron named Chris.

It is morning and Leena feels a mind-numbing pressure in her vagina. This is day two of her period. Yesterday she had a light flow and Chris placed a bright blue inflatable pussy plug into her vagina and inflated it. Chris then removed the black inflation bulb and connecting black rubber tubing, leaving no way for Leena to remove the offending device. Leena was left alone in her cell with her hands cuffed behind her back.

The sliding panel opens in the door. As Chris, Gus, and Oleg enter the room Chris makes an announcement: "Our little dance queen is having her period. She should be feeling some pressure today. Let's pump her up some more." Oleg produces the inflation bulb and hose from his backpack. Chris wastes no time; she screws the tube onto the inflation bulb and then onto the prominent pussy plug. She doesn't even wait for Leena's body cavity search. The pussy plug goes in and the pumping begins. Leena is standing while this all takes place. Her knees grow weak at the the sadistic stretching. Gus and Oleg, the two uniformed male guards, support her from falling. Chris removes the bulb and tube, making removal impossible to the hapless girl.

"Exercise time for a girl," Chris says to all present. "Un-cuff the girl! Ten push-ups Leena. Start now!" Leena struggles to position herself and begin the exercise regimen. When done she stands back up, grateful to regain use of her hands. "Who told you to stand, girl?" Chris asks.

Leena gasps: "No one, Mistress."

"A girl will remain in the 'front leaning rest position' until released," Chris says in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yes Mistress," Leena answers and gets back into position.

"Jumping jacks, twenty count!" Chris orders. Leena hastens to exercise. Her pussy is on fire with pressure and the pain of irritation as she jumps back and forth. She tries to utter the count. "I can't hear you! The count is zero."

Several times Leena is forced to restart her twenty counts of jumping jacks, to Chris's entertainment and amusement. At last she finishes and stands at attention, awaiting Chris's order. Now she has the burning need to urinate.

"A girl needs to piss, Mistress," Leena begs. She is careful to say "piss" and not "urinate or pee."

Chris tightly secures Leena's hands behind her back and positions her at Parade Rest facing a corner. For sure she will be standing there for some time holding her urine. The trio, Chris, Gus, and Oleg leave. A camera focused on the room records Leena's every move. Should she urinate, the time stamp will record the very moment. Leena's abdomen and her back both hurt. She shifts and writhes. Leena wishes that she could break Parade Rest and hold her legs together. With parted legs the difficulty in holding her urine is compounded.

Leena thinks about things. Clearly Chris wants her to disobey an order or a command so that she may whip her. It is a battle of wills. For some reason, Chris seems to be obliged to give Leena an "out." Should she be able to endure holding her urine for some as yet unknown but specific period of time, then she would avoid the riding crop, bullwhip, or leather belt. Leena also observes that the girls are always cuffed with hands tied high above their heads when punished. Their hirsute underarms are always displayed and their legs spread widely apart, making their privates unprotected, available, and vulnerable. If only Leena knew the time she had to wait and the limits of punishment.

It seems to Leena that an eternity is passing while she stands at Parade Rest, face to a corner. At long last she hears the telltale sound of boots and the keying of the door. The trio enter and the two guards seize Leena and position her above the one foot diameter drain hole in the floor. They pull her legs apart in the so-called "cutie" pose; her bright blue pussy plug rests against the back of the hole. Her privates are positioned above the hole so that her urine would flow directly in. Leena continues to hold on, knowing that failure to receive permission would result in punishment. After a suitable hiatus, Chris speaks: "Girl may urinate after she cums."

"Mistress, please," Leena pleads, "how can a girl arouse herself with her arms painfully pinned behind her back and her abdomen bloated and congested?"

"Girl will push pussy plug against the floor to arouse vagina," Chris answers. "Be grateful that this is available to you, Leena." Chris displays her wicked, evil grin (WEG).

Leena is uncomfortable in the "Cutie" position. Her legs are splayed apart and her feet are flat sideways with the toes outwards. She is unable to rest on her legs but has to maintain pressure on her knees. It is hard to work the pussy plug, but she manages. Several droplets of urine ease out of her urethra, but Chris either does not notice or does not seem to mind. Leena lets erotic images float through her mind. She remembers muscular, athletic young men vying for her attention. She remembers losing her virginity to her ancient Sicilian husband and her clandestine lovers thereafter. Her libido unfolds and somehow she is able to draw enough strength to overcome the pain, position, pressure, and humiliation. She makes eye contact with Chris and utters a deep groan followed by an undulation of her pubococcygeal muscles and the slightly garlic-like scent of human female arousal. She is cumming.

