tagBDSMLeopard's Tale: Extra Credit

Leopard's Tale: Extra Credit



version 2.0

13 August 2012

This is an edit, containing a few corrections, for my original manuscript. Thanks to my hot little British slut for a round of proofreading and editing.

I hope you enjoy.



It was 5:20pm and past the usual time I went home. With every passing minute, since the agreed meeting time, my frustration was increasing. Shit this is ridiculous, I thought to myself. I finally got up from my desk and started walking towards the door of my office. Just at the moment, I heard footsteps on the tiled hall floor approaching. Determined to make my point, I walked out the door of my office and started to close it.

"Here I am Professor!" her voice echoed through the hall of the newly built science building. I turned my gaze to her with a stern frown.

"You're late," I said showing my annoyance as she arrived at my door. "I agreed to see you at five o'clock, as a courtesy to you. The least you could do was to be on time."

"I'm very sorry Professor, I was studying at the library and lost track of time". Unlikely, I thought to myself. Perhaps she was in the library, but I'd bet serious money she wasn't studying. More likely flirting with some football player, if not getting fucked in some secluded place on the premises. Although I hadn't spoken my thought, she probably guessed most of it from the way I looked at her.

She was difficult not to notice. She had a body most girls on campus would have killed to have had. She looked good. She knew it and accentuated it. Today she was wearing a short light blue skirt and a low cut, translucent white blouse. It didn't take much effort to see the line of her bra under her top. Her breasts were shapely, C cups probably and she liked to show as much skin as she could get away with, and often even a little bit more. My eyes paused for a split second too long on her breasts, and she smiled coyly. No doubt she had become proficient at reading men's reactions to her body.

I quickly regained my composure. "Well, since you're here, come on in. Let's try to make this as brief as we can, shall we? I would like to go home this evening."

"Certainly Sir, I am very sorry to have inconvenienced you." I held the door open for her, letting her enter first. She brushed against me as she passed me. It gave me a small thrill but I didn't betray that reaction as I felt my heart beat a little faster. "Oops, sorry," she said, with the same coyness she had shown earlier.

I moved to my chair behind my desk while she sat, in a much less comfortable chair, in front of it. I secretly enjoyed this configuration when students came to talk to me. It gave an added boost to my authority. "What can I do for you Miss Jones?" I said, allowing a bit of annoyance to drip into my tone.

"Well Professor, as you know, I'm not doing very well in your class." An understatement, I thought to myself. This girl couldn't do addition with a calculator.

"I'm aware," I retorted.

"The thing is Sir, if I don't pass I won't be able to graduate." She paused, apparently waiting for me to extend some sympathy. I was unmoved and showed it, so she continued. "I have this great job lined up, but it's contingent on me graduating, so I really need to graduate." She paused again. This time I was momentarily unaware of the silence. I was staring at her. Her pretty face, gorgeous tits, and shapely legs which were crossed. I recovered, again a split second too late, as a brief smile crossed her face. A smile that inaudibly said, caught you again staring at me.

"Well, Miss Jones, you and I both know that you will not pass my class unless you score a 95 or higher on the final." I stopped myself from adding that we both knew there's no way in hell that was going to happen.

"I know," she said, as she looked down, obviously agreeing with my unspoken thought.

"Miss Jones, I can be sympathetic if the situation warrants it, but from my point of view you just aren't mentally present when you are in my class. I don't think I've ever seen you take notes, you look at me while I lecture, but it just seems to go in one ear and out the other".

"Oh, you've noticed," she said, looking tentatively back towards me, although not meeting my gaze. I nodded.

"Is it just my class, or are you having problems in other classes, I'd like to try to understand what the problem is." She bit her lip, I couldn't tell if she was going to answer. "You don't have to tell me if you aren't comfortable doing so," I said, "But, as you can see I really don't have many options here as to what I can do." She visibly took a breath; I saw her breasts heave and then I realized my cock was hard. Crap, I thought to myself, you need a bit of self control dude.

"Sir, I really would like to tell you, I'm just not sure how."

"Well, take your time," I said, my facial expression softening as my cock hardened. She seemed comforted by my more sympathetic demeanor, which I reserved for cute female students of whom I was fond.

"Well Professor...", a long uninterrupted pause, I urged her on with my attentiveness. "It's just your class. I know it looks like I'm a ditz or just plain stupid, but really I'm not that dense."

