tagSci-Fi & FantasyLegend Ch. 07

Legend Ch. 07


"You know what happened when I rode you...?" Lucy looked at Kala questioningly.

Kala just grinned, "oh yes, I remember exactly, don't worry my love, my eyes are staying purple, I'll never again let them go green..."

"Lucy smiled and nodded, then lets go."

With Sabine holding the girl tight in her arms Lucy changed slowly so as not to throw them off, then took flight, lifting away gently before flying into the last of the night, careful to keep low in the valleys as she followed a different route that eventually led to the secret valley. Concentrating as she was on not being seen or followed, Lucy was still aware of the two girls astride her back, especially Sabine, who whilst holding tight to the unconscious girl was still making the most of the ride, her stifled moans evidence of her enjoyment.

Meanwhile Kala flew high above the mountains, careful not to follow Lucy's route, ever watchful as she silently cursed herself for questioning her lover's feelings for Sabine. "No more, never again, I don't care who she hugs or kisses or fucks, it is me she loves, I know it."

After plummeting through the entrance cave Lucy glided gently down towards the village just as dawn painted the sky with sunlight. A single glance at the house she had shared with Kala was enough to confirm they needed somewhere else to sleep. Lucy changed slowly, then helped Sabine carry the girl to the house the others used. A little surprised to find it empty, Lucy was relieved there would be no questions and as soon as Kala joined them she settled down to sleep, cuddled with her lover whilst Sabine snuggled into another pile of furs close to the girl she had saved.

Eva awoke to find herself wrapped in cast off fur garments, a tray close by on the floor with breakfast and urgent voices echoing around her. Yawning and stretching she rose up, taking a large piece of fruit from the tray, together with a gourd of fruit juice, she moved towards the cave entrance where the voices were becoming louder and more urgent. The sight before her made her smile, her slave standing in the narrowest part, resolutely denying access to the girls. "Enough.!! Katja is only doing what she sees as her job, besides, what has you lot up so early?"

"Early..?" Spluttered Anja," it's not early..!!"

Eva put her arms around Katja, kissed the girl's head and hugged her as she walked them both out into the sunshine, "oh no, so it isn't."

The girls mobbed around Eva, who held Katja tight and shared the fruit with her, listening to the girls talk themselves out, until they finally got the message and calmed down enough for Eva to answer them. "Yes we will try again, no I'm not sure how to open the door, but I do have an idea, no, not now, I need to talk to Lucy first, Kala too." She paused, "lets go back to the village, I just might have a gift for all of you." Eva whispered to Katja, who nodded happily and went back into the cave.

Katja returned proudly and carefully carrying the gourd, taking her place at her Mistress's side as they all set off up the valley to the village.

Lucy and Kala had also slept late, though Sabine had been awake for a while, doing her best to keep the girl calm and quiet, but unable to make herself understood, except by repeatedly pointing to the two sleeping lovers then holding her finger to her lips. "If only you could understand me," the girl kept repeating, "all I want is a drink of water and a cab home..." She sighed, finally giving up further attempts at communication, at least until she heard voices outside, voices speaking English..!!

Before Sabine could stop her the girl raced out into the sunshine, blinking at the brightness, "oh boy am I glad to hear you..!! I'm..." She stopped abruptly, partly because none of the girls was paying any her attention, but mostly because of what they were looking at. The house that Lucy and Kala had used, or what was left of it...

"What the hell happened..?? Helen was asking, her love of all growing things at odds with her concern for her friends, "even those two couldn't have wreaked it with their fucking.."

"Well it's sure fucked now," added Anja, a slightly wistful expression on her face, for she still remembered Lucy's kiss...

"So where are they.?" Monika demanded.

"Right here," Lucy replied from behind them as she joined the girls to inspect the devastation in daylight, "and it really wasn't my fault, not exactly," Lucy pointed at Kala who was still in the doorway of the girl's house, blinking her eyes to adjust to the bright sunshine. "It was her."

Helen marched across to Kala, "that was a perfectly good house, a good healthy, not to mention painstakingly built house formed from living bushes... And you've wreaked it..!!"

Kala glanced at the remains of the house, then pointed at Lucy, "blame her, she started it..!!"

"Dragons..!!" Helen huffed, it's going to take ages to fix all that, and months for it to grow back even a little." Helen huffed again, "it's worse than at Uni... At least there it was only house plants, now it's entire houses..!!"