Chris is disgusted but permits Leena to void her bladder. Leena keeps eye contact with Chris. "Tomorrow we will try something different," Chris murmurs, "now we walk." Chris leashes Leena by the ring in her collar. Leena is to be walked in her high heel shoes. Chris attaches the two foot long chain between Leena's ankles. Leena will have to keep up with Chris. The concrete floor and steel catwalks are bad, but worst of all are the unforgiving staircases. Leena is obliged to face outwards going down the stairs, making balancing a priority. She shudders to think the punishment for falling or tripping up. Chris would like nothing more than to give Leena a righteous whipping. The walk is of one hour's duration, no more.

Leena feels that she should get used to being exhibited naked, wearing only a steel collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, and---due to her time of the month---a protruding pussy plug. But she is still humiliated and mortified. Her head with short hair stubble and the five-o'clock shadow in her hypogastric triangle embarrass her a maximum. She would feel so much better with a clean-shaved, smooth pussy. The stubble is ugly and uncomfortable for her. She notices that some girls are shaved, not sheared. Could there be some reward system. She also observes that no girl is permitted hairless armpits. There must be some limit there.

The one hour walk leaves Leena exhausted. She is glad to be back in her cell. Again Chris does not remove her cuffs. Leena hopes that one of the male guards will feed and water her in exchange her permission for anal penetration for spoon feeding.

Leena recalls the two male guards, Gus and Oleg. Gus is the guard who does the oral examination and Oleg the guard who does her anal probing. Oleg is clearly the more ranking of the two. Leena wonders why Oleg does not simply take her; she wonders why she would need to consent? In any case, eating from a bowl with her hands behind her back is not satisfactory. In her mind, at least, begging to be sodomized seems a paltry, picayune price to pay.

As before, later in the day Oleg enters the cell and brings two bowls: one full of water and the other full of oatmeal with some fruit. Leena now senses that pleasing Oleg has its reward; she realizes that Oleg has certain privileges. She coyly beckons to Oleg: "Please feed me, Master," she begs. Then she coyly smiles and adds: "A girl was so pleased to give you anal sex yesterday. She dreamed about you all night long. And you know what, Master?" She does not give him time to answer but continues: "She came three times thinking of you. Please sodomize butt fuck this dirty little slut and she will forever be grateful." Even though the girls are prisoners, the male guards are limited. Oleg fetches a spoon from his backpack and feeds Leena. Leena feels a deep humiliation at being fed like an infant or toddler.

After she has been fed and watered, Leena turns over on her stomach. From her prone position she spreads her legs, inviting the use of her Glory of Glories. Oleg parts her glorious hemispheres and observes her comely rosette. Her anus winks a naughty brown eye inviting penetration. Oleg wastes no time in driving his strong shaft, throbbing with irregular veins, into Leena's tiny, tight, taut glory hole.

Leena rocks and writhes, all the time talking dirty to Oleg: "Fuck this nasty, filthy little slut in her ass. Master. She loves your cock in her ass. Spread that asshole, Master." Oleg gladly obliges her in that regard. "Tear it up, Master. Fuck me harder, faster, deeper."

Alone at last, Leena tries to get comfortable. She moves her heavy brown woolen blanket around and pulls it around her. Her handcuffs are tight; she will have to sleep on her belly. The pussy plug hurts more and more as menstrual fluid continues to back up, being retained by the plug. She has to urinate frequently, a difficult situation as she must somehow kneel over a drain hole in the floor. Her every move is chronicled and recorded by one or more of the cell cameras. For the first time she is embarrassed by the silent observers' attention.

Leena tries to remember how she got here. Do doubt it was a drug. Maybe it was Rohypnol---AKA "rophie"? There is only blackness from entering the black Mercedes Benz to waking up in a concrete cell in the Internet Cybersex Prison. She can remember the lawyers and her divorce. She can recall the vitriolic animosity and her ex-husband's initial fiery anger. Once the legal wheels were in motion, he had a detached coldness. His aloofness scared Leena more than his jealous rage; she sought consolation from her lawyer. That also turned out to be a poor move on her part.

Single again, the gorgeous girl went through whirlwinds of dates, affairs, and flirtations. She ended up staying with a married couple for a while as her legal matters were settled. From there they went to a party---oriental wives and their American husbands. Of course there were elderly grandparents and kids running around. Were it not so, Leena could not have so easily departed undetected. Her lust and crass carnal craving was her undoing this time.

Just as Leena was drifting into that hypnagogic state where she could enjoy the fantasies of being "most sought after" and "most popular beauty" there is the sound of boots and a key in the lock. But wait, it is too early! What can this mean? The trio, Mistress Chris, Gus and Oleg, enter Leena's cell. The two men pull Leena to her feet, her hands still cuffed behind her back. Chris removes the two foot chain tethering her ankles together and announces: "There is a client waiting, we must go now." Having said that, the quartet exits and heads directly for the Virtual Reality (VR) studio.