"I know you aren't stupid Miss Jones," I half-lied. "What is it?" I prodded gently.

"Well Sir ... it's you ... I mean ... not you, it's about you, but it's me, it's my problem." Growing genuinely interested, and also feeling a bit light headed, perhaps from her perfume which had become more apparent as we talked, I leaned forward and stared directly at her with my head on my hand. "This is stupid, I shouldn't have come," she said uncomfortably, as she fidgeted and looked around uneasily. I was surprised, I suspected she seldom felt flustered. "I'm sorry to have wasted your time Sir, I'm just gonna go." She started to get up.

"Miss Jones, we're not finished here, please sit down." Part of my reaction was due to genuine concern for her, but part (and admittedly the much bigger part) was due to the fact that I didn't want her to leave. I knew I had to avoid allowing myself to be sexually attracted to a student, but there were times I had permitted it, although nothing unethical had ever happened. But once I allowed the attraction, there was always the possibility. She sat back down. "Miss Jones, if there is a real problem here, I'm sure we can find a solution for you. But I'll need to know what the issue is."

Again, she looked down and then slowly started, "Sir I'm, ... ummm ... attracted to you." I was surprised. There had been times in the past where it was obvious female students had been attracted to me, but none had ever explicitly admitted it. I must have had a comical look on my face, but this was a first and I honestly was trying to think of a good way to respond. But I didn't have to, it seemed that now that she had made it over the initial hurdle, she was about to reveal all. "It's stupid I know," she continued, "but I sit in class staring at you and thinking of ... things ... and well, things ... happen and I start thinking more and it just builds and builds and there's no way I can pay attention."

Fuck I'm good, I thought to myself, but kept my composure. "What kinds of 'things' do you think about, Miss Jones?" She blushed. I found myself switching from Professor mode to horny-guy-who-wants-to-get-laid mode. This isn't good, I thought to myself, but I was quickly approaching the point of no return. The point where my dick would win out over my logical, responsible, ethical side. "Miss Jones, I'd really like to know." I noticed my voice was slightly deeper, slightly slower. It was obvious my dick was nearly in control of my brain now.

She continued, obviously oblivious to my internal struggle that was playing out silently in front of her, "Umm ... sex things. Like I wonder what your, umm, ... penis looks like, and I, well, want to do things to it". That was all I needed to push me over the edge.

"And what 'things' happen when you think about this," I asked, my gaze fixed on her.

"Well ... I get wet," she said, a little less shyly, seeing my genuine interest displayed.

"You mean your pussy gets wet?" I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes Sir, my pussy gets wet, God I'm so embarrassed!"

I then realized my office door was still open. Jesus Fucking Christ dude, if you're gonna do this, at least don't be totally fucking stupid, I thought to myself. I got up silently. "I'm sorry," she said, "please don't be mad." She got up from her chair, mistaking my move as an indication that the meeting was over.

"No, stay there," I said to her abruptly, "Just closing the door since our conversation is should remain private". And I don't want someone to come by and hear it because my ass will be fired for sure, I thought to myself. As I returned to my desk, I stopped by the side of her chair. I placed a hand on her shoulder. And so it begins, I smiled to myself. "It's really okay Miss Jones". I felt her tremble at my touch, but I left my hand on her shoulder. And then I caught her. In my panic to close the door, I had forgotten about my hardon. My cock was easily visible bulging in my pants.

"Omigod," she said softly, I'm sure she didn't realize the words actually were audible. She looked at my face, then back to my cock, then back to my face. "Sir, is ... that because of me?" she said softly.

"Well, yes it is Miss Jones," I confessed, feigning a bit of embarrassment. I knew but didn't care that my career was now seriously at risk. My cock assured me this hot piece of ass would be worth it.

"Sir, could you please call me Stephanie?"

"Sure Stephanie," I smiled.

"Sir, I know this isn't right, but I have a confession," I noticed she was breathing a bit heavier.

"And what might that be Stephanie?"

"Sir, I really just want to touch your cock." I feigned hesitation; at least I could say I had tried to resist when they grill me about my unethical behavior, right?

"I don't know if that's a good idea Stephanie." OK, I guess I really didn't resist that much, but I was certain I could convince myself I had done so later. Anyway it didn't matter, before I could finish my sentence her fingers were pressing gently against the fabric of my pants, rubbing my hard cock. She took a very audible breath.

