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Legs Next Door


My love affair with my neighbor started the minute she moved in. I watched as she and her husband unloaded the back of their truck, drawn by the curiosity of new neighbors but remaining once I saw what a gorgeous woman would soon be sharing the street with me. That first day, she was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a baggy tank top, her dark hair piled up on top of her head and her eyes hidden behind big sunglasses. She saw me watching from the porch and waved, and I waved back. We introduced ourselves: She was Gwen, and I was Jon, the same name as her husband. He was an engineer of some sort and she was a stay-at-home mom to her kindergarten-age daughter. I welcomed them both to the neighborhood and headed back to my house.

Eventually, I got very good at sensing when Gwen was in the driveway. I would wander past the front door just in time to see her unloading the back of their little SUV of groceries and toting her daughter into the house. She tended to wear short shorts, which told me that she knew just how amazing her legs were. The first time she came over to my house for help, she needed a hand getting a dresser off the back of a truck and into the garage. I was treated to the sight of her bending over to pick up some trash, which was enough of a reward for me.

From my bedroom window, I could look out and see their front yard. Some mornings I would climb out of bed and push the curtain aside, my morning wood tenting my pajamas, and I would rub myself through the cotton as I watched the house and waited for her to make an appearance. More often than not, she stayed inside. But every now and then she would come out for the paper or to get something out of the truck. Those were the only times I ever saw her wearing full, ankle-length pants, but they were thin pajama pants under a robe, so it was just as appealing. A bonus to these early morning sightings was the fact she was barefoot, and I could see her cute little toes as she crossed the dewy lawn.

We continued to be friendly, waving to each other when we went to get the mail, until the day she came over and asked me to help her out. Her air conditioning wasn't working, her husband would be at work all night, and her daughter was going to be home from school in a few hours. I didn't know a lot about air conditioners, but it was the hottest summer on record for our state. We broke more than a few long-standing records, and it seemed like every day was setting a new high temperature for that day. I felt I had to do something to help.

I let her come into my house for a glass of ice water so she could cool off a little. Her relief was so great that I felt like a superhero as I looked online for some troubleshooting techniques that might work. She sat on the couch, basking in the cool air, and then looked toward the back of the house. "I don't want to be a pain, but would it be okay if I took a cold shower? I'd be really quick..."

"No, it's fine. In fact, I should have offered. Go ahead." I pointed her in the right direction and went back to trying to solve her problem. I figured maybe if I saved the day I would get a kiss on the cheek. I found a few things I wanted to try, so I went down the hall to ask permission to go across the street and try them out. The bathroom door was ajar, and I leaned inside.

Her shorts, tank top, and underwear were piled on the floor in front of the sink. The curtain wasn't pulled shut all the way, and I knew that if I tilted my head slightly I could see inside. 'No,' I thought to myself. 'Be a gentleman.' I backed away and went across the street without asking her if I could. I figured if she was naked in my house, the invitation was unspoken.

I let myself in through the side door and went straight for the thermostat. The air was stifling hot, feeling a lot hotter than the 88 on the AC display. I made sure it was off and then went through the master bedroom to the fuse box. I flipped the switch marked "AIR CONDITIONER" to off. I waited a moment and then flipped it back on. I went into the hall, turned the thermostat back on, and found the nearest vent. I put my hand up against it and smiled when I felt cool air blowing through.

My good deed done, I knew I should have gone back over to my house and told Gwen the good news. But I had refrained from peeping on her, I had saved the day... I wanted my reward. I went back into the bedroom, now moving like a thief in the night, and opened the hamper. I dug down near the bottom until I felt the familiar smooth texture of nylon. I pulled the pantyhose out and ran my fingers over the smooth material. I was shaking a bit. It had been a long time since I had gotten a fresh pair.