Her mood was not helped by the others who started giggling at her words. "I don't suppose a coffee would help..??" Lucy offered in her best innocent voice.

"Coffee..!!" The girls chorused, "you've got coffee..?" All of a sudden Lucy was surrounded by a horde of pseudo-beggers, arms outstretched as they pleaded for coffee whilst trying to keep straight faces.

"Monika, any chance of some boiling water from the kitchen?" Lucy asked politely.

"For coffee you can have anything you want," Monika grinned. "Anything..."

Lucy looked at Eva, "can I borrow Katja for a while?" Eva nodded, whispered to her slave, who smiled and followed Monika and Lucy towards the kitchens.

"So what did happen?" Eva asked, looking at Kala suspiciously.

"She tickled me."


"And I'm ticklish."


"And my Dragon is bigger than the house..." Kala grinned, "it was an accident."

From somewhere inside the ruins Helen huffed loudly, "..... fucking Dragons"

"I'm still dreaming, right? This is too weird..."

Fran smiled at the girl, "no, it's no dream, though it is sometimes a madhouse," she giggled, "or mad ruin... I'm Francesca, but everyone calls me Fran, and you are?"

"I'm... I'm confused, but people call me Julia..." The girl looked around slowly, "it wasn't drugs, was it? I wasn't hallucinating.. Where are we?"

Fran took Julia's hand, "come on, I'll show you around and try to explain, ok?"

Julia nodded, a little shy, "yes please, can we see the Dragons? They..." She blushed, "they're.. umm... sexy"

"Yes, they are," agreed Fran, giggling, "very."

Lucy, Monika and Katja returned all carrying trays of gourds, Katja going directly to her Mistress, whilst the other two distributed coffee to every one, the smell even brought Helen out from the ruins. For a while peace settled over the secret valley, the aroma of rich fresh brewed coffee filled the air, the only sound the quiet sipping and soft sighs of contentment.

Eva had chosen to sit with Lucy and Kala, the ever attentive Katja at her feet. When they had almost finished their coffee she spoke, hesitating a little. "Lucy? I... Well... I need you to cum..."

"Sure, come where.?"

"No, cum."

"Ok, sure, but where...?"

Eva sighed, "no, not come with me, cum, orgasm, cum."


"Yes, please."

"Can I finish my coffee first?"

Eva giggled, "I don't know, can you?"

Lucy reached out to swat her friend, "ok smartass, now tell me why, why do you need me to cum?"

"Well... Actually I need your cum, but I need your Dragon to cum..."

"Oh.. Fuck... Why..?"

"Because, well, just because, ok? It's bad enough that I have to ask, I'm not going to tell you until it works."

"Until what works?"

"Not telling."

Lucy looked at Eva, nodded as if to herself, then turned to face Kala, her body language changing as she did so, assuming the sexiest pose she could manage, with fluttering eyelids and a husky voice... "Take me lover, take me now."

Kala smiled, "anytime, anyplace, but are you sure you're ready for Dragon sex?"

For a moment Lucy froze, concentrating, slowly her tongue slid out of her mouth, further and further, the tip lifting as if searching before it stopped, aimed at Kala, then curled in an unmistakable invitation. With a blur her tongue retracted, "oh yes lover, I'm ready..."

Kala reached out and grabbed Lucy's hand, "we'll be back...."

"Wait..!! Eva tried to stop them, "I need some, you need a gourd, or something..."

She was too late, the two lovers were already running across the warm soft grass, at first side by side, but then they moved apart and then, so fast neither really needed to close their eyes, they were Dragons, white and golden, lifting into the air, racing away out of sight.

"Fuck..!!" Exclaimed Eva.

"Yes please, my Mistress..." Katja spoke softly, but not softly enough. Eva grabbed her slave by the hair and pulled her towards the girls house, keeping her off-balance all the way to the nearest pile of soft furs, where Eva vented her frustration and Katja learned the true meaning of ravishment.

Fran was still giggling and showing Julia around, Helen was huffing to herself amidst the ruined house assisted by Anja, Monika and Suze had returned to the kitchens,

Sabine turned to Maja, winking as she turned her gourd upside down, then nodded towards one of the other houses. Maja grinned, blushed and nodded. Together they crossed to the house, followed by Helen's words, "don't tickle her, just don't, ok?" Neither girl heard her words, but then neither was thinking of tickling...