"It feels so nice," she said dreamily. I smiled, any pretense of resistance melted away. "Sir," she looked up at me with her needy big blue eyes, "May I please see your cock?". My hand moved from her shoulder to her shiny golden blond hair and I began stroking it.

"Yes, you may Stephanie". I began to move my other hand to remove my belt and unbutton my pants, but she was quickly out of her chair, on her knees in front of my, almost in a frenzy fighting her clumsiness unleash my cock as quickly as she could. She managed to accomplish her mission of undoing my belt and unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. As she pulled them down, my hard cock was poking out through the fly of my boxers. My boxers were already wet with precum, and the head of my cock was covered in the juice. She let out an audible gasp.

"Ohmigod your cock is beautiful Sir!"

"Thank you Stephanie, I'm glad you like it."

"Like it? No Sir, I absolutely love it!" By this time she had pulled down my boxers and was stroking my cock, using both her hands. I awkwardly freed myself from my fallen pants and boxers, and stood in front of her, my cock hard and throbbing and jerking from her touch.

She was licking her lips. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and smiled. "Sir, may I please, please suck your beautiful throbbing cock?" The hint of begging turned me on even more.

I smiled back, "Yes Stephanie, you may". She began feverishly licking the shaft of my cock, up and down, looking up at me as she did. I gasped, "Fuck!".

"Does that feel good Sir?"

"Very good Stephanie, be a good girl and lick all the precum off the head".

"Yes Sir, mmm your cock juice tastes so sweet."

"Very good girl, swallow it all for me."

"I wouldn't waste a drop of your luscious precum, Sir." Fuck, is this really happening? I asked myself. Oh god, in which I don't believe, if you are actually there, please don't let me wake up if this is a dream, not until I cum at least.

"Stephanie, be a good girl and take off your top, I want to see your pretty breasts." She hesitated. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm worried you won't like them."

"I'm sure I will like them Stephanie, now be a good girl and do as I say."

She gave a thin smile, "Yes Sir," she meekly said, and pulled off her blouse. She was kneeling before me in just her bra. God, I wanted to see her tits. She reached slowly around behind her to unhook her bra. She pulled off the straps and hugged the bra against her breasts.

"Stephanie, don't tease me now," I scolded. "Be a good slut and show me your tits."

"Yes, Sir." She slowly pulled her bra away.

Her breasts were exquisite. They were even perkier than I had expected a 22 year old's tits to be. But better than that, were her nipples. They were large, at least the size of a Kennedy silver dollar. They were dark, and contrasted nicely against the lighter skin of her breasts. "Do you like them, Sir?" she asked tentatively.

"They are very nice Stephanie."

"Thank you Sir, I'm so glad you like them!".

I took her hand, "Stand up". She quickly stood. She was a few inches shorter than me. I cupped her breasts with my hands and she sighed. They were firm and oh so squeezable. As I played with her tits, I leaned over to kiss her. I wasn't prepared for her reaction. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself to me as tightly as she could. Before I knew it, her tongue was in my mouth, seeking mine. With my left hand still squeezing her right breast, my right hand moved down to her ass. She quickly moved her hands, removed and stepped out of her skirt, and returned to holding me and french kissing me. She was wearing a thong, so my hand was free to roam her ass. So smooth and soft, and like her tits, so squeezable. I gave it a firm slap. She didn't seem to notice. Her tongue was dancing with mine, licking my lips.

"Oh god, I need you so fucking bad," she whispered.

"Well, if you're a very good girl, you might just get me," I responded. She pushed her insatiable tongue back in my mouth.

When we next came up for air, I looked at her face. God, she was gorgeous. But there was something I hadn't seen yet, and I needed to. "Turn around for me," I told her. She smiled mischievously, and slowly turned around. She stood before me, facing away. And there was her ass. Nice, round, perfect. The blue thong she wore ran up her crack. "Take off your thong". She slowly pulled it down. I reached out and slapped and then squeezed that beautiful ass. I could have held onto it for hours.

"Do you like my ass, Sir?" she asked, again somewhat tentatively.

"You have a great ass, baby," I responded.

"Oh, I'm so glad you like it, Sir!"

"Bend over for me Stephanie." She remained standing. "Stephanie? Be a good girl and bend over."

"Sir, I'm just ... worried."

"Why are you worried?"

"I'm worried you won't like it." I know what she meant but I wanted her to say it.

"Worried I won't like what?".

