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Legs Wide Open


"And now, I present to you, 'Legs Wide Open'!"

Xavier von Bono stepped aside with arms raised in the air, excitedly. Once he found a new spot, he dramatically gestured to his "creation." Suddenly, booming applause carried through the gallery. Xavier bowed slowly with his continued dramatic flair. He did love his praise.

"Ladies and gentleman, please, enjoy the rest of my exhibits." He moved to the front of his work, placing a hand on it, "And feel free to fiddle with any bits that excite you, yes no?" he chuckled and his audience joined in as they began to scatter.

He looked down at his creation with an adoring smile.

"Ahh, did I not tell you that you would be the star attraction, my little crumpet?" his hand ran down the smooth silver object, "Now, do your best to lie still. After tonight, you will have everything I promised." He removed his hand with a proud sigh, "I must do well to entertain my public. Remember, be a good little crumpet, yes."

Her eyes followed him as Xavier as he went off to mingle. What a precocious bastard, she thought with a hint of anger. More than a hint. How had she let him dupe her into this, she'd never know?

No, that wasn't true. She knew. Money had talked a whole lot of sense to Morgana when Xavier asked for her assistance on the project. Money and a little bit of fame on the side. Five grand and a mention by the renowned Xavier von Bono sounded like one Hell of a deal to her. Shit, she'd been broke for so long thanks to having to take an extra semester in school, how could she say no?

So, she said yes. Now here she was on her back, completely coated in silver paint that shined just like real metal, from the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair. Xavier chained her to a slab of mahogany with a ring around her neck connected to it. She couldn't move her arms. Much like her neck, they were clasped down to the wax wood with metal hoops. Two long projections shot out from the base between her knees, holding her legs open wide with the use of chains. Stirrup-like contraptions held her feet in place.

And, really, that wasn't the worst of it.

Xavier not only made "Legs Wide Open" the centerpiece of his show, but also his most interactive piece of work. Though Morgana was mostly immovable, the wooden base had little compartments holding various tools. No, not tools so much as toys. Smooth metal rods at least eight inches in length, one such rod had a huge, mushroom head. Some were made of glass. Some plastic. They varied in width and length. Just thinking about it made Morgana nervous.

Two young men walked up to the table. Both looked like young college boys. In fact, she was pretty sure that she'd seen them on campus. Morgana gave them the briefest of looks before they noticed. Luckily, neither did.

"Wow," the young blonde one said, "This thing looks completely real."

He moved around her with a fluid grace that no man should have. He was a slender thing and tall on top of that. From what Morgana could see, he was a pretty boy with a girlish face. She just got a "nice guy" vibe from him. Hopefully, that was true.

The other boy moved around the piece as well. His finger tapped his lip while observing the piece. Eventually, he stopped behind Morgana, overlooking her. She wanted to look up at him to get a better look at him, but with him so close, she couldn't manage it.

"I think that's because this thing IS real." He said softly

The blonde looked back at his companion, mouth gapping in mild horror.

"You must be joking." He half-laughed

The companion moved closer to his friend while running his fingers through his shoulder-length dark hair. Morgana couldn't help admiring the second man. He was equally as lanky as the blonde, but with his tight shirt, she could tell how well defined his body was. He didn't move with a fluid grace as the other had, nor did he have that nearly girlish look. That one seemed more like an artist in his own right.

"Jim," the dark-haired one said after a few moments, "That's a person."

The blonde laughed again. Morgana took the opportunity to blink now that the two weren't paying attention.

"Well, Vince, I think you're wrong." Jim shook his head, "You've gotta be wrong."

Vince shrugged, then knelt down before Morgana to take a closer look. Taking Vince's cue, Jim joined him, but closer to Morgana's face. The other lingered near her thighs.

"This is von Bono we're talking about," Vince's voice sounded in his apparent low timbre, "he does weird shit like this all the time."

Jim responded with a "hm" sound as he leaned closer to her. Morgana could smell the peppermint of his breath along with another scent. What was that? Like the scent of the sea, with a hint of musk? Whatever it was, it smelled incredible.

His hot breath blew on her face as he continued to lean in. It was a struggle not to blink or to breathe heavily. Inwardly, she prayed that she still seemed like a believable statue. Otherwise, Xavier would be pissed. Then again, Vince was already suspicious.

"She's really beautiful." Jim said, quietly

Morgana was suddenly glad for the silver coating. The flush she felt rising on her cheeks was furious.