I balled them up and stuffed them into the pocket of my shorts. Then I left the house like I was being chased and crossed the street. The shower was off when I got back to my house and I went in search of Gwen. Her clothes were gone from the floor of the bathroom, and my bedroom door was cracked. She was standing at the foot of the bed, her back to me as she looked through my DVDs. Not the safe DVDs with Bruce Willis or Angelina Jolie on the cover. No, these were DVDs she'd had to dig for. She had one of my blue towels wrapped around her midsection and otherwise... she was naked.

The edge of the towel was just below her rear end. It was so cute and adorably round that I knew her husband called it a tushie when they were being romantic. It was quintessentially a tushie, I could tell that even draped by a towel. Her hair was up, and her shoulders were still wet from the shower. I could see the DVD she was holding and recognized the movie from the back of the box. After a moment, I said, "That one's not my favorite."

She jumped, I'm sure her feet left the ground but I wasn't looking at them at that moment. She spun and pressed the cases to her chest. Her breasts had always looked decent-size in shirts but now, with just a towel between me and them, they looked better than any supermodel's. She blushed deep red and looked down at the DVDs, knowing she couldn't come up with a decent lie to explain them. "I thought maybe you would have a robe or something I could put on so I wouldn't have to put on those sweaty clothes again. I am so sorry."

"Don't be."

"I invaded your privacy."

I coughed and decided I could ease her discomfort or shift it to me. I pulled the pantyhose from my pocket and displayed them to her. "I guess I couldn't resist the snooping urge, either."

Her eyes widened. First she looked angry, but then she realized she didn't have a leg to stand on. Her anger faded and she rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Looks like we're even, huh?"

"I guess so. Your air conditioner is fixed, by the way. It should take a few hours to get the house back down to tolerable levels, but after that it should be good."

She smiled. "Oh! Thank you so much. You're a life saver."

"If you, um... wanted to stay here until the house was cooler, that would be fine."

She rocked back on her heels and considered the offer. "Um," she said. She looked down at the DVDs. "I'm not sure... um..."

I stepped into the room. "You want to watch one of those?"

She met my eyes. "With you?"

"Or I could go in the other room." The very thought of her masturbating in my bed, to my porn, would be enough to get me off for months. That, plus the sight of her wrapped in my towel, would get me through to the new year. I tried not to look too anxious as she debated the offer. "If you wanted to just go home, I could loan you some of my clothes."

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a woman wearing my clothes.

"No." Her voice was so quiet I almost didn't think I'd heard it. Then she said it louder. "No." She held out the DVDs. "Okay, if this one isn't your favorite, then which one is? I want to watch that one."

I took the cases from her and went to the drawer that held my porn. "What are you into?"

"That's not what I want. I want to watch what you watch."

She was getting more confident, so I took out a Wicked DVD starring Kirsten Price. Gwen looked a lot like her, I realized, and I put the DVD into the player. I turned on the TV, picked up the remote, and held it out to her. "Enjoy."

"No, you're staying. A-aren't you? I want to watch with you."

My mouth was dry and I nodded. "Uh, sure." I stepped past her and closed the bedroom door. I went to the bed, and she sat down on the other side. We propped ourselves up against the headboard and she crossed her gorgeous legs at the ankles with the towel caving in between the thighs. Who needed porn at a moment like this? She was breathing heavy, and her breasts rose and fell with each inhale. She had her hands on her thighs, the fingers resting on the bare skin below the edge of the towel.

I picked up the remote and started the movie. "Do you care about the plot at all?"

"No." Her voice shook even on that short of a word. I fast-forwarded through the plotty, dialogue parts. I also skipped the first sex scene and the lesbian scene, because I wanted to see Kirsten with her suburban lookalike right next to me. I was already hard, my cock pressing against the crotch of my shorts hard enough that I knew Gwen could see, but I didn't want to be the first to make a move toward nudity.

We got to Kirsten's scene and I let the movie play. Kirsten and her male costar went from dinner to kissing passionately by the kitchen sink. He stripped her quickly, bending down to suck her tits. Gwen shifted on the bed. "Jon, my husband Jon, doesn't like having porn in the house. He says it's degrading." I looked at her and she licked her lips, her eyes locked on the TV. Obviously she didn't agree. On-screen Kirsten had gotten completely naked and was sitting on the kitchen counter while her costar licked and sucked her pussy. I had a hand on the bulge on my shorts, rubbing it while I waited for Gwen to make her move. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and reached for my zipper.

