tagFetishLegends of the Fel Ch. 02

Legends of the Fel Ch. 02


Chapter Two - On the Road to Fel Jardine

The rest of the day passed in misery for Sharn. Pressed up in the front of the saddle with her tall warrior guardian behind her, she felt cold, cramped and in a dull state of shock at the loss of her family and friends. The fact that the warrior woman's armoured steel nipples constantly bit into the flesh of her bare back was not helping matters. She was too numb now to even cry. The only warmth apart from the feeble rays of the autumn sun was coming from the pubic patch of her guardian's pussy, pressed up tight against Sharn"s bare bum cheeks. She nearly cried out loud when the woman without warning, suddenly started to urinate. A hot wet stream of piss squirted out of the woman's cunt lips and sprayed over Sharn"s bare skin, running between into the groove between her buttocks, past her bum hole to her waiting pussy which immediately became drenched in the other woman's pee. Sharn couldn't help herself and within seconds she was taking a piss of her own; her pussy lips parting to allow her young pussy hole to squirt out a similar flow of hot yellow, gushing out onto the leather saddle. Still being blindfolded she had no idea if any body could witness her shame, let alone if the woman behind her who was still pissing over her bum had noticed the second stream of yellow pee being done over the horse's back. The force of the pee stream squirting over her bare buttocks slowly began to diminish as the Amazon warrior finished her leak. Sharn desperately forced closed her own pee flaps shut even though she was still bursting to go.

They had now been on the road for hours now, the mounted troop moving in silence except for the sounds of horse hooves on the earth below. Miserably Sharn wondered if the infantry were walking behind them or were they still back at her village finishing off their slaughter. Suddenly a cry in a foreign tongue came from up a head. Sharn tilted her head trying to recognise the voice. Was this the same red headed warrior who had first peed over her earlier in the day? Sharn recalled the cold beauty of the woman. Her fiery red headed mane of hair, falling past creamy white skin, intense brown eyes and most of all, the patch of bare flesh at the woman's waist, her beautifully shaved pussy lips with her clit protruding at the top.

The horse she was mounted upon came to an abrupt halt and Sharn would have fallen from her mount had the woman behind her not caught her and roughly pulled her back. Moments later a second strong pair of hands grabbed her from below and hoisted Sharn from her perch and lowered her to the ground. A fumbling at the back of her head signalled the release of her blindfold. Blinking in the light Sharn took in her surroundings. They had come to stop in a leafy glade, sunlight streaming in through the green canopy above. Birds sang their song in the afternoon breeze and off to the right came the gentle sound of running water. Around her the rest of the warrior women were dismounting. Their patches of pubic hair nestled between their exposed legs catching Sharn"s attention once again. She had not realized before but all of warrior women stood several hands height above her. Each woman was stunningly beautiful within her own right, although as a group they were a complete mixture of different skin tones, from creamy white to dark brown. Most warriors wore helmets obscuring their hair but when Sharn was not too busy taking in the sight of the various pussies on display, she noticed that each woman had a most piercing stare, as if their eyes were backlit from behind. She shivered and this time not from the chill of the day. A sharp push to her back brought her out of her trance and she staggered forwards. Strong hands grabbed her arms from behind and the rag that had been her blindfold was reused, this time to bind her hands. Once bound she was made to kneel down facing a tall oak tree her vision now one solely of mottled bark. It was then no surprise to suddenly feel a new hot stream of piss shooting into her hair as the woman who had led her here began to use her as a toilet.

The warm strong gushing stream of the woman's urine played through Sharn's rough brown hair and washed over her skin underneath. If nothing else the warmth of having piss run down her back was warming her up, although Sharn was feeling the now familiar feeling of humility and shame as she was used as a latrine. The spray of urine squirting over her hair and back soon started to diminish before stopping entirely. Sharn had thought the woman had finished but then came two last hard squirts of pee leaping from the woman's uncovered cunt and playing down over Sharn's back.