Far down the valley the golden Dragon was feeling decidedly frustrated and more than a bit kinky. Kala had led the way to a spur of the mountain that stuck out into the valley, it's spine a series of jagged cliffs separated by deep clefts. It was into one of those clefts that Kala had guided the golden Dragon.

"Ok, so why exactly are we here? I mean... I know why we are here, but why here...?" The two Dragons were in a slightly bowl shaped space, surrounded by cliffs on three sides, the forth a mass of boulders which blocked their view of the valley.

"Because my love, I don't want you falling out of bed... Or setting the valley on fire...!!" Kala grinned, her purple eyes alight with smouldering passion.


"You'll see, now sexy, lets see just how gifted that tongue of yours is..." With that the white Dragon moved in on the golden one. Kissing when both mouths are full of razor sharp fangs is suicidal, in fact there is little love in Dragon lovemaking, which is not to say it lacks passion, just that the expression of lust is more ferocious and lacks the subtlety of human lovemaking.

Though unequal in size, the two Dragons shared a common desire, as they released their passion upon one another their Dragons met and melded with a roughness that Lucy and Kala would never contemplate. Wrestling in what can best be described as a sixty-nine position, mouths gaping, razor sharp fangs glinting in the sun as two tongues sought to impale, driving deep, curling and twisting as they fought to drive each other crazy.

The most sensuous part of their fucking was the mind-sharing. At first the golden Dragon had resisted, then as her white Dragon lover persisted she opened her mind and discovered that not only could she share how every movement the white Dragon made felt to her, she could even feel how the white Dragon felt as she used her tongue to inflame her lovers passion. "Oh fuck...!!" The golden Dragon let go of her mind and plunged into the rushing torrent of emotions, "oh yes, yes... Yes...!!"

Later Lucy struggled to put her feelings into words, failing utterly, how could anyone understand how the rough physical fucking was nothing compared to the sensuousness of mind-sharing? How do you explain what it feels like to mind-share a mutual orgasm? No need to imagine how your lover feels, not when you can feel it as she feels it, and share your every thought and sense with your lover. Both Dragons shrieked as they came, the golden Dragon unaware she was breathing fire, releasing her lust in jets of fiery flames, tail lashing, long sharp claws raking the rocks and her lovers body. Just as the white Dragon writhed and flamed and shrieked, her own tail lashing as her long sharp claws bit into the rock and gripped her lovers body.

Back in the village the blasts of fire were clearly visible. Unaware of Dragon lovemaking Eva turned to Katja, "a volcano.?"

"Orgasm," replied her slave, grinning.

Both lay still, breathing heavily, the larger golden Dragon crouched protectively over her lovers body, acting instinctively, whilst the white Dragon lay passive, exhausted. For long minutes neither moved, then the white Dragon stretched her neck, tilting her head back, exposing her throat. Without thinking the golden Dragon opened she mouth wide, razor sharp fangs closing, the tips barely touching her lovers throat. Both had acted instinctively, yet both knew that their love was different and so as the golden Dragon opened her mouth wider and raised up her head she then lowered it, twisting to expose her own throat which the white Dragon took between her jaws, razor sharp fangs resting on the tender skin.

Unable to kiss they shared a look as they shared their minds, opening up to each other, utterly.

The white Dragon finally broke eye contact and took to the air, climbing up high before swooping up the valley, heading to where Eva awaited their return.

Pursued by the huge golden Dragon, the white Dragon glided down to land as close as possible to Eva, changing as she landed Kala ran to where Eva stood, moving past her to grab one of the empty gourds which had held coffee, lifting it to her lips she opened her mouth, tilted her head down, then grinned and handed the gourd to Eva. Only just in time for Lucy too had changed as she landed and run headlong at Kala, tackling her with a powerful embrace as she kissed her lover urgently, tasting something different, yet kissing deeper none the less, eyes still burning with passion as she questioned her lovers mind, "what's that taste?"

"You my love, your Dragon cum, after all, that was the point, wasn't it?"

"Fuck the point...! Fuck me, please... I want to try that mind-sharing thing again, but as us, not as our Dragons..." Kala didn't need to answer, she was already hugging Lucy as both ran, still kissing, towards the nearest house, "No time, here...!! Now...!!" They fell to the warm soft grass, already in each others arms, still kissing deeply, ever deeper in love, now lost in lust as they ravished each other right there in the open.