"Wait," she said suddenly, and I froze. "Wait until he takes his out."

I supposed I could do that. It wouldn't be long. I looked at Gwen's legs while I waited, reveling in the opportunity to finally see them up close and personal. Finally, Kirsten slid off the counter and whipped out her costar's cock. I was already unzipping when Gwen said, "Now." I pushed my shorts down and my cock fell against my thigh. I licked my palm, but Gwen got there first.

Her hand was small and cold, and I groaned as it closed around me. She began to pump it slowly, scooting closer so she wouldn't have to reach as far. I put my hand on her hip and slid down, and then I was stroking those magnificent thighs I had always admired from afar. My fingers were on the inside of her leg, pinned between her thighs, and I didn't even feel eager to move up. I was happy right where I was, stuck right there with her hand stroking my dick while we both watched Kirsten Price take a porn star's cock all the way into her mouth. When the movie transitioned to fucking, Gwen moaned and used her free hand to push my hand up between her legs.

She was wet, and my fingers slid easily over her labia and inside of her. She whimpered and released my cock, lapping at her fingers to make them good and wet before she gripped me again. I pressed back against the headboard, humping her hand while my fingers pushed her open. She was whimpering steadily now, both of us panting as I reached over with my free hand. I hooked a finger under the towel, waited a second for her to tell me not to, and tugged.

It fell like a magician's curtain, revealing her gorgeous body to me. She was still staring at the screen and she gasped in almost horror. I looked up to see the guy had come on Kirsten's ass, and the scene was over. I used my free hand for the remote, reluctantly, and fast-forwarded through the next scene. Kirsten didn't fuck again until the last scene of the movie, and I let it play from the beginning.

"Kiss me," Gwen said, and I kissed her while Kirsten and her new costar did the same on screen. Gwen's hand slid over my cock, rubbing the tip before sliding all the way down to the base. I had two fingers working her now, and she was trying desperately to fuck my hand. We were thrusting our hips against each other, but there was still an intolerable amount of space between us.

My cock was slick with her spit and my pre-come, her hand gliding over it like it was made for that job. She occasionally let go of me and cupped my balls, but then she would go right back to stroking. The tip of my cock felt impossibly tight, like the skin was about to pop and cover us both with all the come I had stored up. I wanted to come in her hand, but even more, I wanted to feel that sweet pussy wrapped around me. So I said what before I had only whispered into my pillow as I stroked my morning wood to tameness.

"I want to fuck you."

She looked scared, but she nodded quickly. I pulled away from her and she put her hand between her legs to take over for me. I was very aware that the hand that had just been stroking my cock was now pushing two fingers into her pussy, and I felt a little lightheaded. I finished stripping and kicked my clothes off the bed before I opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom. I put it on as Kirsten and her costar groaned and moaned and fucked in the background.

Gwen helped me roll the condom on and I climbed on top of her. I bent down and kissed her lips, not knowing if that was allowed, but she laced her fingers together on the back of my head and pulled me down deeper into the kiss. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I teased her pussy with my cock. We were both shaking by the time she reached down, tenderly wrapped her fingers around me, and guided me inside. I pushed her open and her muscles eased around me like a glove. I felt like my entire body was liquid except for my cock, which had turned to stone in velvet. She ran her hands up and down my back, scratching lightly as I filled her. We kept kissing, this time her tongue pushing into my mouth so I could suck it as I pushed into her body.

I held her hips to keep her steady but, once I was inside, I slid them down to her thighs. I had my hands on her thighs, those thighs I had spent so many minutes watching from behind curtains and through half-closed doors. The thighs I pictured while stroking my dick in the shower. I rubbed them, massaged them, felt the muscles tighten and relax under my touch. I tickled the skin at the back of her knees.