Sharn felt the woman move away and decided now was probably the best time for her to relive the rest of her own pent up piss. Parting her legs Sharn allowed the burning sensation in her bladder to race its way down to waiting pussy. Within seconds she was sending a spraying torrent of hot pee over the grassy ground between her legs. She was so absorbed with watching herself urinate over the earth, enjoying the sensation of relief whilst she emptied her bladder, that she did not notice the presence standing beside her until it was too late. Sharn"s head spun round as she suddenly realised that she was not alone. A young girl roughly the same age as Sharn, was intently watching her pee. Unlike the warriors this girl wore no armour and was dressed instead in dark brown leggings and matching tunic. The most obvious difference was that instead of being naked around the crotch, this girls pubic regions were hidden from sight whilst her large firm breasts were exposed, her tunic top being cut perfectly to expose her assets. Sharn stared at the girls breasts. She had never seen such a well endowed girl; her tits were fantastically large but yet perfectly portioned to the girls frame. Rose bud nipples capped the girl's breasts, fully erect and pointed proudly outwards. Suddenly Sharn realised that she was still relieving herself, her golden pussy shower squirting out of her parted vaginal lips. She started to blush, looking up to the girl's face to see her watching expression. She had bright blue eyes and a beautiful mane of long flowing blond hair. Unlike the warrior women around them her face held no expression of cruelty only one of profound interest as she watched Sharn"s golden stream flowing over the grass. Sharn saw no sense in stopping so she continued peeing, her urine shower flowing out of her muff until falling away as she completed her wee.

The girl spoke for the first time as Sharn's toilet came to an end.

"I can see why they chose you" she said in a soft gentle voice. Startled by the girl speaking in a language she understood, Sharn remained dumb. The girl was obviously not of local stock. Sharn had never seen such golden hair before and the girl's skin was too light in shade to herald from a village of the Telhirst.

"My name is Felquest" she continued giving Sharn a charming smile. "You have a lovely pussy".

Sharn was shocked. Village girls never gave complements on each other's pubic properties, but there again they never watched you while you peed, either.

"What is your name?" the girl asked not perturbed by Sharn"s continuing silence.

Sharn stole another quick look at the girl's ample bosom before replying in a whisper; "Sharn."

"Sharn! That is a pretty name". Again another smile and Sharn felt herself warming to this new stranger.

"Well Sharn I have been assigned as your guardian. Until a member of the Felkadakarin claims you as her own, I will be your tutor in the ways of our clan."

The last comment caught Sharn's attention. This girl was one of them! She started to speak, words blurting out before she could collect her thoughts. There was so much she needed to know. Why had all this happened? Why had she been spared when the rest of her village had been butchered? What was going to happen to here? Who were they women and why did they expose their vaginas for all to see?

"Quiet!" urged Felquest. "All in good time. Now it is important that you remain quiet and do not draw attention to us. Here let me free your hands".

The blond girl moved out of sight behind Sharn and she felt gentle fingers freeing her bonds. As her hands became free Sharn brought them round to her front and started to massage the blood back into them. A soft touch on her shoulder caused her to look up and see Felquest waiting for here, her large breasts once again drawing Sharn's attention. Her own, much smaller breasts felt meagre in comparison. She felt a deep shame to be in the company of such a stunning beauty when her own nakedness was on display, her hair and back covered in splotches of piss where warrior women had urinated.

Managing to gain her feet Sharn followed Felquest through the light foliage down to the river she had heard earlier. On the embankment Felquest gave her one of her reassuring smiles and motioned for Sharn to enter the water, obviously meaning for Sharn to clean herself. She obliged plunging into the waist deep water, the shocking cold numbing her senses. Felquest giggled at Sharn's obvious distress.

"Hurry" she urged. "We don't have too much time".

Sharn tried to oblige. The water was freezing. Nevertheless she started to wash, desperately scrubbing her back and mangles brown hair to remove all traces of the urine that had done over them. Noises from upstream caused Sharn to look up. Just around a slight bend in the stream she could clearly see the forms of a small group of the Amazon warriors. The women were in the process of disrobing, steel armour and pieces of leather clothing falling to the grassy bank. As the women became nude Sharn gasped at their regal beauty. Long muscular legs rose to perfectly formed buttocks, strong backs, and ample breasts. There was a variety of hair colours on display, brown, blond and raven black but no sign of the fiery red of their leader. Sharn had no idea why she yearned to see that woman again. Maybe it was because she had been the first to pee all over her or maybe because of her shaved pussy which had so entranced Sharn when she had first seen it.