For a moment Eva watched them, spellbound by the depth of their love and the wild passion both shared, the feel of her own lust trickling down the inside of her thigh provoked her to act, taking her now panting slave's hand she turned away, heading back down the valley to the Haxlz cave and her own home... And bed. Despite her arousal Katja still gripped the two gourds tightly, intent on serving her Mistress, grinning happily because she recognised the look in her Mistress's eyes, and knew exactly what was going to happen as soon as they reached their home and the closest pile of soft furs...

Just as Katja had hoped, Eva barely gave her time to safely put aside the gourds before forcing her down onto the soft furs, straddling her face. Eva was not looking for passion, her need was too urgent, for the first time in her life Eva fucked without thought for her partners feelings or pleasure, she rode her slave's face with an urgency made more intense by the simple knowledge that she could, that Katja was hers to use as she pleased. In her turn Katja fought to please her Mistress, giving herself over to pleasure her Mistress, expecting nothing in return, for she sensed Eva's need and knew that later it would be different.

Eva screamed out her release, paused for a moment to regain her composure, then stood up, taking as little notice of Katja as she would of a chair she had sat upon. "Quickly girl, boiling water, clean gourds, go..!!" Katja went, grinning. Returning with a gourd of boiling water which she placed before her Mistress, she didn't have time to kneel before being sent on another errand, "Go fetch Suze, bring her here to me."

"This one will obey, my Mistress." Katja darted out of the house and ran off up the valley, arriving at the kitchens she found Monika and Suze tasting their latest creation. Panting and sweating she simply grabbed Suze's arm and pulled her, an action that Suze had become used to, given her inability to understand the girl, any of the girls, all of whom were invariably polite, even though they seldom tried to communicate by the pantomime of gesticulations and pointing. Sighing, Suze followed Katja, her natural curiosity aroused by the obvious urgency which Katja displayed.

Their arrival at Eva's house proved an anti-climax for Suze, for Eva simply nodded to Suze before continuing her preparations, ignoring both girls who knelt, still panting from their run.

Eva had settled herself, focusing on what she had learned from the quartz library, then whilst Katja ran to fetch Suze she began to work, pouring carefully, swilling the mixtures around inside the gourds, carefully following the recipe she had discovered. Satisfied, it remain only to test, "go fetch one of the Haxlzan," Katja sprang to her feet, hurrying out to fetch one of the girls who lived to serve her Mistress.

Katja returned with a girl Eva had noticed before, the girl approached confidently, knelt respectfully, but didn't lower her eyes or bow her head, just knelt and awaited the Haxlz's command. Eva smiled, "drink this."

The girl didn't hesitate, which surprised Eva slightly, holding the gourd to her lips the girl drank, neither sipping nor gulping, draining the gourd before lowering it.

Eva turned to Suze, "your turn." Suze eyed the gourd suspiciously, sniffed at it, the looked at Eva. "Just drink, it won't harm you." Suze tilted the gourd and sipped, then sipped again, then she drank, draining the gourd, holding it upside down as if to prove a point.

"Now what?" Her simple question confirmed Eva's own, for the girl before her gasped aloud in shock and surprise.

"I understood her..!! How can this be..??"

Likewise Suze now gasped, "me too..!!" She looked at Eva with awe, "you're a fucking genius..!!"

"You'd have to ask Katja that," grinned Eva, "she of all people is most qualified to judge the skill with which I fuck..."

Suze giggled, the girl simple stared, awed and confused. "Please Mistress, why me? What have I done to deserve this?"

Eva turned to the girl, "nothing, you have done nothing, I simply needed to test this concoction."

"But Mistress, how will I talk with the others?"

Eva frowned, then smiled, "you misunderstand, the drink does not change you, it simply allows you to understand the Schtrandgzete, and they you."

The girl smiled, her relief obvious. "You may go," Eva smiled, "and thank you."

Suze had listened, eyes wide, her mouth open, realisation boiling inside, at least until Katja giggled and lifted a finger to Suze's chin, pressing up to close the awestruck girl's mouth. Now Suze bubbled over, "at last, you have no idea how frustrating it is to not understand anything anyone says to you, the endless attempts to gesticulate, trying to communicate even the simplest of things."

Katja glanced at her Mistress before speaking, "that is why the Franxling keep to themselves, it's not that they don't want to communicate, it's just that after a while the futility makes it easier to keep to themselves and avoid the endlessly pointless gesturing."

"I know, it drove me mad, I began to think I was dumb, I mean even after all this time I don't know what a single word of their language means."

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