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Legs Wide Open


(Author's note: 'creative' writing has never been one of my strenghts, so I have written about my life. This story is not fictional, keep that in mind while you read and you may enjoy it that much more)

The line between surreal and real can be very thin, especially when drugs, alcohol and sex are involved. This is a true story, although some of the names have been changed. I think about it often when masturbating.

My name is Sarah Bean. I am 28 years old now, but this story centers around one night 7 years ago. I was in my last year of college and it was summer time. I had just applied for and received a student loan so that I could go to Costa Rica for 4 months and study tropical biology. On my last night in town my friends decided to take me to the club.

I am half Caucasian and half aboriginal, and this is reflected in my dark brown hair, almost black eyes and tanned complexion. Two of my best friends, Kristine and Laura, are Caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes, both very beautiful. The fourth of our group, Robin, is a brunette, with large expressive brown eyes and a fair complexion. We were all in our prime: young, fit and carefree. We were best friends: we had fun together, cried together, got drunk together, stoned together, loved together.

We went to the clubs that night, we went to dance, drink and laugh. But things became really hot on the car ride home. We were all drunk and stoned but not so much that we didn't know what we were doing. Just enough so that normal inhibitions were relaxed. Now there's something you should know about Kristine, she is always horny. And I don't say that because it sounds good, I say that she is always horny because she is. Now picture 8 people crammed into a little Honda civic meant for 6 people and you can guess we were sitting pretty close to one another, close enough so that our bare legs touched where our skirts ended. Close enough so that our arms touched each others breasts without trying.

On the way home from the club, Kristine decided she would kiss one of the guys in the car (I'm sorry I've neglected to introduce two of the men that will later become key parts of the story, bear with me). She's sitting in Robin's lap and leans in and French kisses Ryan (Ryan is not attached, but none of us consider him boyfriend material. He's always got the best weed though...). We are all watching them kiss, I can feel my cunt twitch and get wet; I can't speak for Laura or Robin though. Kris moaned while she kissed him, you could see that she wanted more. Then Kris kissed Robin, which is actually not surprising as they were always very close friends. Now I've never had sex with another girl, but I've always been attracted to them. Seeing Robin and Kris kiss only made me anticipate my turn.

The windows were down and it was a warm wind blowing our hair and on our faces. The bass was loud, the music was hypnotic and we were so high. Kris turned to me, locked her blue eyes on my brown and pressed her open mouth to mine. Pressed together, our mouths were wet and warm, closed for a split second and then opened again. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I did the same to her. It felt really good.

We arrived safely at Kristine's house, which was actually a cabin nearby a local park with a beach and a lake. The kissing and touching continued inside the house. We lit another joint and danced to some old Led Zeppelin. Laura wasn't attracted to girls and had a boyfriend. But Kris, Robin and I were into it. We kissed each other while we danced, all three of us kissing and rubbing each other's backs while we danced, getting hornier and hornier.

I said earlier we were all fully aware of what we were doing. But at this point in the night things get a little fuzzy. While we were dancing, Ryan sat on the couch and watched us, enjoyed watching us. Somehow, Robin, Kris and Kris's common-law husband Dave ended up in the only bedroom in the house. I sat on the couch, too high to do anything else but sit there and listen to the trio in the bedroom having sex. Listening to someone else having sex nearby is very exciting but frustrating. I was not sitting beside Ryan, but instead beside the third man in this story---Jeff. Jeff was married to one Kris's friends that was not there that night. Jeff was friends with Dave and had decided to come over and join the after-party. He too, had been sitting on the couch watching us girls dance and kiss.

I blanked out for a couple minutes and when things became clear again Jeff's hand was up my skirt. He definitely wasn't as high as I was and I think he decided to take advantage of my state. I wasn't resisting though. He had a way of rubbing my cunt lips on the outside of my panties that got me so wet and horny. I had a blanket over my lap (probably because I had planned to go to sleep on the couch) and his hand was under the blanket, moving up and down on my vagina. Ryan was watching from the other couch, I'm sure he suspected what was going on under the blanket. I was so horny and enjoying his attention so much that I slouched further down on the couch and spread my legs to give him easier access.

I was breathing heavy and moaning, but again was not really fully alert. I was in a very vulnerable physical and mental state, I was easy to manipulate and he knew it. Next, he removed my underwear and pushed me back so that I was lying on the couch. He began to fuck me next, and I enjoyed it. But while he was fucking me, my mind had flickers of doubt in it. Every couple minutes I would remember that Jeff was not my boyfriend, nor was he even a close friend. Yet somehow he was thrusting his penis in and out of my wet cunt. He kept ripping the blanket off of me, exposing my bush, stomach and partially visible tits. And I kept pulling the blanket back on because some part of me realized that I was being used. I has the odd thought that if I could at least hide what he was doing to me from Ryan, I would have some decency left.

Soon I wanted Jeff to stop, but it was too late. He was pumping away at me and too far gone. He batted away my feeble attempts to push him off. I wasn't moaning any more, he wasn't directly stimulating me anymore either, just using me to get off. I literally reached out my arm in Ryan's direction, as a gesture of entreaty. I tried to make eye contact with him, so that he would help me. That's how 'out of it' I was: Ryan had now 'become' someone who could 'save me', because my body was too stoned to stop what was happening. But Ryan just smiled at me, it was feral: an eyes half-lidded, teeth showing, kind of smile. He was enjoying watching Jeff fuck me.

I stopped trying to cover myself up, so Ryan could probably see my tits bouncing from Jeff mashing his pelvis against mine, see Jeff's dick sliding in and out of my cunt. Jeff ejaculated inside of me, my cunt was very wet and sticky, there was a big wet spot under my bum on the couch. Then Jeff offered me to Ryan, but I was too stoned to protest. Jeff left, he didn't watch Ryan enter and fuck me.

When I returned from Costa Rica, I never spoke of the events of that night with Jeff, although I did see him again at Kristine's house, him and his wife came to hang out with us. I guess Jeff disgusted me, it would not have been so bad if he didn't have a wife---a wife that I went to school with, had classes with (big sigh). Ryan and I talked about it though (over a joint), I had him fill in the blanks.

I don't see most of the people in this story anymore. After graduation, we all moved in different directions, got different jobs, got married, went traveling. But the memory of kissing my girlfriends, fondling them while we danced, is such a turn on. The memory of Jeff's hands on the outside of my underwear, rubbing my cunt lips, of his penis sliding in and out of my cunt while Ryan watched also makes me wet, and brings me to orgasm.

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