A dark skinned woman had started to pee, still stood on the bank. The woman's shower of golden piss cascaded down to the ground below in a strong flowing stream. As Sharn watched on, another woman took the opportunity to take a piss. From behind, a thick golden stream of flowing urine suddenly appeared under the groove of her peach like bum cheeks, falling between the space in her legs and down to the earth below. Did all these women pee standing up? Sharn wondered. If nothing else it was a relief to see them peeing in the open without them coming looking for her to use as a receptacle for their toilet.

"Sharn. Quickly they must not see you whilst they are urinating. They would kill you for sure".

Sharn took her eyes from the sight of the two pissing beauties upstream.

"Come back up here before you are seen." Felquest urged desperately.

Wondering why it was so important that she was not caught witnessing the sight of these women peeing, Sharn scrambled back up onto the bank, panting with both the effort and the receding chill as she exited the waters cold embrace. Felquest pushed her into a crouch with gentle but yet firm hands, and motioned for her to follow her to the nearby bushes. Peering through the foliage Sharn was able once again to spy on the Amazons. The first woman had finished her leak and had joined her companions in the river but the brown woman was still pissing strongly over the ground at her feet. The woman was still stood with her back to the watching girls seemed to oblivious to the fact that onlookers were intently watching her as she relieved herself. At the base of her bum still came the thick golden stream as the woman pissed strongly out of her cunt. The stream of piss falling between her legs was still strong, a thick flowing torrent of hot urine streaming down to the earth. As the seconds passed the stream of piss leaving the woman's crotch began to diminish until it vanished from sight. Having finished her relief the brown warrior woman dropped off the side of the river bank and into the river water. Sharn caught a quick look of the woman's large breasts as she plunged into the river. She realized now that she actually getting quite horny, the sight of such much naked flesh exciting her in spite of all that had occurred.

She stole another good look at Felquest's exposed tits and wondered what this girl's pussy would taste like if she had the opportunity to place her tongue between her lower lips. Felquest was still peering through the bushes and seemed obviously to Sharn's wandering gaze which was now centred on her crotch. The idea of licking this blond girl's pussy was now firmly lodged in Sharn's mind along with the thought of playing her moist tongue over those incredible breasts. Suddenly she became aware of Felquest's gaze and quickly met it, her face blushing with embarrassment.

"Oh Sharn, you have so much to learn" she sighed. "However I too need to go so try and control your urges for now whilst I pee. I have no desire to hurt you but I will should you try and touch my body whilst I am disrobed. With that she stood up and reached down to the cord around her waist. Undoing it, she quickly slid her leggings down her bare legs exposing in the process the triangular shaped mass of blond pubic hairs nestled between her thighs. Felquest then squatted down over the ground she spread her legs wide giving Sharn a perfect view at her pussy lips and the little clit poking out at the top. Within seconds Felquest began to pee. Her pussy flaps parted and a thick stream of yellow wee came shooting out and formed a flowing golden arch which pattered over the grass stems below. Sharn bit her lip to help her stay her hand from entering into Felquest's flowing piss stream. The flowing honey coloured shower of urine looked so beautiful, as it flowed out of the blond girl's vagina, her pussy lips parted to allow her open pee hole to shoot forth her urine into the outside world. The pee stream played over the ground dancing between grass steams and the brown soil, making a gentle pattering sound as it fell. Felquest's pussy look every bit as good as Sharn had imagined, the slit between her legs a perfect receptacle for her tongue. Felquest also had an exquisite bum with large firm cheeks which she so would love to hold in her hands whilst she buried her head in the blond girl's pussy.

The slow diminish of Felquest's piss shower over the earth brought Sharn out of her fantasy. At last her pussy lips closed sealing off her wee and she stood to dress whilst Sharn watched with great disappointment as her pussy vanished from sight under her leggings.

"Now you have seen me pee as well" Felquest said tying the cord around her waist. "This does not make us equals however and I expect you to follow my commands when I give them"

"And if I don't?" said Sharn defiantly.

"Then the warriors will kill you" sighed Felquest. "I wish for us to be friends. You have a lovely body and it would be a shame to see it split asunder by Fawn's rage"

Remembering she was still naked and in no position to offer resistance, Sharn meekly asked "Who is Fawn?"