"She looks like a chick at school." Vince said as his hands slid down her leg, "Heh, warm to the touch. Definitely a person."

Jim pulled back from her face, but not before she heard a swallow from his throat. He hung back with an astonished look in his eye. Obviously, he didn't want to believe it.

"Go on, touch her." Vince said as he stood up, crossing his arms

Jim smirked at his friend, then rested his hand on Morgana's chest. His hands were surprisingly cold. Inside, she yelped as he touched her and thanked her luck that the room was already cold keeping her nipples perky already without having had his touch do so. Outwardly, she tried to keep from blinking and to hold her breath. However, his hand would not be moved, at least not yet. He held it there a moment too long. Morgana had no choice but to breathe. Jim pulled his hand back quickly.

"Holy shit." was all he could say.

Footsteps approached. Jim and Vince turned to look, while Morgana darted her eyes quickly to see who was joining them.

"I see you two are enjoying one of my finer masterpieces." Xavier said with a lazy sort of drawl, as he patted the hand of an aristocratic appearing woman

Vince shrugged at him. "If you can call it that."

Xavier gasped, scandalized. The woman waved her hand at the young man with a chuckle.

"Don't mind him, Xavier." She let go of the artist's hand, then sat on the wood slab, next to Morgana's head, "My, my, you've certainly out done yourself. You are ahead of your time." She said as she stroked Morgana's arm.

Despite herself, Morgana felt a tremble run along her arm. All this attention was getting to her, especially now that the Jim fellow was eyeing every part of her form. He seemed fascinated, but on edge now that he knew the truth.

The rich woman's hand continued moving along her skin. Underneath the silver paint, she felt goose bumps rising under her touch. How did her hands get so soft? It rivaled silk. And she was so gentle.

"Thank you, madam. I pride myself on this piece. It's magnificent, yes?" Xavier said with an almost snooty tone

"Oh, yes." The woman purred as her hands cupped Morgana's breast, giving it a squeeze, "Very nice. So luxurious."

Vince scoffed. The woman turned to him with a raised brow.

"What is your problem, young man? Do you not appreciate fine art?"

Vince was not the one to answer. Instead, Jim spoke up.

"This is a real person, not art."

The woman laughed at Jim.

"I know." She smiled lewdly to Jim as she continued to squeeze Morgana's breast. The soft mound complied to each movement of the fingers. "I'm a connoisseur of our Xavier's works."

The woman's attention turned back to the girl tied down to the slab. She let out a wistful sigh.

"I'd give anything to have firm breasts like this again." She said while giving the breast a firm grab–one that would have left marks if Morgana's skin hadn't been painted, "Firm enough to bounce right, but soft."

Xavier tsked the two onlookers. "It is a shame that you two aren't playing like you should be." He bent down and picked up one of the many tools waiting to be used, "Now, the beauty of 'Legs Wide Open' is in these little beauties. Also my creations, by the way, hmm, yes."

He moved so that he was between Morgana's legs. Xavier moved the steel rod along her calf, down to her inner thigh. The last fifteen members of the gala stared at the smaller group with curiosity.

"My little crumpet cannot move or make a sound. She is entirely at your mercy. If you get her to do either, well, all that I promise her would be lost."

The cold metal focused her attention on Xavier. The long pole was slick and smooth as it slid across her leg. Morgana knew what could possibly happen with the tools that Xavier made. Where they would go, how they could be used. But she never expected that it would happen. She figured that Xavier's group would be more sophisticated than that. Public fucking just didn't seem like it would be their thing.

The larger crowd finally gathered around "Legs Wide Open" with whet interest for the piece. Morgana had a feeling that the real show was about to start, and her spread legs was the main attraction.

"That's right, my little ones, gather round, gather round. Discover the beauty of 'Legs Wide Open.'" There were ohs and ahs all around, which increased when he pushed the rod into Vince's hand, "Go on. Have fun."

Vince looked down at the rod, then to his friend. Jim looked as confused as he did, however, Vince recovered quickly. He wasn't one to turn down a good time. Other people apparently weren't either. Hands traveled all along Morgana's body. Some cool and rough, some warm and smooth. The mixture of signals forced more goose bumps on her skin.

"Her skin is so smooth. I can't believe you used a real person, Xavier." One older gentleman crooned

"You're truly a master, X." a woman giggled.