"He wants treadmill action, girl," Chris explains, "for four hours. You will wear the VR helmet and gloves and try to outrun the monster in the game grid. You will have an special avatar. It is one of those copyright Sharon Stone avies, her nineteen-year-old model. Gorgeous with just a touch of teenage adipose in the belly and butt, so sensual." The avatar is gorgeous. It passes the uncanny valley and the Turing test. Leena can not help but be enthralled by her alter ego. She trembles as she began to run on the treadmill; she is unused to on line client-to-server interfaces. The high heels make running awkward. There is no time for a complete interface, with pneumatic and hydraulic connections and electronics. A paying client is waiting. He is a corpulent gamer addicted to non-consensual sex and corporal punishment. The rules are simple: fall or be caught and Mistress Chris will be allowed to whip Leena. Each hour is to have a ten minute break.

The first hour basically instructs Leena about the controls and the avatar. Her avatar, the gorgeous beauty, is dressed in blue jeans, tennis shoes, T-shirt, white cotton bra and panties, and (of course) a stainless steel collar about her neck. She is a runaway slave girl. Leena is easily able to avoid the monster tracking her. She is given water and allowed to urinate during her first break. She is hampered in the chase by the high heels and the inflated pussy plug. In the second hour the chase becomes more intense.

Leena panics as the beast gains ground on her. Somehow she is able to avoid capture or falling on the treadmill, which would cast her into real life punishment by her Domme, Chris. The second break comes and Leena is permitted to lie down. She is nearly exhausted. The virtual forest she is forced to run through grows darker, denser, and more foreboding. Leena is running on pure adrenalin. She has a burning pain in her pussy and a lack of sugar in her blood. She trips but is able to recover. The chase is on. The speed of the treadmill increases. Somehow Leena makes it to the third break. She is terrified that she will fail in the fourth hour.

Chris kisses Leena on her lips and rubs her breasts. "You are doing so well for a novice, girl," Chris says. "Most tyros wouldn't make two hours. One more hour and you are done for the day. Only one little addition." Leena blanches as Chris tethers her ankles together with the two foot chain. Leena knows that she is set up to fail. She still is determined to struggle nonetheless.

The fourth round only lasts a few minutes. Leena is unable to outrun the beast with her ankles chained together. Chris at last gets her desire to whip Leena. The VR helmet and gloves are removed and the quartet goes to a punishment room. Chris orders Leena to be placed in a bathtub. She deflates the bright blue pussy plug and invites Leena to remove it. Leena is surprised at the intense pain from the deflation. It seems that the stretched skin adhered to the plug. Leena tugs only to find the plug stuck and the pain excruciating. "Remove it if you can," Chris muses. Chris knows the problem. Leena is frustrated by pressure on one hand and pain on the other. She is unable to jerk the plug out. "We can't wait any longer for you to remove it, girl," Chris states.

"Please Mistress," Leena pleads, "some more time." Chris shakes her head "no" and attaches a two-pound weight to the plug. It will dangle between Leena's legs when she is tied for whipping.

Leena has her hands tied above her head and her legs spread in the customary manner for whipping. Hanging and pulling on the now deflated pussy plug is a two pound weight. Leena's vulva is distended and swollen. She is obviously in pain as the weight slowly but surely loosens the plug. Chris gets a broad black leather belt. She goes over to Leena and kisses her back and shoulders where the belt will strike. Leena is shaking and trembling. "Only twenty strokes, Leena," Chris tells her. "Only twenty." Chris steps back and makes a circular arc of 270 degrees marking Leena from her right shoulder to her mid-back. Leena is able to avoid crying out, lest the punishment be doubled.

The second swat crosses from Leena's left shoulder to her mid-back. She jerks in pain; the two pound weight sways back and forth. It is loosening as witnessed by drops of menstrual fluid dripping around it. The third swat crosses Leena's buttocks. The fourth and fifth swat each kiss one ass cheek. Leena pulls and sways against her bindings. With a wet pop the pussy plug falls out followed by a nasty rush of viscous bloody liquid. Chris motions for the guards to mop up the mess. Chris manages to work in the next five strikes against Leena's breasts and armpits. She then pauses at the clean-up takes place.

"You are half-way there girl," Chris says and kisses Leena on her trembling lips. Chris's tongue licks the tears and perspiration from Leena's face. The next ten blows are localized between Leena's legs. Leena tries to pull her legs together without much success. Chris seems equally pleased to whip the soft inner thighs as the vulva and perineum. Leena hangs limp after the whipping. Chris orders Gus and Oleg to take Leena back to her cell on a stretcher; the girl is clearly exhausted. She will be allowed to rest without having her hands cuffed behind her back.

15 Nov 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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