tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLeo Gets "Charmed" Times 3

Leo Gets "Charmed" Times 3


At the Halliwell Manor things were not as they should be. Leo and Piper had always had a great marriage, but now things were about to become a little more complicated. It seems that a demon found a way to cast a spell on the charmed ones and their precious angel white-lighter, Leo.

From Leo's perspective it will turn out to be "all good" but when the spell is reversed what will Piper think of her sisters and her Husband?

The spell that was cast turned the entire Halliwell house into a sex-crazed bunch. And since Leo is the only man in town, he's going to be a busy, busy guy. Not only will he have relations with each of the sisters, the sisters will have relations with each other for his amusement and for their own pleasure.

Lord knows things in love and war have never been quite fair for the Halliwell sisters. They are always getting in and out of relationships because of the demon demands on their lives, the secrets they must keep and the amount of time they must devote to their craft and keeping the world in a safe and harmonious balance of good over evil.

Leo comes down stairs to the den to find Phoebe and Paige at play on the couch. It seems that the TV magically changed itself to an all girl porn movie and the two sisters were overcome by desire. Leo breaks the corner to see Phoebe's head buried between the lily-white legs of her baby sister Paige. He hides behind the doorframe unable to tear his eyes from what he sees. He is astonished by the beauty of his two sister-in-laws.

As Phoebe makes her way up to Paige's pale, perky breasts she unties Paige's haler top to reveal her porcelain skin and nearly alabaster nipples. Which were at the moment, standing at full attention. He watches the wet hot pinkness of Phoebe's tongue as it laps against them, causing Paige to moan out in ecstasy. Leo feels his member begin to swell beneath the hard and rigid fabric of his jeans.

Phoebe makes her way back down her sister's belly, kissing every inch along the way. When she removes the pesky black thong from her sister's pale skin Leo is overcome by the site of Paige's beautifully shaven mounds and folds. And he longs to bury himself deep with in them. He watches his sister-in-law Phoebe's fingers dive deep with in Paige's warm awaiting love tunnel.

As Phoebe's fast fingers cause Paige's head to rear back against the couch arm, she catches site of her sexy brother-in-law standing in the edge of the doorway, hand rubbing across the crotch of his jeans.

Paige smiles and beckons for Leo to join them. He comes to the head of the couch and kisses her deeply. She uses her hand to free his throbbing member and magically takes it all in, over and over again until Leo lets his magical white-lighter seed slide down the throat of his sexy sister-in-law. Paige then decides that it is time to reward her gorgeous sister Phoebe for her hard work in pleasuring her. She and Leo quickly disrobe Phoebe from head to toe.

Paige lies down on the couch and quickly calls for her strap-on to orb itself around her waist. Phoebe giggles and quickly climbs aboard. Snaking her hips back and forth as she gives her sister her due. Paige orbs Leo in behind Phoebe and together they fill her up and make a sandwich with Phoebe as their meat. As the trio waxes and wanes together, their voices of ecstasy rising into the night, the last of the charmed ones arrives at the Halliwell Manor. Seeing her husband deep in the throws of passion, and deep in her sister's back door for that matter, delights Piper to no end.

When Paige realizes that the tri-quatra is complete she calls for Piper's clothes and with one magical stretch of her hand she disrobes her oldest sister entirely. Piper walks in and kisses her husband deeply. Then she makes her way around to her baby sister. Hoping up on the arm of the couch she straddles Paige's face and lets the magical power of three become the power of one.

Leo removes himself form his sister in laws smallest hole and walks towards his wife. She smiles dutifully up at her angel husband and swallows him down whole...Phoebe and all.

As she cleans her mate and hardens the mix, she calls for Paige to have her turn. Paige orbs the strap-on onto Phoebe and Piper crawls onto all fours. As she feels her sister penetrate her most personal assets, she watches her husband bend her baby sister over the couch and enter her warm wetness from behind.

She calls for them to come closer. And when they do Piper does as she always does, she creates a delicacy...only this time the delicacy lies between the legs of her sweet and sexy sister Paige.

As we leave the Halliwell Manor, all are happy and well satisfied.

Leo has had his ample share of both his sister-in-law's good graces.

Piper with her love of food has both had her delicacy served up and been served as one herself.

And Phoebe with her wild and sexy nature has had a run at all of it. A taste here, a grope there, a stick here and there and everywhere. There's never anything that she won't try at least once...after all she's a charmed one with nothing to fear.

And little innocent baby Paige has been deflowered in but a day. Been used and then been the user too. Had her brother-in-law and both sisters too.

What a day in history this will be for the charmed ones 3 and there angel that be...

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