This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and one of her male guards. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." She has had her feet locked into steel high heel shoes. Her ankles are tethered together with a two foot chain. As with each girl in the Internet Cybersex Prison, she has a steel slave collar welded about her neck. Her male guards are Gus and Oleg. This is the story about Oleg and Leena.

As before, later in the day Oleg brings her food. Leena hears the panel in the door slide open and bowls of water and some cooked grain, maybe oatmeal, are handed in to her cell. She knows that she is expected to eat immediately and return the two bowls, but she hopes for some interaction with Oleg. Leena speaks to the open door panel: "Could Master enter and feed a girl? She would be so grateful."

"Rules are no guard in a cell unless a girl's hands are cuffed behind her back," Oleg relates. Leena presses her back to the steel door and presents her crossed wrists to the open panel. Oleg quickly locks her wrists with handcuffs and unlocks the door. Leena kneels down in the "tower" position. She is too sore from yesterday's whipping to manage the more sensual and suggestive "cutie" position. She arches her back to make her breasts protrude more, offering her master her sore and swollen nipples and areolas.

She coyly beckons to Oleg: "Please feed me, Master, a girl was honored to give you anal sex yesterday. She dreamed about you all night long last night. And she came three times."

Oleg fetches a spoon from his backpack and feeds Leena. Leena feels a deep revulsion at being treated like a very young girl; however, she senses that this submission and humiliation please Oleg. She decides to press on with her helplessness.

The food and water are finished. Leena looks up to Oleg with wide almond eyes and asks him a favor: "May a girl shit now?" Euphemisms such as "do her business" or "take a number two" or "make poop" are forbidden to an inmate girl; also prohibited are the more technical terms such as "defecate" or "evacuate bowels."

Oleg is surprised for a moment. Then he realizes that she may want him to clean her, as there is only a thick wool blanket in the room---no toilet paper, soap, or Kotex(tm). Oleg grins and replies: "A girl may, if she keeps eye contact."

"Thank you, Master," Leena responds.

Leena squats over the drain hole and strains to defecate. She keeps eye contact with Oleg and hopes that he can feel the intensity of her efforts. He waits patiently and, after a few minutes, she is able to make her poop. She is crimson with embarrassment as she makes her next request: "May Master desire to clean a girl's filthy asshole before butt fucking her?"

Oleg opens his back pack and removes a box of baby wipes and some other articles. Leena shuffles over to him and arches her back to present her ass. Oleg wipes her well, tossing the spent baby wipes down the one foot diameter drain hole. He then surprises Leena with a disposable enema.

"I want you clean," Oleg tells Leena. "Hold this until I give permission to expel."

"Yes, Master," Leena answers. She now feels the bonding and her improving her position with Oleg. After about a five minute wait, Oleg permits Leena to expel the enema solution. He then tosses the spend disposable container into the drain hole, which is obviously connected to a larger sewer channel, and inserts a second enema solution. By the third enema, the ejecta is clear liquid. Leena senses that it is time for her butt fuck.

"Please butt fuck this dirty little whore with your wicked penis," Leena begs. "Use this little slut's asshole as if she were a virgin. Make this girl proud to please you, Master; let her Glory of Glories be honored by your penetration."

Oleg parts her glorious hemispheres and observes her luscious brown star. Her perineum and vulva, as well as her inner thighs, are severely bruised from yesterday's whipping, but her asshole is unscathed. It's not that a girl cannot be commanded to spread her ass cheeks and submit to having her anus whipped; it's more like such unconventional punishment is reserved for other, unnamed offenses aside from disobedience or failing to please a client.

Leena lies on her stomach, not permitting the deepest penetration but allowing Oleg to press harder and more forcefully than in a doggie position. Oleg pumps and pumps. Leena is determined to climax from this anal invasion and not attempt to fake an orgasm. She lets her mind wander to some of the erotic events of the past year, when she was young, beautiful, and free.

Leena's reverie then focuses to the handsome Italian man who somehow tricked her into this prison. Did they have sex and she forget it? He was so handsome and debonaire. Her deep regret is that she could not remember their coitus. For sure she had been given rophies, also known as "Milk of Amnesia." The colorless, odorless, tasteless drug is the choice for date rape. Leena only regrets not being able to enjoy whatever sex did take place.

Leena twists and writhes, all the time talking dirty to Oleg: "Fuck this nasty, filthy little slut in her ass, Master. She loves your cock in her ass. Spread my puckered asshole, Master." Oleg gladly obliges her in that regard. "Tear it up, Master. Fuck me harder, faster, deeper. Oh my god! I'm going to cum!"

As she says that Oleg also cums. Leena hopes that the time spent will not adversely affect Oleg in his other duties. But somehow she feels that such activity is accounted for in the guards' routines. It would seem logically so.