"My ... pussy". I took a step forward and cupped and gently squeezed her breasts from behind.

I bent over and whispered gently in her ear, "Stephanie, I'm sure I will like your pussy. Do you want to be my slut?"

"Yes, Sir. So very, very much," she whispered in return.

"Then be a good slut for me and bend the fuck over." She took an audible gasp. I was even surprised I had said it, and with the tone I used; it might be described as a growl. For emphasis, I had pinched her nipples fast and hard when I said "over".

"Yes Sir, I do so want to be a good slut for you and please you". She slowly bent over. Her pussy was magnificent. Holy fuck, I thought to myself. I couldn't begin to imagine how good my cock would feel in it. It was shaved and had such pretty pink lips. I could almost hear it calling to my cock. I started rubbing her ass, slowly moving my hand down. I could hear the rate of her breathing increase. I brushed her pretty pussy, oh so lightly, with a single finger tip. She shuddered and let out a soft moan. "Do you like my pussy Sir?" I liked the tone of her voice; she was implicitly pleading for my approval. I purposefully didn't answer. "Sir, do you not like it?" I could hear the disappointment, almost devastation in her voice.

"Stephanie, you have an incredible pussy, baby." Her sigh of relief was audible.

"Oh thank you Sir! I'm so so happy you like it."

I began tracing the lips of her cunt with two fingers, now placed gently, but firmly in contact with her skin. She moaned a bit louder. I began running three fingers from up and down her slit. "Oh god!" she gasped. Her juice covered the tips of my fingers. I could smell her pussy's musky scent. I removed my fingers. She remained bent over. I silently knelt down and began flicking her pussy slit and lips with my tongue. "Oh shit!" she gasped. I continued. Her pussy tasted heavenly and in a short amount of time my tongue was greedily licking and tasting every square millimeter of it. Her moans were growing louder. I spread her lips with my fingers and buried my tongue in her hole. While tonguing her, I fingered her tight little asshole. "Oh god, yes. Oh fuck, you are so hot Sir!" I knew she was close to cumming. I tongue fucked her as deeply as I could, until I knew it would be just a few more seconds before she came. And then I withdrew my tongue.

I couldn't believe how willingly she was submitting to me. It was a huge turn on, and I found myself feeling more aggressive, pushing toward the limits of anything I had done before. I wanted to see just how far she'd let me go. I stood and walked around in front of her. She looked at me, I could tell she was unsure of exactly what I was doing, no doubt wondering why I stopped when she was on the verge of orgasm. I held my pussy-honey covered fingers to her mouth. "Be a good whore, and clean your cunt juice off my fingers," I said sternly. She immediately drew two of my fingers into her mouth, and began sucking and licking. "Look at me while you do that," I commanded. She complied. I could have got lost in those eyes for hours. "Be a good slut and stick out your tongue." She opened her mouth and held her tongue out, obviously willing to let me do whatever I wanted to it. I held my cock out. She started to move to suck it. "No. Just stay as you are." She moved back to her original position. Holding my cock by the base of the shaft, I began slapping her tongue with it. She smiled as I did it. I then moved slightly closer and began slapping her face with it. First, a few slaps on her left cheek, then her right, then back. When I was done, her cheeks were smeared with the precum that had dripped from the tip.

"Mmmm, fuck Sir, I love the way you treat me."

"Very good Stephanie, you have real cumslut potential."

"Sir, I've wanted to be your little fuck toy since the first day I saw you in class. This is a dream come true for me. I want you to use me however you want. I want to make you, and your cock, feel so good." I smiled. I'm going to thug fuck you, like the little slutty bitch whore you are, you dirty fucking cunt, I thought audaciously to myself.

"Take my cock all the way in your mouth slut," I said. She moved forward to meet my cock and hungrily began sucking. I took her head in my hands and stopped its motion. "Just stay like that," I said. After enjoying the feeling of my cock submerged in her wet, hot mouth for a minute or two, I began moving my hips. "That's it, be a good cunt and let me fuck your mouth." The feeling was incredible. I couldn't get enough, my cock loved it. I began pumping her mouth harder and deeper. She took it like a true whore. I was grunting and growling, "Mmmm fuck yes, take it bitch!" I was losing control. If I continued for just a few more seconds I was going to shoot my creamy load of cum down her throat. Part of me wanted to do that, but I wasn't finished with her yet, not by a long shot. I pulled out.

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