Xavier beamed at the praise. Morgana's insides tensed at all the attention her body was receiving.

"Well, come on, kid, use it on her." The older gentleman grinned as he rubbed his hands together briskly and eagerly.

"Haven't you people ever heard of foreplay?" the buxom redheaded aristocrat asked, "Tsk, you know that little pussy isn't ready for that yet."

The redhead moved between Morgana's open legs. With a smile, she rubbed her hands up and down the insides of Morgana's legs. The touch was expertly done. Under normal circumstance, that kind of touch would have been rewarded with a low moan. Now she could do nothing.

"She smells good. Doesn't she boys?" the redhead asked the younger men in the room, "Maybe you can't smell it quite yet." The woman crawled between the stirrups, allowing her short black skirt to ride up enough to display a black thong, "Let's see what we have here."

Suddenly, Morgana's pussy lips parted allowing cold air to hit her thanks to one hand. That cold air helped her clit tighten that much more . . . along with the embarrassment of being on display.

"See, she's all dry." The woman pouted.

"I bet you can fix that, can't you, Lane?" Xavier chuckled

Lane nodded her head slowly as she placed her index finger in her mouth. When she pulled it out, the digit was drenched in saliva. Licking her dark red lips, Lane coated the pink flesh on display. The quivering jolt of Morgana's box could be viewed by all.

"Oh, haha, did you see that?" she looked up at the old man with wagging brows, "Chester? I know you like that."

Chester laughed, "I sure did." He patted Xavier, "You got a nice, horny little slut this time, didn't you?"

Everyone in the room but the still shocked Jim laughed at that. No one laughed with humor. They were laughs of those that truly enjoyed the human form and all it had to offer. A lewd little laugh that said much more than any words could.

Lane wetted her lips again, then pressed them onto Morgana's inner thigh lavishly. When she pulled back, a large red mark sat out against the silver.

"Ooh, that color definitely looks good on you, dear." Lane said then licked a line from the lipstick mark to the still spread pussy.

The redhead smiled once her mouth hovered over Morgana's center. It took everything in Morgana not to make a sound of excitement or desire. She simply found a spot on the ceiling to focus on as she had before. Hopefully, no one noticed her eye twitch when Lane's hot tongue darted around the hardening pink nugget usually buried in flesh.

Damn, that woman must have done this countless times. Morgana had her fair share of lovers in her time, so she was no stranger to oral pleasuring. But Lane . . . Morgana had to bite the inside of her lip to keep from moaning out. This was the work of an artist in her own right. The tongue danced around the tip of the clit with the tip of tongue, barely applying any pressure, but it was more than enough for the sensitive bit of meat. Morgana's abdomen tightened to the point in nearly hurt.

Chester grunted, "Give an old man a taste of that."

Chester moved to one of Morgana's sides so he could taste the girl, grunting as he met the floor. His head pressed against Lane's, shoving her back a little. His tongue grazed back and forth at the hood of the clit and just a little beyond, while Lane took up the underside.

"Holy shit . . . " Vince gasped at the sheer hotness of the scene. Jim nodded in agreement

Morgana could feel that delicious tension before cumming. She felt tight and wet and ready to explode. Hell, it hurt to not scream out about it. They were so close to bringing her and wanted to tell them. The sensation scorched every part of Morgana's body.

Right as that climax prepared to push her over, both Lane and Chester pulled up, but not before she felt saliva slithering down her slit. It chilled her heat suddenly as the liquid slunk down the crack of her ass. Lane raised a brow at Vince as she crawled from Morgana's opened legs.

"Now," she said with a sexual purr, "She's ready for that. Go on, hunny, she can't say no."

Vince couldn't argue, since it was true. Morgana was a work of art, and she was playing the role well. No normal person could have withstood that without a moan, so she must have been really into the whole idea.

He took Lane's place between her legs. Damn, the woman was right. That pussy did smell good, especially now that it was all worked up. He rubbed the cold rod up and down Morgana's glistening slit, and watched it tense involuntarily because of it. That was hot.

The rod was too big for Morgana's hole, but that didn't stop Vince from shoving it in. He didn't care about the tension it met. He just shoved as much in as he could, grunting with a sort of satisfaction as he did. There it sat for a few moments, partially swallowed up in a willing snatch.