"She is the leader of the party. The warrior with the blood red hair, but come, I have said too much for now. I must get you back and ready for the journey to Fel Jardine". She motioned a finger to her lips to signal silence and then motioned for Sharn to follow her back up the slight incline and into the clearing.

Sharn was surprised to find that a large cart had arrived during their time down by the river. Two large brown mares pulled the carriage which had steep wooden walls and mounted iron rails stretched in an arc, side to side. She felt her heart go heavy again. This was a prison transport. She followed Felquest around its side and obediently climbed up the short ladder at the back and into the cage. Felquest followed her in and motioned for her to sit down on the straw covered flooring. The blond girl then joined her sitting down opposite. With a lurch the cart started to move. Felquest said nothing seeming to be lost in a far away trance which seemed to involve staring intently at Sharn's naked body. She flinched under the scrutiny once again wishing she had been endowed with a larger breast to equal Felquest's exposed tits. A soft clink in the straw beside made her turn to discover an earth jar and jug beside her. Inside were clean water and a piece of fresh bread, along with a block of cheese. Grabbing them eagerly, Sharn set about filling her belly, glad of a distraction from Felquest's gaze.

The cart moved on, bumping from time to time over rocks on the dirt track. The wooden sides to the cart were too high for Sharn to see the outside world but she knew she was already too lost to know the way. In the distance a peel of thunder heralded the oncoming of an autumn storm. Sharn looked up at the darkening skies and shivered at the thought of the coming rain. As a huntress for her village she was a hardy girl, but she dreaded the cold lashings of the mountains rains upon her bare skin. She looked back to Felquest but the blond girl had now fallen asleep. All thoughts of sexual intercourse with this girl had now faded from her mind replaced by the more pressing concern to escape hyperthermia by the coming storm. Standing as best she could with the low ceiling of bars she made her way to the front of the cart scanning the thick straw covering for anything that may be of use as a cover. Her relief was palpable as at the far wall she discovered a large and somewhat dirty covering possibly intended at one time to wrap over the framework of bars overhead. Now too threadbare to cover the entire length of the prison transport it had been abandoned here instead. Lifting it up Sharn clambered in, pulling the course fabric around her bare skin. This was just in time as the first splotches of rain started to land on the straw floor. With moments the weather had turned completely and thick cold rain drops began to hammer down from the grey skies overhead.

Felquest woke with a start and looked around and then up with a startled expression. Seeing Sharn bundled in the cloth at the top end of the cart she scrambled up and quickly made her way to join her. Without a word she lifted up the edge of the cloth and entered beneath its relative safety sitting down next to the shivering form of Sharn. The girls sat without a word as the rain increased in its fury, hammering down on the wooden prison transport with a vengeance. The outside world had vanished from sight obscured by a wall of grey rain. The temperature had plummeted with the downpour and Sharn was shivering uncontrollably. Felquest must have noticed her distress as she moved closer to her and placed a warm arm around her shoulder drawing her closer. Sharn was all too grateful for the comfort and warmth Felquest offered and put her own arms around the other girl's chest drawing her as close as possible feeling the warmth emanating from her large exposed breasts. Sharn felt safe in this embrace, slowly starting to warm again. She was still shivering and Felquest was running a hand through her hair muttering soothing words as if to a small child.

Sharn stared at the rose bud nipple, hard and exposed only a small distance away from her waiting mouth. Slowly Sharn started to kiss Felquest's left breast enjoying the warmth coming from her skin. Felquest made no move to stop her so she continued edging closer and closer to the waiting nipple. Then it was inside her mouth, her tongue licking urgently around the hard protuberance. Her left hand moved up from around Felquest's waist and cupped her right breast, fingers tracing over the skin to caress the second nipple. Felquest let out a soft moan just audible above the pattering rain. The hand in Sharn's hair continued to play with her strands but this time with more urgency. Sharn continued to lick the nipple in her mouth, tasting its flavour with her tongue, tracing its shape over and over again. Her right hand was firmly squeezed around Felquest's right tit, squeezing, contracting and squeezing again her actions becoming more and more intense. With a start she realized that Felquest had moved her spare hand down to her waist and was now buried in the crotch of her leggings and Sharn realized that she busily playing with herself, her fingers plying in and out of her moist vagina.

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