She let me do most of the work, which I didn't mind. There was no way I was going to lay passive when I finally had the chance to do what I'd been dreaming of. I fucked her. I grabbed a handful of her hair and I kissed her hard enough to bruise, probably, and she just moaned and twisted underneath me. Her hands roamed over my chest, which I wish was more muscular for her. I mean, if she was going to have an affair, she should at least have a George Clooney-type and not some husky dude from across the street. But she didn't seem to mind it. I heard our hips slapping together as she rose to meet me, her hips leaving the bed as they ground against mine.

I finally couldn't hold back anymore and I came, arching my back as I throbbed inside of her. She clung to me, arching up to meet me, both of us gasping and moaning as our hands roamed. I held her breasts, I stroked her tummy, and I ran my hands up and down those glorious thighs. When I had spilled my last drop, I pulled out. I slid down her body, kissing and licking and sucking at her nipples before I dragged my tongue down her belly. It trembled under my mouth, and I lifted her lower body and kissed her pussy.

I made love to her with my tongue, sucking her clit as she vibrated underneath me. I looked up at her and met her lust-heavy eyes. Her tits were like mountains from this vantage, her stomach a flat valley. And her face was the sun rising over it all, her lips wet and parted as I pushed my tongue between her lower lips. I thrust my tongue deep inside of her and curled it, and she cried out my name (or maybe her husband's, but I'll say it was mine). She came on my tongue, and I closed my eyes as I tasted her.

Afterward, I kissed her thighs. All over her thighs, down to her calves and then back up. I covered as much of her legs as I could with my lips, leaving behind shining trails with my tongue. She touched the top of my head, getting her breathing under control as I made love to her from hip to ankle. I had no idea if this was ever going to happen again, so I was going to remember how every inch of her tasted just in case.

Then I stretched out on top of her and we kissed. The movie had ended, and the TV was blank. The house was silent except for our breathing and the quiet moans she was still making low in her throat. I rolled over to the side, lying beside her like a fallen soldier. She rolled toward me and kissed my chest, sucking my nipple in a way that made me realize that was a huge turnon for me. She touched my soft dick and peeled off the condom.

"My husband has done that three times since our daughter was born."

"Poor man." She looked up at me. "How did he lose his sight? And his senses of taste and touch?"

She grinned and stroked my cock. "Naughty man." She cupped my balls. "Thank you. For everything."

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her hard. I knew she would have to go pick up her daughter soon, so I made my peace that she had to leave. I let her borrow one of my shirts and a pair of jeans, and damn right she looked good in them. I used my cameraphone to take a snapshot as she was getting dressed, my shirt bagging open to reveal her cleavage and the jeans unzipped.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to use this to masturbate later."

She blushed and continued dressing. I don't think her husband had even called her pretty since her daughter had been born. What a horrible, horrible shame. I made sure I called her gorgeous when she left, and she kissed me long and hard before she went across the street. She had her sweaty clothes (although they were dry by now) bundled in her arms. I watched her go and shut the door, leaning against the wall to try and catch my breath.

I saw her leave to get her daughter at school. She was wearing a peasant blouse and a sundress that hugged her thighs like a cloud wrapped around a tall building. When the sun shined right, I could see right through and get a silhouette of her lower body. Amazing how something like that still aroused me even after what I'd done and where I'd been. I smiled as I closed the door and went back to what I had been doing before I was so gloriously interrupted.

The next day, after the daughter had gone to school and the husband was off at whatever the fuck he did all day, I answered the doorbell to find Gwen standing on my porch wearing cargo shorts and a button-down shirt. She held up a laundry bag. "I brought back your clothes that I borrowed."

"Oh. Thanks." I took the bag. "How is the AC?"

"It's fine. Just fine." She clasped her hands behind her back, biting her lip as we stood there in silence. Finally, she smiled. "I was wondering... do you have time to watch another movie?"

I smiled and stepped aside to let her in. "I think I can find one we'll both enjoy."

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