He moved his face closer, giving the one of the outer lips a nice licking. Eventually, he took that fold of skin into his mouth to suck. The woman was perfectly smooth . . . not even a hint of stubble, just like he liked it. His hand began moving the rod in and out in long, slow movements while he continued to suckle.

Each slip out of the rod produced a delightfully wet sound. Each slip in made a squish. The sound and smell of it made Vince's cock rock hard while he played. He wished he'd gone for the softer pants instead of the pair that hugged him, showing off everything he had to offer generously.

Normally, Morgana would have been bucking wildly. The pleasure surged through every inch of her. Her muscles around the sleek rod jumped and tightened like tiny orgasms around that huge thing. It stretched her until she couldn't stretch anymore, making the space an endless tunnel that the electricity of sex shocked the walls of. That feeling was maddening. God she wanted to cum, but at the same time, she didn't know if she could contain herself if she did.

"Come on, sport." Lane said to Jim, maneuvering him closer to Morgana at the breasts, "You should play, too." She forced him on his knees, "Look at those tits. They're begging for attention."

Hesitantly, Jim reached out and took on of those perfect orbs into his hand. His hands were so gentle, sliding along Morgana's skin as though treasuring it. Maybe he was. Whatever he was doing, along with Vince's rod play, it was perfect.

Jim's hand moved down her breast to her stomach. She wasn't chiseled like far too many girls were at school. No, she had a little meat and roundness to her tummy. He liked that. She was so . . . real. His mouth replaced his hands, taking a hard nipple between his teeth, while his tongue wiggled against it. Meanwhile, his hand continued to slip down until it met the mound before the split of lips. Jim's fingers dipped in just enough to tease the clit.

That sent Morgana over the edge. Her inside contracted wildly around the rod, while she bit her cheek hard enough to fill her mouth with blood. Still, she didn't call out. The most she did was release a quick breath of air.

Vince felt the rod trembling in his hand, wobbling up and down against his palm. His mouth fell from the pussy with a smile.

"You must have came hard if I can feel it like that." He said, eyes hazing from arousal.

"Let us see." Lane pouted.

Vince pulled the rod out as he moved away enough to expose Morgana to the others. He used his fingers to separate her lips. Jim's finger still played with the nub.

Chester cleared his throat, "Slow down with those fingers, blondie." Jim slowed his strokes to barely movements, "That's the ticket. Tease it."

Morgana's pussy clenched and relaxed. Lane clapped.

"Oh, that's perfect. Look at her go." She said with a gleeful little laugh, "I bet that was beautiful when it first started."

They were about to have a good view of it. Jim's fingers were teasing her, keeping her right there at the edge. That gentle touch drove Morgana's trembling snatch crazy. He got a little bolder, sliding a finger inside to wet it, then returned to that sensitive place. Morgana's body tightened again. Letting out a slow breath, she came harder than the last time.

"OH! God, that looked like it felt good." Lane exclaimed as she touched her breasts through her tight black dress.

"You REALLY outdid yourself." Chester said as he unzipped his pants. The pressure of his balls was a little too much right now.

Chester, now free from the confines of his pants, began stroking his cock. He moved over closer to the girl on the slab. The blonde boy continued to play with the spasming cunt. With hungry eyes, he stood over Morgana. Carefully, he bent, grabbing her narrow waist, pulling her lower half closer to the level of his manhood.

"Oh, yes . . . " he groaned as he rubbed himself in that glistening slit

The hot meat on her aching body made Morgana dizzy. That and the rush of blood flowing to her head thanks to her new position. Damn, he needed to slip in there, but the old coot was making himself slick with her juices first at an annoyingly slow pace. The shout for him to get a move on was at the edge of her lips. It nearly killed her to swallow it.

Agonizingly slow, he entered the girl with a long grunt. Morgana's eyes twitched ever so slightly in response. His movements following were just as slow, but hard and deep. There wasn't much to old Chester's member, but judging by the thrust of hips and sway of member, he knew how to use what he had.

Jim groaned out as he watched Morgana's soft orbs spread and bounce as Chester pushed in and out. Each slip and slap of joining bodies jiggled her.

"Damn, this is hot." Jim said eagerly

"Isn't it, though?" Xavier beamed, "And my work is not quite complete."

Chester sucked in a long breath as he roughly grasped Morgana's hips. Her pussy was grabbing him with its hot and wet walls. He loved when they got all stretched out, slippery and gooey. Still, the others were distracting.

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