"May a girl be honored to clean her Master?" Leena asks. "A girl's mouth, lips, and tongue are at her Master's pleasure." Leena assumes a tower position, her hands still cuffed behind her, and rocks her head back exposing her open mouth and tongue. Oleg permits her to suck and lick his strong shaft, still partially erect from the orgasm. Then, realizing the time, he gathers up the spoon and bowls, exits the cell, and removes Leena's handcuffs.


The next morning is a surprise for Leena. Her matron, Chris, removes her wrist and ankle cuffs and takes Leena to the metalworker to remove the high heel shoes. Leena is surprised to find that walking barefoot is painful after the high heels are removed. Her muscles and bones had grown accustomed to the high heels. She also recalled the pain following the deflation of her pussy plug. The stretched skin had become attached or adhered to the inflatable pussy plug. Now Leena realizes the level of control and discipline in the Internet Cybersex Prison.

The quartet, Leena, Chris, Gus, and Oleg, make their way to one of the preparation rooms. Leena is nervous as she furtively glances at the menagerie of medical instruments and devices. Chris orders Leena to the gynecological chair. She struggles but, with her hands cuffed behind her back, she is unable to seat herself. Gus and Oleg get her into position and strap her legs in place, exposing vulva, perineum, and anus. Chris rubs Leena's bruised and swollen vulva and inner thighs. Leena moans in obvious discomfort. "I love how soft and sensual a pussy is after it has been whipped," Chris remarks. She presses down and watches the sweat bead on Leena's forehead and abdomen.

"We have a special client who wants to see a girl climax with her bladder full of ice water---it that is even possible. We will need to drain your bladder, Leena, and refill it. Then, as it warms up, we need to drain and refill again. To do this we will need to insert an indwelling catheter. You will be mounted on a Sybian, girl." Chris tells Leena. Then she goes further to relate: "The dildo can rotate or vibrate. You will need to adjust the two modes to your maximum arousal. Now let's get that female catheter in place."

Oleg brings a butt plug and inserts it into Leena's ass. This device will measure many vital signs in addition to Galvanic skin response, anal sphincter muscle tension, and shivering. The usual vital signs are also displayed on video monitors.

Chris rubs K.Y. Jelly on the large female indwelling catheter. It is with some difficulty that she forces the oversized tube up Leena's urethra and into her bladder. Once in place, a hypodermic syringe is used to inflate the indwelling bulb. Chris puts a basin beneath Leena and opens the stopcock to drain her bladder. After the flow subsides, Gus brings a solution of chilled water. Chris attaches a tube and speaks to Leena: "Here comes the ice water girl!" Leena gasps as her whole body shakes. Her bladder is filling with ice water. Chris makes a video connection with the client.

"She is ready to be put on the Sybian, Sir," Chris speaks to the face in a video monitor. "Her bladder is full of ice water."

The synthesized voice responds: "Can we monitor to ensure that she does not fake an orgasm?"

"We have a butt plug with sensors, Sir," Chris explains. "Clearly we can determine if an orgasm is being faked or not."

Gus and Oleg bring Leena to the Sybian and strap her into place. They initially set rotation and vibration to "slow." Leena rocks her hips trying for an early orgasm. Seconds turn into minutes. Leena is showing signs of arousal. Christ steps forward and drains Leena's bladder. Leena knows that the ice water has warmed and new ice water is about to be added. She pushes harder to climax, but is unable to do so before her bladder is refilled. The ice water feels like knife blades churning in her abdomen.

"Up the motions of the Sybian, Please, Master," Leena begs. Oleg sets the rotation and vibration to "medium." Leena's level of arousal continues to drop. "Faster please, Master," Leena begs. Oleg ups the rotation to "fast." Time passes and Leena struggles to focus erotic images in her mind. She recalls her first experience with snow when she and a young man fucked in a snowbank years ago. A full half hour has passed and Leena is becoming desperate. Chris drains and refills her bladder again. Again the knife blades of frigid water twist in her abdomen. Her anus clenches tight, as measured from the butt plug, and her body is now shivering uncontrollably. Will Leena be able to cum or suffer the whip again?

Pushing her libido to the max Leena rocks and squirms on the Sybian's dildo. At last she is nearing a climax. Forty-five minutes have already passes. She is so near to climax. Just then Christ drains her bladder again and pumps in colder water. Leena convulses. Only fifteen minutes left to climax or face the whip. Leena was whipped just yesterday with twenty strokes. She will go to any extreme to avoid a repeat. Just then Chris kisses her shaking neck and whispers in her ear: "I will enjoy whipping you again, darling. This time you will cry out."

Leena fixates on Oleg and his mighty member. She pretends that her butt plug is his cock. She leans back to force the butt plug in deeper. Her asshole is the only part of her abdomen not chilled. The butt plug and its measuring devices have keep the temperature elevated. She is finally able to arouse herself and climax. Her climax is centered about Oleg, his scent, his touch, his massive member. Chris was so intense on watching the monitors that she did not drain and refill Leena. Chris is so disappointed; she was hoping to be able to whip Leena again.

15 Nov 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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